2(5)2 - February 2nd the Groundhog Idyll

veronicastrum(z5 IL)February 2, 2006

Today is really February 2nd and Woodstock Willie did NOT see his shadow. So winter is officially over in this part of the world. We are very provincial here in Woodstock and we put no faith in that Eastern rodent!

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Babs, I'm sorry to have spread my germs to Ryan. Hope he's feeling better today.

I'm still feeling yucky but I came to work to escape DH for the day. He's just not the sympathetic type and I'd rather be at work than listening to him complain about things at home.

Groundhog Day really is a big deal here, because Woodstock was where the movie "Groundhog Day" was filmed. Lots of the movie locations are marked with plaques and there's a big celebration on the Square. This year it's even a bigger deal because WGN, a major Chicago radio station, is broadcasting live from the Square this morning. I had to drive DD to school this morning and it was a little odd to be listening to the radio knowing that they were only a couple of blocks away.

And in the category of "Now I really feel old..." there was an article in the local paper about a sheriff's deputy who saved a woman's life by pulling her from a burning car. The deputy had been in my kids' 4-H club. Can't believe he's that old already! (And performing his job quite well!)

Deanne, the orchid show sounds great!

Okay, that's all the brain has left for now. TTYL!


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janie_on(z6a Ontario)

Morning!! I can't beleive that it has been almost a week since I was here...ebay has me swamped with work....woohooo...show me the money!!

Marie - can't wait to see your kitchen when it is done. I have paint chips all over my bathroom so I can decide on a colour.

Woody - you have my utmost admiration for the way you deal with the curves that life has been throwing you!! Talk to us anytime!

Been trying to read up a bit so I just mainly skimmed and saw one heck of a gorgeous lady all gussied up...


Now for the crappy stuff that I am dealing with...bullying at school...

My daughter was in the changeroom at school when another of her classmates decided to pull AmeliaÂs pants/underwear down...horrified my daughter terribly! She called me at work crying and begging me to do something...I went into mamabear mode and freaked! Racial slurs were levelled at another girl in the class that was trying to defend my daughter...I guess it got really ugly. There were a couple of words that my daughter had never heard before (of which I am very happy). The two girls have been applauded by the principal of the school because they stood up to the nasty girl and told their side of the story to teachers and weren't scared of anything else nasty girl might do to them. Threats of violence it got really bad! Also, since they are 12 years old, the police can be called and charges filed if anything else happens...Time will tell Â. To say the least, it has been an unusual week...

Ok Â.I need to get something done.

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taryn(S Ontario Z6B)

It is gray and cloudy and for once that is a good thing. Wiarton Willie didn't see his shadow either, and CBC has officially declared an early spring is on the way!

Willie calls early spring

Here's also a fun site showing how Groundhog Day came to be here in the Great White North and south of 60.

So, I've been holed up here being a medical sleuth and discovering why I'm so exhausted all the time and what I can do about that. Hormone SALIVA tests came back showing I'm low thyroid (active T3 low), and also very low adrenal (sometimes called Chronic Fatique Syndrome) so this explains a lot. The fatique, weight gain, mood swings, lack of concentration, cravings, sleep disturbances, and a whole host of other fun stuff. Also I have elevated testosterone which has both pleasant effects (movie night Babs!) and not-so-pleasant effects (tweezers are a girl's best friend Brenda). But it also makes it easy for me to gain muscle and protects against estrogen-linked breast and uterine cancers so I think I'll keep the movies and the tweezers. Must do something about the low thyroid and adrenals though.

NONE OF THIS WAS FOUND WITH THE ENTIRE GAMUT OF ROUTINE BLOOD TESTS MY DOCTOR PUT ME THROUGH! If you suspect you have thyroid or adrenal or other hormone issues I urge you to consider the much more accurate saliva hormone testing. I'm very glad I did. Deanne think you mentioned this, suspected thyroid issues but tested normal. There is an easy way to check at home by taking your temperature 3 hours after you wake up and every 3 hours for a few days. If it is low (normal is 98.6) you have thyroid issues. Haven't been able to even get an appointment to see my doctor the past 2 weeks to discuss all this (flu season in the Canadian medical system!) but have started taking steps towards my own recovery with inexpensive supplements based on a book on the subject that jumped off the shelf at the library into my arms and propelled me on this path. Less than two weeks on them and I am feeling better energy, calmer, and sleeping better already.

Also started looking up eczema on the web, as I was horrified to discover the side effects that steroids, yes topical steroids too, can cause, adding to my already long list of woes. But I was desparate to do something about my horrid hands. Found information that eczema, along with many other auto-immune diseases such as psoriasis, lupus, alopecia areata, rheumatoid arthritis, polymyalgia rheumatica, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, Sjogren's syndrome, vitiligo, thyroiditis, vasculitis, Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis, urticaria (hives), diabetes and Raynaud's disease are all linked to leaky gut (intestinal permeability) which allows food and toxins to go directly from your gut to your bloodstream, causing an auto-immune response and overloading the liver. It can be caused by broadspectrum anti-biotics that wipe out the 'good bugs' in your system, being on the...

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Taryn - you must stay because you are now the Official Idyll Historian! What knowledge and history would be lost without you. Thanks for bringing us newbies up to date -- really neat to hear how it all evolved. And I guess that's the operative word - things keep evolving dont they? Glad to hear your voice --
and it sounds as though you are off to a brand New Year as things were meant to be for you and your family -- healthwise and on the house front.

Woody -- you're a veteran of the wars and amazing with your perseverance - Im glad to hear that time is on your side with exploring options and treatments. You're an amazing person - all of the time. We will however keep hoping we all get early Spring to distract and inspire us.

(Do I dare say it's sunny and in the 50s here yet again (even w/ no local respectable Groundhog to call D.C. his home?) - I know rain and chill are coming but.....thankful for these days while they are here).

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V, if winter is over for you, then it must be for me too ;o) We both live in the midwest after all. It sounds like your town is very quaint.

Janie, what a terrible experience for your daughter. Good for her for standing up to the bully.

Taryn, how to have such a long post from you. Thanks for the interesting info about the beginnings of the Idylls. It sounds like you may have made the best decision about the house. Poor Devin, sorry to hear that heÂs had a rough go of it.

Cindy, it is sunny and 51 today here. My boss father who is 85 is quite funny. I looked out the window this morning and he was mowing the lawn. He said that he just wanted to say that he had mowed in Feb.
They keep saying its going to change.


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Woody_Canada(~USz5 - Canada)

Taryn - got your e-mail, thanks. You've obviously been having a fun(!) time too - I hope you find a new dream property - in safe driving distance - soon.

I distracted myself in the basement today. The planter bench is getting closer to being finished and I couldn't resist setting it up to see how it looks. (The long bench still needs to be urathaned and legs added in the middle to prevent sag. We added some metal braces underneath as well today - need to add them to the small bench too...) I'm hoping it may all be finished by the end of next week. Here what it looked like today:

I got the Lee Valley Tools catalog in the mail today and I noticed that they now sell the plans for the original version of the bench (I downloaded mine free off the internet.) It sounds like there is more detailed instructions in the owes you buy but I did a lot of things different than the plans said - in addition to making it longer.

Woodwork is almost as calming as gardening - and easier to do in the winter!

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Good to hear from you Taryn...even if you blabbed about my bad behaviour on that first Idyll! I think I referred to a person as a shrub if I do recall correctly.

Also neat to see the carpentry progress Woody! I was hoping to progress with kitchen painting, but DH worked from home today (You know what that is like V, right?) and so I did grocery shopping and treadmill instead.

While shopping I was looking for garden magazines, and right next to them was a crafty magazine in which DEANNE"S magnolia painting lesson appeared. Too bad no one was nearby or I would have bragged about my friend!

I for one am really enjoying TGF and the personality it is developing. I don't have those sign in problems there. I also don't feel guilty for supporting a forum which takes advantage of people's photos and written words. Those people are my friends!

Onward with my day....

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taryn(S Ontario Z6B)

LOL 'bug, the shrub comment was the one, hehe! I thought it was funny, even if our dear ex-webmaster didn't.

Thanks Cindy, Michelle and Woody. Woody those benches are looking great!

Wow, what do you guys think about this place??? Going to view it with Glenn soon.


Here is a link that might be useful: The Avonmore House

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Wow, Taryn, cool house! Why is it so cheap?

I just have a few minutes because as Jane pointed out it's the first night of a new Survivor season. I think there are two people from CT in it this time. At any rate, I was also an original idyller and I can't believe it's been going on now for years. I think it was me who pointed Jain, Deanne and Martie this way.

Woody, sorry to hear of your current medical woes. At least you do you homework and are well versed on your condition and options.

Taryn, you too. It amazes me that people have to basically become doctors these days to get relief from issues involving their health. I had to make an unexpected doctor appointment tomorrow but I'm not going to dwell on it until I get the doctor's opinion.

Janie, I hate bullies, probably because I was a victim in 7th grade. Tom's nephew had a hellacious high school experience because of them too. Good for your daughter for standing up to them. Just this week the VP of Human Resources where I work reduced the Accounting Manager to tears. Both the AM and I are the same age. She's from the Bronx and I grew up in a fairly tough Boston suburb. We decided the best way to handle the situation was one of us could hold the VP down while the other pulled her hair...lol.

I'm also enjoying TGF too for plant related discussions but I don't see idylls moving over there. The social forum is much too exposed and I can already see people lightly trolling for controversy-something we've been fairly sucessful at keeping out of here. I know we have hundreds of lurkers here but at least this forum is more tucked away. You basically have to look for it-it's not an in you face link on the home page.

Zoe sailed through her dental today-no complications or extractions. The hardest part about dentals is not being able to feed breakfast on the morning of the procedure. My dogs live for food-they wake up at 5 every morning just to eat. When I picked her up at the vet around 4:30 PM they told me not to feed her until about 7 and then only half of what she normally gets. The minute she got home though she went to the food cabinet and sat there whining and barking. She was one ticked off girl when she realized food was not forthcoming. Even now she's sitting and staring at Tom-probably because she wants the other half of her dinner...lol.

OK, enough from me. Enjoy your night!


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Woody the bench is looking great! What fun it will be to plant it this spring.

Taryn, good to hear (and hear, and hear, and hear) from you. Okay, I'm really kidding about that!!! It was great to see such a long post from you after such an absence. Interesting (and a bit frightening) how you came to realize that the other house was the wrong one. I looked at the Avonmore House and my jaw dropped - both at the house itself and at the price. The cynic in me wants to know what the catch is. Are there historical restictions that make the house burdensome? Ask a lot of questions. But what a fun garden that would be!

Marie, I can't believe you were making fun of our Yankee shrubbery!

Michelle, we have a similar weather forecast - they keep saying that we will have cold weather next week. Of course, when next week rolls around it's now this week and the cold weather is still expected next week.

Funny phone call of the day: DS called to say he was about to mail something to me when he noticed that the envelope I sent to him had two stamps on it. When did postage go up? What will happen to all the letters he mailed on Monday? How does he get two cent stamps? Did I tell you idyllers that he is enrolling in the college honors program?

Not-so-funny phone call of the day: Both of my SIL's are also home sick with the flu. Now I'm sure that we picked it up from someone at the memorial service last Saturday.

Totally unfunny reality: the chills from my returning fever are making me shake too hard. Time for bed!


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taryn(S Ontario Z6B)

Sue, so sorry I missed your name in the original idyllers! I knew you were here from the start, just an oversight that I forgot to name you. Didn't you bring Teresa here too? Sorry in advance to anyone else I may have forgotten--think Candy (girlssmom) might have been there too--she was on other threads at least. And Leslies, from New York, where has she gone? She was here in the beginning too, but is not on gardenweb at all anymore, and I miss her postings. She was one of my longtime seedtrade buddies. Not starting seeds for the first time in 7 years is depressing, but I'd be nuts to start them with a move on the horizon. Wouldn't I?

The house is cheap because the whole area is cheap! This is why we want to move now, before Toyota gets into Woodstock and the market goes way up. Talked to the agent tonight, the only thing "wrong" with the house is that all the lovely original woodwork has layers of paint on it and there is tons of wallpaper all over. And the breakfast room floor is uneven (what 136 year old original hardwood floors AREN'T uneven?) But there's no block and tube, forced air gas with new furnace, plumbing has been done, etc, and house and garden has tons of charm. Unfortunately it has an offer and may be finalized by Saturday. Agent will call us. But there are more and more listings that appeal on MLS these days, see the House of Seven Gables below. Not nearly as nice but another example of the prices out there. And look at this one! Note the lot, barn and greenhouse! Got a call into them to set up a viewing. It'll happen for us when it's right.

That post took a while V, lol! I tried to do a months worth of postings in one go and think I pretty much succeeded, no?
Sorry you're still under the weather.

Janie had to back up to see your post about Amelia and the bully, which you must have posted whilst I was blabbing away . So sorry she had to go through that. I had a rough time in grades 7 and 8, kids can be so cruel. Sounds like she stood her ground though. Hope it turns around for her.

Time to check out a MLS a bit more, then read before bed.



Here is a link that might be useful: House of Seven Gables

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Good Early Morning, Don't know why I'm up this early but since I am I thought I'd grab a few minutes to catch up here. Thanks everyone for the nice comments on my pictures. Deanne, that little shrub is a yellow Italian Cypress that I had in a container garden last summer. It's not hardy here so I had to bring it in. And yep I got those containers at Homegoods. A couple of them last summer and the middle one last week.

I feel like I'm so behind here. Bella's been keeping me busy the last couple of days. I know I'm going to forget to mention some to the things I thought of as I was reading but here's what I remember...

Woody, you're in my thoughts with all the health issues you have on your mind. I know it's been said before here but I so admire your determination and spirit despite the obstacles you face. Oh and I love the planter benches. They're coming along great. Can't wait to see them in place this spring.

V, your flu sound like it's a hard one to kick. I was sick for at least 2 weeks with the flu this time last year. I remember it because Megan's baby shower was Feb 6 and I had to drag myself to it and made everyone promise not to include me in any pictures because I looked as bad as I felt. Get lots of rest. I hope you're feeling a little better today.

Taryn, it was so nice to have such a long post from you. Glad you're getting your health problems figured out and the house decision sounds like a good one to me. I love the house you posted the link to. It looks like a storybook cottage. I could see the 3 bears living there, not sure about 3 boys though, lol.

T, so you've started collecting the baby supplies. I agree that diapers are expensive these days. So is formula and baby food. When my kids were babies I used a diaper service, much cheaper, but not availabe these days, at least around here. My spending downfall is baby toys. I seem to pick one up everytime I'm out.

Speaking of babies...Bella's first birthday is Feb 26. She's having a Disney Princess themed party. She'll be Princess Belle from Beauty and the Beast, lol. We're going to order the party accesories later today.

On the subject of Idyll history. I joined around 2 years ago when the Idylls were in the 40s. I've read back to #16 though. That's the earliest one I could ever find archived. Idyllers have come and gone but I think it's remained a special place, not one that could be easily transplanted to another site IMO as I think we're all discovering.

For those of you thinking of mailordering coleus (Deanne). I saw Singing Springs being discussed over on the other forum but there's another place that I'd forgotten about that I ordered from last year along with Singing Springs that had just as good of plant quality if not better. It's called Rosy Dawn Gardens and is here in MI. Family owned, probably 4 times the coleus selection of SS and the prices are much better. The plants were healthy, big and beautiful...

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Have just enough time to say Good To "See" You Taryn!!!! I'm with you in that if the house was meant to be, it would've been.

Have no idea what happened w/groundhog here yesterday but it was sunny. Daffs are coming up but everything else seems to be behaving and staying underground for time being.

Back later == lots of mail ordering to report!



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Hi everyone. I started this a few days ago, and figured if I didn¡¦t get it posted, my comments would be way too old. They might be now, but I am sending it anyway.
I have been really enjoying the pictures.Deanne, your indoor plants are so pretty! I should take a picture of mine, then we could have a comparison photo view. Mine are located around my indoor fish pond, and the cats like to climb on them, and take naps. But, I will say that I was surprised at how well my rosemary is holding up. So I might have to plan next year on really getting some herbs inside. I didn¡¦t think they would overwinter that well. My little pretty peppers planted from Eden¡¦s seeds are very cute. I wonder if they will rebloom? Do you have Abutillion in that one planter? It looks kind of like the one Sue had. By the way, I wanted to be sure to mention how nice you looked Sat night! It is fun to get dressed up sometimes isn¡¦t it? There is a Starbucks close to my new office, and I have been walking there on mornings that aren¡¦t too cold to pick up a cup of coffee on my way in. I look at it as a little extra exercise.

Mary, congrats to you and Annie on the high score! Good for her. You must be thrilled. I hope you guys have fun, fun, fun in Hawaii! My husband is heading to Boca Raton to work right now, and I sure wish I could go. Sun and beach sound really good to me. With the new job, I have no vacation days to use, so it wasn¡¦t possible this year. But I have hopes that we can do something for a long weekend sometime. I have been eyeing the 3 day deals that come over the internet.

Eden, I love the pics of your house. I think you might motivate me to get moving on mine. It is looking a little¡K.. well maybe a lot shabby lately. Although Skip did install a new showerhead for me last weekend. It is supposed to mimic rain. I was using the basement shower but the one upstairs is definitely warmer. I can¡¦t believe Bella is one!

