It's THAT Day!!!!

agnespuffinFebruary 16, 2013

Yep, it's the 64th wedding aniversary.

It's a day of mixed emotions for us. It's also the day that our youngest son lost his wife in her battle with cancer. She left three young children whose lives could have been terrible had she lived. To put it bluntly, she was not a good person.

He remarried a wonderful woman who has three kids of her own. She has raised those six kids to be GREAT!!!

Looking back, I can't help but remember all the men I have known over those early years. The first guy that asked me to marry him, has been dead about 35 years. All the others have died too. My husband is the only man that I cared about that has managed to live this long.

Is that his punishment, or my good luck? lol.

He's still learning to cook. I wish he would show some interest in learning to fix my hair. But I guess that would be a bit much to ask for.

This getting old and lame is the pits. Make the best of it folks!! It's easier if you can laugh at most of the problems.

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Congratulations and best wishes for a happy day, today, and for more years to come. 64 years is quite an accomplishment, and it sounds as if you and your husband have done it well. Again, congratulations and keep on goin'!

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Congratulations agnespuffin!!!

We share this day with you. Today is our 28th Anniversary. As I remarked early this morning during a cuddle, man we have put up with a lot of BS to get this far. As I speak my husband is fixing breakfast, commenting that he likes to cook for me. (love this man)

And yes getting old and lame is the pits.
You seem to be a feisty woman. God Bless you and your Husband on your day of days.

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64 Years?! Isn't gonna last, is it? A temporary infatuation :)
Seriously, congratulations! And he cooks, what a blessing
Wishing you many more years together.

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Congratulations, 4squaregardener to you and your DH on your 28th wedding anniversary, and good for him for fixing your breakfast. BTW, welcome to the GP.

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gandle(4 NE)

Congratulations. If we can make it a couple more months we will have 65 years behind us.

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Congratulations to you who are celebrating anniversaries. Each of you have reason to be proud!

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The length of time we are together is a testament to the understanding we have in our hearts for the world around us. It is also an indication of a bit of luck that we can last that long in spite of what the world throws at us. Congats to those that are are celbrating and may your luck and love hold out for a long time to come. Keep cooking.

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Congratulations and many more. DH and I have been married for 50+ years, and I sure hope we can make it to 64+ years like you have. "This getting old and lame is the pits."
I agree, but at least up till this time we've been able to take care of each other and have some fun together.

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