Anyone know how to write a song?

rob333February 6, 2013

I have the words, but getting meter right is hard for me in poetry, and consequently, a song the LF and I are writing. I don't know why we want to do this, but we do. Any pointers?

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Recite the words with emphasis on different parts of each phrase to see what brings your emotion, intent and purpose out of the words. Play with the sentences and a tune may emerge.

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Cool! Thanks Don! I figured y'all will know. I've already changed it around so that there are the same number of syllables in each line of each stanza and it's emerging.

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LF read what I'd re-written and said, I know how it goes! Sure enough, he did and could repeat it. I guess if you've got it you've got it. I sure don't have it. I'm betting you're like that Don. I'm going to record his melody and see if we can get someone who plays piano to help us out, by writing it down as they play and so we can repeat the performance. I'm excited!


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Robin that sounds like so much fun. Good for LF. What a kid. Can't wait to hear it when it's finished...smiles.

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Go for it, Robin and LF.

DH plays the piano and knows how to read music, he always wanted to be able to write a song, but no song.

DS took up the guitar at age 50+, he is learning cords, and plans to write a song.
Perhaps DH and DS can get together and create music.

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edited to answer coconut (because I am having to read and reread and reread with the new format.) I can't believe you'd ever hear the song. It's a contemporary Christian song. heh. Likely, only to be played in our church. But, I am betting, it'll go out online via Livefeed when it is played by the worship team and LF singing it. Me sing? NEVER! Mediocre. Highly mediocre. Not awful, not great. Mommy says otherwise, but I'm not interested to hear what others think :/

Tell him to go for it west! Honestly, I don't want to write songs. It's what I've been charged to do and I accept it, but I'd rather write other stuff. Just this once. I think.

That is one advantage of living in "Music City"; everyone comes here to make and sell their music, so musicians abound. Three people at church said, send it to me and I'll write the guitar cords/piano music for it. I wish I knew how they did it though. And, I wish I knew how LF heard what was in my head since I couldn't even get it out. I guess it's not the part I was meant to play in all of this!

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Good for you Robin, creating something new is a challenge, but it opens up the mind, be proud

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Used to talk in rhymes with my sisters when we were kids as a challenge to see who could keep it up the longest, sort of a Dr. Seuss thing. Got very silly at times but was a learning thing.

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