34 and counting!

jak1(4 Ontario Can)February 15, 2012

Days until Spring that is! March 20 - I will plant my seeds then, if I can hold out that long!

Great news, Marie! Another baby to knit sweaters for and to make books for!

A kid needs a Grandma

To share in the fun

To spoil you a little

And love you a ton

To laugh at your jokes

And admire your art

And to tell everybody

You're darling and smart.

To take you neat places

To see different stuff

And to make sure you're bear-hugged

And cuddled enough

A quote from a Mother's Day card from TCS.

Speaking of TCS, here are some of his memorable sayings:

"No straws, Nana. We're MEN"

"Wow. How much sugar did he have?" (about Jim Carey in The Grinch)

"Hey, neat. Jesus wore flip flops"

"Gee, I was such a stubbrn and impatient man back then"

"You are one strange man, grandad"

TCS is supposed to see his paediatrician on Friday. The doctor drives to Perth from Kingston. I'll give you three guesses what the weather forecast is. Here's a hint - the last two appointments were cancelled due to freezing rain.....

Looking for a project - maybe I'll paint my bedside table. I've had the paint for five months.

Cheers all!


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Love the flip-flops line!
I remember well when DS said "Greasy stripes!" and DD said "You're exturbing me!"

Today I'm working on a poster for a competition in Haiti. 10 or so schools are involved.(due today...)Fortunately I have a friend (in Berlin!) who knows what she's doing and helps when she is able.


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