Honey, sorry about Tom¡¦s dilemma at work. They closed the plant here last month, and it affected a lot of people, but a lot of them were sort of at retirement age. They are offering many educational opportunities for their people, and that is a really nice benefit. Not all companies do that. I hope Bullet is doing well. He is a very cool catº

Sue, I was taking a drink of coffee when I read your comments about the CEO of Ford, and almost spit it all over my keyboardº He is sort of cute in a CEOish sort of way.. and he didn¡¦t look that old.

Taryn, I love that house! It looks like you have many choices. Good luck! I have some nagging problems with health issues dragging out too. But, I haven¡¦t figured out where to go to find out what is really wrong. I¡¦m glad you are getting some answers.

Not much happening here, I have just been learning my new job, working out, getting home sort of late. By the time I exercise and do my errands...

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Good morning

Yay Taryn! - its so good to hear from you again, and such a lovely catch-up post. Thanks for helping us brush up on Idyll history. You are so right about this being such a special place. I paid a visit to the other site but was rather turned off by one of the conversation posts that was asking whether to "Let the rats swim or sink" in reference to new people posting. I couldn't help think what a contrast that was to the warm welcome I recieved when I joined the Idylls. The horticultural discussions there are interesting, but anything personal from me will stay here. It sounds as though you are making strides health wise - hope the new changes help. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that the perfect house presents itself at the perfect time.

Janie - awful to hear about the bullying but glad that you are there for Amelia and she is handling the situation so well. Sadly, there is a whole new arena for bullies - Instant Messaging. Annie does not IM yet, but I know it will only be a matter of time before she's wanting too. I also know from parents of older girls what a Pandoras Box it can be. No easy answers.

(((((Woody)))). Once again I've been thinking what an amzing job you do finding the good in life under the hardest of circumstances. There are many of us who care about you deeply, so know we are here if it helps to talk. You have an excellent plan in place for the challenges that lie ahead. Your planter benches are fabulous!

V, Ryan, and anyone else with the flu - feel better soon. Lots of rest and lots of fluids. Having the shakes is miserable.

Babs - Congratulations on AJ's Science Project!! I hope it was fun too. I laughed at your coffee story. I have been know to get rather, er, grumpy when DH takes the last cup from the pot just as I'm about to fill my travel cup and hit the road. As he uses artificial sweetener in his there is no exchanging cups. I've learnt to stake out a claim if we're close to the bottom. Now, a morning without any is unthinkable!

GB - Hope your kitchen painting goes well. It is exciting to come across Deannes work isn't it? I had the same experience in our library and was desparate to share it with someone.

I'm off today and should probably quit rabbiting and do something productive.

have a good day


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Good morning all,

Well, it is rainy and dreary out this am but it feels like a mid-March rain. It is 40 degrees out and IÂll take this over icing any day. Snow would have been nice because the gardens are bare again. I hope we donÂt get the predicted cold snap next week. Not much time today, Ive got to get my act in gear and get my butterfly painted and in the FedEx box. IÂm hoping for 6:00PM today but donÂt know if it is going to make it or not.

Jane, that bullying is just horrible. So sorry you have to deal with that nastiness. I was the target of my share in school because I was always the ÂFat Girl in class and that is even worse than you could even imagine. My friend MJ just had a similar situation with her 14 year old son only this bully was taking money from his classmates as Âprotection money. I was absolutely shocked that such a thing could happen in our high school. Apparently they did call the police in and it was quite a mess. IÂm now worried about him because who knows what will happen when this kid gets back from being suspended.

Taryn, man, it sounds like youÂve been on quite the roller coaster of a ride this year so far. Jeesh! Glad to hear youÂve been able to let the house go and know it wasnÂt meant to be. I KNOW you are going to find your dream home and things will work out.~~ That is such a bummer about your health situation but it sounds like you are finally getting a handle on what is going on. I know exactly what you mean about none of the medical community being able to diagnose or help. A couple of years ago when I was having such trouble losing I had to fight like heck to get them to re-check my TSH levels and up my medication. They always believed that I was not telling the truth about my eating habits and exercise levels. So I spent the entire year last year documenting my exercise and eating and when I printed out the documentation and ask why IÂm not losing weight my PCP and the endocrinologist both said to be satisfied with where I am and to go and get some counseling then consider plastic surgery. Our new belief in this household is that your PCP is great until you have a medical problem! LOL ~~ BTW that house is amazing!

Michelle, too funny about your boss Dad mowing the lawn!

Eden, thanks for the info about Rosy Dawn Gardens. I know IÂm going to be collecting a few more varieties of coleus this year. Like I need a few more right???? LOL Thanks for the ID on that Cyprus. It really is lovely.

Woody, those benches are AWESOME! You are AWESOME!

GB, That is so cool you came across my article in DAW. My family does not Âget what I do for a living and one time one of my cousins, who lived in Chicago at the time, went into a craft shop with a friend and mentioned that her cousin did this stuff. Well the proprietor of the store asked who her cousin was and when she told her my name the lady apparently freaked out. Cousin called my Mom and told her the story and...

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)


Raining and 40s here this morning but it beats the alternative. Auditor harassment continues. They always come on Friday because they can wear jeans and eat free bagels. It's a good thing I like these guys.


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david_5311(Z 5b/6a SE Mich)

BTW Idyllers, just in case people are interested, I put a thread describing some of my experiences in selling my house and garden on the main discussion board. I debated whether to post it in that "new other forum" but I thought I should leave it here since we had previously talked about this last spring. Going through that whole selling experience was quite a process. Hopefully I won't be repeating it soon on the new place.

Here is a link that might be useful: selling the house and garden thread

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Woody, your bench looks like it was built by a professional.

Taryn, those houses are all wonderful. The first one I thought you were going to a B&B or something. It took me a bit to catch on that it was a house for sale.

I agree that TGF isnÂt as complicated for garden info as GW. I think it has way too many forums that get little traffic. I was excited about the Iowa forum but never visit it anymore  way to slow moving. I do agree that our conversation area on GW is a little more secluded.

Sue, glad to hear all went well for Zoe. I had to laugh about being ticked because of no food. Reminds me of Kenzie as she is being weaned off the bottle. I think she is a little ticked too. Hah, our auditors were done by Wed afternoon.

V, I hope you took a sick day and are taking care of yourself.

Eden, that will be a cute party theme for Bella. DD and I both loved and watched many times Beauty and the Beast. IÂll have to check out the Rosy Dawn website. You are all such enablers. Although, we have been so busy lately I havenÂt ordered a thing.

Drema, that is great that your candles are selling so well.

David, interesting info on your house and garden selling experience. I tell DH that we canÂt ever move. We live on a farm and he says he doesnÂt want to. (His father lived on his farm until his death at almost 86) Probably not realistic, but I wonÂt worry about it until the day comes.

I am pretty excited, I think the bathroom should be complete this weekend. We just need to lay the tiles. That shouldnÂt be too hard, should it? Mary how did it go for you?

I just became the official webmaster for my company. We had our website set up by a company, so I will just be adding to it and making changes. We will be changing the company name soon to HTC Communications to better reflect all the services that we offer.



Here is a link that might be useful: HTC Communications

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Well, I took a sick 1/2 day. Had to finish paying everyone, you know. But I'm home now on the loveseat, with my blankie and green tea and I'm taking it very easy. I've "called in sick" for the brush-clearing work day tomorrow! I'm getting a bit of laryngitis (sp?) right now. DH siggested a movie night tonight and I sent him an email with a short list of suggestions, even though he's sitting five feet away. Too painful to talk!

Last night the fever was bad. You want to hear something weird? Every time I woke up last night, I thought of my idyll friends and the thoughts were so comforting I quickly fell back to sleep.

Deanne, I loved the story about your cousin!

Michelle, I hate to tell you this but you committed the first sin of home improvement! You said, "That shouldnÂt be too hard, should it?" Oh, dear, you've jinxed yourself!!!

Eden, I remember Rosy Dawn from last year. I drooled a lot but didn't order. Maybe I will change that this year?

I'm going to get back to some serious vegging. TTYL,


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Well I think I've jinxed things here on my kitchen project. That Cooking Apple Green around my window looks like toothpaste. I made samples and checked them in all light situations, but the sample paint is water base and I am using oil base for this project, so somehow, I think it is the light sheen that is making the difference. I cannot paint on the weekend, so maybe I'll adjust by Monday?

Here is my indoor bouquet for the week. It makes me think of Deanne...because of the heather.

The plumber has been and gone. As I was painting I realized I was standing in water. Deep water. I mopped up, but it kept returning. So under the sink was a flow...and I placed large bowls there to collect it all. I called the plumber...and of course everyone was off to a conference and off for the weekend. I tried another place. No answer. The third time lucky! The guy came 3 hours later and repaired it all quickly. $100. Could have been worse I guess. So now I'm waiting for the tree fellow to come analyze that situation.

Hungry, exercised and losing a bit. Not sleeping much though.

Thinking of all!

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Hello you lovely Idyllers! Wow, it's wonderful that in this time of so much unrest & chaos around these forums, your Idyll threads are still a bastion of friendly support & companionship. :) And 252! Congrats!!!!

I don't have time to join you, but I didn't want to peek in without saying hello & telling you that I miss you. Me & mine are all well.... things aren't where I thought they'd be, but you know, you gotta go with the flow. It's still all good.

Anyway, the kids are clamoring & the dogs want in, so I'm off! Take care & happy gardening to you all....


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taryn(S Ontario Z6B)

Just a fly-by post before dinner, but had to say Monica, what a treat to hear from you! So glad you checked in, that all is well! Have thought of you often.

Wonder if my reminiscing will bring other long-lost friends out of hiding to say hello? Saucy, Leslie, Andrea, yoohoo!

Hi all, bbl8r...

Taryn :-()

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Hey Rubystar, what a surprise! Great to hear from you. Yes, we've managed to keep the idylls intact despite chaos that is now GW(iVillage).

Marie, I hate it when paint doesn't behave as expected. A you may remember, we painted the bedroom a few times last winter before getting to the color I thought I was looking at on the test areas and chips. Pretty flowers.

Michelle, I looked quickly at your website. Will it be alot to maintain?

Geez, V, feel better soon. Hopefully a full weekend of rest will put you back on track. I felt a little headachey and nauseous yesterday but it passed after 45 minutes on the treadmill, and 45 minutes of free weights but heavy exercise is certainly not something I recommend.

Not much else to add. Tonight I gave myself a pedicure while dinner cooked. Now I'm debating between a yogurt or another glass of wine. It's Friday night so the wine may win.



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We've had to call the vet out for the horse. He is running a fever along with rapid breathing, lethargy and no gut sounds. Colic is the diagnosis along with an infection of some kind (vet said fever isn't a usual colic symptom). The infection may have caused the colic, no way to know for sure. Of course I noticed that the horse was ill right before 5 pm....by the time the vet got here, it was black out and we had to open the garage doors for some light along with flashlights. Horse got an intravenous injection of an anti-spasmotic, along with a hefty dose of mineral oil pumped through a tube running from the horse's nostril down to it's stomach and 2 large injections of a long acting penicillin. I walked him for the hour that we were waiting for the vet to arrive, but he was balking and didn't wish to keep moving. Right now he is confined in a small portion of pasture (about 100 ft x 200 ft) and I'm checking on him every 30 minutes. His breathing was rapid which scared me, but it seems to have slowed almost to normal now. I still don't hear any intestinal sounds (horses usually have quite loud stomach noises). I'll be checking him at least every hour for the next 4 or 5 hours unless he starts passing stool or gas & getting his normal noisy belly sounds, which would indicate that the crisis is past or passing. We had to put a horse down about 16 years ago because she got colic and her intestine ruptured.

We're suppose to get a huge wind storm tonight or early tomorrow morning. On the Washington & Oregon coast they are expecting gusts to 90 mph.....much less where we live.
Should be interesting.

V, sorry you are still feeling so puny.

Drema, the falls sound a bit scary....hope that you'll get it checked out right away if you fall again. I remember you mentioning your candles before, but do not remember the particulars. You are making these and selling them in shops? You fit so much into your days!

Taryn, it was good to have you back and to hear how things are going. My jaw dropped at the first house...wow! The second one was very nice too.....but the first one was WOW! I'm interested in what you've learnt through the tests and medical studying you've been doing.

Sue, I hope you'll find out everything is okay when you see the doctor.

Deanne, painting done? Butterflies......I'm not sure I've seen one of your butterfly pictures so I'll eagerly await your photo, wherever you share it.

GB, rotten about the paint color......hopefully it will be okay when it is dry? You're often in my thoughts and I hope the stresses you're experiencing right now will work out in a way that you & your hubby will be content with.

Mary, hello! :o) Eden, hi!

Michelle, I looked at your website too.....looks like it will be interesting and some work (I know nothing about website management or set up).

Honey, how is Bullet?

Okay, I'll quit.......time to go check on the horse. Tough to try to find piles of...

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T, I hope your horse will be ok. What is its name? Looking for horse apples in the dark sounds very interesting LOL

V, when we do home improvements, I am always the positive one and DH the negative. We balance each other out.

Marie, bummer about the paint and the water.

I have had a very stressful couple of days at work. It had to do with the FCC and a mandate that they made on Wed. and expected certifications, etc. to be in Washington by Mon. Not such a problem until they started changing things as late as 3:30 this afternoon. Needless to say I made sure it was wine night at our house.

The website shouldn't be a big deal. Although, I would like to try to add a few new pages and maybe a few pictures.

I was looking thru some pictures on my computer tonight and saw these healthy coleus and thought I'd share. You've got to love a plant that does so well in almost complete shade.
This is Sunset Sun and I believe Pineapple Wizard. Notice the mushroom growing out of the bench.

Nite all

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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

Morning, all!
I for one hope the groundhogs are right, and it's going to be an early spring. I dunno...they're calling for snow and cold weather for this week, we'll see. Every day, Jim comes in and tells me about another plant or bulb poking up through the ground. I imagine by now, all the heucheras are heaving.

V-I hope you get feeling better. I know what you mean about a kid being in authority. A boy my kids went to school with is a local policeman-just too weird, lol! Guess they gotta grow up, don't they?

Wow, Janie...what a nightmare to deal with. I can't believe what kids have to deal with at school these days. I'm amazed at the number of people producing kids, then not RAISING them. I hope the whole thing blows over and the girls don't have any more crap to deal with.

Taryn, good for you, Nancy Drew :) My doctor thinks a mammogram will cure everything...geez!! I've complained for years about fatigue, weight gain, blah, blah, blah. Got no answers, and had to figure out for myself what's wrong. For what an office call costs (let alone any tests!) it would have been nice to get some IDEAS if not some answers. Maybe my symptoms were just too vague. Lol @ tweezers being my best friend. Funny you should say that...I finally found some that I can form a lasting relationship with! Three different types of tweezers that snap into a handle. Now, I can finally tweeze all my "wild hairs" without getting a crap in my thumb knuckle. My hair dresser is going to be so surprised when I go next time, and don't have a giant uni-brow :)
In doing research online about insulin resistance, I was amazed at how many different things that hormone can mess with. Thyroid, cholesterol, blood pressure-too much of it will eventually either kill you, cause a stroke, heart attack, or adult onset diabetes. I've mentioned blood sugar issues several times, but a fasting glucose test didn't show a problem-even though it was borderline high, the Dr. didn't seem concerned. Family research has shown obesity and diabetes way back the line. Changes in diet have completely turned me around. I've been trying to get my DS to follow this plan, even if just for a couple of weeks. I really think she's got the same problem, and would think the heart attack scare would motivate her to make some changes. But, she's my opposite. She'll take/do anything a doctor says, with no questions asked. Anyway, turns out she didn't have a heart attack. She does have a hiatal hernia, and a stomach infection. And, the organism causing the stomach problems is mentioned in the diet book I gave her. AND, she STILL won't listen. I'm really scared for her health. She's got her head stuck in the sand, and thinks Snackwells and Crystal light are the answer. Even though I'm losing weight with no struggle at all, and ALL of my mysterious symptoms have cleared up...she still won't give it a try. No weird eating habits, just balance, and backing off the carbs except for one meal a day. I'm pretty...

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Morning all,

Well IÂm procrastinating again and playing on the computer instead of getting out early to the gym. Sigh! I think IÂm hopeless. I really do not know how to get my passion back for my painting. It seems I can't exercise two hours a day and keep up a normal life.

David, I checked out your other thread and it sounds like it was a traumatic time for you as I can imagine it would be for any gardener to leave such a wonderful creation.

Michelle, that is a pretty impressive web site. Good for you with being the webmaster! Does it give you a raise??? LOL ~~~ Love the coleus photograph. I just love these plants as you can probably tell. You have to really enjoy something that gives you so much problem free color in just about any location.

V. so are you feeling better yet?

Bug, bummer about the paint color. That can be a pain. ~~~ I smiled when I read you post about the heather! How fun you are thinking of us.

Hi Monica! Great to hear from you. You are really missed.

T so sorry about the horse. Colics are bad news I sure hope it all works out. ~~ Nope I havenÂt finished the painting yet but will give you a heads up when I post the pic.

