How to be an interesting grandparent

agnespuffinJanuary 18, 2013

For those if you that are not familiar with The World Of War Craft, it's an Internet game that has millions of players. Great fun! Especially, it seems, for the younger group. Fan Cubs, meetings, everything!

Well, I won't bore you with how we (us old, old folks) got started with it, but it has no end and we spend our time with it instead of the TV.

So, The first clue that we were on to something was when one of the grandsons came home from college said that his friends thought he must be something seems that once they were talking about WoW (that's it's nick name) and he said..."My grandparents play that." The others were dumbfounded. His GRANDPARENTS played. What a Family!!!

Then, Christmas Day, #3 Son came over and brought his gang, which included a boyfried of one of the girls. You know how happy a BF is to get to meet grandparents. Yeah, Right! He saw that both computers had the WoW on and the smile broke out, the eyes lit up and BF and grandparents got off to a great start talking about it.

Last week, another g'son had surgery and was mending at home, we went to see him, he introduced me to one of his buddies as "the oldest woman in the whole world that plays WoW." Again, the eyes lit up and the big grin spread over the face. I made a hit!

So, if you want to establish a relationship with a teenager, get The World of Warcraft and learn to play it. You will hate yourself, but it will give you a chance that other grandparents don't have. (Providing you can do it without asking the teen for help!!!!)

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I hang out on a gamers forum but don't do much with the games, just go there for the technical information.

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That is awesome that you are doing something that they enjoy and are bonding with it, AWESOME family indeed~ My some was overjoyed to find out that my aunt's new boyfriend liked talking computers with him. He said to me in the car, "finally, someone who has the same interests as me!" :)

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No computer games here, but then my granddaughter and I have the same vice - reading and we often read the same books.

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Haven't done the "The World Of War Craft," yet, but that may come. Our GS is 6+ and he is into "Angry Bird", so he'll get some of that, then there are Lego "Action Figures", it's not your father's Legos.We are trying to keep up with the current 6+ age group, and so far we seem to be doing well, because he want's to visit. He also likes working with the ipod mini, that we bought for our daughter for christmas.
We also play soft ball in the back yard, go to the local park in his "red wagon".
We try to incorporate the new with the traditional.

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

That's sweet of you to share your tip for being hip, even at the risk of losing your title of "oldest woman in the world who plays." Love it!

Just the fact that you are there, you care, is awesome. One of my son's grammas hasn't contacted us/him in any way for 7 years. (He's 8.) Bless you for being an involved and loving grandparent. My Mom is a great gramma, but even she doesn't play vid games!

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