Idyll #306 YooHooo Spring--We're ready!!

just_tFebruary 27, 2007

Time for a new Idyll..coming up with a tydll is not my forte.


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Shhh! The boys are both asleep. I'm going to wash some bottles and then if they are still slumbering I'll see about those photos that I took yesterday.

Wendy....beautiful containers!!


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Wendy, great score on the containers. Looks like it's time for a Home Goods run here.

T, you have more energy than me. Often I nap for 15-20 minutes while Bella's napping in the afternoon. That's the only way I have enough energy to make it through the evening. I hope you find you have some good pictures for us to see!


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These photos are not from yesterday, but they were on the camera and somewhat okay. Nothing turned out 'great'. They were taken from inside the house.

And here are the boys. They are doing well on sitting up although they still tumble over often. I had rolled up blankets and pillows around them so they wouldnt' hurt themselves when they tipped over.

Not great photos, but it shows how big they are getting.


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Ey gads, how do you get anything else done with those little matching faces around?!

And the babes are cute too.

I'm back hard at work, but the fence guys just left, so I took the triplets out back to test things out. The gates aren't finished yet, but they secured them so it's safe back there. It's a mud bucket where the contrators had been walking and my dainty ones carefully skirted the puddles and muck and sniffed the entire fence line. We are all so happy! They can garden with me now instead of watching from the patio. They promised never to run in the gardens, but may tiptoe through to catch a bunny. It's sort of like the panama canal here now with the sections to open and close to move the herd. I wouldn't want them in the way back at night when I can't see them, so upper fence will remain closed most of the time.

Wendy, good grief, I have GOT to stay away from HG, as I have too many pots now, but those are great finds!

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Is anyone else whispering to keep from waking T's grandsons? LOL

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No Home Goods here - is that a good or bad thing LOL Great pots Wendy.

Awww, those two little tikes are just so precious.

Cynthia, are you serious? 3 large dogs in the garden LOL Actually Jaden will go into a bed occasionally but she know what "out" means. She never digs either.

Back to the grind

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Just a drive by as I have lots to get done this afternoon.

Nice to see the boys T. I could use some cuddles from them.
Wyatt is getting more independent all the time. We have to capture him for any cuddling or tickles. He is not feeling well today. Had his tonsils and adnois(sp) out yesterday so he has owies and running a temp. The adnois were rather large so hopefully he will be able to breath much easier now.

Good to see Bella and her birthday cake too, Eden. I want that white tiger stuffy. LOL I hope you can get your camera fixed soon.

Wendy nice new containers. That should make a lovely grouping. I hope your DS does well on the essay.

Cynthia the new fence sounds like just the ticket to allow the dogs more freedom to be with you. Mine are always lying nearby while I garden.

I did say I had to hurry so better get. I'll try to catch up more from the other post later. Norma

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Oh noooo, not container deals already...quick, cover Deanne's

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Oh T, I'd like to snuggle them from their peach fuzz heads to their sweet little bubble toes. They are so sweet!

Cynthia, sounds like you have the fence issue all worked out. Bud is always with me when I'm out gardening. He knows not to go into the beds and he's not always the brightest boy so I'm sure your smarties will learn quickly.

Hi Norma, I've missed you. Sending get well wishes for Wyatt. Poor little guy!

Michelle, no Home Goods? I would say that's a bad thing. They always have such neat stuff and you NEED neat stuff right?

I tried a new bar cookie recipe this afternoon, congo bars. I haven't tasted them yet but they have chocolate chips and walnuts so they must be good. I also managed to catch a wooden spoon handle on fire making dinner. It was flaming! Megan has strep throat so I don't know if Bella will be here tomorrow or will stay home with her mom. The skies have been gray and gloomy all day but it was warm enough that we did have some snow melting.

Have a warm and cozy evening,


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Another stunner of a picture Deanne. I wonder if he has knee trouble, or is missing a leg? He's hanging on by one foot and the tail is trying to balance him. An honorary idyll bird?

I've been working since 4AM, so it's quittin' time. The price you pay for a single full day off. I am now typing to you so that I don't head out to Home Goods. I do not need more pots. Not. But it's so fun to look. You all go buy some more and post pictures, ok?

My dawgs actually are trained not to walk in the gardens (!) I'm made aware of what a good job I've done with them every time I have a foster and walk them about the property to see how they do on lead before hitting the street. Fresh Fosters will try to walk through anything. I could probably take my own pack to a nice restaurant and get no complaints if folks could get past the fact that they're dogs :-) Big dogs are not trouble (right Chelone?) because they get lessons in manners!

