Last night's surprise

meldy_nva(z6b VA)February 7, 2014

DH gets my attention and urgently motions for me to put my hearing aids on. No blood is dripping, but he seemed awfully upset; I put the aids in and follow him to the kitchen. About the time he flips on the outside light, I hear a very peculiar noise. Imagine a cross between a crow's caw and the cat's shriek when it's tail was stepped on. Looking out the window over the sink, DH says, "It's a fox!" (I don't see it.) Grabbing my hand, he pulls me over to the porch door -- I'm still mumbling about not seeing anything, and the intermittent discordance of cawing-shrieking is continuing. Just as I get to the door, a black-&-white cat (who apparently had been leaning against the door) dashes down the steps and speeds toward the toolshed at the back, and I see a fox running across the lawn to intercept it. DH opens the door and yells, the fox stops to look at him, the cat disappears around the back of the shed. A pause in time, and then the fox caw-shrieks at DH and looks around for the cat before turning back toward the opposite corner of the yard. He continued to emit caw-shrieks until he jumped the fence into the neighbor's backyard.

Fox families have lived close by for many years, and I have never before heard the type of noise this one made. Do you suppose it was the equivalent of cussing?

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gandle(4 NE)

I've heard them kind of a bark yelp but like you did. Lucky cat.

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I've never heard a fox, but it would be interesting to know what that fox was talking about.

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I am so glad the kitty got away! I look a picture yesterday (from far away) of a coyote sitting in the snow against the bark of a tree. I could he was hungry but didn't want to think about what he'd have to do to have a full belly...

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As we take over their habitat we learn more about what they do and their songs for many aspects of their lives. More varied and diverse than expected at times. The racoons voice their differences quite loudly in the middle of the night at times and can be surprising.

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I also have listened to the barking kind of fox noises, here and in Europe, but nothing like that. Interesting.

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