Cold weather soups?

west_gardenerJanuary 2, 2013

It has been cold here in CA, so my mind goes to soup. Nice, warm, comforting broth with goodies included.
Yesterday, I fixed a very simple vegetable soup, but it hit the spot.
Here is what I did, not a recipe because I winged it, using what I had available.
I cut everything into the same size, so it would cook at the same rate.

One medium carrot, 3 small red potatoes, one small celery stalk, one small leek, 10 fresh green beans, I put it all in my small slow cooker, added a carton of store bought organic broth. Put the cooker on high for 5 hours, and came out with a great soup.
What is your favorite cold weather soup?

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

I'll be making pea soup with the Xmas ham bone. Carrots, celery, onions make it nice and chunky. We've already enjoyed cream of cauliflower soup, chicken noodle, and a yummy stew for tonight.

Your soup sounds just great.....simple is better, I think.

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I love soup any time but most of all when it is cold.Friday I am making taco soup but the most comforting soup for me is potato.That's what my mother gave me when I was sick.Love it.

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So far this season I have made potato leek soup, lentil soup, minestrone and I have a ham bone for pea or bean soups, and would love some onion soup. But this weekend I am making a lobster stock for bisque from the shells left over at NYE.

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meldy_nva(z6b VA)

A vegetable-beef stew: 2 lbs frozen mixed vegs, 2 large onions diced, a large handful of potatoes diced, a pint of green beans, 2 or 3 pints of cut tomatoes; whatever is in the leftover-bits-for-soup freezer container; a half-pound of top round or whatever diced very small. Using a 5 qt pot: brown beef in 2T canola oil, add onions and stir until they are translucent, add remaining items and then water to barely cover contents. Sprinkle 2T marjoram and 1T crushed rosemary over all; put lid on, turn heat to simmer after it begins to bubble. If you're not on a sodium-restricted diet add 6 cubes of Wyler beef boullion just before simmer. Let simmer until potatoes are cooked, about 5 hours; add 2T lemon juice or 1 1/2 T cider vinegar. This is one of those soups that are even better the next day. Makes about 4 quarts, freeze leftovers in serving-size portions.

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Thanks for the rplies. It gives me a lot of ideas, and I'm looking forward to many more soups in the future.

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Meldy, your stew sounds delicious; we had stew from the freezer, tonight, for supper. I made it in the middle of Nov. and had some to freeze. It actually tasted better the second time around! I think the flavors meld and intensify.

I've also got some turkey noodle soup I made from the turkey bones at Thanksgiving. That tastes good, too!

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They all sound great. I love turkey soup too Mwheel. I made a couple gallons of stock from the Christmas turkey carcass and quite a bit of the meat. I also used the stock I made from the Thanksgiving carcass, so it was very enriched. Last week I took a container of it out and made turkey noodle also, but added egg drop to it too. Love the combo.

I recently made yellow split pea soup too. About time for a big batch of veggie soup.

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I made a half/half yellow and green split pea soup. I think it has a more mellow taste. I emulsified about half of the soup, so I got both smooth and chunky It was yummy, but. the color of the soup was "interesting".

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