I liked Babs' lesson on how good behaviour was rewarded. You're right, children and even adults need to learn how to behave.

So that's a Blue's Clue's cake? I'm out of touch. Or did Cindy just make that up. I recognized the Sesame street gang though. Happy Birthday Bella!!!

Kathy, sorry about the toothache, hope that's solved soon. The mouth has got to be one of the worst places to have pain. No cardinals in California? I didn't know that.

A nice story here. My dad has been living with a woman since my mom died 18 years ago. She was basically just an unhappy soul. Couldn't seem to figure out that happiness comes from within, not from others. I didn't mind her since I live far away and figured it was good to have someone in my dad's house to call an ambulance if needed. Well! They split up. She has moved out and my favorite niece has moved in. A really great solution because although Dad is very independent and healthy he shouldn't be living alone at his age. And my niece loves him dearly and will watch out for him and stand up to him when needed. I hope she'll be able to save for her own home this way too. The rest of the family in that area is now planning Easter there, and it's been a while since events were 'allowed' at Dad's house. My niece is going to bring life into that house.

Whipped cream on snow? Enjoyed the cat herding story :-)

Sue, I drag the heavy pots (too heavy, should not put plants in concrete containers) into the little greenhouse for winter, and put the small pots in the sunroom. Cat ate every single point off of one (Agave Stricta?) before I caught on and closed the doors to sunroom this fall. Just got the Yucca Do catalogues, that is the place to buy little agaves and watch 'em grow.

Drema, my older ones are really big now. Camera is dead so no new pics, but would love to see how yours are doing. Did you get a variegated one at VFN? I can't remember. Mine from there had pups last summer and I need to get the mama and all of the babies out of that pot, but I'm gonna need stitches when I'm done. Can't remember who asked, but the mold on the pot is natural. This is Maryland! Every thing gets covered in mold and mildew. I remember when I was having phone jacks installed all over the place the installer explained the special gel packs needed to keep the connections from rusting or rotting something.

5:51 and it's still light out!!!!

12 more days until Daylight Saving Time :-)

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"I tried a new bar cookie recipe this afternoon, congo bars."

I made those this week-end! Almost all gone. We used to have them as kids, and I wanted something with Ghiardelli(sp) dark chocolate chips in it, but didn't want to do 4 sheets of cookies. Aren't they delicious?

Sorry Norma, missed that Wyatt had his tonsils out! Lots of jello and ice cream needed if I remember correctly. Hope that he feels better soon.

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Oh man, the containers in the featured shots are just wonderful; I well remember Deanne's collection and have to tell Wendy I'm jealous of her "finds", too. I like the sculptural aspect of the Agaves in pots, but the little tuft of grass Cynthia put in one has stuck in my mind more than the Agave... .

Also for Wendy: I'm ashamed to admit this, but I met so many people at that swap that I can't seem to recall your face... were the iris you took the pale, lavender ones that smell so good? I'm watching the weather, too. I very much want to get to Deanne and Doug's; "wintery mix" can either be really crummy or not so bad. Too early to begin "blowing a gasket" over it yet.

WOW! scope out the little moonmen, T.! cracks me up that you've "propped" them up... before too long you'll have to attach little anchors to them to slow them down. It's esp. fun for me to chart the progress of the little-littles; one of the stranger aspects of no kids is that you tend to lose track of time... until a pet dies that arrived as a baby. THEN you realize that 12, 15, or nearly 18 years have passed. I see more lines in my face and that of the helpmeet, and greying hair, but more familial milestones are not part of our lives. So thanks for the generous allotment of pictures.

I laughed about Michelle's cat story, too. I can only imagine the hysteria involved. So, still patching and painting? haven't resorted to fire yet? (;) lol). And in the same vein, best to Eden who's in a similar place. I really can't wait to see your "after" shots... hope the camera is fixable OR a replacement is in the budget. (Still want to see you in party hat, kid?)

