What is this Beautiful Yellow Plant?/

KPinOregonMarch 26, 2014

I found this photo on a website, and I really want to plant one in my yard. But the website didn't tell me what the plant was! Help?


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fig_insanity Z7a E TN

Lysimachia puntata, commonly known as yellow loosestrife, though it's not actually in the loosestrife family.

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Not sure where you are, but I put this in a small bed last year, and it was really nice - - - I'm very much hoping it comes back up here just a little north of Boston!

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L. punctata.

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morz8(Washington Coast Z8b)

KPin, if on the W side of the state, you might find this a little aggressive in your garden. The variegated forms with the same yellow flower better behaved.

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KP is inOregon. It is not the same as purple loosestrife, but may still spread by seed and rhizomes, especially west of the Cascade Mountains.

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Around here it is native, and you can have something else in a boder or L punctata, a horrible, bullying spreader

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Re Linaria's comment:

I've also been very wary of Lysimachia punctata, but occasionally used it.

I planted it in a perennial garden (full sun, upgraded clay soil)) (installed in 2000) and have maintained that garden to date.

I did get worried about it spreading, so put it in a pot in the soil, but found that it would not stay in. On the other hand, I've subsequently simply reduced it (pulling up/spading out runners), yearly after flowering, and had no problem maintaining it more or less in the same location.

As per Morz: a variegated form ('Alexander') was present in another garden (semi-shade, upgraded clay soil) I maintained over about five years. It spread very minimally. I don't know how much of that was related to a contrast between variegated and non-variegated forms of the same plant (viz. more versus less vigorous) and how much was to do with it's semi-shade location.

I wouldn't use any L. punctata in our own mixed perennial beds, because too many plants are maintained too close together.

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bogturtle(SE NJ 7a)

Has never spread for me. Naturally acid, sandy soil, and mostly shade. 20 years in the same spot.
But that must be hardly characteristic of the plant.

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