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don_socalFebruary 28, 2012

For all who have suffered,

who have cried in despair,

Who have tried so hard,

to carry a light,

so that others may see

what it's like to be free.

May we always be more,

not less, in time's memory.


Dedicated for all who have fought for freedom.

Dedicated to to all who have stood up for doing what's right

when something bad is happening or someone is being mean and hurtful to another.

I don't care if you're young or old,

you wrap yourself in your courage,

look fear in the eye and stand your ground.

It is your story,

Your bravery and wisdom;

Keep them strong, shiny and bright.


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good words don. how you doing??

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There are so many out there who have fought over the years in all corners of this world and so often they are forgotten. Thanks.

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I like the quotes, but my favorite line is "what it's like to be free".

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Steve, finally got things moving on the ablation, scheduled to go to San Diego March 19 for inspection and more poking then tentatively have the procedure the next week. Believe me I will be pushing hard to get it done, to me it is like the difference between pouring stop leak in a radiator or just fixing it. When that is done they can fix the rest of the stuff they keep finding, gall bladder, thyroid, shoulder, wrist and both knees. Wonder if they can do it all at once sort of a package deal.

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As I was reading this,I swear I knew it was Kathy Jane before I got to the bottom. I miss her..

I'm glad the ablation is pretty well settled date wise.You've been waiting a long time.

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Hey M! miss her too and you, we got to get this place rockin, see if some of the regulars will stick their heads out of hibernation.

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