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gandle(4 NE)January 31, 2011

is only about 6 weeks until spring. Of curse there is usually another 45 or 50 days of miserable weather after that. We are so tired of windy, cold gloomy days hat we are going to celebrate groundhog day. Don't know just how yet but we are trying to think of a theme we can use. We have a big hunk of lamb stew meat so will be making scotch broth, yes I know has no relevance to groundhog day but on a day whn the high temperature might rise clear up to zero with 35 MPH winds, scotch broth seems like a great choice.. great gerandson left a couple of firecrackers here several years ago so will detonate them and wish each other Merry Groundhog day or any better suggestions?

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George, it's perfect! By now anything to celebrate something r to find something to have fun with is really important.
Besides, the second of February is a new moon, should definitely do anything to encourage a new beginning.
Go for it!

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You're right! Spring is on it's way. I noticed that the daffodils have sent up about five inches of green.

Also the local idiots have done their annual Crepe Myrtle Murder. I think they must pay extra just to have someone go around and reduce the limbs to nubs.

I know that you and everyone else up there is tired to the nth degree with the snow/slush/sloppiness.

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What a great idea. It is also Candle Mass Day, which used to be in Germany a kind of half holiday years ago. So we can celebrate this and that we can eat supper by daylight, if we do it early enough.

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tibs(5/6 OH)

I know spring is on the way because unknown male cats are roaming around the house. I don't know why, there is no nubile young female cats in this house, all old cranky neutered gals. I heard the firs trobin and yellow flicker yesterday, so they are back, scoouting around. Hope they make it thru today's ice storm.

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sweet_betsy No AL Z7

Have a happy groundhog day, Mr. G, and pass the scotch broth.
My husband and I have taken up trying new recipes this winter to pass the time. Some of them are winners--some not. We have fallen in love with jambalaya. When spring gets here, we will try not to stay indoors long enough for too much cooking. Boating and gardening are much more fun.

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Well you know what they say: Make do with what you've got! :o) I second your wish for an end to the gray, chilly days. I salute you for finding a fun and creative way to keep on keepin' on. Me, I'm making my 100th pot of pasta/kidney beans/rotel tomatoes. Anything to make me feel warm inside when the temperatures are still below freezing.

Happy Groundhog Day (almost)!


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The daffodils are poking their head's out here. So why not celebrate head poking out-ness? Is out-ness a word? Happy Groundhog Day! Someone on the Cooking forum posted a blog where the person had a table ready for Groundhog Day replete with everything, including a cookie cutout of a groundhog, sitting on an ice cream (snowy) hill, and a shadow made up of chocolate. I say, party on!

Here is a link that might be useful: Punxatawny Phil's table

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How could I have forgotten groundhog day? In 6 weeks, we should really be experiencing Spring and the days are getting quite noticeably longer. This cheers me more than it should.
Right now, we have a cold front bearing down on us. With lows in the teens, many zone 8B hardy plants just won't make it, despite our scurrying to water and cover.
Yes, we all need something to celebrate as we not so patiently await Spring's arrival. Happy groundhog day!

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jazmynsmom(Z5 Madison-ish)

Wednesday is also Imbolc, which was an important Celtic feast, marking the mid-distance between The Winter Solstice and the Vernal Equinox. It marks the approach of spring as evidenced by the resumption of lactation in farm animals, so consuming dairy is often central to its commemoration. The lighting of fires is also an important part of celebrating it. So after you and Leonne enjoy your stew, I think it only fitting you curl up in front of the fire, light some candles, share a large bowl of ice cream, and put together your seed order from the gardening catalog of your choice. :o)

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