Protect our nature

kushy28February 27, 2013

I am very happy to see garden web and appreciate the community people. I think this is right place to share some of my views.
As we are all facing with a big problem - Environmental pollution at this time we have to know importance of Trees and Plants.
As recently I have read in books that how much environment is polluted due to our own needs and luxury. We are all destroying our natures gift, enjoying a lot.
Technology is developing and our lifestyle is also changing day to day. With these changes what we gain is a different one but we are loosing a lot.
One is not getting natural air in proportionate so only we are using Air conditions, non seasonal rains, growth in carbondioxide proportion, reduction in land fertility and more. Lastly I say one thing to get educated by this and save our nature by planting more trees.

Thank you all.

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Welcome to the Garden Party.

I agree that we need to do something about pollution, and planting more trees is one solution.

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Thank you !!!!
I expect all will promote this.

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There is a city in California , that is called Richmond that is giving away 1,000 trees and seed packets.
Our city here in CA also gives away free trees.
Does your country, state, or city have this kind of program?

Here is a link that might be useful: Free Trees

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One of my interests for sure, welcome to the party.

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