Anyone needing some snow?

gandle(4 NE)February 4, 2012

We can spare a whole bunch. No charge. And, I can't get the @#$%^@#$ snowblower started so Leone and I are going to have to scoop.

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Hope that stuff is light and fluffy, pace yourselves and drink plenty of hot coco on the numerous breaks we all want you to take.

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gmatx zone 6

Amen to what Don said about pace yourselves, take lots of breaks, and drink plenty of hot coco.

As to needing some snow (moisture) - you betcha we'll take some. I'll even dig out a set of thermal longjohns, my heavy socks, and insulated gloves. We've gotten about 1 1/2" of moisture since the first of December. Nine miles down the road received 1.22" of rain night before last and we received none. That's the way it usually happens around here.

You and Leone be careful!

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gandle(4 NE)

Break #3, still have about 100' to scoop and no, the snow certainly isn't light and fluffy. Try wet and heavy. After this break am going to try the @#$%^%#$# snowblower again.

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jazmynsmom(Z5 Madison-ish)

George, we could use a little. Ours keeps melting, and we haven't seen hardly any this winter. Plus we have a fancy new self-propelled blower that isn't getting much of a workout (except for when Steve went off the sidewalk and ate a landscaping brick with it... that was... interesting). Wish I were close enough to do your sidewalk... or that you had a neighbor like mine with a bobcat who takes pride in clearing all the driveways in a ten house radius every time it snows.

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We'd take a couple feet. I sure sympathize with that snow blower not starting. Darn thing! After too many years of fighting with ours and poor Christy having to resort to shoveling I finally broke down and bought her an electric snow thrower this year. Haven't had to use it yet. Bought her a new 100' cold weather extension cord, so with others we have at least a couple hundred feet of cord, so we're good to go... I hope. Generally buying a new snow thrower means you won't need it for at least that year. We'll see.

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George, if you and Leone don't have to go anywhere, please quit shoveling!--for today, anyway. Let your next break--or this one, right now, be the last one for today. We'll all feel better, knowing you and Leone haven't overdone!

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I'll take a few inches too George. We are like Michele...hardly any snow this winter and what does fall melts all too quickly due to unseasonably high temps. I fear for my plants that need a good snow blanket.....

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tibs(5/6 OH)

We got about an inch of extremely wet heavy snow. It started around 7:30 and was nonstop til about 1. I shoveled it, wouldn't have had to, it has warmed up and melted on all the pavement. Oh well, got a work out. On Wednesday I played hookie because it was in the 60's, sunny. I dug out weeds in the vegetable bed. It has been so warm they have been growing all winter.

Yeah, you guys take it easy on that snow shoveling.

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gandle(4 NE)

It is done. The snowblower still won't start, will have to haul it down to the fixer. If we ever move, which I doubt after 41 years in this house, we are going to insist on a shorter driveway.

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If you get anymore, shove it my way. My snowshovel has been sitting beside the backdoor and the de-icer for the steps at the frontdoor since before Christmas, have not needed either yet.
Hope you don't have to do the shoveling all over again before your blower is fixed.

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I would like some snow,today was warm enough to use ceiling fans.Tulips I planted in December are about six inches.I'll bet not a person in my neighborhood owns a snowblower.The two of you take it easy.

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I have some snow to spare, too! Got about 22 inches between Friday night and Saturday evening. Some places not too far from me got over 50 inches! At least the roads were in good shape today, got to keep the routes to the ski resorts open!

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