gandle(4 NE)January 9, 2014

Early last fall or late summer I posted about the fellow that bought the house next door. He somehow got a permit to build a smokehouse in his backyard. He is from southern Louisiana and his plan was to make different cajun sausages and foods, freeze them and haul it all to North Dakota where all the oil wells are. He claims that most of the men working on the wells are cajun or at least from southern Louisiana.

He used the smoke house twice and left for North Dakota with a huge covered trailer with freezers in it.

Apparently what happened was what you all predicted, he ran into a buzz saw of local, state and federal inspectors and everthing he had was condemned.

So, we haven't been bothered by smoke coming from the smoke house.

When the house came up for sale, sure wish I had bid a little more for it. A complete kitchen remodel would have been needed but think I could have made a few dollars after that.

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I remember the discussions, if one gets involved in food-service, it's best to thoroughly research the implications, ruled and regulations, I guess he found that out.

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I'm glad you don't have to tolerate the smoke, but dang on having to put up with them while they were there. You coulda bought it, and then just razed the house-no neighbors sounds pretty good. You never know, from the frying pan into the fire?! Or flipping the house could be fun. I always loved envisioning the changes, making the changes, and then sitting back to enjoy. If you can afford the time, money, and energy.

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So...what happens now? Does this yahoo still own the house? Is it maybe for sale again, or could you at least inquire about purchasing it? Oh well, I'm at least glad that your quality of life won't be affected by this #$!! anymore, and let's hear it for bureaucratic buzz saws! :o)


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gandle(4 NE)

Karen, it is like living next door to a rather bad soap opera. His wife is divorcing him so he and two young sons are now living next door. His wife said she had had enough of his crazy schemes so she and the two girls are living up the street in their nice home. They did clean up the front yard but the back looks like a junkyard explosion.

Both he and the little boys are very polite and friendly but he is already working on another get rich plan, something involving deer hides. Just might have to complain about that one to the city council.

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Hmmm. I'm thinking some well-intentioned, "anonymous" caller might like to make a call regarding the junkyard extravaganza in the back yard? I'm sure it's an eye sore. Perhaps it would also be considered a health hazard????


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