The Nana Thread- February 2011

gardenbug(Canada zone 5)February 4, 2011

Come one, Come all and join in!

In February

it will be

my snowman's


with cake for him

and soup for me!

Happy once

happy twice

happy chicken soup

with rice.

Maurice Sendak

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Leo, ready to go!

Try sleeping in...(It's 6:22am in Mom & Dad's bed.)

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

Skyler sure looks happy to have siblings!

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

We are VERY fortunate indeed that Skyler loves his stepmom ("Bonus" Mom) and adores his siblings!

Poor Leo sometimes gets a bit drunk on Lovin'!

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How cute! Love the last one, he is getting smuckered all over and smiling about it.

It Snowed Last Night

Oh, it snowed last night
It snowed last night.
The sky bears had a pillow fight,
Tore up all the clouds in sight, tossed down all the feathers white.
Oh, it snowed last night,
It snowed last night.

A song I loved in grade school.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

How special Drema. Wish I could hear it!

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I will sing it to you at the idyllunion:) I can't find the music on the web, but it is sing songy thing, sort of like It's raining i't pouring the old man is snoring, but not quite:).

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Yep, it's me checking in at 4am. I wasn't feeling well yesterday and slept alot and now I'm wide awake. I read a bit over on the Idyll thread but since there's not much of interest going on with me other the the grandkids I thought I'd post here where I can sneak in a couple photos.

What nice photos, Marie, of all three kids. It's so nice to see siblings connecting like that. My kids are very close but I know some that aren't. My two neices for example who though they're only two years apart are in constant competition with each other and not close at all. So sad I think.

I'm still working on my organizing and shuffling things around. It's a good way to pass this cold and snowy winter since I'm perfectly content to just stay in besides venturing out for provisions. I see Chelone is doing interior work too. Though not a fan of curtain/drapes in my house I understand the need for them and think yours, Chelone, are fantastic. And the chair is really something. Very impressive and I love the fabric. I often find myself liking the backside of material better too because of the more muted tones.

Woody, Bella will be here next weekend and we are going to try your mug cakes. Thanks for sharing that recipe. We'll have alot of fun with it. We're also planning on going to see Gnomio and Juliet which comes out the 11th and we'll be making plans for her 6th birthday on the 26th. Grandma's making the cupcakes. This will be her first friend party and she's very excited. It's hard to believe she'll be 6. Sometimes I wish I could freeze her at this age. She's so much fun right now and all those hours of reading to her and letting her be the banker at Monopoly are paying off. She's taught herself to read and is really doing well with math. And she so loves her art too. I can't wait to get out in the garden with her this year. She's ready to start learning alot about plants.

Michelle, I hope you'll share some photos of yours and Kenzie's arts and crafts room when it's finished. It sound like it's going to be great!

And Drema, pictures of your retreat room too?

Norma, I read somewhere that you're doing alot of reading? Not sure if here or FB, I can't find it now, but I think that's great if it makes these winter days go by faster. I only read before bed these days and after a few pages I'm ready for sleep. I need to carve out more time for it.

I guess I should get off here and try to get some sleep. I have a project planned for the beginning of the week. I've got a few days to myself and I'm going to paper a wall in my bedroom with book pages. Kind of a Pottery Barn trendy look that I'm going to do just for fun. It won't be anything permanent.

I can either leave you with photos of my newly organized kitchen cupboards or the kids so I'll choose a couple of Kate and Wally from today. A friend of Jen's gave them gifts and these are pictures of the kids enjoying them.

Wally got a new ball

and Kate got some dress up things. She thinks she's beautiful and the way she's standing in the high heels cracks me up:) Oh and say hi to Magglio.

One last thing.... I want Kathy's weather!!!! :)


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

The snow was hampering DD's Ivy had to play indoors today. Boxes and kitchen materials to the rescue!

A frying pan and wooden spoon make for a canoeing session!

And then the old reliable cardboard box occupied her well.

Her fingers are in her mouth a good bit these days because she is getting 3 canine teeth at once.

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LOL, Marie. That first photo is hilarious. And that's one huge spoon! Boxes make good toys for kids and cats I think.

We're dealing with a sick baby. Julia was coughing all last night so Meg took her to the pediatrician today and she has bronchitis. She's feeling miserable. Poor babe :(

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Poor Momma too.... :(

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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

Oh, my GOODNESS! Look at all the adorable little people!! Time flies too fast-Ivy and Kate are toddlers, and I'd swear they just learned to sit up a few weeks ago. Poor little Julia, it's so tough when they're miserable!

Before I meander off and start reading, I just wanted to say "HOWDY!" Oh, and of course, I'll have to add a photo or two ;) Jude will be a year old next Sunday. I don't know where that year has gone, but I have loved every single minute of my first year as a grandma.

There were some discussions about the Christmas tree..

He eats well and has a mind of his own, lol....

and this is my favorite little family picture-it looks real :)

I showed amazing restraint, didn't I!? I'm off to see what you've been up to.

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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

Shoot! I forgot about resizing the pictures..sorry!

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Brenda, you know how adorable I think little Jude is. I don't think I've seen that family portrait though. They're a beautiful little family! And happy birthday Jude! We'll be waiting for pictures of that celebration. I want to see that sweet little face with cake all over it :)

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

It's about time Brenda!!! To heck with restraint! Post as often and as big as you like. (And where's the shot of Grandma?)

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yeonasky(z8b VancouverBC)

Not a nana yet, but the word is DD wants 2 kids and DSIL wants 4. Guess who won. Yup, that's right, DD! She told DSIL that it would ruin her figure forever. He changed his tune fast, lol. What can I say? He's a guy. I think 2 is just right, although Marie's group sure looks tempting.