Brenda, so sorry your DS is having such health problems. You are so correct that sheÂd benefit from changing her eating habits, but as youÂve discovered, you canÂt make someone change. They have to do that for themselves. It is really sad. I have a friend who was about the same weight I was four years ago when I was told I needed knee surgery and back surgery. Today, IÂm pain free, did NOT have any surgeries and am in the best health of my life. My friend did not lose any weight and is now practically immobilized. Has had several surgeries on her knees and can hardly get up and down stairs anymore and still has not changed her eating habits. It breaks my heart. It is also a poignant example of what my life would be like had I not changed the way I live.

OK now it really is time to get to the gym and get to work. Today is my day of eating at maintenance calories so we are going to try out a new restaurant in Merrimack that was recently opened by the owners of our favorite two restaurants, Surfs and Michael TimothyÂs. This one is a steak house and IÂm looking forward to a nice filet steak tonight.

Have a great Saturday everyone,

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

I'm feeling better today. No fever at last. BUT... DD woke me up at 6:30 am with a 104.9 fever!!! I would have been in extreme panic if I had not heard that my one SIL had a fever that high this week. I set 9:00 am as the deadline for calling the doctor, and by 8:30 it finally started retreating. Now it's down to "only" 100.2 and I'm much relieved.

I haven't even finished my coffee or eaten a proper breakfast yet, with all the fussing over DD. So I'll keep this short.

T, I hope your horse is doing better. I'm sure you had a long night. When I had a C-section when my son was born, the nurses kept checking me for the infamous "bowel sounds". Finally, one of the older nurses who looked like a real cranky type but was sweet as pie, came in and said, "Honey, if you can just f*rt, you can go home!" ROFLMSO (roll on floor. laughing my stitches out) So here's hoping for a little something from the horse!

Monica it's so good to hear from you! Hope you can say hello a little more often!

I think I'd better post this and take care of a few things. Needless to say, the house is an utter disaster with kleenex boxes, medicine bottles, etc. scattered everywhere. I'll do a little damage control here, plan on an afternoon nap and hopefully be chipper for the school district benefit dinner tonight! Tomorrow we have an environmental group annual meeting and a super bowl party, so I just have to be done with this flu!


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Good Saturday, February 4th, morning! (Checked the calendar)

Taryn: Took me a minute to remember that the prices in your house posts are Canadian $$. Rich and I were ready to become your neighbors :-) Any of those looks like a dream house to me, but I bet the second you walk through the front door of one of them it will be "it." Have you decided how to sell the house you're in, now? Also Very, Very glad that, despite the lack of 'professional' medical help, you're discovering the reasons behind how you feel. I quake at the thought of 'professionals' Not Listening and Blowing Off exact descriptions of maladies that can be treated fairly easily of the patient is cooperative. Let your boys keep you smiling ...

Drema: Hope to get to know you better! As a new Idyll, I certainly respect those who came before me. I haven't bothered to check in on the other board as I like it fine right here :-)

Janie: Good for your daughter. Good for her friend. Shame on any system that will come close to letting this go. I'll start to get revved if I think about it any more, so tell your daughter that someone from Connecticut thinks she is a darn special person and one of the most courageous I've heard about in a long time.

Woody: Rich needs a carpenter for his current contract and, after seeing your bench, wants to know if you'd be willing to come down :-) Did some followup learning about your health issues and am in awe of your attitude and energy given the physical crap you go through. Angel rose seeds, by the way, are in their warm starter and I can just feel them swelling :-)

Marie: I LOL when I saw your bouquet. To celebrate the first bloom of my 'Flower Basket' Pelargonium from Logee's arranged some pinkish and purple heather with filler around the pot in several small vases. Either we use the same florist, or they use the same wholesaler!! Isn't it nice to have fresh flowers??? I have set a deadline of February 15 to decide on and purchase a new digital camera. Your previous post is in my bag and goes into every store with me. AND -- last time an Idyller had a plumbing problem it spread from sea to sea. Glad this time it was quick and easy!!!!

V: I'm cyberly sending you some homemade chicken soup, a box of tissues, and chocolate because it always makes one feel better no matter what. Will also send some Corsican Mint jelly which will clear your sinuses in no time.

Babs: We have an emergency backup drawer in the kitchen: Coffee is the only thing that's always there. I felt your pain reading ....

Michelle: Love the coleus pic. Your website looks like it's off to an awesome start. As webmaster do you get involved with the creative, or are you more responsible for the technical aspect, or both? Three colorations of river stone are here to see if anything looks "right" for one of the gardens. Thanks for the inspiration!

Sue: You Like your auditors????? Do you have a fever, too????? LOL ...

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Eden: Ummmm, just who is this party Really for? LOL I bet Princess Belle couldn't be loved more....

Grace: I can tell what's in season in your neck of the woods by what looks best in the produce section. For those of us who can only get really good Avacados for two weeks out of the year, Thanks to All in Southern California!!

Wendy: At Logees did you get one of the plants in the entry that looked like grass stubs with blue flowers? Also, Have briefly spoken with NEWFS (incognito on my part) and have decided to try and get them some public service time on TV. What you/they do seems amazing. Would absolutely officially join but am afraid that I'd get immersed. One more thing means drowning at this point, but will do what I can for them professionally.

I've probably forgotten something I wanted to say to someone or everyone, but need to get to Agway for Liquid Fence (daff bulbs are peaking up) and more seed starter makings.



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Hi everyone

A quick peek to say I've been thinking about T and her sleepless, anxious night. I hope the news is better this morning.

Hi Monica - lovely for you to check back with us. Glad all is well with you and your family. Hope you'll stop by again soon.

David - your house/garden tale was heartrending. I'm glad better times are ahead. It will be fascinating to see your new garden develop as I have a feel it will be very different from your first.

I'll catch those I missed later. Right now I'm attempting housework, have a walk planned and dinner tonight with friends at our fav Indian restaurant.

Till later,


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Good morning!

The horse (his name is Boo--and yes, he is white and no, I did not pick out that dumb name--he was named before we got him and all of us already knew him as Boo)is still alive and I found some 'shiny' horse apples out in the paddock/pasture so hoping those are 'new' ones coated with mineral oil. No, I did not touch them to see if they were still warm (DH asked that one!). I cannot hear stomach noises this morning but figured that might be because the poor guy doesn't have anything in there anymore. I gave him a small portion of a flake of alfalfa (don't have any grass hay) and will see how he feels after eating that tiny bit. He'll get a tiny bit more if he appears to do okay....throughout the day. Of course I didn't ask the vet when/what/how much he could eat once he seemed to feel better. I'm a bit concerned about giving him food if he still has a problem.

The wind storm has turned out to be not as strong as was predicted. We lost power for about 5 hours (no coffee this morning when we got up!). When the power came back on we both rushed to the kitchen to put the coffeepot on! We had a water kettle on the woodstove, but it wasn't heating up fast at all. Probably would have evaporated before it got hot enough for coffee!

It is still raining, lots of standing water and plenty of small evergreen boughs strewn about. I heard a chainsaw down towards the road so someone must have lost a tree nearby. With the ground so saturated along with the wind, many trees were expected to be uprooted. I think we had 20-30 mph winds about 40-50 mph gusts. Forecast is calling for dry weather for a few days beginning tomorrow!

I didn't check the horse all night. Checked him every 30 minutes until I heard some belly noises around 11 and then went to bed, hoping that all would be okay until morning. He was glad to see me about 6 (looking for food) and he hadn't been rolling (clean back) and appears to be feeling much better.

V, your story was a good one! That was about what I was thinking last night. Boo would lift his tail up and I'd be thinking "pass some air boy!" and nothing. What a let down! lol I think my life needs some adjustments at times.........wishing & praying that a horse can pass wind just doesn't hit people as something they desire in their lives. ;o)

My best to all!

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

T, glad to hear Boo is doing better today and that the wind storm wasn't as bad as predicted. Although it is pretty bad when you can't make coffee in the morning. I'd be a bear.

V. Glad to hear you are on the mend but what a scare about DD's fever. that sounds awful. Hope she recovers soon too.

Martie, I sent you an email. Let me know if you get it please.

Hi Mary!!!

OK off to work,

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

I know...... nobody asked, but I am giving a report ennyhoo!

It's been 2 months since our Tim was diagnosed with pulmonary embolisms. A pretty scary time for all who love him. He appears to now be embolism free, but lives in fear of a return.

Our temps had been above normal all through January, and continued into Feb. Thursday and Friday were so warm the spring peepers were out . I don't recall hearing them so early. One lone white crocus is in bloom in our front bed.

I took Nolon in for a haircut yesterday. We saw a tree in town in full bloom. It appeared to be a redbud. I wonder if it may be a flowering cherry instead? Redbuds usually bloom in April or May here.

Today the temps are back into the normal range .... highs in the 40s, lows in the 20s. I'm glad, because too many plants are poking up their noses from the ground.

I yielded to temptation Tuesday, and bought another Phal. It is smaller than my previous ones, so may be a dwarf.
I also got 3 more Clematis roots and 3 bags of 2 each of iris . I havn't had too much success with Wal Mart iris ( besides it's the wrong time of the year for them) but I couldn't resist.

I do want to comment to Taryn: I'm so glad the house-buying has been resolved. Now I hope your health will improve.

I am missing communicating with all my friends of the past.


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Hi Marian! Good to hear from you and glad to hear Tim is better. You know I figured I'd better stop naming all the idylls past and present because I inevitably forget someone. Names just pop into my head on a regular basis though-today it was Bruce.

Well I just finished my third Saturday in a row of garden cleanup. Amazing, considering it's only February 4th. The deal I've made with myself is I'll work until the trash barrel is full. That way I don't get put off by what is never a fun part of gardening and my back doesn't take a beating. Since I did very little cleanup last fall, alot of leaves and dead foliage have matted onto the ground and have created a major highway system for voles. I haven't seen any voles or rabbits this winter but I did see a very large hawk checking out my yard this morning so maybe that's why. It recently started to sprinkle so it looks like I'll be taking my walk in rain gear again this afternoon. Beats the heck out of the alternative though.

So, T, I guess your horse is out of danger? What causes colic in horses?

Martie, since I'm not the best manicurist on the block my approach to painting toenails is pretty simple...slather on the polish, make sure it dries real well then scrape off the excess. Usually it comes off fairly easy in the shower of just when you get out and your feet are still damp. The sipping of wine has so far not interfered with this method.

Deanne, wish we could join you for dinner-it sounds great. I'd be interested in Surfs some time too. Tom just went out to do a few errands and I told him to make a stop at the fish market and pick up some fresh swordfish for dinner. It's a perfect grill night.

Today I placed my first on-line plant order at Klehm's. I got a Clematis, a miniature japanese maple and a white bush clover, Lespedeza 'Avalanche'. Despite the popularity of these Lespedezas, I've never seen one for sale at any of my usual nursery haunts. The only other order I'll place will probably be at Fairweather Gardens. Maybe I'll check out the Canna varieties at Brent & Becky's. Everything else I'll get locally. I don't really need any perennials but want to continue to add vines and woody plants. Lots of shuffling will go on since I basically ignored plant combinations the past couple of years while I concentrated on hardscapes and new bed installations. Time to clean up and try to tie the whole mess together somehow.

Monique, if you're out there, the Amaryllis you gave me for Christmas 2004 is blooming. I kept the plant on the patio all summer then just tossed the pot into the basement when I was cleaning up in the fall. A couple of weeks ago I was down there and noticed a stalk trying to emerge so I brought it up into the kitchen and started watering. Too bad the flowers don't last very long. Does anybody know if I should repot this before setting it outside this year? Do they need to be fed? As you all know I know nothing about...

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taryn(S Ontario Z6B)

Hi Marian! So glad you checked in, been wondering how you were. I hope Ei, Chelone, Da, Saucy, Julie and others follow suit.

Thanks for the concern and good wishes everyone. Just here for a moment between kids' turns on Neopets.com (my 3 plus 2 loaners for the afternoon) but hope to be back later to comment further, and share some health info for T and Brenda.

T, so glad Boo's situ isn't as "scary" today. (Bad, but couldn't resist!) And I forgot to congratulate you on the upcoming arrival of twin grandkids! (Note to self, up intake of Ginseng for memory) How wonderful for you and the expectant parents! I know my brother and SIL were a bit overwhelmed when the girls first arrived on the scene, but once they got the hang of it, decided to have another after 18 months. Wish my friend Dawn would be blessed with that little blue line on the pregnancy test...

Haven't heard back from the agent about whether the story book house has a firm deal or not. Apparently a newlywed couple put the offer in, but the new bride's parents are financing it (must be nice!) and they are inspecting it today. If they like it, it's gone. We're looking at two others tomorrow. Figured Superbowl Sunday won't attract too many here for an open house so are looking instead.

Well, back to sorting seeds for Ebay. I decided if I can't start any with a move in our future (I hope) then I'll play with my seeds at least. Putting together collections of rarish seeds, for sun, for shade, drought tolerant, rock garden, etc, to put up online. Have commandeered the dining room table, and am trying to keep Drac away. She has a real thing for seeds in baggies, and keeps dragging them all over the house. I have 2 big boxes of seeds, so this is gonna take a while, but is just about my speed right now, energy-wise...

Better go. It's getting rather heated around the Gamecube upstairs and I need to go break it up before fisticuffs happen. Eden, you're right, boys and Victoriana may be not such a good mix, lol!



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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

Evenin' all!
Deanne-You're right, you can lead a horse to water, I guess. Really sad about your friend. I hope for better things for DS, but it will have to be her decision to make some changes. Seeing some of the things my older siblings have been through with their health was a big factor in my making some changes. I could see what was down the road for me, and it wasn't pretty.

V-sounds like that bug is really making the rounds at your place! Hope you make a speedy recovery! We've been really lucky so far this year..knock on wood!

Lol, Martie...a crap in the thumb is the WORST ;) Blackie would have enjoyed that one...whatever happened to him, anyway?

T-I'm glad to hear that Boo seems to be doing better this morning. Now, it's not really any more strange to hope that a horse will pass wind than to burp a baby, right? If they're miserable, they gotta get it out of there. Lol, did you try throwing him on your shoulder and rubbing his back ??

Hi, Marian! It's good to hear from you, and to hear that Tim is embolism free. Do the doctors say what causes them, or if there's anything he can do to help avoid them?

Sue-you do your toenails pretty much the same way I do. Slop it around liberally, and what doesn't come off in the shower usually disappears after you wear your shoes for the day. Works for me :)
I haven't even been NEAR any plant websites yet. I had six plants that didn't get in the ground this fall. I think they're still okay, but I really gotta quit ordering more than I can get planted.

David-I read your post on selling the garden. I can't imagine going through that whole ordeal. Looking forward to your new gardening adventures. Your pictures and commentary have always been a help and inspiraton.

The wind is howling here, and they're calling for snow tonight, with blowing and drifting. I guess spring isn't quite here yet. Jim's still hoping for ice on the lakes. Not sure how that's going to work out for him..a few days ago, my sister emailed me a picture of two swans on their lake. We're going to be pretty skimpy on fish fries this summer, though. Last winter, he put a lot of fish in the freezer.

Okay, I'm off to bed. Gus is fussing around, wanting the bedroom door opened so he can go to bed. Spoiled mutt :)

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Count me in for a disappointed "Spring peeper" --it's been pouring rain on and off all day and the forecast is back to the 40s and down to 20s at nite ... Winter has finished w/ her vacation I guess.

Is this the Confession Area? if so, I confess I've placed several orders (altho quite restrained for me) and am angsting about a couple others -- but also thinking it would be money better spent on a digital camera. Can you believe I dont own one? But I'd really like one w/ a good zoom but am too cheap to pay lots for it... same old dilemma -- that "step-up house" that's always just out of the price budget!! (And I really need a new home computer to handle a new digi camera... so one thing leads to another.... never ends! ) But I really need to start thinking about adding more "bones" back into the garden too - w/ more conifers and evergreens (altho I've not had a lot of success w/ them in the past in my heavy clay soil).. so the smart thing would be to stop now and move things around in Spring. But I think it's a hard habit to break - dreaming about new plants. If only I can keep it to daydreaming for now! (Did manage to order about 6 clematis - and there were more I had on the list -- but think I better hold off & see how it all comes together). I went out looking for bulbs between rain storms today -- nothing in bloom (not even the galanthus); altho lots is popping up.

(Speaking of houses, wow - Taryn, those houses are all so neat looking, but particularly the one w/ the bid on it- such a story book.

How nice to "see" old names - Hi, Marian - glad your DS is doing well -- unfortunately lots of us all have fears of "recurring" problems - we just have to live our lives sensibly and that's as best as we can do, right?

Im in the sloppy nail painter class -- my toes always suffer the most and I ascribe to the "it goes away in a day or two" -- I've never learned to paint totally "in the lines"!

T- so glad to hear Boo is hopefully doing better and maybe over the colic -- that's such a scary event. Used to be around horses when I was young..

Michelle - I love the coleus planter -- and the mushroom (it almost looks wooden itself - a garden whimsy!).

Janie - I meant to comment on the scary event with your DD -- Im so thankful it turned out well -- it's seems so scary to be a kid now -- we had bullies but never had to worry about weapons or drugs getting into the equation. It's really tough to be a kid now -- and scary for a parent!!