I'm too lazy to retrack, Sue... Tom's wrenched his?? skiing? I know thumb injuries are the number one skiing injury. Here's hopin' it's simply temporarily inconvenient. How's Zoe doin' with the housebreaking lapse? in remission? (I hope)

Mary, I think it's GREAT that you've the itch to study the violin again. DO IT! I haven't listened to the link, either, but I love Sarah Chang and will make an effort. It's easy to get out of the habit of things... things that add such color, depth, and dimension to our lives. I'm just beginning to "rediscover" the things I laid aside while caring for Mum. Too often, I think, people give short shrift to the more "artistic" things when times gets short. But it's those things that are often most rewarding. I applaud you. GO FOR IT.

Babs., you're gonna pass "inspection" with flying colors. Know what? no job leaves the shop that I don't have a case of "jitters" about how it will be received. The helpmeet says it's what gives me an edge... it's the same for you, too. ;) Hope things with MIL are on a reasonably even keel, knowing what I know about such things.

Falls, knees, ice. Bad combination. I get teased relentlessly by coworkers because I wear boots with slip on ice cleats when the parking lots are slick. I leave the cleats in the car unless I know I'll need them in the morning. I slipped and fell on ice and broke my wrist. It hurt like hell, cost me time and money and it's a mistake I won't soon repeat. So they may tease away mercilessly. I don't care. Please be very careful, it only takes one misstep. Trust me!

I know how it can be to feel isolated and alone. I understand how one's circumstances can make you vulnerable. I know how uplifting it can be to see something addressed to YOU specifically. Sometimes that doesn't always happen when you might most benefit from it... THAT'S when you must content yourself with the belief that you've not been forgotten or rendered invisible.

Where's 'bug? And a warm hello to PM2, if she's reading. Saucy, too... but not holding out much hope. Taryn is definitely out there as are several others more recently "on sabbatical".

Cynthia, I'm not surprised at the damage a rose can inflict. Mum was snagged by an errant cane on the New Dawn and the tear in her skin was alarming. I know when it "bites" me I suffer a raised welt... is there something toxic on the thorns? a rose equivilent of "cat scratch fever"? Our rockemsockem dog is definitely a tribute to his breeding heritage... physically tough and bold, but that's the whole idea behind working/protection dogs. Good to know the fence is now complete and sending good thoughts your way for minimal contractor damage. I chuckled at the mincing pointy nosed dogs. Rex is careful, unless there is something he wants to chase. :)

I'm about outta juice now, time to settle back methinks.

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I just tried the congo bars Cynthia and yes they are good! I think mine are a little gooier than they should be. My recipe didn't give a time length for baking, just until golden brown on top and I think I should have left them in a little longer. Darn, I'll have to try them again next week to perfect the recipe, lol.

Cynthia, what a great turn of events for your dad and the rest of your family too! Yes, happiness does come from within. Too bad some people just don't get that.

Chelone, I don't think anyone got a picture of me in a party hat. I did wear one for a while though.

I"ve been wondering where Marie is today too? It's not like her not to pop in.

I just had a bit of a scare. Megan's sick and I hadn't heard from her today. I called a couple of hours ago and she hadn't returned my call so I started calling around to other family members and no one had heard from her today. I started worrying that she'd had a bad reaction to her antibiotics or something and insisted that Jennifer go over and check on her. They only live a few minutes from eath other. Megan called a few minutes later. She hadn't called back because her throat is really sore and hurts to talk. Then they started kidding about me being overprotective. I don't care, I was just glad to know she was all right. All kinds of terrible things were racing through my head.

I think this is the end of Idylling from me for today...


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Cynthia, you're dead on. "Big" dogs never catch a break with respect to behavior. If they bark, do the things dogs do, a lot of people automatically presume the worst. I would happily take Rex into any of the restaurants we frequent with no worries about his behavior. He's less trouble than a lot of kids I've had to endure, but no less work. But it all comes back to the "acceptable behavior" parameters and how religiously they're enforced. "Strict" is not the same as "cruel" and "No" isn't a bad word. Chris and Sally were well trained with respect to the gaHdens. It takes time, patience, and some sacrifices to teach the lessons. That's all. And I hate dogs.

Kathy, thanks a heap for posting OUTDOOR shots of flowers. So much for my recycled geraniums and the anemic performance of a neglected, leftover Amaryllis. :) Hope the knee is OK.

Speaking of Amaryllis bulbs... could any of you supply me with a timetable for the "aftercare". I need to know what to do for them after the flowers fade. Fertilize? for how long? when should they be cut back, "shut off", and what sort of dormancy is best for them? Refrigerator? cool corner of the cellar... help? It can't be brain surgery to keep them going, but I really need a timetable, if it's on the calender I'll DO it, if it isn't... I'll forget it.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

CAUTION: grandmother story!

