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dalew(8)March 31, 2014

A friend up Michigan way just emailed me about a toxic weed that is getting a foot hold up that way. It's called "hog weed" - I never heard of it before.

Wondered if anyone here has any more insight into the stuff. Here's a link about it. it.

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Link not working but if the plant you refer to is the Giant Hogweed it is something to steer well clear of. It grows taller than a human and looks like cow parsley although it's sap causes severe blistering of the skin, especially in the presence of sunlight, so don't even try to tackle it by hand.

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Managed to get the link to work. Pretty much says what I wrote. It's a nasty beast of a plant.

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Link didn't work for me either!1

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Thanks suemc ~ sorry for the incorrect posting of the site, just simply did not know hoe to do so on this board.

On another board I belong to, got a reply with a map showing just where the distribution of the weed has been reported. (hope this works better!)

Here is a link that might be useful:

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