Weed identification #2

nolabum(SouthEast LA 8)March 24, 2014

Hi folks. I'm happy to make my first post in Gardenweb and become an active member here.

We're starting to cultivate our plots in our new Bywater NOLA home, and would love to know what we're pulling up as weeds ;-)

#2 looks like it might be mint, but at this stage of growth, there was no mint smell from the crushed leaves. We do have mint porpogating in the yard.

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weedlady(Central OH 6)

Welcome to GW, nolabum! One suggestion before I offer a reply: we are better able to help you with your questions if you add your general area and your zone (as you will see after my name). Climate, soil, etc., can make a big difference in the answer to a problem.

Anyway -- looks like your little plant could be a young dead nettle (Lamium purpureum) but if you have one, you likely have a LOT of them. :-) It is very common in disturbed ground.
I can see that the leaves appear to be opposite; is the stem square? Lamium is a member of the mint family but has no minty odor.
I should think dead nettle would be blooming soon if not already in northern Louisiana (I assume that is what NOLA means!) and you may see fields of purple such as that in the picture at the link I have included below. It can be a real bugaboo to control, but with patience and persistence, it may be done!

Here is a link that might be useful: Dead nettle & henbit

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nolabum(SouthEast LA 8)

Thanks weedlady - I took your advice and updated my profile. Thanks for the etiquette pointers!

The stalk was round if i remember correctly, and that was the only specimen I have come across. Looking at your link, and it looks like a good candidate.

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