This is today's story as captured by DD. I wish she could have taped it for us!

So my 7year old SS was taking a shower with DH this morning. Before that, SS was asking about what the baby was growing now:

"Is it growing eyes and ears?"
"No, it has all body parts. It needs to make all the parts bigger and stronger, and get lots of fat on it because right now it's way too skinny."
"How does it eat?"
"Well, Sarah eats good food, and that feeds the baby."
"What if it doesn't like what she eats?!"
"Um... it doesn't eat through it's mouth, it eats through a rope attached to it's bellybutton - just like you did before you were born."
"Why does it take so long for a baby to get big enough to be born?"
Good Question!!!
"Um... It is actually growing fast - like you are growing fast right now."
"How do you get a baby? I mean, you can't buy one at the store. How does it get inside you?"
"We'll talk about that when I get back from my trip on Thursday."

And a few minutes later he comes to me and asks the same thing.

Well, I'm a biologist and would love to answer truthfully, but it would take a long time to answer, and we only had 2-3 minutes... so I had to say that we'd explain it when he came back (he's going to his mom's until Wednesday night).

Sarah can't wait for the conversation tomorrow!

PS: My brother is one of those people who has been in depression therapy almost his entire life. Only recently has he begun to experience joy, at age 68/69. Why? He is involved in advocating for 3 totally messed up children, relatives of a friend. Giving seems to be his salvation. A happy outcome in a way, in the midst of a very disturbing situation.


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Hi everyone

Just to let Chelone know I read her message several times before pressing the send button on an email I had written to a prospective violin teacher. It was just the push I needed to take the leap. Hope you don't mind me sharing this with you guys but I thought you'd understand. I'm still feeling nervous but excited about the next step, and checking my inbox far to often for a response.

Great stories today - love those little bald bundles of joy, Wendy's pots, and Deanne's stunning bird of the day. Eden, so glad Megan is OK.



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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Evening all,

Im so bummed, IÂve not been paying the best attention to my plants in storage in the basement and I lost all three of my Fuchsia ÂBilly GreenÂ. GrrrrrÂ. I feel like such a stupid dunce. I didnÂt water them enough and they just dried up and died. Double GrrrrÂ.

Wendy, I had to pop in and tell you that IÂm going to make an emergency trip to our Home Goods tomorrow because of your photos. Jeesh! What scores! Those containers, especially those square ones are to die for. IÂm getting the fever. Do you remember the names of those gorgeous coleus you brought me cuttings of last fall???? I just love that ruffled chartreuse one. IÂm going to be making extra cuttings of that one. ~~ RE your DS, my friend Debbie has a dyslexic son and he has done so well and is now a very well paid plumber. She and her DH might be coming to the party on Saturday. YouÂll really enjoy meeting her. ~~ RE trick photography, yep, I can put your face on whatever body youÂd like! LOL

ROTFLOLÂ I saw WendyÂs photos and started this post before reading further and I see you are all planning on having an intervention for me not to go to Home Goods tomorrow. TooooooÂ. Funny!

Eden, glad to hear that Megan is going to be OK. That would worry me too.

T. great photographs! Love those sweet boys! The elk shots are fantastic.

Cynthia, great story about your Dad. You must be relieved to know he has someone looking out for him.

Sue, so happy Tom is going to be able to make it to the party after all. Woohoo! Please tell him IÂm really pleased and would have missed him if he hadnÂt been able to come.

Michelle, Yes I do make cards out of the pics from time to time. ~~ Love the toothpaste thing. Too true!

Babs, how did the evaluation go today? ~~ LOL ÂTurbo-skim I can see a new ÂIdyllismÂ

Hi Drema!

Hi Marian!

Hi Norma!

Hi Bug!

