Help me ID this dandelion like plant

Glitch00March 22, 2014


I'm submitting photographs to my university's creative arts publication. I have 5 submissions, 4 of which I can name, but one of which I don't know the name. I was hoping you could help me out:

I've Googled around and haven't had any luck. If you recognize this, could you let me know the name of it? I'd like to caption the picture with the name of the plant, instead of something like "white hair" or "breeze"

Thanks in advance!

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Some type of milkweed, Asclepias, would be my suggestion.

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Beautiful photo of the escaping seeds of some type of Milkweed, most likely a species of Asclepias.

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I agree; the seeds are shaped like those of common milkweed, and the fibers look like milkweed floss as well.

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Wow, you guys are fast, and thanks for the compliment.

I Googled a little and came up with: - Asclepias Syriaca - Asclepias Tuberosa

I'd like to include the full name, but asclepias will work if I / We can't identify it. Unfortunately it's the only picture I have of it. I don't have the leaves or stem..

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