Wake-up call

anneliese_32(6)February 29, 2012

This is getting old today. First thing this morning - in tornado watching area. Before I had finished my first cup of tea, tornado warning. By now it is the 3rd warning, bad winds and rain coming sidewise. We are in the watch area until 2:00 PM right now.

The rain beat my poor daffs down on the ground and the crocs which opened yesterday look realy bedragled.

Hope everybody else is safe.

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A strong, wild storm passed through during the night and now there is frost on the roofs. Fortunately the wind was not too bad, .
Snow showers are predicted for today with no accumulation at my altitude.
We got spoiled by faux winter for so long, this is actually usual winter weather.
At least we are fortunate not to have to be concerned about tornadoes - May all of you stay safe!

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

I'm anxious today, as well. It looks like it could be a bit noisy here, later on. My cat is pacing and that always freaks me out! He's been through a couple of tornado scares, sharing a dark closet with me!

Hope everyone fares safely.

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I hope everyone fares well too. I have to watch my cat (both Keegan and Maggie did/do this). If she goes under a bed, that's a tornado warning. So far, she was out and about this morning. Looks too far north at this point to worry me much. Yellow alert for inclement weather has been sounded at work, but I'm not all that certain it's worth worrying about.... YET!

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Five tornado warning in one day are enough. OK, the warnings go out for the whole county and all of it was about 20 miles south of us, but enough is enough. Hope it's over for a while. Just glad that we don't live close to a siren, I would have needed earplugs and am out of them.

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gandle(4 NE)

It was a wild one wasn't it? O.K. today, very windy but that is rather normal for western NE this time of year. What isn't normal was that 2 tornados were on the ground yesterday. Both tore up pivots but did little other damage. First Feb. tornados ever recorded in NE in Feb.

Had to go to North Platte yesterday morning, very foggy with a off and on sleety mist. When we came home in the P.M. we had torrential rains, tornadic winds, thunder snow and small hail in the 45 minute drive.

Haven't heard from our kin in southern Missouri and am getting concerned.

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My nerves are shot, just reading about your weather situations. I'd be hiding in a closet somewhere.
I don't know what is worse, having all the warnings or living in CA where there are no warnings regarding earthquakes.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Speaking about cats...last year when we had such a frightening storm system move through Alabama, I had to make a dash for our walk-in closet, which is the designated 'safe room' in our home. I couldn't find that damned cat!

He had been pretty much under my feet up until the last few moments when a tornado was fast approaching....I could hear it coming and couldn't search for him any longer. I ran into the closet....and GUESS where that smart little guy was...ahead of me? ;-)

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Cats: Best tornado warning systems in the world! Yep rhizo, you know it too.

We had three deaths here. The storm was never as far south as where I was all day, but really, it didn't gain momentum until it crossed I-65.

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Helped deliver some essentials and food to people who losts their homes this morning, cleaned up my yard from tree litter this afternoon to make room for tomorrow's second round.

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I hope everyone stays safe.

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Oh my gosh, I've seen some news reports and videos of the destruction caused by the tornados. It is heartbreaking to see the people trying to cope with the losses.
anneliese, cudos to you for helping out.

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