OK Think IÂve gotten everyone, have a great evening all

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Another busy day on the Idylls I seewe segued right from Idyll 305 to 306 I just heard on the radio that the northern section of Hwy 29 (that is our North /South artery through the valley , the valley is about 30miles long) is closed due to snow . See, you guys tough it out all winter and we get one snow and have to close up shop ! This happens about every 2 or three years and usually at the higher elevations where 29 climbs over a small mountain to get to Lake County. It usually all melts within hours, if it sticks at all. Anyway I now feel simpatico with the Idylls even though I am in my cozy house, 20 miles plus south of the snow ! My outdoor weather station says 44 right now, which is quite cold for us with the sun still up and rain-

Sue I meant to mention yesterday that the same company that puts on the Seattle show also does SF. Ive been told by people who have been to both that Seattle is the best .I had all intentions of going to Seattle this year but my schedule just didnt work out. Maybe next year

Well Chelone, I have to say the whipped cream cat trap is a new on me. Brilliant ! Thank goodness helpmeet did not incur a serious injury as he slipped on the ice during the fracas. So I dont suppose that Vera is named after Vera Charles ? (or that anyone besides me knows who Vera Charles is) Hey its Drema who has the Knee, Ive got the Tooth !

Drema, I know so many people who have had knee replacement kinda scary, but lots of them really turn out well. Im a little taken aback when I feel discomfort in my knees, and usually it is a direct result of jamming them while digging in the garden. Ive become careful about not digging for over 15 or 20 minutes at a time.

Michelle, I like that idea of making cards with photos and double stick tape.I need to learn a little more about the "creative" side of my computer-Im great with Excel and data queries, and the like, but I come up short with all the graphics stuff.

Nice pots Wendy ! I dont think we have Home Goods out here. Are those pots all resin ?

T, love your elk shots , oh yeah, the babies are cute too !

How was Ken Druse, V ?

Hi there Norma

Mary , I'm a Mary Kathleen-are you a Mary Katherine ?? That was my grandmother.

Cynthia, glad the fence is all up and running. I just love getting "infrastructure " stuff handled. Nice story about your Dad..I guess he was ok with the split up ?

Oh yeah, on the tooth front, I have an abscess, and my dentist says the tooth is not salvageable. They wouldnt touch it today because its way too swollen now(I look very chimpmunk-like) so I have an appt on Thurs to get the thing extracted . Whopee ! At least an extraction is cheaper than a root canal. So Im still poppin the Advil and penicillin. I find that if I talk as little as possible , the pain can be kept quite tolerable. I put lots of calls into voice mail today .

Im going to have an omelet for dinner ( minimal chewing) and then do some research for my fantasy baseball draft coming up in April thankfully there is no alcohol warnig on my penicillin bottle
Hello to everyone not mentioned..Later!

Kathy in Napa

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Deanne you are not a dunce! Any of us could have done that...we are ALL dunces? lol. Is Billy Green hard to replace? Guess what brilliant thing I did? I wanted to finish 'turbo-skimming' the previous thread and I forgot it was past the 100 mark-so naturally I pushed it to 103. I'll have to paste my post here tomorrow and there's lots to comment on here too...

Honey, can you come out to play?


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Gee Mary, you have no idea how much your reply meant to me. My brother was a pretty adept musician (clarinet/ saxophone). But I never "got it". The whole idea of notes on a staff, well it was lost on me. You can only imagine the ensuing horror the requisite RECORDER wrought for the following 3 years, each class beginning with DICTATION, and then having to SING the notes. I used to cry before music class! and refuse to participate. The spectre of that humiliation stays with me to this day. I love music, could easily identify any number of pieces within a few notes. And I consider myself lucky that I've managed to find dance, funny that I'm married to Music major, huh? So share this, Mary. And go for it!

Vera Charles, Kathy? NO, I don't know who that w/is. Tell me, please. Vera was named thus because we had 3 little kitties and two had been named. I looked at the helpmeet and said, "got any ideas?". He looked at her, was silent for a bit and said, "Vera". So, she's Vera. :) We laughed that had there been two males intead of two females, they would have been named, "Vera, Chuck, and Dave".

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

In some ways it was a "perfect storm" type of day. All three of the speakers that I heard today mentioned Agaves. Yes, Cynthia, I have the Yucca Do web page open in another window. There will be agaves in my future.

Ken Druse was fun. Eden (and Honey if you're "listening") he had great things to say about Goldner Walsh - he says they are a GC that "gets it". I thought it was interesting that he starts his new garden beds the same way most of us do - with layers of wet newspaper or cardboard and a thick layer of mulch. I wrote down some other stuff he said and will share more later. Also heard a wonderful talk on container gardens and came away with waaay too many good ideas. Wonder if I can squeeze in a trip to Home Goods before I go to NH?

I'd better finish up and start repacking. Why did I bring two books, thinking I would have a lot of reading time?


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

The entrelac blanket is finished now, except for blocking. Not what I imagined it to be, but lots of fun in the doing.