I really love canooing and am glad to see a pot and wooden spoon can work in a pinch. ;) That's about in my price range.

Brenda I'm not big on restraint. Please show less of it in the future. ;) I hope that doesn't mean Jude was eating the tree, lol.

Eden why not kitchen cupboards, and gkids. Not that I wouldn't chose the gkids too, but now you perked my interest. That dress up set looks so cute. Alena (DD) got a lot of fun out of hers as a little one.

I enjoyed the lullaby, and hope you record it for us. My kids' favourite lullaby is called Lullaby from a Canadian kids` show called Today's Special. My kids loved this show.

Here`s the youtube version
copy and paste:


Let go of your busy day
Let it all just slip away
Hushabye hushabye go to sleep
Close your eyes
Sail away to slumberland
on a sea of happy dreams
Dream of crisp blue summer skies,
Dream rainbows and butteflies.
Let go of your busy day,
Let it all just slip away.
Hush-a-by, hush-a-by,
Go to sleep,
Just close your eyes.


Here is a link that might be useful: Ayurvedic know your body type

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Yeona, I don't buy Alena's argument, but think it is about how many children the marriage can tolerate. I have a friend with four children who is gorgeous beyond belief (a redhead) and who is considering #5. Her husband is a stay at home Dad because she earns more than he does, and loves it. I know other large families where it works. And I know families with zero children and that works well too. In DD's case, it works well, but the stresses of the ex wife are beyond belief.

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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

Lol, no Yeona, he didn't try to eat the tree, but the strings of lights were just about more temptation than he could bear! They talked about it several times....

After she pointed the Mom-finger and spoke harshly to him, he turned to Grandma for help. I don't think snapping another picture was what he had in mind ;)

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Look at that! He's wearing Leo's outfit!

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Yesterday we made this into a true Nana house with all sorts of necessary gear... Yes, a potty, a mattress protector, a hook for the basement door (so that the cats can escape to their litter box but no little people can descend.) A friend is making a small stool for Ivy so she can reach the toilet and sink. There are many things we all will need to watch out for though. Ivy is a going concern and I am not able to fully childproof this place. There are loads of puzzles and toys for her already. Leo will need to be content with watching the dog and improving his crawling technique, though there's a toy for him as well.

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Who are you kidding? that little girl will be lucky if she's able to escape your sight for 5 "nanaseconds". When's the ETA?

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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

Lol, 'bug...I am amazed at all the gear we've collected in this house. I hate clutter, but somehow the baby stuff is okay. We even bought a car seat a couple of weeks ago.

All right, here we is officially Jude's birthday. Scenes from yesterday's festivities:

It took Uncle Phil a little longer than it took Grandma to be okay with flipping Jude upside down. They seem to have the hang of it now, though.

I don't think he knew what was expected of him with the bags of noisy paper, but he caught on pretty quick.

The car was okay, but food is MUCH better!

A Radio Flyer wagon and a teddy bear. What more does a boy need?? Uncle Phil put tears in my eyes by giving Jude his teddy bear from when he was little. How he got that white bear so clean is beyond me!

Daddy got the paper started, and Jude more or less did the rest.

Important "guy talk". Being an Uncle has been a wonderful thing for my cynical child ;)

Nearly naked cake-eating. This day just keeps getting better and better!!!

There's gotta be a better way!

I just love baby feet!

After the inevitable sugar-crash nap.

HEY, helium....


I don't know, he just makes me laugh!

Learning words with Grandpa, who is wearing his IU souvenier Kendall Jackson cap ;)

Thus far, no pictures with Grandma in them have surfaced. I'm not giving up hope, as there was QUITE a press gallery in attendance. What a good day! I was the only one who was able to talk Jude into feeding me cake, and I got a couple of kisses, too! Life is incredibly GOOD :D

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The perfect first birthday BIG BASH celebration! Brenda, you guys are my kinda people. You know how to do it up right! Oh, and I love the "Baby Toes in Smash Cake Crumbs" picture the best! I said it yesterday on FB, but for today... "Happy (actual day) Birthday Jude!"

As for baby/kid clutter, Bella's been here all weekend and I can hardly walk through this place. Barbie has taken over. She's set up a childcare center, a pet shop and a vacation home in the living room and that's only part of it. (I love every minute of it and wouldn't have it any other way!)


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

It does make for a tiring day! Today is DH's 70th birthday. He is napping!

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Marie, Happy birthday to your DH! When are the kids coming? It's a birthday surprise for him, right? Can't wait to see photos of Ivy and Leo at the farm.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

The 2 kids and (Sarah) arrive on the 22nd. We pick them up at the airport at 6am after their midnight flight!!! DH now planning was too intricate without announcing things in advance. I don't think the dog and cats know what they are in for...

Meanwhile, Skyler and his Dad will be off to Florida. That will be an elaborate deal as well.

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Kate and Wally were over Thursday, Julia and Bella Friday and Bella spent the weekend. She left about an hour ago. Grandma's tired but here are a few highlights from the weekend.

Fun weekend!


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Here are a whole bunch. Boy, am I tired! Lots of company, cooking, shopping and playing going on here!

Where's Ivy?

There she is!

Morning walk with Phoebe.

Making a snowman with Mommy and her uncle.

Leo is such a good sport!

Modeling my new jacket that Nana made.


Bird watching in the rocking chair.

Bath fun...

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The world is certainly an exciting place, isn't it? :)

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Thanks Bug. These put a smile on my face. Ivy's hair is really growing and there is a happy sparkle in both her and Leo's eyes. Nice job on the Jacket.

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What an wonderful little sweater! The kids look happy to be with grampa & grampa. How nice that your son could make it too.

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