Im off tomorrow to my first "book club" meeting a friend is taking me to -- they're discussing The Kite Runner -- I've just finished tonite (nothing like waiting til the last minute so I can "cram" uh?) -- very lyrical and stirring - Im not sure uplifting -- but worth reading.

Okay, I see it's almost time for the City Gardener -- I really like that show -- one of the few good garden shows left -- I think it's very inspiring - especially for small gardens -- it beats that stupid Suzie...

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Cindy, you bring up a very good question, what did happen to all the good garden shows on HGTV? I used to set aside an hour on Saturday afternoons to watch Gardener's Journal and Gardener's Diary. In the dead of winter it was just great to be able to sit and tour gardens. Now it's just quickie makeover shows. For the past couple of weeks I have been catching parts of the Victory Garden on PBS. It's OK...not alot of hardy ornamental garden segemnts. Bring back Kathy Renwald.

The spring weather continues here-supposedly 50 F today. It did rain all night so everything is soaked. Although it's supposd to get colder this week I still don't see any daytime temps predicted to be less than freezing.

Got back from my walk in the rain yesterday and was able to scrape all the "overspray" toenail polish off the toes. Nothing like an hour or more in wet sneakers to soften up the feet.



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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Good Sunday morning all,

Well, dinner last night (my night off from my eating restrictions) was fabu-fabu. I had potato encrusted haddock (they encase the fish in shredded potatoes then pan crisp/cook it) this was served with a hollandaise sauce with fresh wilted string beans. For appetizer I had a shrimp and spinach salad with slices of fresh red pepper accented with a peanut vinaigrette and a few whole peanuts. Holy cow that was as delicious as it gets. We savored the dinner with a bottle of 2003 Pouilly Fuisee. Then for dessert I had a chocolate mousse with two hand made truffles and a bit of whipped cream on the top with a cup of espresso. Perfect! I do have to say that no matter what else I do in my lifetime I will ALWAYS enjoy a really good meal. The fact that I can only eat like that every once in a while makes me enjoy it all the more.

Sue, lol about the Âoverspray toenail polish. IÂve never thought my feet attractive enough to deserve toenail polish but the salon where I had my nails done a week ago does a pedicure pretty inexpensively so I might treat myself one of these days.

Cindy, I began adding a few evergreens to the borders a few years ago after seeing SueÂs and MoniqueÂs gardens and love what they do for adding year round interest. I was just telling Sue the other day that I love the dwarf picea she Âmade me buy last year for my driveway garden. It is such a beauty. ~~ I hear you about upgrading the camera then the computer etc. etc. etcÂ. it never ends. But I canÂt imagine being without my digicam now.

Brenda, you are one of the few who actually face the health issues straight in the face then make significant, difficult lifestyle changes to improve your health. Kudos to you! ~~ LOL about buying more plants that you get into the ground. IÂm guilty of that as well. This year though I only had three unfortunate orphans that didnÂt get into the borders. A couple daylilies and an iris. I didnÂt think the iris would make it but the winter has been so mild that so far so good.

Sue, IÂd repot the amaryllis to give it some fresh soil then put it out in the garden and feed well over the summer. Probably if you put it on the same liquid feed schedule as your containers that would take care of it. Marian might have better advice as she is the house plant ghuru here.~~ Where are you going to plant your Lespedeza? That looks pretty interesting. BTW that Corylopsis you gave me last year never found a permanent home but is still looking very good and the buds are swelling. Horray for the mild winter.

Hi Marian, so glad to hear Tim is doing better. WeÂve had a really warm winter here also. Would love to see a pic of that new dwarf phalaenopsis. ~~ BTW have you heard from Eileen?

OK time to go. Have a great day everyone,

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Good morning

Just had a delicious, late breakfast: half a red grapefruit, a slice of my home-made rice/almond bread toasted with English marmalade and cafe-au-lait with frothy milk. Yum! Also enjoying the results of yesterdays cleaning, lots of sunshine and an Apple blossom Amarylis in full bloom.

Sue - my Amarylis last 4 weeks in bloom and provide a lot of flower power. DH gave me 3 from Home Depot on my BDay and they've been marvellous. I'll be interested in some of the houseplant expert's ideas for summer care. I too am hopeless with indoor plants unless they are seedlings.

HI MARIAN!! - good to have you back and wonderful Tim is doing so well. Don't stay away so long next time.

T - still thinking about Boo.

Cindy - the only gardening shows I watch now are when I'm home in England and they have some faublous ones there. I get Mum to tape them. I wish HGTV would import something worthwhile. When is the City Gardener on? (I've always thought the HGTV was misnamed, as there is zippo on in the way of real gardening).

Today I've promised a trip to the Science Museum and have a friend coming over for tea. The Indian Buffet last night was incredible and I ate far too much. I think some exercise is called for too.

Have a great day


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Am only staying for a minute as it's SUNNY outside and there's WEEDING to be done!! Really!! If I step really carefully I can get rid of a few misplaced dandelions and creeper weeds and grass BEFORE the roots find their way to China through the c;ay. Weeding in February???? It also happened in 1931 according to my grandmother's garden journals. Haven't checked any weather history sites to confirm, but unless it was so snowy she was delusional I'll take her writing at face value :-)

Deanne: Your dinner sounds scrumptious, but what happened to the filet?

Marian: So Glad You're Here because I have a question about my new Kohleria that alledgedly should be treated like an African Violet. Remember I am the one that kills cacti and AV's but can manage to maintain most everything else. Do you know this plant? It looks leggy, so should I cut it back? It's in light but not sun and is warm -- should I do anything differently? Really like the flower on this babe but the bloom has diminished substantially since I brought it home. Does it need supplemental light?

All HGTVers: If you don't like what you're seeing, send an email to HGTV. A cool thing about cable is that they can broadcast different shows to different DMA's in their "mix" time. A DMA is a demographic market area, so if New York is watching one thing, Hartford can be watching another.

Mary: Have fun at the museum!

Amaryllis: Mine came nowhere near blooming for Christmas as hoped, but may be here by Easter. The straps are just beginning to die back and I'm fertilizing, so flowers SHOULD be a month or so away. Fresh soil last November. Also have what Marian identified as a Thanksgiving cactus blooming now. Not unlike their owner, my plants have a mind of their own :-)

What meant to be a minute is gotten longer and the weeds are calling. Yes, will try not to disturb too much soil and no, I'm not doing it barehanded in fear of frostbite (42 deg here but soil is Cold and WET).

One last thing, Sue: Love the way you do your toes!! Only difference with me is that I don't bother taking the extra polish off the top since my nails stop long before my toes do. During summer I've resorted to fake toenails (don't ask for specifics, please) but this summer am hopeful I can get my own to grow a bit better.

Off to the gardens! Everyone have a great rest of the day.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

I've caught up! My we are busy here this weekend!Good to hear about Boo and people's plant purchases, toenail polish, house hunting experiences, etc. Nice to see Marian here as well with her good news.

Yesterday we were running one of our Gravel Organization's meetings when the snows began. VERY wet and slushy. We passed about 8 or more cars on the highway as we passed Taryn's community. All were aimed in the wrong direction and were severely damaged. After picking up more paint samples for the kitchen, we arrived home to much tree destruction at the farm. Shrubs, trees, roses...a big mess and very sad. I know things will regrow, but still, tough for me. Many huge cedars, over 100 years old, the windbreak...well, at least the tree guy is scheduled to come here anyway. The problem is that the temperatures are remaining below the freezing mark all week and the trees simply can't tolerate all the weight.

Off to prime some more. Wishing all well,

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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

Deanne-that meal sounds WONDERFUL! I think doing that once in a while is great, and important to sticking with an eating plan. Makes it a special thing that you really savor and appreciate.
BTW, I've got pretty much man-feet, lol! Several years ago, Diane and my daughter mounted an attack and kept after me until I started keeping my toenails painted. They were right, they look much better. I also have to shave my big toe knuckles. I just want to go on the record as saying that the eradication of unwanted hair is a losing battle, but I'm trying to fight the good fight!
I'd be surprised if your daylilies and iris don't make it through the winter. All sorts of both have endured unspeakable abuse around here, and lived to tell about it ;)

Aw, Marie-so sad about the damage. We've lost a couple of really old trees, and there's just no way to replace all those years of growth :(

DD called this morning, and wanted to know if I'd feed her. Rough night last night, apparently. Ah, to be 22 again.....no thanks, lol! Made her an omelet and some bacon. I slid some leftover green beans into her omelet, and she was pleasantly surprised. Never tried that before, but hey, they were hanging around. We browsed through the Newport News catalog. She's very excited about my renewed interest in clothes. Found a pair of sandals that I gotta get, but am holding off on too many new clothes just yet. My skinny jeans are getting loose, so I'm going to have to do something, but want to get by on the cheap until I lose enough to do some serious shopping. Then, LOOK OUT :)
Lazy day around here. Christina plopped on the couch to "watch tv". Five minutes later, she was sound asleep. I'm off to find a chicken recipe. We're eating a lot of chicken breast and pork loin, and I'm trying to keep it interesting.
Have a good day, all!

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david_5311(Z 5b/6a SE Mich)

Just a note about HGTV Gardener's Diary and Journal. I too used to watch these regularly, a great way to pass an hour on on the elliptical or treadmill on a Saturday afternoon at the gym (as long as you could compete with all those guys watching football -- so what should that have told me about me ;o)?). I was very disappointed when these shows were discontinued -- they were the best gardening shows on TV IMO -- and wrote both an email and a snail mail to HGTV about them. I remember someone else here doing that too, must have been about 18 months ago. This was to no avail -- I never heard back from them. And before they stopped, both shows were regularly showing repeats only, I think I had seen every one by then. Does anybody know what happened, or how to get them back?

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Marie .... wish I could morph myself to help ....

Brenda: Gonna try the omelet ..

David: Tomorrow I'll try to find a name at HGTV.

All: The conversation went something like this:

Rich coming in from garage: "Mart, what the H$^& died in there?"

Me looking completely innocent: "What are you talking about?"

Him: "The stench. What came into the garage?"

Me holding up the bottle of dehydrated fox urine with a too readily apparant price tag of $13.99 because there wasn't any Rabbit/Deer Liquid Fence: "This did. The bulbs are coming up and I don't want anything to eat them."

Him: "You all are crazy."

Two hours later after he finished practicing drums, he saw one of his squirrel friends near the bulb garden. He flashed out, grabbed the Fox U and proceeded to shake it on everything nearby, including himself.

Today, Rich became a gardener :-)


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chloehoover(z6b VA)

O, Martie - Im sitting here in chuckles -- I love that you've converted Rich - even w/ stinky fox urine! What a guy!

To answer Sue's question, in my area, the City Gardener is on HGTV on Sat. nites at 11:00 p.m. (gee, guess you can see what I do most Saturday nites, uh???) -- it's a British show - a youngish (30s?) landscape designer by name of Matt James goes around the U.K. converting these desolate (usually concrete barren) city backyard lots in varying cities and towns - Newcastle, Liverpool, London 'burbs, all sorts of places) - I find it a really neat show (I believe it's been on in the U.K. for several years; not sure if it's still actually being shot or not; but they're really great) - he tends to do mostly "contemporary" looking redos - but it's really smartly done - it's all on a budget (I think the homeowners "cough" up the the money. He does a lot of the manual labor himself along w/ the homeowner. He's done some smart container gardens, seaside mediterranean, etc. I highly recommend it. Re the HGTV, as David pointed out -- many, many people have pleaded, emailed, etc., to HGTV - to no avail. I believe I even read on GW here last Fall that someone claimed they'd been told new Garden! shows would start in January - ha ha -- havent seen a one yet.
I would frankly be willing to buy videos of the Gardener's Diary and Journals --- HGTV has really taken stupid steps to alienate an entire base of watchers. Go figure.

Deanne -- yum - I think I gained 5 lbs. just reading your delicious dinner. Sounds superb.

Marie - how sad to see and hear of such horrible destruction on your farm - Mother Nature is taking it out up there -- I guess it's a good thing the tree guy is on call to come.

There are a ton of weeds in the garden I've noticed --I weeded a couple weekends ago for a bit, but they're definitely thriving out there - now too cold to do anything about it. I saw the beginning blooms of the hellebore orientalis out there though - yippee!!

Brenda, as Deanne says, you are to be commended about making such great life changes - and it's good to hear about them - it encourages the rest of us to keep truing, even if your sister is resistant to hearing about it -- I promise you you've probably helped at least 2 or 3 of us by hearing such great positive changes have taken place. Maybe by your example, your DS will eventually figure out it's worth it.

Nite all.

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Martie, lol. I doubt that will ever happen here but never say never. As far as Gardeners Journal and Diary go, I heard Gardener's Journal (that's Kathy Renwald, right?) got cancelled a couple of years ago but can't for the life of me figure out why. I checked the listings for HGTV today and they no longer carry either show, even re-runs.

Today we decided to take advantage of another nice day and drove out to the Vanilla Bean for lunch. It's hard to believe it was two weeks ago that we were there for the Logees trip. Anyhoo I had the most scrumptious ham, tomato, cheddar and carmelized onion quiche and Tom had barbeque chicken quesadillas. Usually I can't eat anything with onions but I had my heart set on quiche and that was the only one on the special board today so I took a chance. The onions were well cooked and very mild and I barely noticed they were there. For dessert(Deanne do I have your attention?) we shared this sinfully delicious creme brulee cheesecake. Martie, have you had that one before? It would be perfect to bring to Deanne's in a couple of weeks. I wonder where they get their recipes? The food is fantastic. Breakfast and dinner look good too.

Marie, what a shame about your trees. The wind kicked up here a bit today but nothing strong enough to bring down trees. It's supposed to get colder by mid week but I don't think there is any foul weather in the forecast. Today I noticed some Iris reticulata foliage pushing up. Tomorrow I'll have to remember to check for snowdrops but I only have a few.

I'm half watching the Superbowl as I type this. I don't have any favorites as far as the game goes this year but I don't like to miss any of the commercials. So far I haven't been overly impressed but no Clydesdales yet and those are usually among my favorites. Hmmm, Leonard Nimoy is pushing Alleve...

Time to rustle up some dinner. Groceries were delivered this morning and I have some nice lamb rib chops to toss on the grill and some fresh asparagus. Wine, of course.



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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

LOL , Martie! Great narrative! Glad your DH is now a gardener.....:-)
I really appreciate your confidence in my houseplant expertise, and I hate to disappoint you, but I have had no experience with Kohleria. I looked it up in my houseplant book. It said it needs "bright light with some direct sunlight, but keep them out of midday sun".(If it is dormant, light is unimportant.) Normal room temps, with a 5-10 degree drop at night. Water actively growing plant moderately, allowing top 1/2 of the mixture to dry between waterings.

Deanne, you are too kind. I am far from a houseplant guru. :-)
Most of my plants remain alive, despite my slipshod treatment, but I do have occasional casualities. Many of them are rather pitiful looking. I haven't downloaded the pics of my new Orchid to PT yet, but will post a pic when I do.

Thanks gals , for the kind greetings. I miss the camaraderie that is on this forum. It's something I haven't found on the 4 other sites that I have registered with.

I noticed a lot of things that I should comment on......all of your good news and your woes, but everyone else has covered them better than I can. I'll just say congrats to all on the good, and wishes for better things on the bad.
Hopefully I will do better at future posts.

I will tell my version of the 'eating' stories. I have just recovered from a severe bout with GERDs. It is ironic, when the eating of things that I enjoy is one of my greatest pleasures in life, and I can no longer do it due to acid reflux! I thought I was a goner for a couple of weeks, the pain was so bad. I am considerably better now, but being cautious, and taking acid reduction med.

Oh....I also want to say: Marie , I am so sorry about your trees and shrubs. I hope it won't be as bad as you are expecting.


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wendy2(zone 6 MA)

Martie, LOL re: Rich and the fox urine. Last year after bunnies ate some of my crocus buds, I sent DH to the garden center to "get something organic - no poison" and he was very proud of himself for finding some sort of crystallized garlic product. The stuff actually worked - no more nibbling! He takes an interest in the garden too now, and helps me greatly with the heavy stuff. The spring after I dislocated my shoulder he sort of followed me around to make sure I didn't do anything I shouldn't, and the habit has stuck. He actually took over my watering duties (even before I had to ask) last summer when I broke my foot. He is not offering plant or design suggestions yet; though I'm not sure I'd want to share this place with another gardener.

I miss The Gardner's Journal too, that was a great show. I googled Kathy Renwald, it looks like the show may still running in Canada. She has a position at the RBG too.

Taryn, nice to hear from you. I'm glad you decided to let that other house go. Everything truly does happen for a reason.

Janie, the story about your daughter was awful, but I'm glad she stood up for herself. My DD just turned 11, I'd probably turn all mamabear too!

Deanne, sounds like you enjoyed your night out. Love all the food descriptions too - I can almost taste it! I did enjoy your pics of your light garden on the last thread - amazing! The story about your cousin realizing that you are famous was funny.

Hi Marian, glad to hear that Tim is doing well.

Martie, I didn't get the plant with the blue flowers. I was restrained and only bought 2 plants, but I think I'll be going back closer to spring. Re: NEWFS, I am a member but I am not as involved as I'd like to be, just don't have the time. I make it down there once or twice a year to poke around. You should definitely go in April or May (or both!) - it is truly beautiful. Anything you can do for them professionally would be wonderful.