I've finally caught up with Mary's husband's photos posted many threads ago. Superenjoyable!

Chelone, Charlotte will not be enjoying dinner out with Wrecks. Although adored by everyone, her beard collects lots of food and really is not a tidy presentation. Besides, she'd likely wander around or sleep under the table rather than keep a sit/stay. :(

Congrats to Blabs on her passing with flying colours. I'm enjoying all the containers and ideas.

Cynthia, I want to see the fence, but mostly the cats. Too many cameras in need of repair it seems.

He Drema, Marian, Deanne and the whole gang!

Here's to COLOUR!


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Kenzie had her first airplane ride. They actually flew out today and not tomorrow. So they missed the bad weather. I talked to them while they were on layover in Atlanta. I asked her if she was on an airplane. She had to have DD hold the phone so she could put her arms up and say "airplane - high in the sky" I guess she was a well behaved little lady on the plane and was having a ball at the childrens play area at the airport in Atlanta.

Night all

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Good morning

CONGRATULATIONS BABS! Oops, I guess I should stop yelling at you LOL!

Way to go Kenzie! I bet it was a very exciting trip for her.

V - sounds like some great talks. Would love to hear more about Ken Druse.

Kathy - we're both just Marys. My Mum is Mary Kathleen but has always gone by Jennifer. I'm actually Mary Susan but have never used my middle name. Your tooth must be so painful - hope you can hang in there till Thursday.

So Deanne - are you managing that secret trip to Home Goods. I'll be thinking of you all this weekend. Have a Pina Colada on me:0)

Chelone - how rotten to have had such a humiliating experience with music in school. Sadly I doubt you are alone in this experience. But how great that you have retained a love for listening and found a way to enjoy music through dance. What does your helpmeet play?

GB - the blanket is just beautiful, I love the texture and just want to reach out and stroke it. Yo must have been knitting up a storm! Gorgeous tulips!!

Ei , just incase you're reading, I think of you fondly every time I write and exclamation mark!!

Well, I need to get going on the day. We must be having a pressure change as my sinus are throbbing - and extra cup of Joe is called for.

Have a good day


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wendy2(zone 6 MA)

Just a quick drive-by this AM, DD walked to school so I have a few extra minutes.

Mary, glad you are going for the violin lessons. I love music; I used to play the piano and the clarinet but I did it for fun, I was never too serious about it. I listened to some of the violin piece on the link, it was wonderful.

Babs, good to hear your inspection went well. We had faith in you! Yes, DS is in the 4th grade, and 5 paragraphs seems like an awful lot. They are doing double digit multiplication and long division too, I don't remember doing all that in 4th grade.

'bug, the blanket is beautiful. Do I detect a hint of pink in the yarn, or is it a reflection from the tulips? That story about your DGS is a riot! My DD asked "the questions" in 4th grade when they had frogs in the classroom, and they caught them "doing it". I was prepared, I had a book geared towards children. Haven't had that talk with DS yet, I guess the frogs were more discreet this year.

Deanne, you go girl! You stoked my container fever last summer, I'm glad to return the favor. There is a HG in Bedford Mass, a few exits down 128 from the Burlington Mall if you feel like taking a ride! We have 3 within decent driving distance from us, so I have been circulating the last few weeks.

Re: the pots, the 2 urns and the pedestal are resin or fiberglass, the little round pot is terra cotta, and the black ones are ceramic, but they have a matte finish that looks like iron. Now you guys can help me decide what to put in them! I think the black ones call out for something structural, agave or a grass maybe?

Chelone, no worries that you don't remember me - we spoke only briefly. I didn't realize you were the one from the idylls until later, I was new here then and still trying to keep all the names straight. Yes, you gave me the lavender iris but they didn't bloom last year. Looking forward to seeing them this year! Hope you can make it to Deanne's this weekend.

Well, have to run and make a lunch for DS and get ready to run out the door. Used up me extra few minutes and then some!

Enjoy the day!


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Morning all,

Wow a busy, busy day at the Idylls. McKenzie has had her first airplane ride? Cool.

Bug, that is one gorgeous blanket!!!! Your projects are making me almost want to start knitting again. Thanks for the spring color. Dont you just love tulips?!

Babs, congrats on passing with flying colors. ~~ Thanks for asking, the Billy Greene fuchsia came from White Flower Farm last year and were quite expensive although beautiful plants. What Im really heartsick about is losing the years growth on them. The more mature fuchsia get larger and bloom better than the first year plants.

