I can't prove it but

gandle(4 NE)February 7, 2012

I am sure the driveway keeps growing in length. Snowed again last night and the snowblower is in the shop, so we scooped afgain. If it keeps this up I should have muscles like a gorilla.

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gmatx zone 6

Now George, you and Leona need to be careful! Someone said on your previous post that if you don't have to go somewhere you should forget scooping the driveway. I think that is good advice.

Yeah, I agree about driveways, or other distances growing, but I can't prove it either. Seems as if our yard grows in width and length when the self-propelled mower breaks down and I have to use the push model. And the rows in the garden (puny as it was due to the heat and drought) grew in length last year when I would weed them.

If you develop those gorilla muscles you will have to pose for a calendar. Bet sales would be off the charts - us Garden Party regulars would buy one just because we know and admire you!

Be careful.

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By tomorrow I might find out if we aquired additional driveway footage too, it's supposed to snow.

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lindac(Iowa Z 5/4)

Interesting....my shelves are getting taller, my cupboards deeper and someone has added 2 or 3 steps to both flights of stairs!
I need to find out who's doing this and have them cut it out!!

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George, be careful and don't overdo.

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George, this won't make you feel any better, but the life expectancy in 1930 was 61 years. So it just stands to reason that if your years are extended, so is everything else like driveways, shovel handles, etc.

Mother Nature is a mean old hag.

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meldy_nva(z6b VA)

Goodness! I thought the stretching and changing of familiar objects was a peculiarity of this house! The last time I scrubbed the kitchen floor, the area seemed to have doubled. And, yes, the topmost shelves have moved up out of reach. An extra step or two materialized while I was sweeping the leaves off - although in truth, maybe I just swept the same one twice or thrice. And the clocks seem to be speeding up: a dinner that used to take 20 minutes to prepare now takes a half-hour; just a month ago it only took a couple minutes to set out the ingredients and measuring spoons to make banana bread, yesterday it took almost 15 minutes!

Have you noticed objects moving around? Not by our friendly ghost, but because they weren't where I meant to put them. A newspaper clipping was in the to-be-filed stuff instead of the scrapbook, a favorite glass was finally found on the top shelf (I know *I* didn't do that!), and I still haven't located the big container of cayenne pepper, not even in the freezer. I did finally find the preferred recipe for stroganoff- somehow it had moved into the book with 3 other stroganoff recipes ~ none of them to indicate which was best.

Maybe this is what they meant by the retirement years stretching out in front of us: not that there is any real change in day or season, but that we need to use so many more of the passing moments to accomplish the usual minute.

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Driveways do grow, stairs get added overnight, and someone was in my closet and shrunk my clothes by one size!!!

George, could you hire a neighborhood kid to shovel for you? Give a job to the next generation.

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The darn trees keep getting bigger, oh wait that is supposed to happen. But then it is getting higher to step up into my truck. Perhaps I should bring it to Nebraska and drive you guys around. No need to shovel with 4 wheel drive and big all terrain tires. I even have the big bumper to hook the plow to if it gets that bad.

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pkramer, that same someone has been at my house, too! Someone has shrunk my clothes, put more stuff in all of our closets, and hidden important papers so that I can't find them.

In regard to snow--which it's doing right now, BTW--an angel in the disguise of DD is staying with us for awhile and she's young enough that she likes to shovel it. Of course, our driveway is only about 1/4 as long as yours, George. As I said in an earlier post, you and Leone, please be careful.

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Well, the snow was just a dusting and could not check the length of the driveway against last years yardage but things don't stay put in the house here too. The only good side effect is that I need to run up and down stairs more and they say excercise is good for you!

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Wish my arms would get longer, reading the small print is getting challenging.

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About reading and the arms getting longer.
DH went to his eye doctor, the doctor prescribed reading glasses. We got them and when DH tried them out, he realized that everything was blurry.
We finally figured out that DH "reads" most everything from his laptop, and that's about 3' away. DH explained that to the DR, he wrote a different prescription, w/o charge, the box store remade the glasses w/o charge and DH is happy.

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I haven't noticed so much anything getting bigger or longer, maybe because I live in a small house and a slight enlargement would not make that much difference, but cupboards and shelves and cloth-hooks are definitely getting higher and harder to reach, even my big sliding window is more difficult to wash.
My big problem is someone steals a couple of hours of my time! Generally it happens between noon and 2 o'clock, it does not matter how I plan my day, those 2 hours just seem to disappear.
There are the ones when I have "free" time to sit and read or do something off schedule - where do they go?

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I noticed a few years ago that my horse was getting taller and the ground was much lower than in years past. My step has lost it "spring" and my back no longer cares to bend! Wonder of wonders!

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Have you noticed that weeds have adapted and now manage to grow just out of reach of the hand?

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gandle(4 NE)

I sure agree with posieh about the ground getting lower, if it keeps on it is going to be very hard to reach.

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tibs(5/6 OH)

I copied these (without names) to show my mother. Hopefully they will make her laugh and realize she is not the only one. I of course am still young, ok middled aged and don't suffer from any of this. Yeah. Right.

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