Have to cut this short, DH just informed me that half-time is coming up - must see the Rolling Stones! DH tells me there is a tape delay this year, so no hopefully no unfortunate wardrobe malfunctions...

Have a great night all!


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It has been a very busy weekend. Yesterday a.m. we went to the funeral of RickÂs former MIL. Interesting huh? Actually, she was a very nice lady who treated him well after the divorce. She was also the grandmother of his children. When we got home we laid the tile in the bathroom. I believe that we are done except I still need to find cabinet knobs. We worked thru the evening.

DS and his GF came over today and stayed the evening to watch the Superbowl. She is a journalism major and needed to take a roll of film for a class. She wanted to take some of them here. Of course her assignment couldnÂt be in the spring when things look prettier around here. Poor girl, DS took her around the creek, pond and grove and she accidentally stepped in the creek. Our creek hasnÂt frozen over this winter, which is very unusual.

McKenzie sang to me on the phone tonight. E-I-O. That would be her version of "Old McDonaldÂs Farm"

Brenda, it sounds like a fun girly weekend. I made an omelet last night for supper that had shrimp, crab meat, tomatoes, baby spinach, onion and mushrooms. It was quite good.

V, good to hear that you are getting better, I hope your DD is feeling better too. I know what you mean, there just isnÂt time to be sick.

T, glad the storm wasnÂt worse, but 5 hours w/o electricity is a pain. Did you keep trying to flip on things that need electricity?

Marian, so nice to hear from you and good to hear that Tim is doing well.

I was wondering about Bruce and Blackie the other day. Did we scare them away?

Cindy, do you have a hard time understanding the guy on "The City Gardener"? I sure do.

Deanne, your food sounds fabulous.

Mary, I hope you all enjoyed the science museum. My DS loved those kind of places.

Martie, how cool to have you GrandmotherÂs gardening journals.

I have emailed HGTV several times about "The Gardeners Diary" and "The Gardeners Journal" I did get a stupid email back saying that Kathy Renwald was on hiatus. I know several others who have emailed as well.

Sue, did you see the commercial with the Clydesdale colt? It was so cute.

Wendy and Martie, how nice that your DHÂs are taking interest. I like it when my DH does to some extent, as long as he lets me be the creative one.

RE the website, there was no extra $$, but it wonÂt be much work. Mostly keeping info updated. I imagine I can be as creative as I want, we will see what I have time for. It could be interesting to learn more about.

Have a great evening


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Monique z6a CT(6a CT)

Martie, I have sent multiple emails to HGTV about their lack of gardening shows for gardeners. I would think that television shows that showcase home gardenerÂs yards would be cheap to produce. Maybe itÂs time I email them again. Bring back GardenerÂs Journal and GardenerÂs Diary or shows with that same format!

Sue, I posted a photo of Lespedeza ÂAvalanche from last September. Do you know where youÂre going to put it? It does get rather large I cut back all 4 of my LespedezaÂs at least once when they are about 1-2 feet tall to control the growth. I think I might cut them back one additional time this year and hopefully they will still bloom. I love them for their spectacular show in September! You have the dwarf cultivar also, right? BTW, Les has had the Crème brulee cheesecake at Vanilla Bean and enjoyed it. I think I might bring Pina Colada Cheesecake to DeanneÂs instead of Key lime pie.

Deanne, that meal sounds fantastic. Les and I both started Weight Watchers again, but we still go out to eat once/weekend (usually Saturday lunch). Yesterday was the Pond House Café again since we were going to "Whole Foods" in the area. We split our entrees- smoked duck fried rice salad with shredded carrots, peppers, pickled onions in a sesame soy dressing and lamb bolognese. Then we split a dessert of warm pear walnut cake and vanilla gelato. Yum. I love food way too much. Last Saturday was a Thai restaurant in New Haven called ÂBangkok GardensÂ.

T-congrats on the soon to be addition to the family! Sorry about your horseÂs medical issues. I thought of you this morning when they showed a video on the news of the Seattle area and the high wind damage.

Taryn, I loved hearing about the history of the Idylls.

I donÂt paint my toenails like others around here. I try to hide my feet-they are not attractive. However, I have resorted to wearing sandals in summer if IÂm not working in the garden. I just try to pumice the sides and file down the ugly nails on my little toes.

Marie, sorry about the damage. I hope it warms up and the snow melts off the trees gently.

Sorry I donÂt write in more, but my dog clubs keep me busy at night after work on the computer. IÂm secretary of one club and IÂm working on bylaws, a newsletter, nominations for board members, and trying to schedule our annual meeting. IÂm only on a couple of committees for the other club, and that takes some time occasionally. Then, I just must watch some TV-like Survivor, American Idol, Dancing with the Stars, GreyÂs Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, etc.

Hi to everyone else!

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Good morning

What a lovely way to start the day with a picture of Monique's gorgeous garden! Your meals out sound delicious.

Marian - do hope medication allows you to enjoy eating again.

GB - it was awful to see your tree damage. It reminds me of the ice storm we had here a few years ago and the devastation it brought to neighborhood trees. As a gardener and nature lover its terribly sad to see old trees and treasured shrubs torn apart like that. I hope all your buildings are safe.

Martie - I had a chuckle about the birth of a gardener.

Michelle - hope you have fun working on the website.

I'm hopeless when it comes to watching sports and didn't know who was playing last night. DH was out of town so the children and I watched a movie by the fire. The Science Museum was great - a perfect way to spend a wintery afternoon.

Its colder and snowy this morning but for the first time this year it was actually light when Annie left the house -hooray!

Have a good one


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honey_mi(Z5 MI)

Just wanted to say Hi before I go back and read to catch up! The drapes are up and are totally different than originally planned. Right now, they're puddled at the floor. I like the look, but I'm not sure how long that will last. Bullet thinks they're great to cuddle up on -- of course he prefers the red part! Ennyhoo, here's what they look like:

I'm surprized how the drapes change and cozy up the rooms. My next project is to figure out a swag for the long window on the landing to upstairs. I'm toying with several ideas but think I might do an asymetrical treatment with a bishop's sleeve on one side. We'll see.

Yesterday, Eden and I went to see a lecture by Dan Hinkley at my fav nursery. What a delightful speaker! David, if you're lurking -- you really missed an interesting and informative afternoon. More later.

I'll be back. First I want to read up on what's up with you guys!

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taryn(S Ontario Z6B)

Morning! Nice to actually be awake at this time of day and feel human. My cortisol levels were lowest in the morning, when they were supposed to be highest, so I know now why I have such a hard time getting up in the morning. It's getting better, with licorice supplements! Will try to catch up later, and post some of my health findings too. Glenn is on nights and the computer is free in the evenings, if I can stay alert enough to think. I'm so far behind--you guys move so fast!

Honey the drapes look great! Have you cleared some room in your inbox yet?

Monique that border is just stunning! 'Bug's still life is lovely too, though it's very sad about the trees...

The Avonmore is officially sold. Not bad for a wedding gift eh? We had a couple from Nova Scotia see our home yesterday and the agent said they were very interested. But he also says "buyers are liars" so until we see an offer we aren't expecting anything. Lots of places coming on the market now, and we found one in Brantford that sounds perfect. Open house on Saturday so will check it out then.

I'm off to Georgetown to meet up with Gigi for a hot stone massage at a local spa. She is FINALLY using the gift certificate I gave her for her 40th a year ago! I'm bringing Santa Fe Chicken, Southwestern Black Beans and Mexicali Rice I made last night, for our lunch. She's supplying the ice wine. (back on wagon tomorrow). Not too shabby for a Monday, but hope the roads are okay. We have 3" of snow again after all the rain and warm temps!



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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Monique, I have a dwarf Lespedeza bicolor called Yakushima-stays around 18-24". The white one I want to use in front of my green fence on the driveway side. There should be plenty of room. The Autumn Moon maple I planted in that spot last spring needs more shade and the rose I had there got horrible BS so I gave it away. And so the shuffling continues...If I can find a spot, Fairweather Gardens has rose colored cultivar that is supposed to be more compact but the name escapes me right now.

Michelle, the commercial with the baby Clydesdale was my favorite. The other Clydesdale one with the shaved sheep posing as a streaker was kind of dumb, IMO.

OK, the missing idyller who popped into my mind today is Julie...come out, come out wherever you are.

Honey the LR looks great. I'll bet your garden outing with Eden was fun. Tony Avent is speaking at a garden symposium in CT next Saturday. I want to go but nobody will call me back about registering and all I get is an answering machine. It's too far of a drive to just show up. What's a person to do?

OK, must run...hi to everyone else.


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Good morning!

Marie, it was a lovely picture of the trees covered with snow, but how disappointing to have more tree damage. I hope that, somehow, the damage isn't as bad as it appears right now (I don't know how that could be....but I'll keep hoping).

Taryn, looking forward to hearing about the houses you toured this weekend.

Mary, the game.....sigh, we watched it. The Pittsburg Steelers won over the Seattle (Washington) Seahawks. 'nuff said. ;o)

Honey, the drapes are lovely!

Monique, the photo is beautiful and it is so good to have you check in. I love seeing your name pop up on the thread!

Sue, I saw your patio pics on the other site, the transformation just takes my breath away. You do a beautiful job of designing your gardens.

Speaking of designing....Monique, I've always meant to ask, did you take photos before you and Les began your landscaping & garden designing? I'd love to see pictures of how it all evolved, if you have them and don't mind all the uploading to share. I have dreams of having Monique inspired curvy beds here. You have the long expanses that I could use as inspiration for here and I'd love to know more about how the two of you planned & executed your plans. All help begged for and desired.

Deanne? Painting? ;oD Your dinner sounded wonderful, of course, and you are a terrible influence on the rest of these Idylls.....the descriptions of their meals has just been agony---I'm salivating while reading what everyone is enjoying (you've taught them well! lol) Somehow I just can't make chili sound as succulent as what everyone else is eating. Hey, it was the Superbowl.......chili with grated cheese is a staple for Superbowl Sunday! lol

Marian, I agree with you, this is a very special place, filled with very special people.

Taryn, I enjoyed the Idyll history that you & others shared. Sue told me about the group and I'm thankful she did. It took me a long time to quit lurking and to actually say hello here. I was reading so long that I began feeling like I knew everyone a little bit and I cared what was going on in your lives. It was kind of like reading a good book that just never ended or watching a daily show (didn't want to say soap opera because that sounds so melodramtic)where you enjoyed, cared and wished that you could be a part of the circle of people because they were so much fun, so wonderful. It is a bit spooky to wonder how many 'lurkers' there are out there who are reading, following along and getting to feel that they 'know' us...as I did. Yikes! Hey! I just thought of something! I'm not showing any more pics with me in them--I'm going to find someone tall, thin, beautiful with glorious hair, brilliant smile and no wrinkles!!! That will be the new ME!!! Whooo----Hooo!! The lurkers will never know the difference! YES!

Okay, so wipe out the memory of what I really look like and fill in an image of me looking tall, thin (I like that...

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Note to self:

When taking the horse's temperature next time, do tie a string onto the non-business end of the rectal thermometer so that when the horse runs, after feeling the thermometer being poked into it's orifice, I can pull it back out instead of running after the horse praying that he won't suck it into said orifice. Gulp!

Next note to self: Do remember to mark rectal thermometer as being for *animal use only* from now on and buy a **new** one to have on hand, in case I should ever have a grandchild here and have need of a rectal thermometer (do they still use rectal thermometers on children?).

What an exciting life I live!

(The horse's temp is normal, thank you very much, and he did not suck it into the orifice in question....oh, and he now can pass wind.....around thermometers even).

Delightful news.......all of it.

Hope it made you smile and not grimace.

No name is going to be signed on this post...

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

LOL ...... Very funny, happy story, "no name" . :-)

For Deanne, my new orchid :

And again with the new blooms on my "Eileen" orchid :

For those who didn't know what I meant when I said I heard spring peepers :

Here is a link that might be useful: link

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Oooh, T, I mean no-name, so glad I decided to read idylls while I eat my lunch. LOL

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Hello everyone - My goodness you are a busy bunch. I can't keep up. I have read a lot but will have to go back and catch up.

As much as I hate to admit it Spring is here. I am still hoping for some rain. The Saucer Magnolias (M. soulangiana) are in full bloom as well as the Evergreen Pears (Pyrus kawakamii) A lot of streets are lined with the Pears and they are a mass of white blooms. My daffodils have opened too.

Thank you all for your suggestions on tomatoes. I will check them out. For those who wondered - no we can't grow tomatoes here year round. They need warm weather to make them grow. I planted a variety last Fall that was supposed to do well in cooler weather, but it was a complete failure. I was sure it was a gimmick when I bought it, but I couldn't resist. I usually plant them in March to take advantage of the warm weather we usually get in Apr or May. But then comes June Gloom and they slow down. If we are lucky we get the first ripe ones around the 1st of July. Then it gets really hot and the blossoms don't set well. So I am going to do some more experimenting this year to try to extend the season. I just can't bring myself to buy those awful ones in the store.

We have several varieties of Avocados here so we have them pretty much all the time. Some of them are pretty good but nothing compares to ones my neighbor has.

A few thoughts from some of what I have read:

Janie - Good for your DD. I am so glad you are there for her. My niece's son was having trouble with a bully in one of his classes. She told me the bully had destroyed her son's property, as well doing as a few other things, all in front of the teacher. The teacher was afraid of him too, and did nothing. My niece called the counselor and said she wanted her son moved out of that class. The counselor said " Oh no, we're moving the bully out. I've got just the teacher for him."

Taryn - It was nice to get a little history of the Idylls. Keep on being your own advocate with your health. It's just something that we all have to do these days. I too would be interested in hearing more about your research. That was a scary story about driving on ice. Glad you are safe. I am sure everything will work out with the house the way it is supposed to.

Marion - I am glad your son is feeling better and hope he continues to do so. I agree this is a special group of people. I hope to see you around here often.

Have a good day everyone!

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Maybe we need to suggest "Spoiler Alert" - above graphic descriptions? LOL - for the "squeamish" eaters around here, no-name? Just kidding. But I had great visuals, T, of you running after that horse!

Honey - those drapes are lovely - I vote for the "puddles" -- I have the same problem w/my drapes w/ my dog but so far she has not brought them down. Cats are probably different though.

T, I agree re the Idyll threads - that's how this addiction happens - you look at the photos, then you start reading the text, and then you start checking out for the next chapters as they come along. It's nice to know a lurker can become visible though (altho I like your idea of us just picking what image we want to expose in "public"!).

It's freaking frigid here today (feels like 20; altho they're saying 40 -- the wind is blowing and howling).

You are a houseplant Queen, Marian - those orchids look lovely and healthy - Im lucky if I can keep anything green inside.

Monique - that border is so lush and wonderful - it's also larger than my entire front yard! If only, if only -- it's such a problem trying to find things for small (read no much wider than 3 or 5 feet) borders....especially shrubs and conifers. I have serious "land" envy of you. But then again, Im not sure I'd want to have to take care of it all myself.

Taryn, sounds like you're going to have a wonderful day -- spa and special food - sounds like it's overdue time for you to have some fun like that! I hope you have a great time.

Ok, back to my lunch as well (luckily I had read about the equine physical Before I started my lunch), or I'd be spitting the computer screen too.


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honey_mi(Z5 MI)

Hi, again. Thanks everyone, for the comments on the drapes. I still need to do some fine tuning, but IÂm happy w/them. I'm so glad they're up!

I had a delightful time with Laura this weekend. If you ever have an opportunity to hear Dan Hinkley lecture, I heartily recommend it. I thoroughly enjoyed him. His lecture and slide show was very interesting and his new property on Puget Sound is to die for.

V, hope you and DD feel better soon. How scary about your DDÂs fever. You both must have been miserable with all those symptoms.

Woody, Taryn, sorry about your medical woes but as Sue says, "It amazes me that people have to basically become doctors these days to get relief from issues involving their health." My DD has had similar experiences lately and is keeping a diary cataloging her experiences and diagnoses over the last 6 months and shows it to each Dr. she visits. She even sent it to the VP of her medical plan. It starts out, "This process is NOT for the sick or timid". Sadly, the Dr.Âs agree with her angst but are at the mercy of the "rules" of the game. It is maddening.

Woody, hugs to you. BTW, the bench is looking fabulous! What a great job youÂre doing on it. It will be spectacular in your already beautiful gardens.

Sue, IÂm so glad Zoe did well with her cleaning. But you poor thing. If Zoe is half as insistent as Bullet is for food, you have my sympathies. Bullet can be a downright pest. When you try to ignore him, he sits on your lap and meows in your face. Then he kicks up the volume and tone as if to say, "DonÂt you hear me?!" Since we finally got him to eat again by enticing him with broiled chicken breast, turkey and tuna, heÂs decided those are the preferred entrees. HeÂs dissing his usual food and is holding us hostage for the good stuff. I canÂt believe a 9 lb. animal rules our lives!

Tony Avent is coming here, too, on March 31. I enjoyed Dan Hinkley so much this weekend and IÂm sure Tony will be icing on the cake. Know what you mean about no one responsing about lecture tickets. David, are you listening/reading?

