Wonder how I get there sometimes

rob333February 1, 2011

I just realized Abraham Zapruder is the person whom we can thank for flip videos, cameras on phones being used to capture images as they happen, and even truer reporting (straight from citizens) for so many of the events in recent history. Actually seeing what happens gives some of us closure, and it can be good, but could one imagine that what he filmed would've taken us so far? Or in this direction? Then, I stopped and thought, how did I reach this thought?

My boss just ran in the door from a meeting, grabbing his coat, and literally running out the door to catch a flight to Dallas which will take him across the Atlantic. I decided to look at what the weather is like in Dallas that would "cancel all but his flight". So I looked up "webcams Dallas" and sure enough, snowy ground and slow moving cars. Amazing, I can see what it looks like in Dallas, right this very moment. There was a link on the Dallas webcam site for Dealy Plaza. I'd seen Jeopardy the other night and "strange history" was a category. I'd only caught the tailend, but the answer was Abraham Zapruder and the question involved him dreaming and "snapping" (him awake or the person in the dream). Which led me to an article about Abraham Zapruder's judicious use of the footage and how he donated portions of the money he was paid to the widow and children of the slain Dallas police officer, JD Tippet. Still haven't found the words about his dream from Jeopardy.

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I call it: Floating on the stream of consciousness - it can get you to strange and wonderful places...

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I call it trying to "track my train of thought". Sometimes, I can't get back to what started the whole thing--and that's very frustrating. But when I can, I'm amazed to see how one thing has led to another; it's fascinating how the mind works!

P.S. Rob, did your boss' flight get off the ground?

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Since Dallas/Ft. Worth is closed today I wonder how he landed if he did get off the ground?

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I still haven't heard. He'll either show up tomorrow, get stuck in Dallas or get out. I don't think he's still in Nashville. There are two flights that are in the air right now, actually listed as "enroute on-time". Small chance, but he's not answering any emails. And that's a good sign, well that, and he hasn't set foot back here. His flight out of the country is still on tap (leaving 8 minutes late, but a go), according to flight stats. Dunno. It doesn't connect to the east coast, so it's possible.

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He made it! Wonder if he'll make it back. Hm. Nah, just kidding.

It is amazing where you end up on the train or stream. Anyone, not just me. Great inventions are likely made that way. I'll be lucky if I can just remember to pick up groceries,so surely not me, but others might invent that way.

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Happens to me all the time and I wonder how I got from here to there. It's like looking something up on the computer and 1 hour later you found 100 more things which have nothing to do with the original.

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