My Norwegian heritage, fish............

west_gardenerJanuary 11, 2013

I'm from Norway and luv my heritage, but things are changing in the fish department.Human sushi ( see link below) I received the news letter from the Norwegian embassy, and they promote a couple of "Herring" recipes, one with aquavit and the other with chilli.
This is new to me. Things change.

Here is a link that might be useful: Norwegian ad counsil.

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Ads are getting more innovative and strange.

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You're right about ads, Don.
The news letter is written in English and sent to expats in the US and Canada. I wonder whom exactly they are targeting?

We're watching a football game, Baltimore and Denver, and most of their ads are about beer and cars, no depends.
Lol, I've been watching American football since the first Superbowl but the ads do not reflect my age at all.

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