Taryn, that house is amazing and the gardens sound wonderful! I hope it is as charming and lovely in person as it looks in the pix. Oh, and the other one you show us is just as delightful. As I told you, just be patient and youÂll find the perfect home  better than the first! Oh, thanks for reminding me again to check my inbox to see if it needs to be cleaned out! IÂll do that as soon as I submit this.

Janie, how awful for your DD. IÂm sure your support and understanding really helped her. There have been several articles in our papers lately about bullying in the high schools. It was always bad, but it has become so mean. One incident just broke my heart. The short version is that a group of girls from the "in" crowd dared the guys to ask a heavy set gal to the prom. One of the jocks did. The whole purpose of it all was to make fun of...

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Monique, what treat to see such a lovely garden view.

Honey, I must say that you sure have a way with decorating. The curtains turned out well and could always be shortened if the puddle look doesnÂt stay around. How fun that you and Eden could go to the lecture together. We never have things like that around here.

Taryn, I hope you and Gigi enjoy your time together. It sounds heavenly.

T, your nursing antics sound quite comical. Our nephew just passed his vet boards and wants to work with large animals. I guess most vets donÂt. They donÂt want to do house calls and deal with the large animals.

Marian, your orchid is a wonderful color.

I stopped at our local farm/home store and found some great seeds. I couldnÂt resist a climbing spinach - basella rubra. It sounded so interesting and ornamental as well. Cobaea scandens is another vine that I have grown and really love.


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Vet is coming out again to give the horse more mineral oil. He was laying down and breathing hard. He is up walking around now, but holding his tail up like he wants to pass wind or apples.....but nothing. Some stomach gurgling going on, but the vet said his bottom should be oily from the Friday mineral oil and it isn't.....so, he's coming out to assess him & dose him up again.

I think I'd better try to get a neighbor, that is horse saavy, to come over and help me hold him while the vet passes the tube and pumps him full of oil, since DH isn't home. :o( I'm not looking forward to this (Boo wouldn't either if he knew what was in store for him shortly).


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Hi everybody, I've been too busy. I had to finish my circle journal, remember me telling you about it? It was due to be passed on Feb 1st so I was late with it but my first pages are now done and delivered to my sister. The local nursery always has a 1/2 off seed sale during the month of Feb so I went today and bought 26 pkgs of seeds, mostly annuals that I'll throw outside in some milk jugs in April and let them sprout when they may. Honey and I had a great time at the Dan Hinkley lecture yesterday. David if you're reading this, you missed a good one that you would have enjoyed so much. Dan talked about how he tied together the interior of his new home to his gardens among other things. He's done some really spectacular things in that regard. And get this, he has a scope in a guest bedroom permanently positioned on an eagles nest. How cool is that?

I don't have time to stay here longer tonight but wanted to drop in and just say hi. Hope everyone's doing well. Me, I think I'm getting a cold. My throat's a little sore. Be back soon.


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Heavens to Betsy,T! I don't know how you've been able to withstand *days* of uncertainty over Boo's condition-you must be worried sick.(I would be worried about when and where all that oil's coming back out!) Have you ever dealt with this kind of horse condition before? I admire your ability to work through it all with such composure. I hope Boo is OK soon.

I may have missed bits of idyllinfo-been lurking at the speed of light it seems like and I think I miss much.

Marian! You are back! Does this mean no place else is as fun as we are? ; )Welcome home! Those orchids are gorgeous-you certainly do have a knack.

It's good to see Taryn and Honey.(HI Honey!)Such rich looking drapes Hon,you are so good at color matching I love seeing your living room.

Martie I also think that is pretty neat that you have your g-mother's garden journals-what a treasure to have!!

I did not watch the Super Bowl. I know I am too sensitive but I cannot stand a roaring TV for hours on end. If I were at the game in person I would enjoy myself but football on TV drives me nuts. Silly little me? I'll sit by the fire and watch a movie with Mary & her kids lol.

Oh the teacher's luncheon was wonderful. Unfortunately during the affair I was snagged for lunch duty with the kids(I always miss the adult fun)-lunch was extra long too so the teachers could have a relaxed lunch. The principal loved the centerpieces and I'm loaning them to her for some big meeting she has to attend with other principals-she wants to show them off: ) I told her since Ryan really likes her he'll allow her to keep his duplo(Lego) blocks for just a few more days;he doesn't share those longterm with just anybody. lol. I'm thinking this principal must like me because she also offered me a job for next year as the nurse's clinic health aid. I get training(first aid,etc.)and then I'd have a job for next year! How perfect to have a work schedule that coincides exactly with the kids days off. It's weird how things seem to work out when you least expect it sometimes.

Monique that pic is gorgeousness! Nice to hear from you too.

Janie I have been meaning to tell you how sad I was to hear your DD had been victimized by that bully. I am so proud of her friends for helping her and I'm glad she hasn't kept this a secret-since that's a common thing for a victim to do. I hope her school gives her the support she needs to feel comfortable once again. I hear you on 'mamabear mode'!! Aj has been dealing with a bully in his class too. The kid steals his supplies,tries to get him in trouble by making up lies,has damaged AJ's projects hanging on the wall and physically tries to ram into AJ on the playground(that was the last straw for me)-this bully's a large kid anyway but he also raises his fists to AJ and is constantly ridiculing AJ. AJ didn't tell me specific details until a couple months ago. What finally brought the situation notice was when a lunch dad witnessed the kid trying to plow...

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Well, Boo handled it like a man..........okay, a horse. A neighbor did come over to help me manage him while the vet worked his magic. Of course Boo produced some 'horse apples' as the vet pulled up to the pasture gate. Lovely, and thank you Boo for waiting until then.

Temp. was lower than normal (for a horse) so the vet took it twice just to make sure. He felt that Boo still may have an intestinal blockage, so he pumped another gallon of mineral oil through a nose to stomach tube. I have no idea how much a gallon of mineral oil costs when the vet has to come to your house with his own tube & pump. Guess I'll find out.

I did the 'search the pasture in the dark for fresh (and oily) apples' using a flashlight again this evening. I'm hoping that he is on the mend now.

Eden, hope you're feeling better in the morning.

Honey, glad that Bullet is doing well and has you & your DH toeing the line. ;o)

Hi Michelle! I can't visualize a climbing spinach so I made myself a note to look it up.

Babs, it is always so good to hear from you!

I'm tired, giving up and heading to bed..........hi to all!


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Morning all, I think we have a return to winter here. It's only 25F and we have a few inches of snowcover thanks to a storm that blew through Saturday night. I've still got the sore throat but it's not too bad this morning so I'm hoping whatever bug is trying to get me I'll be able to fight it off.

V, how are you feeling? I hope you and dd are better this week.

T, hope Boo is going to be ok now. Poor guy!

Hi Marian, good to see you and to hear that Tim's doing well.

Babs, great news on the job at school. How perfect for you. My neighbor is secretary at her kids school. She was a stay at home mom until her 3rd son went to school and then she went with him. It works out perfect for her and she loves being home at the same times as her boys. I sure wish you could get a picture of the centerpieces for us to see.

Michelle, glad to hear the bathroom project is coming to an end for you. What's next? I know you have something waiting in the wings.

Honey, love the drapes. I love your whole livingroom. You've done a great job decorating it.

Hi Drema, I echo everyone else. Please be careful. No more falling!

Marie, how are the cupboards coming. I know it's a big job. I've done it a couple of times here, but in the summer when I can take the doors outside to sand, prime and paint in an assembly line fashion. Doing it during the winter months would be much more challenging.

Monique, thanks for the beautiful picture from your garden.

Sue, I bought a book on Japanese Maples by J. D. Vertrees and Peter Gregory yesterday. I have a couple in the garden and have been following the thread over on the other site about them and would like to get another. Not as many are hardy here in z5. Have you ever ordered from Mountain Maples? I have their catalog and they have a good selection but I haven't ordered from them before.

Deanne, did you get the painting finishing and mailed off yet?

OK gotta go get started on watering the plants, upstairs and down. Have a great day all,


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Eden, no I've never ordered from Mt Maples. Ideally I like to see japanese maples before I buy them because they can have very variable forms but the local selection is lacking when it comes to some of the more obscure cultivars. Last year I ordered one from Fairweather Gardens and plan to order at least one more this year from them. I already ordered one from Klehms.

Gotta run, IT just called and they're coming to switch my monitor. Hopefully I'll end up with something better.


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honey_mi(Z5 MI)

Good morning all. Hey, whereÂs Deanne? I hope sheÂs finishing up a painting and that allÂs well.

Michelle, thanks re the drapes. IÂm just taking this one step at a time. ItÂs been a long, slow process with our funds being so restricted now. See more below.

Re your nephew being a large animal vet, I understand thereÂs quite a need for them and they can pull in big bucks at major zoos, servicing breeding farms for race horses, at major university animal research centers such as Michigan State, etc. It depends on how high he sets his sights and what avenue heÂd like to pursue. Good luck to him. IÂm sure heÂll have a great career.

Babs, thanks! I hope I donÂt get tired of the red but I really had to punch up the drab furniture. IÂve had fits and real struggles with the GR/DR, starting with settling for fabric on the couches and chairs that wasnÂt what I ordered. It wouldÂve cost more for the lawyers to fight it, so we settled for what we got and I had to make it work. I learned a valuable lesson from that fiasco. Wow, how great you got another job as a nurses aid next yr! TheyÂre so lucky to have someone so nice and talented as well! IÂm so glad you took that bully on. More parents have to do that. I, too, hope they move far away so you and AJ wonÂt have to deal with him.

T, I canÂt imagine nursing a horse. I had trouble enough with a cat! Did you grow up around them to know what to do? Sounds like scary business to me. I hope the treatment resolves the problem for the poor thing.

Eden, you better not be getting a cold! If so, drink lots of OJ and get well soon. PS: I hope you didnÂt share. Thanks for mentioning the eagles nest on Dan HinkleyÂs property. I forgot to mention it. He was quite an entertaining speaker, wasnÂt he? I donÂt know when IÂve enjoyed a lecture more. I particularly loved how he integrated the garden design to the house and site. And what a spectacular site! OMG, you guys. ItÂs at the tip of a peninsula in Puget Sound. The sun rises across the sound up over the Cascades, and sets across the sound behind the Olympic range. The home and property faces south with a view of the sound to the south with Mt. Ranier in the distance. It is truly breathtaking. He told us that theyÂve willed the property to the State of Washington School of Horticulture and see themselves as temporary caretakers of this amazing property. If any of you ever have the opportunity to hear his lecture, I heartily recommend it.

Marian, IÂm so jealous of your orchids. Gorgeous. Thanks for sharing. Only one of mine bloomed this yr and none now. Boohoo.

Martie, oh, lucky you to have those journals! What a treasure they must be not only b/c of the heritage, but the info in them has to be invaluable.

Monique, thanks for the photo. Gorgeous. You have such talent with the way you weave the tapestry of plants in your garden. The photo I love the most is the one...

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Eden, the kitchen saga continues. I have a large island on which I can work in another room. But today I will be removing hinges and sanding prior to priming tomorrow. Yesterday I put a first coat on a bit of the unremovable stuff in the kitchen. The actual wall colour was (I think) decided by DH last night, but the type of finish is not solved as yet. I want scrubbable, but not glossy. This is really going to take MONTHS.

We had an hour of sun today which makes a HUGE difference.

(There's a question for V over on the reunion thread.)

Hoping everyone and every critter remains healthy!

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Hi guys, Ms. Cranky checking in here. I'm feeling better but I'm still not 100%. I hurt a stomach muscle when I was coughing over the weekend and am not comfortable.

DD is doing beter and is back to school. DS called last night, and while he was riding his bike home from school he was hit by a car. Nothing serious, but he's badly bruised, has a chipped tooth and his bike was heavily damaged. The driver was ticketed so she will have to pay for it all. We called our insurance agent who is also DBIL and he gave us a heads-up that insurance companies will try to settle such claims quickly so we told DS to be sure he had all his costs figured out before he accepts any money.

I'm going to crawl back under my rock and be cranky by myself. TTYL,


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Eden, I hope your sore throat doesnÂt develop into anything more. We are now working in our garage. Rick bought sheetrock, insulation, lights and a workbench about 3 years ago. I told him IÂd help him with that. It is time to get that done. ItÂs not nearly as fun as a room in the house. I told him that we need to be done by gardening season.

Babs, the job sounds like it would work perfectly for you.

T, the horse apples right before the vet got there reminded me of when I would bring my kids in to the Dr. They were seemed so sick until the Dr. walked in the room.

WhereÂs Deanne? Hopefully, things went well with the painting.


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david_5311(Z 5b/6a SE Mich)

BTW, Eden and Sue, I have ordered from Mt. Maples, twice (I've ordered from just about EVERYWHERE at least once, right?). The good thing about them is that they have a great selection of japanese maples, lots of rare and uncommon dwarf varieties, some of which you would have a hard time finding elsewhere. But their prices are VERY high for the very small plants they send out. In Michigan, we actually have nurseries that carry quite a few JM, notably Gee Farms in Stockbridge. I remember buying a couple of plants from them and then going out to Gees or the wonderful old branch of Telly's in Brighton and seeing the same variety I bought 4 times as big for exactly the same price. I wouldn't order anything from MM until I were sure that the plant was not available locally in a much bigger, better established form. Unfortunately that branch of Telly's closed. Saguaro Plants in Whitmore Lake has also had lots of JM cultivars sometimes, also Abbots in A.A. But Gees is the best of them all, and probably the cheapest too.

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

HI all,

I have about five minutes here while waiting for my scanner to warm up to pop in and let you all know that I'm actually working. (Yukky!)Anyway, all is well and I'm hopefully going to get this out to the FedEx box today. Then tomorrow I'm planning on actually starting on the piece that is due March 1st. Do you believe it????

T, sorry for the continued tribulations with Boo....

V, that is just terrible about DS! I sure hope he is going to go to a doc and make sure nothing is really wrong other than bruising. Hope he heals fast. Bummer about your flu etc.

Oh drats, the scanner just 'burped' and I've got an error message. Must run, I'll check in later.

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Greetings, all!

Had been surprised with the number of sap buckets up on sugar maples so far north. Noticed today with the drop in temp the buckets came down. As a 6-7yo a February vacation job was hauling sap to the big tank. Sap that never gets above 40degF in the bucket crystallizes.

Why am I talking about this? 'Cause gardeners ain't the only ones with no patience for late Winter ;-)

Sue: Have you heard of Harken's in East Windsor? They'll order two or three of anything anyone wants and let you have first pick. This is the same nursery where Rich and I will be getting our 6" yard tree. Come with us and we'll see if we can work a deal together!

In a way am glad Deanne hasn't checked in because I need some help here, pals. It's a toss up between Bitter Chocolate Roll and Essencia in the glass, or a tropical fruit salad with a shot of rum in coffee??? Or, something else entirely?

Am being beckoned. Any last minute suggestions for my Thursday digital camera purchase would be welcome!


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LOL Deanne! You're right above me and how the heck did that happen? I posted before I read all the way down and then didn't submit 'til later. Then I read. Ah duh.

What can I bring?


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

David, thanks for the input on Mt. Maples. I wasn't planning on ordering from them but requested their catalog to use for reference. I'm basically out of room here for full size trees and anything that threatens to be a large shrub so am looking for dwarf cultivars and things I can tuck here and there. Woodies are at the top of the list because I can't keep up with the garden anymore and need to start moving towards lower maintenance. All the high maintenance and short season perennials are out this year.

Martie, no I've never heard of Harken's but I'm always up to explore new nurseries. As I said above though the last thing I need is more trees unless they stay small, narrow and can tolerate shade.

Deanne, how does shrimp cocktail work for your party?

V, good to hear you're on the mend and your son is OK.

T, your horse adventures sure sound harrowing. The side of large animal ownership most of us don't think about. I think Nick may have worms again and need to bring a stool sample to the vet. Since Tom gets home before me I've assigned the collection part of the process to him. Tonight he forgot. We'll see how it goes tomorrow. If something ever happens to me come and get the dogs.

Babs, congrats on the job. A little networking paid off for you. I need a part time AP clerk-know anyone?

Well, I don't have much else to add so that must mean it's time to fade away.



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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Good evening all. I am going to make a stab at catching up, and answering some questions.

Brenda, the Dr. still has Tim on Coumadin (sp), and plans on keeping him on it for 6 months. They ran all kinds of tests, and still do not know what caused the clots. Very unnerving to have such a thing happen and not know why. He is very depressed.

Deanne, yes, I heard form Ei the middle of Jan, and she and I have e-mailed just the last day or so. Right now she is suffering from a virus.
I posted a couple of pics of the orchid I bought last week. Here is another one that I bought today!

Mary and Sue..... my advice on the Amaryllis is to put them outside in the spring, in a progressively sunnier spot, and fertilize. I put mine out last summer, but I didn't fertlize, and I think they were too shady. Out of the 6 large bulbs, and 3-4 small ones, in my old dishpan, only 2 are putting up flower stalks. Hopefully more will emerge, but I'm afraid some of them are planted too deep.

