Spring has Sprung!!

agnespuffinFebruary 2, 2012

Yep, Spring is here! The car has it's Springtime coat of tree pollen.

Also, the Oriental Magnolias (Tulip Tree) are blooming, and the early cherry trees (I forget the name, but they are always the earliest) bloomed last week.

Maybe it's just a quick warming spell. We'll see. But I really could do without the pollen.

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Lots of spring things coming up here in Pa...daffs,snowdrops,witch hazel,hellebores and yesterday the red winged blackbirds were swarming.Seems kind of early.

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meldy_nva(z6b VA)

The hyacinths have big, fat buds showing color; another week of this weather will probably cause the blossoms to open. Only three months early.

I'm seriously considering starting the seeds for tomatoes and peppers [usually a late March project]. Last year I could have safely put the plants into the garden in April, this year it would seem that February might be okay. This is zone 6b~7???

OTOH, the juncos are still resident.

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My juncos are still here too but the daffs who had no blooms for two years are up about 4 inches and show color, much too short. Watched yesterday morning a V of sandhill cranes heading North.

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gandle(4 NE)

On the contrary, winter finally is arriving. Blizzard conditions for tomorrow. 10 to 18 inches of snow . Probably interstate closed. On the other hand, the ground for the first 2 inches is warm so maybe the snow will melt soon. Ground still frozen too hard for me to dig scorzonera or parsnips. tried yesterday. Haven't started the snowblower yet this season. Hope it starts and runs hate to think about shoveling all that snow.

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Down the street (Lois lane) from the job I am working on is a house with over 3000 tulip bulbs. They are up and starting to show. The owner is out there every day puttzing around.

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We've had a very mild winter. To my horror my Tulips are a few inches showing.Should we have a cold front they will be lost.

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I'm going with our very own General Beauregard Lee.
The little feller says we'll have 6 more weeks of
If this winter, bring it on.

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This is just down the street...

Tabebuia heterophylla Pink trumpet tree

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How beautiful! Is that in bloom, now? Reminds me of one of D.C.'s famous Japanese cherry trees around the Tidal Basin. I haven't been down there for years, but their beauty is unforgettable, just as this "trumpet tree" is. Why the name? Do the leaves have a trumpet shape?

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Took the picture on the way home yesterday. The flowers have the trumpet shape and there are a few varieties including a yellow one. There is also one that has shorter heavier flowers that are fuzzy brown on the outside and pink on the inside and smells just like chocolate.

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Thanks, Don, for your explanation. I used my magnifying glass and was able to see the trumpet shape.

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