Anybody have a drag anchor?

anneliese_32(6)February 24, 2012

I need to borrow one to keep me on the sidewalk. Have to go to the pharmacy, 7 min down the road. It's 45 degr., a pleasant walk. Had to turn around and am going to change my loose nylon jacket for a tight fitting one, we have 45 mph sustaining wind, gusts to 60, I barely could stay on the ground. I would not go if husband did not urgently need his med.

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gandle(4 NE)

Same problem here. Went to the farm store yesterday for birdseed. With the bag of seed over a shoulder and the cane on the other side I did quite well. Yes, they said gusts to 60 mph. Anyone need some tumbleweeds? There are a bunch on the south side of the house.

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I guess I could use one for decoration, no tumbleweeds here. What do you do with those things? From the looks of them they seem not to be good for composting or anything else I can think of, yet in nature everything seems to have a purpose somewhere (except ticks).

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We had that wind yesterday anneliese. If it wasn't for the still blowing wind today, I could've lived without my coat. Had it off, felt ok, then got back out of the car and felt the wind blowing. Nope. Coulda used your drag anchor yesterday, but it's slower now.

hey george, you can sell your tumbleweeds. Check out the link below. Can you believe someone would buy them?

Here is a link that might be useful: tumbleweeds for

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Lol. anneliese, I know about needing a "drag anchor" at times. I have had jackets that filled up like balloons in windy weather.
My best jacket is my bicycle jacket. Not only is it made with water and wind resistance material, it has "vent" holes in strategic places, where it whips the moisture away from the body, but it also controls the air flow within the jacket.

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tibs(5/6 OH)

I feel like I caused the wind in my neck of the woods. I had thurs. off and raked all the leaves out of the hedge, tossed them in the compost pile and now the hedge has more leaves. Should know by now not to rush the season.

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Same here in Pa. It took out one of trees today.

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Sorry to hear about losing trees. Santa Ana winds have been here on and off but not exceedingly strong, just bringing hot dry air off the desert. Then cold in between out of the north. Predict local snow levels to be lowest of season by Monday, 3000 ft.

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Last year, we had 10 inches of snow. This year, we've had 0.03". We're used to about 6 total. shurgz? Crazy!!! And we're already hitting the 70s. Didn't have to scrape the car windows last week, nor will I have to this week. Weird. This is a full month early.

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