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j0nd03March 14, 2013

I came across this shrub last fall in a local park. Just curious as to ID. I meant to collect some seed but got sidetracked and could not locate it out of leaf later in fall.

Pics taken 9-19-2012

Location is western Arkansas, zone 7b in the river valley area. I think I remember tasting the fruit and it was not quite ripe yet.



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texasflip(Nacogdoches, TX z8)

Viburnum rufidulum?

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Looks like it to me.

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Are you guys freaking kidding me? Do you have any idea how hard I've tried to get v. rufidulum over the last two years? Last year when I wanted it, it was out of stock everywhere online. This winter I paid $40 for two plants I purchased as v. rufidulum that turned out to be v. prunifolium (webmaster had it marked wrong on the website and corrected it after I called them of course after I planted them) all while I had free access to the one I wanted all along? I literally stumbled over it! hahaha

lol thanks guys

I will stop by just in case any seeds are left but will make sure to collect some this fall. Either of you fine people are welcome to some extra seed if you are interested.

Esh - my malus angustifolia leafed out and will not flower this year but I am keeping my eye out for some seed for you when it finally happens :)


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The shrub is Viburnum rufidulum. I Googled it...:) Here is another image...almost the same!

Here is a link that might be useful: Shrub Ideas For Lawn

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I have done that too, John!

Look at those rusty buds in the second picture ....

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I had a hunch it was viburnum by the leaf arrangement and fruit but the leaves themselves look more rounded than I am accustomed to seeing with viburnums. To my eyes, they favor callery pear (I knew it was not, though). Another lesson that leaf shape isn't everything and actually can be quite deceptive sometimes, especially to those of us with poor ID skills :)

Yep, the buds are dark and rusty alright!


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