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gandle(4 NE)February 9, 2013

leave a tip when you have eaten at a buffet? Yesterday we had lunch at a upscale Chinese restaurant and noticed the man left a $5 tip when they left, I've never seen anyone else leave a tip at a buffet. The servers never do anything except take dishes off the table. I always tip at a service restaurant and the amount depends on the service. Is it proper to tip at a buffet?

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Here it is not required, but usually there is a tip-jar at the cash-register and customers leave a tip for all the help to share, the assumption is that the kitchen-help is really hustling to keep the buffet well stocked.

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The one buffet place here has also a tip jar at the register.

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We go to a combination full service and buffet restaurant, and usually get the buffet.The server brings the bread and makes sure we have new plates for each course for the buffet. Our tab is about $20 and I leave a $3 tip.

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The Polish buffet we frequent does not have tip jar, so we always add a minumum of 10% of the bill. The servers make sure we have clean plates for our second trip plus they bring the drinks.

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We always leave a tip

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I live a tip. A lesser tip, but a tip.

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meldy_nva(z6b VA)

If there is no tip jar, I tip10% rounded up to the next dollar.

My favorite Chinese buffet has a tip jar, but the attendent is the one who clears, cleans, and sets the table, keeps coffee etc. filled and re-filled, and brings additional clean plates. There, attendent gets 15+% and jar gets about 5%.

I don't mind tipping for service; the place that surprised me was a specialized restuarant that also had a pick-up window for on-the-go. It not only had a tip jar prominently placed, but the cashier tapped it to get my attention and quickly put on an offended expression when I didn't contribute. In line with that attitude, the to-go meal was noticeably smaller sized than the usual in-house serving.

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If service is given and it is good a tip is always given. Service workers get paid as low as $2.50 an hour as tips are counted as wages and shared with all personnel.

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