Michelle, I had to chuckle about your DS's friend stepping in the creek. The first time I came to Ark. Nolon was showing me around his old home place. I fell in the creek. I was embarrassed to let his aunt and uncle know, so we stayed out in the warm November sunshine 'til I dried off. I was a young gal then.... in my 20s.
That is so cute about McKenzie singing E-I-O on the phone. I remember one of my Grandbabies singing " I love you, you love me, We're a happy family", over the phone. ( I sure wish we could still say that! ).

All the talk about painting toenails. I have never painted mine, and even though my feet used to be nice looking, I don't go barefoot or wear sandles. Monique, I know what you mean about "ugly nails on my little toes". Mine are really wierd and thick. I almost need to borrow Teresa's hoof timmers to cut them ! LOL

Cindy, you are too kind. The orangish orchid is brand new. It hasn't had time to look bad! Not all of my Phals look that good, in fact I am still battling the scale on my two oldest. They really need to be repotted, too.

Honey, your drapes are very nice, and your rooms are lovely. Are those large plants 'real' ? ( Or is that a rude question? )

Monique, your garden pic is gorgeous.

Hi, Hollyhock! I don't think we have met. I'm envious of your Saucer Magnolia, your Evergreen Pears, and your Avocados.

Janie, I am so glad your DD stood up to that creep. It's great that steps are being taken to put a stop to such meanness. Back in my school days, and Tim's, there was no such recourse. We just had to suffer in silence. Many times Tim came home in tears, and full of fear, because of the mean boys in his school. He actually felt as though they were going to kill him.

Taryn, I appreciate your history of the beginning of the Idylls. I wish Saucy was still here. I hope she is okay.
Your icy drive was terrifying.....been there, done that!...

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V, I just wanted to tell you that I am so glad that your son wasnÂt hurt badly. My sister was hit by a drunk driver while walking when she was 15 and I was a witness to it. She was in a coma, traction and then a body cast. She missed a whole year of school. Then my son was hit on his bike when he was 9. It was actually a truck that hit his bike and he was knocked off and broke his collarbone. I get tears and chills yet when I think about those 2 incidents and now your sonÂs.
Again, I'm so glad that he is ok.


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Good morning

T - what a rotten time poor Boo (and you) have had. I'll check in today to see how she (he?) is doing. Very, very scary.

V - feel bettter. Car versus bike is never a good mix. So glad DS escaped without injury.

Honey - I love, love, love your drapes. We have splashes of red in our living areas (a sofa and rug) and it really warms things up. We've yet to get tired of it!

Babs - many congratultions on your job. Having the same schedule as the boys will make working away from home so much less stressful. I think you'll be great and will have fun too. Glad the teachers lunch went well.

Beautiful Orchid Marian! I'm very excited that one of the places I'm hoping we can visit in Hawaii is an Orchid nursery and farm. I'll be thinking of you.

I am getting very excited about our trip now and can't quite believe how quickly its coming up (16th Feb). I've found all sorts of resources on-line and a great book called "The Big Island Revealed" to help us plan the week. I've booked us into a little artist's cottage hidden in the rain forests on the "wet" side of the island for the weekend, only a mile from Volcano National Park. We like to get off the beaten track, especially for DH to take photos, and this should provide a nice contrast to the big hotel we're staying at on the beach. When I made reservations the owner told me to bring flash -lights so that we can go out at night to watch the lava flow..

Oops - instead of dreaming of sunshine and volcanoes, I need to brush snow off the car and hit the road.

Have a good day


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Good Morning all,

Well, I made the FedEx box by 6 so that is off my desk. Woohoo, This painting is a little Monarch Butterfly on a bit of Buddleia. IÂm posting a link below should you be interested. ~~ Winter has returned here and it is pretty cold this AM but pretty normal for Feb so nothing to complain of. The rivers here are scary full! Remember a few days ago when I said IÂve never seen them that full in Jan? Well they are even higher now after that inch of rain over the weekend. We are supposed to have a stretch of clear weather for a bit so IÂm hoping that helps. Heaven help the people living along our rivers if we get another inch or two of rain anytime soon. ~~ IÂm fighting off a cold/flu thing right now and am hoping I can shake this of soon. Things were looking pretty good for a short duration then I developed a bit of conjunctivitis in my left eye yesterday then woke up this AM with the right eye affected. Yukky. It is a viral thing so nothing to be done but let it run it course and keep my hands off my face.

Mary, IÂm so excited for you! That trip is going to be wonderful and the cottage near the volcano! Holy cow! That is going to be just fantastic. The trip of a lifetime. Take LOTS of pictures for us please. ~~ BTW would you ask your DH to recommend a good, heavy, glossy photo paper I could use with that wonderful printer that I could also print on the back side of the paper to make calendars??? The good quality Epsom paper IÂm finding I canÂt print on the back.

Sue, shrimp cocktail sounds perfect. CanÂt wait to see all you guys!

Martie, ROTFLOL There I was hovering right over your post te he  So as in what can you bring that means you can still come???? Woohoo! Do you have any favorite summery vegetable thing you make? ~~ RE digital cameras, I currently have a Olympus E20N but am looking to buy a Canon digital SLR. Some of the newer models are 8 + MPX and you have unlimited options for lenses because you can use the entire line of Canon lenses with them.

Bug, better you than I with all that painting. I despise doing house painting and donÂt envy you the chore. We are in desperate need of repainting quite a few of the room here and IÂm seriously not looking forward to it. ~~ So sad about your trees.

Honey, those curtains are just beautiful and so elegant. ~~ Sure wish I could have gone to that lecture with you and Eden the other night. That sounds like it was really enjoyable and informative.

T so how is the patient doing today? My old horse Zeb, used to colic from time to time and it was awful for him and for me. I sure hope he is going to be OK.

Babs, congratulations on that job! How fantastic.

Marian, the orchids look lovely.

Monique!!!! Thank you for that GORGEOUS pic of your fall garden. IÂm in awe of what you guys have done with your gardens. Fabulous!

OK time to get out of here and get the light gardens watered then off to finish up the laundry and go grocery...

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honey_mi(Z5 MI)

Good morning!

Oh, V! How awful for your DS and you. I agree. Make sure he gets thoroughly checked out by a Dr. before he settles any claim. Hope you feel better soon!

T, howÂs the patient today?! I know how worried you are about the poor guy.

Michelle, how awful for you to have seen your DS get hit! I witnessed a total stranger being hit on a busy road 20 yrs. ago and I can remember every detail today as if it happened yesterday. Both that and your DSÂs accident had to be heart-wrenching. IÂm glad theyÂre OK now.

Mary, thatÂs a great idea to stay in the rain forest! I wouldÂve never thot of it! I hope youÂll share your incredible tales and pix w/us. When you return from that paradise to the snow/cold, IÂm sure youÂll feel like youÂve landed on another planet! Enjoy your trip!

Deanne, that painting is the best yet! IÂm always awestruck by your talent but youÂve really outdone yourself. Re the lecture, you wouldÂve loved it. I think IÂm going to another this weekend and from the sounds of it, David might be going, too. More on this later.

Marian, no youÂre not rude. The plants are silk. The "plant police" came here and threatened bodily harm if I bot more live ones and took the sickly ones away from me. In my defense, the light conditions and décor placement are not the same, although the rooms get wonderful light. I only have a couple "real" plants in the house, which have to be tough as nails to survive my care.

Thanks, Eden, for your comments. I really like that room, too. It and the walk-in pantry are why we bot this house. I donÂt know why, but IÂve struggled mightily with decorating the 2 rooms. I found accent fabrics first, (restricted by what I liked AND could afford) and took them to the rug store and found a coordinating area rug. HereÂs a pic of the patterns for the idyllers that havenÂt been here:

I made slipcovers for the ottomans out of the stripped fabric and throw pillows out of both fabrics. The next struggle was finding the right wall colors and getting the rooms painted. IÂm hoping to get the last phase -- drapes/swag for the long window on the stair landing -- completed in the next few days so I can put that sewing machine away for awhile and decorating to rest. IÂm sure you guys are as tired of my projects as I am!

Marie, I donÂt envy you the painting jobs particularly the kitchen cabinets. What a tedious job. Take a break every once in a while and idyll w/us to break up the work.

Marian, Bullet has lost a lot of weight these last couple yrs. His high weight was 14 lbs. Two yrs. ago, he was 12 and now 9-1/2 lbs. HeÂs getting to be an old guy. I love the Tommy tales you tell. TheyÂre such characters, arenÂt they?!

Well, I gotta run for now. IÂll leave you with a thot for the day Â

"Women and cats will do as they please, and men...

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

I'm feeling a lot better today with very little coughing. Less coughing maens less stomach pain, and less stomach pains means a happier V.

Thanks for all the good thoughts on my son. I talked to him several times yesterday and he seems to be doing well. He has a chipped tooth to deal with, so I called my friend in Champaign and she was nice enough to call her dentist so they would get him in right away. It helps to have an "on-call mom" nearby! I got more of the accident details from him, and it turns out it was a 16 year-old girl that hit him.

Marian, glad to see you again! Your orchids are beautiful. Mine that I bought last year is still alive but shows no sign of blooming yet. I think it wants fertilizer or some such nonsense...

I forgot to look at my indoor plants this morning. I watered everything last night but a couple of things werer looking a little sad. It does irk me just a little bit that no one will cover for me when I'm feeling lousy!

Babs, great news about the job for next year.

I'm wondering how Boo is doing today.

Deanne, your Monarch is magnificent!

Honey, I love the drapes. Hopefully Bullet will let the puddles be.

I'd better run, but I thought i needed to squeeze in a "happy" post to offset yesterday's cranky contribution. Have a good afternoon, all!


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Taking a break from priming and paint frustrations. Things are getting sorted out, but it has been a case of 1 step forward, 2 steps back. Maybe in another week there will be a small corner to photograph.

I received a wonderful letter from Chelone who is preparing things for her Mom's trip to visit her brother. She reports that Rex has reached a new level in his obedience training and she's very proud of him. Yesterday he was off leash at the golf course with her.

Lots of glum news in the family and so on but some sun on the icy trees. The first installment of Mom's estate should be forthcoming soon, which means the kittens can be fixed, Charlotte can be groomed and new clematis can be paid for!

The news of car and bike accidents is nerve-racking, as is poor Boo's ailment. I enjoy hearing about new orchids, drapery success, completed paintings and meeting deadlines, and rain forest get-aways!

Trouble with my right heal is a nuisance as far as my treadmill plans. Can't seem to solve it, even with the doctor's help. Hmmm. But the scales are moving downward, ever so slowly along with my BP.

LOL Honey! "Women and cats will do as they please, and men and dogs should get used to the idea." I thnk DH has figured this out at last!

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Hi everyone!

I'm sorry that I'm not keeping up well and so focused on what is happening here. Boo has improved but he just doesn't seem quite right so I keep watching him for odd behavior or signs of pain, checking the pasture, checking certain areas for signs of oil (oh fun) and keeping up the worrying. I'm very tired for some reason, too. Anyway, this too shall pass (no pun intended) and I feel really fortunate that this is all I have to complain about in my life.

V, I am so glad your son is okay. Very frightening. Michelle, I cannot imagine what you went through in witnessing the accidents.

Marian, I never thought of buying an orchid until you & Deanne began showing yours. I now look at them whenever I come across one.....but so far I've allowed them to live--by not bringing them into the House Of Plant Death (here). I have just a few houseplants and they have to be very durable and just about impervious to death in order to live with me. :o/

Deanne, gorgeous painting! Thank you for sharing the link. I've not gotten over to that site for days and would have missed it.

Babs, congratulations on the job! I bet you'll love it and all the kids will love having you there.

Mary, your vacation cottage sounds wonderful. I hope you & your family have a wonderful, restful time.

Honey, I like your rug & pillows. The red is so rich looking. I keep thinking of your reds and then I think of Sue's home with her touches of black. I never use black with our long haired, constantly shedding white cat. I never have used red either.......but I sure am considering both of those colors since seeing how wonderful your & Sue's homes look.

Eden, how are you feeling?

GB, thinking of you often.

Marian, please pass on my best to Eileen the next time you talk with her. I miss her a lot.

I'm missing Cynthia, too. I hope she misses us. ;o)

Drema, you doing okay?

Yeona, how are you and your sisters?

Martie, I laughed at the bottle of 'smell'. ;o)

I'm envious of those of you getting to meet up at Deanne's. It sounds like it is going to be a very fun time.

I know I'm missing commenting on things people have shared but this is getting too long and I think I'm going to go lay down for a bit before DH gets home.

My best to all......

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Good evening all.

Michelle, what awful incidents to have happen to both your children. I suspect they both have continuing problems from those injuries, but I am so happy that it wasn't even worse.

Mary, How exciting! A trip to Hawaii! I do hope you will have lots of pics to share.I espacially like the idea of the secluded cottage. I hope you will have lovely sunny days. Don't get too close to that lava!

Honey, Nolon and I witnessed a terrible accident in Oklahoma City years ago. A young girl was struck by the protruding fender on a stock trailer. It was a fatal accident. A terrible, terrible thing to witness.
On a much lighter note ... lol about the silk plants.... I suspected that was the case. I love your fabric colors and patterns. My decorating is like my nationalities- - Heintz 57 ! LOL . 50 years from now who's going to care what my decor looked like. I'm content with it.
How old is Bullet? Our oldest cat ever, is Miss Calliecat, and she has always been an outside cat. She will be 15 if she lives to April, and she is still very spry. I think she weighs more now since I started feeding her on our front porch. Nolon used to take her food out to his shop , and there was a lot of competition there with the wildlife ....raccoons, opossums, skunks, etc.
She has such long hair the weight may be mostly hair!

V, do you know what species your orchid is? If it is a Phal it should rebloom with no problem.
Sorry about you having no help. I have to ask for help when I feel extra lousy. No volunteers in this house, and I am usually too stubborn to ask!

Marie, nice that you can continue with your painting., and good to hear that you had a nice letter from Chelone.
It's good to know you will be having incoming funds from the estate. We eagerly await the VA's 'refund' of our out of pocket medical expanses. Our first priority will be trying to help Nolon's hearing loss. Next will be newer kitchen appliances. The range and refrigerator are almost beyond redemption!
Sorry about your heel( or is that heal? ) lol . Any pain in feet is very hard to tolerate.

Deanne, Your painting is beautiful, as usual.

Teresa, I was so hoping Boo was okay.
I am waiting to hear back from Ei. When I do, I will try to remember to give her your message. I am having a problem with my short term memory. :-(


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Hello everyone

Deanne - your painting is so very beautiful. It just sings out summer to me. The buddlia(sp?) flowers are wonderfully delicate. Thank you for sharing it with us, I too would have hated missing it.

T - hope you can rest up and things continue smoothly for Boo. Worry like that can be draining, emotionally and physically. Maybe time for that warm drink and Baileys!

Its good to hear things are going well with Chelone. I love the idea of Rex becoming such an obedience champ, though I've never doubted Chelone's ability with animals. I miss her wry sense of humor as I do Ei's cheery posts.

Honey - Your Cats and Women quote is a gem!

GB - have fun painting. Do you have some good music to listen too?

HI MARIAN! - its good to be able to say that again!

Today was one of those absurdly busy days. After work I picked Annie up from a chorus rehearsal, fed everyone, took David to Karate and then spent the evening playing quartets. My quartet is giving a small recital in March and we are getting ready for a couple of coaching sessions with one of the violinist's from the RPO. I'm hoping I'm not crazy agreeing to do this. However, tonight was so much fun playing I didn't look at my watch till my cell phone rang at 9.45PM. I'd said I'd be home by 9.30 PM and had no idea the time had flown by. Tomorrow evening there is nothing on, which will be blissful but in a different kind of way.

Right now I'm ready for bed - have a good night all.


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T, a lady at church tonight was saying that their sonÂs horse recently died. They live in Oregon and had a big windstorm and a very large tree fell on the barn and the horse was badly injured. The vet spent 4 hours stitching him up but he didnÂt make it. IÂm glad to hear that Boo is improving. Re: MaryÂs advice on the Baileys. DonÂt indulge too much, I envision you in the oily pasture looking for horse apples being a little tipsy. It doesnÂt sound like a good combination ;o)

Mary, the trip sounds so exciting. How neat that will be to stay in a rain forest.

Deanne, the monarch painting is fabulous, you have such a wonderful talent. I hope you have your Zicam handy. I have been using it for a week. I can tell that I have a cold, but the symptoms are so minor that it is very bearable. I use the oral spray.

Honey, LOL "the plant police" It seems odd to me that I can grow plants so much better outdoors than in. I love your rug and pillows. I have had red in my kitchen for 9 years and love it.

I hope Chelone drops in on us while her mom is away.

Marian, please pass along to Eileen that I too miss her here and hope that she was able to shake that virus. Re: the accidents, one was my son and the other my sister. Neither have any lingering problems. Actually, very miraculous for my sister since she had head injuries. My sonÂs was more like VÂs son, just a bad tumble from the bike thanks to a car.
As for decorating, my philosophy is that it should be whatever you like and enjoy. You know what the designers call your style of decorating? Not Heinz 57 but eclectic and you didnÂt realize how trendy you were.

