Harry P. Leu Gardens and misc.

michelle_zone4February 5, 2009

A few shots from the Harry P. Leu gardens in Orlando. Lots of tropicals, spanish moss, lizards and camellias.

Our garden guide:


Interesting thorny bark:

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What a great garden, Michelle. I really like the Spanish Moss dripping from the trees. Kenzie looks happy to show you around Florida :)

She really is growing up quickly.


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I had a hard time focusing on the garden plants, Kenzie outshined them all! I do see lots of interesting plants though and it's all so very tropical. Thanks Michelle!


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Michelle, I enjoyed the tour. The gardens in Fl are different than what we know aren't they? When I visit DD there I always walk the neighborhood and browse the yards.
She has taken us to visit several parks too.
I love seeing Kenzie in her new environment. (but would rather see her in yours LOL). Love the beach shot (bet you wish you were that warm now huh?). I also like that sculpture of the man in an orchard. Thanks for sharing.


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Michelle, I bet you've opened Kenzie's eyes to the plants around her, which is quite a gift and must make her new home seem like a wonderland. That thorny tree might be the silk floss tree. All your toes must have felt good in that sand!

Here is a link that might be useful: Chorisia

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

What a treat Michelle on this bitter cold day. Yes indeed, Kenzie is a delight.

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Thanks for the ID Denise. Kenzie did find out that there were quite a few plants with prickers. She loved being the "leader"

They did have a rose garden, but most areas were different than what I grow. I was suprised to see what we have as house plants growing in huge proportions such as the philedendron in the last picture climbing the tree. The sculpture was in the orange orchard. The orange on his knife was fresh.

I was suprised by a bush sized poinsettia growing and blooming outside their apt building. They actually live in a really nice complex with several ponds and lots of landscaping with walking paths all through it. We enjoyed walking in the mornings.

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Neat photos, Michelle -- as usual, Im an "echo" LOL -- I concur with what has been commented on; my fav photo had to be you all on the beach and the dancing garden guide... I havent been to Florida in decades and it's neat to see these things thru a gardener's eyes - which indeed you've given to your Kenzie - a lovely inheritance.


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What a wonderful visit to somewhere tropical. Kenzie just get cuter and cuter!! She seems to have so much life. I'm imagining the feel of sand between my toes right now!


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Well...dumb me!!! Smacking self on forehead! I had neglected looking at this thread, thinking it was connected with IU6 !

Great pictures, and I agree, Kensie is the focal point in all that she is in. :-)

In the second pic she is showing the loss of her baby face look, and becoming an even more beautiful little girl.

The lovely trees give me twinge of sorrow at the loss of so much loveliness here. :-(
Hopefully the coming of spring will mask a lot of the damage.

Walking on the beach is one of the greatest pleasures of my life, albeit a rare occasion for me. I can still dream though....:-)
I love that pic of the three of you.


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It's all be said....... but I've got to commend Rick for at least taking off his shoes to get "beach attired!!"

Had to look closely to see the Hibiscus but it must be like a fairy tale for Kenzie to have those flowers in her very own yard. She looks wonderful and content and quite at home!


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