Tomorrow night I will go to watch Kenzie at her swimming lessons. It is just a good excuse to go see them. I will stop at the home improvement store over there in my search for cabinet knobs. Friday night RickÂs GS who is in 8th grade has a BB game and there is also a fund raising soup supper. Whoo hoo no cooking until at least Saturday.
I put in a couple of orders online today. 2 clematis, c.'Marmori' and c. 'Laura' I'm a sucker for plants with names of my kids. I already have phlox 'Laura' and have my eyes open for a flower named McKenzie. I also ordered some bulbs from Brent and Becky's. I got some Casablanca lily bulbs for my DD to plant at her new house. Those were the flowers that made up her wedding bouquet. I also got something similar to GB's 'Suncrest' since they didn't have that. This one is called 'Latvia' as well as 'Orania' and 'Triumphator' I've included a link to the one that really caught my eye.

Night all

Here is a link that might be useful: 'Orania'

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Happy Thursday!

Deanne: Perfect! A new client is a great au naturale food store and will have good stuff for a layered salad. It still looks like a "go" for the 18th -- instead of having to go to Boston three days in a row, Boston is coming to me, so the "extra but preferred" driving to you will not be a hassle. Know what this unartistic eye loves about your painting? The black background.

Red: We have it in our dining room and I've been on the lookout for drape fabric since we moved in. We have a literal wall of windows so it can't be anything overwhelming and Rich isn't partial to stripes. Someday I'll be somewhere it and it will be there.

Watched my DB broadside a car on his bike careening down a hill through an intersection. He flew over the car and landed in a bunch of rose bushes. No harm done to anything except the bike, but I don't think I took a breath for several seconds.

Hope all is well on the horse front (or rear??)

Have a new area to work in Massachusetts that is almost into the Berkshires. I'm so grateful I get to work where a lot of people go to vacation.

Mary: The cottage sounds Perfect! Are you going to have the kids keep any kind of journal? Or does that seem like too much "work" for such a wonderful expedition? I'll occasionally go back to my old "vaca books" and it seems really funny now what I thought was important, then.

Snow in the forecast. Yippee!!!

Need to blast outta here. CT River is close enough to flood stage that I'll need to take a brief detour this morning to get to the office. Shucks -- it'll take me past a bakery to die for :-) Fresh crumpets, here I come!!

Best to all I 'missed' --

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Good morning all,

Well, V, I sure wish youÂd kept your flu out there. I swear that anytime there are doings on the Idylls they seem to travel far and wide. And why am I telling you this, you ask? Well, last night about 2AM I got up to wash my right eye, which is now also affected with the conjunctivitis, and in the middle of that felt an urgent need to take care of other matters and somewhere between the sink and the facilities I passed out cold and apparently landed on my face on the tile floor. (I know it was my face because IÂve got a shiner a professional fighter would be proud of.) Poor Doug! I was quite put out with him because he was slapping my hand trying to wake me up and I thought I was still in bed so I kept yelling at him. "What? What? What do you want?" Anyway, I was laying there in a puddle of sweat and I have no idea what kind of fever I spiked but it was a beauty. Doug said I was burning up. What a flipping drama. It took me a half hour before I could get up off the floor. Doug finally got me to bed and ran around getting me ice packs etc. and eventually we both got a bit more sleep. So now IÂm still in the throes of VÂs fever and chills but donÂt seem to be as dizzy as I was last night.

Thanks all for the feedback re the painting. I appreciate your taking the time to check out the link. So happy you like it. Did you happen to read the thread and see GBÂs post? Apparently that is a male Monarch. I was so tickled that she posted that photo and information.

Michelle, I was taking the Zicam since Saturday but stopped yesterday morning because I felt the cold symptoms were gone. So now I shook off the cold but have the flu. Yuk! I agree though, when I take the Zicam my cold symptoms are minimal to non-existent. I sure wish I knew why that stuff works but it does.

Mary, how wonderful that you continue to play your music! Every time I read about the music in your lives I get the itch to get my guitar out. I havenÂt played or sung for months and months. It really is ridiculous to let that go. As you know it takes years to gain real proficiency and I should make the time to keep up with it. Thanks for sharing that part of your lives with us. It inspires me. IÂd so love it if youÂd play for us when we come to visit?

Bug, good to know your MomÂs estate is finally being settled. Hope you have a less frustrating day and that you get a lot of your painting project done.

Honey, those fabrics are so rich! I love it. You have great taste. But we always knew that.

Marian, IÂm having problems with my short term memory too. Makes me crazy. I went to SamÂs yesterday to buy a block of Parmesan reggiano cheese and came home without it. GrrrrÂ. I need to write things down.

Martie, layered salad sounds fantastic! How neat you get to spend time in the Berkshires. That is such a beautiful area.~~ Neat that you like that black background. I love a challenge. It was difficult to paint a butterfly...

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Honey, don't feel bad...I'm on the house plant police 10 most wanted list.

Not much else going on here. I'm buried at work and by the time I get home, work out and get through with dinner I'm usually not up to posting anything. I am reading though and enjoying all your comings and goings.

Hi to all.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Reading here too.

Got this from a friend...and thought I'd share:

Speaking of good food causing death as well as bad food. Have you heard about the results of an enormous clinical trial just published yesterday? The trial was to test the relationship between fat consumption and incidence of heart disease and cancer. There were 49,000 women involved over eight years. The upshot was completely unexpected. The group following a low-fat diet was no healthier than the others that continued with their normal eating habits. The trial didn't distinguish between different types of fats: saturated, unsaturated etc., however. I celebrated by eating some sheep milk brie. (I would have anyway...)

Deanne, how awful! But I AM jealous of your day curled up with Sue Grafton!


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Good morning

Deanne - how scary passing out like that - has that ever happened before? So glad Doug was there to help you. Do take very good care of yourself today and let us know how you're doing. I'll ask DH today about the printing paper.

Michelle - the lilies you ordered look stunning. Hope Mckenzie's swim is fun.

Martie - having Annie and David make as journal is a wonderful idea. David loves to take photos and Annie to draw, so they would each be quite different. The mention of crumpets made my mouth water! We'd have them growing up in England for Sunday tea, toasted and dripping with butter yummmmm!

Its the most beautiful day here - sunny, snowy and cold. I'll even need sunglasses to drive to work (if I can find them).

Hope your mornings are as good


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Deanne, sounds like you had an awful night! Take it easy and be forewarned that it takes a few days to shake the worst of this bug. and I'm kinda glad that Deanne got sick this week so I don't have to worry that I brought the bug to NH with me!

'bug I heard a news report on that same health study. Interesting! Oftentimes I feel like we are told so much conflicting information about foods and diet that it ends up just frustrating most folks.

Short-term memory - I think I used to have some of that but I don't remember where I left it. I have to write down everything or it doesn't get done. I had a video to return earlier this week and I set my purse on top of it. Got home and the video was still there. At least I had two more days to try and remember before the late fee kicked in!

Speaking of the video, I sent DH to the store with a short list of three movies: The Interpreter, Ocean's Twelve, and Sideways. I figured at least one of those three should be in stock and appeal to him. So what did he rent? Wedding Crashers!

Tonight I have to get some laundry done. This morning it was cold (11 degrees F) and nothing that I had clean looked warm enough, so I stole one of DH's sweaters. tee hee, he's out of town and couldn't stop me.

Marian, my orchid is a Phal. Don't tell Deanne, but it was close to death this fall. But it has perked up and is sending out a new air root, so there may be hope yet. I really do have to get a photo of my split leaf philodendron so I can prove that I can grow some house plants!


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Sick house here too. I finally broke down and took some medicine last night so I'm feeling a little better this morning. Bella has a runny nose now too but I don't know if she's caught what I have or it's the 4 molars she's trying to get all at once.

Deanne, that exact same thing happened to me last year when I had the flu. About 2am went to get some water and I went down in the kitchen and Brad never heard a thing. David and Bud came to my rescue. I remember being drenched in sweat and so disoriented when I woke up. Poor Doug, you must have given him quite a scare. Take it easy today and enjoy your book.

Mary, I'm so happy for you and your family that your getting to take this vacation. I know you'll make memories that will last a lifetime. The quartet sounds like such fun.

Marian, I think short term memory is the first thing to go. I often walk into a room and then have no idea why.

Michelle, can't wait to see all those pretty things you ordered in bloom.

Martie, that bakery sounds good. Nothing like baked goods to get me off to a good start on the day.

T, hope Boo has a good day today and you too of course!

Marie, all the work will be worth it when you have a nice freshly painted kitchen. Hope your heel heals soon!

I miss Cynthia here too...

V, glad that ds is ok and that you're feeling better. Have fun this weekend on your trip east. I'm jealous.

Hi Sue!

Gotta go get some more hot coffee for my sore throat.


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Deanne.....hope you feel better soon. Sounds like a brutal night.

I had to log in just now. GW recognized me when I first came to the site, but when I refreshed the page, it forgot who I was....... Site has short-term memory loss, too.

I guess I'll try to post this and see if it knows who I am when I refresh. This might be my needed push back to the sewing machine, if the site isn't going to let stay in.

Hope it is a good day everywhere!


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chloehoover(z6b VA)

IÂve been in listening mode as well (can you hear me listening..?)

Woohoo  Deanne, you do everything with flair! I bet Doug was scared to death  and you gave yourself a shiner? how terrible  adding insult to injury w/ the flu  I do hope you take it easy and rest  youÂve got a lot of entertaining to do soon w/ your Idyll guests! I do love that butterfly  and leave it to Marie to know what kind, etc., it was. Your party sounds like a wonderful way to break up the winter doldrums  Im planning to go to the Phila. Flower Show in early March  so thatÂs what Im using as a "break-out" of winter event.

V- glad to hear youÂre feeling better and cannot be held responsible except via Âweb to have passed that flu along to Deanne  I hear you about the coughing though  I had severe flu about 20 years ago and coughed and popped a pelvic artery  landed in the hospital (it was a close call). . . .for Xmas because of it (they didnt know what was wrong til they operated). So I must confess I am extremely paranoid about hard coughing of any sort now & have been ever since that happened  weird things do happen.

I confess on the health front I continue to be totally puzzled by all the conflicting reports  low fat, high protein, no protein, high fat  whatÂs a person to believe any more? I think your attitude is probably the correct one, Marie  celebrate with food  after all if we donÂt have fun with it, whatÂs the point?

Honey, I meant to tell you that I truly love the red also (I in fact love all bright & deep colors) and am amazed that you pulled that all together because of wrong furniture fabric! One would Never know  youÂre an artiste.

Mary, I imagine youÂre starting to count the days til the big trip  it sounds glorious  you and your entire family will have a blast  a trip to paradise, how neat is that? I imagine the children will remember it forever  and it will be a nice memory to make for Annie to put next to the loss of her dear friend  a good memory to overtake the bad one in this year.

Michelle, - I ordered the Cl. Laura also  it looks gorgeous doesnÂt it? For some reason I ordered mostly Type IIs this year  Im probably crazy to do so  but my others have been doing so well that I am getting bolder I guess. Of course, if this is a failure and they all croak this summer or get horrible wilt, IÂll be going back to sticking w/ the IIIs I guess  but I wont know until IÂve tried. I ordered a total of 6 clematis this year (altho my list was much longer, but I tried to restrain myself & limit to a budget $$).

I know thereÂs other stuff to comment on but I better get to work. Im hearing that 4-letter word in our forecast this weakened (S***)  ugh  of course, Im planning to drive to Phila. to check on the parents  it never fails  IÂll probably wimp out if it really says itÂs gonna happen  I donÂt know how you do so much intrepid driving, Martie, with your...

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honey_mi(Z5 MI)

Good morning. Just a drive by here.

Deanne, get well soon! What an awful experience! I've been hearing about that flu going around and it sounds like a doozy.

Eden, Bella, V -- rest and get better soon, too.

Marty, re the drapes for your big windows, check out that famous designer, JCP, spring catalog sales for ideas. I was fortunate that their "Cinnabar" matched my stuff. I did the simple overtreatment b/c I, too, have large expanses -- DR=8', GR=10' floor to ceiling windows and 6' on the opposite half wall. I felt it needed the softness over the wood blinds I'm using for light control and privacy. When the blinds are open, you can see directly thru my house to the back yard from the street.

Yesterday, I registered for a garden symposium on Sat, "The Color-Rich Garden." I'm really looking forward to it but am somewhat concerned about the roads -- we're supposed to get 1-3" of snow Fri. nite. David said he might attend, too. He could probably teach it! Ennyhoo, below is a link. I hope it's as good as it sounds.

Gotta run. Marie don't work too hard, T, hope Boo is still doing well today, and Hi to anyone I missed.


Here is a link that might be useful: Lecture

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Morning again,

Apparently I donÂt ÂDOÂ sit on the sofa and relax real well. I got up, got washed and dressed thinking that would make me feel better. NOT! Anyway, then I put in two loads of wash. Maybe I need to pass out again on this couch. Thanks for the commiserating. Nice to know friends are thinking positive thoughts for you. Now that makes me feel a bit better.

Mary, nope, IÂve only passed out one other time in my entire life. I was in my early teens and it was some kind of flu thing then also. IÂve had a couple other close calls in the middle of the night like that in the last few years. IÂve gotten so I have a very slow resting pulse, sometimes as low as 48, and also sometimes have low blood pressure. So by getting up too quickly and being sick at the same time must have done me in.

Eden! Holy cow, I didnÂt remember you having an episode like that but that is way too strange that it was at the same time of the night and you woke up in a puddle of sweat also. Poor you! YouÂve not had another episode of that since have you? That really throws a person for a loop. So how are you feeling today? Much better I hope.

Bug, the whole food thing is so reactionary. The pendulum swings so widely that it I no longer follow that kind of advice when told not to eat or to eat a lot of something. Whatever happened to ÂEverything in moderationÂ?

V. I was worried about being over this cold I was coming down with by the time you guys came for the party. Now IÂll probably still have the remnants of this black eye. Jeesh. I do have to say that under-eye shadow is not at all attractive. LOL ~~ That is too funny about the Wedding Crashers. What do you think made him decide on that one?

Cindy, That is one really scary story about your bursting a pelvic artery. You are lucky to still be with us. How awful for you and no wonder you are paranoid about coughing. IÂve never heard of anything like that happening before. ~~ Maybe the NE Idyll contingent should join you in Phila for the flower show in March. WouldnÂt that be a hoot?

Honey, that lecture looks to be really interesting and you are right that David could probably be one of the speakers.

Ok I guess IÂll crack my book now. Have a great day everyone,


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Good morning all,

Deanne , what a scary thing for both you and your DH. Has anything like that ever happened to you before?

I only have passed out 5 times in my life. First was from a bad nosebleed when I was a teen; second when I had mumps( still a teen); third - acute apendicitis; 4th - a ruptured fallopian tube from an ectopic pregnancy; and 5th - strep throat after we moved here. I came pretty close to passing out when I had pink eye.

I sure hope you are better today.

V, I take it your Phal was a gift from Deanne? I think that the fact that I don't have central heat is one reason so many of my plants survive.... note that I didn't say "thrive" :-) Do post a pic of your split leaf Phil. I expect it will put mine to shame.

Eden , I do hope you are on the mend, and that little Bella is not getting sick. we are so fortunate that we have escaped so far. I guess it can be attributed to the flu shots we got last fall. ( And the Vitamin C that we take).

T , lol - GW with short term memory loss! Could be.

RE: all the 'scientific'food reports ; every since I can remember, people ate whatever was available, and were thankful to have it. I prefer to go that route. Too many conflicting reports!! But I do subscribe to moderation in all things.

Michelle, I am so glad to learn that my deco is 'trendy', :-) Is "eclectic" another name for cluttered?
BTW, I think there is a clem named "Bill Mckenzie" . I remember that because my oldest sis had a man friend named that. You could drop the "Bill" .... just call it Mckenzie.

My 3 new clems gave me a pleasant surprise. I decided to pot them up yesterday. All three have new growth. It turns out that they were grown in tiny pots, then put in bags of peat moss for early sale. They are now in gallon pots. They are labeled Nelly Moser, Ville de Lyon, and Belle of Woking. It is the second Nelly Moser that I have tried. The first died.

Snow is in the forecast for us for tomorrow night. Up to 5", but from experience, that can be either nothing, or a foot or more !

Hi Martie, Cindy and anyone else that I haven't 'spoke' to yet !


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

We were posting at the same time. You answered my first question. Funny that we both said the : "Everything in moderation" quote. :-)

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Wow  canÂt believe how many people are sick or ailing here  do you think itÂs somehow contagious thru the "thread" connection? I sure hope not. So Sorry so many are under the weather.

Honey  I looked at that same seminar and almost signed up for the one at Winterthur DE but decided at this time of the year for me to drive 2 hours might be iffy  one just never knows when the next bad weather is gonna hit  I would LOVE particularly to hear Helen Dillon  I love her gardens & have her book  and also Rob Proctor. I imagine Dillon will be talking about her recent major changes to her garden  IÂve seen some recent articles on it  talk about a garden being radically changed. YouÂll have to let us know how wonderful the lecture is. And I certainly agree, David could be a lecturer on this subject  and he writes so lyrically to begin with IÂve often thought when I see his comments that he could write a book or a column and be quite a success.

Just had to comment re the seminar  I look forward to hearing all about it.
P.S. - just had to log in too - what the ### is going on? so weird; GW definitely having memory problems!!

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~~~Happy Birthday Chelone~~~

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