V. We can go to Home Goods on our way to the airport on Sunday! I just dont know how you are going to fit those containers in your carry-on! LOL

Kathy, so very, very sorry about your abscessed tooth! That sounds just miserable. You are going to feel so much better when you have that taken out and the infection clears. ~~~ LOL about a little amount of snow closing things down out there. When I was little I lived on Chincoteague Island, VA and the same thing happened. I can remember one morning when we had less than an inch of snow and we were all baffled when they cancelled school. Incredible!

Mary, that is so excellent that you are going to take violin lessons again! Good for you! After our musical session last fall I was contemplating taking guitar lessons and to finally learn how to read music but I got busy with the photography instead. Maybe next year.

Chelone, I cant help with the amaryllis question as I dont grow them anymore because I never had any success getting them to re-bloom. I think Marian grows them and has success with them blooming again.

Cynthia great news on the fence front. Cant wait to see pics of what you did.

So in honor of Wendys new gorgeous containers I thought we could put up some container photos from seasons past??? Get in the mood for planting these fun mini-gardens.

The grouping from the breezeway steps last July 7th

The lovely Beacon Rosa fuchsia that is three years old in this photo. This plant is still alive and well in storage downstairs.

And the corner of the front yard with the collection of container gardens

Have a great day! Im off to the gym then a trip to Home Depot is in order!


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Cynthia, it would be nice if some of your dad's luck would rub off on my mom. We've been waiting over 20 years for her to ditch her "companion". Unfortunately I think hell will freeze over first.

Mary, you should pursue your musical talent if possible. You have a gift. I really enjoyed that night at Marie's last fall when you, Deanne and Rick performed. Piano was the instrument I studied briefly. Although I had some natural ability the timing was all bad-early teenage years. My grandfather was able to play many instruments by ear. After a few drinks he would play the piano and harmonica at the same

I'm thinking I should stay away from Homegoods. At the end of last season I bought a bunch of large containers that I didn't even plant. This year I have to find a way to balance my desire to go a little over the top in preparation for the garden conservancy day with my ability to keep up with the maintenance.

Well, I must run. Mapquest is telling me Zoe's 1 o'clock appointment is an hour and 20 minutes away. When I get home from that I have to whip down to another part of the state and pick up a rescue dog from some women who are trying to spring from a shelter. They found this dog stuck in ice in a park and turned him in. The dog officer in the town is telling them the ten days are up and that's it even though she only has two dogs impounded right now. You would have to be a ghoul to relish the euthanization of adoptable animals when there are clearly people offering you options but some ACO's have loose screws. On the bright side, many bend over backwards and bend the rules to work with us.


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Deanne, I don't mean to meddle, but even if those fuschias look dead they may not be. These were potted, not cuttings right? I always let mine be hit by frost, chop back and try to keep them dormant all winter. Mine just got their first watering a couple of weeks ago, and I expect to see growth pushing up soon. (One is at least 6 years old.) Water well, chop and you might be surprised.

Gotta run, you guys wrote too much last night!

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

But thank goodness you didn't SING! (Just pulling your leg Sue!)

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Kathy, I am so sorry about your tooth! I do hope the pain med and antibiotic are helping.

Deanne, I had no success at all with my amaryllis this year. All 7 of the big bulbs have long green leaves but nary a sign of a bloom stalk. I DO still have all but one of the coleus that you sent. I am espacially happy with the Sedona, and the Alabama Sunset. Now, if they will last for the 2 more months before they can go outside, I will be all set for more lovely containers. I think I need to cut them back and root the cuttings. The Brug has a tuft of leaves, but it also has spider mites! Yargh! I just spritzed it with bug spray.
Sorry about your fuchsias.I hope you try Cynthia's advice and it works for you.

'Bug, great DD story. I wonder if he asked his mother the same question, and if she gave him an answer. I do not recall our son ever asking such questions. I never had a 'birds and bees' talk with him, and I'm sure his dad didn't either. Since I grew up on a farm, I pretty much knew the facts of such things...but still admit I had some weird ideas as to how a girl could get pregnant.
That is a beautiful blanket. You are so talented!

Re: middle names...a lot of folks in this area are known by their middle names. or nick-names. I don't know how many times I have seen a well-known friend's 'real' name in the news, and didn't recognise who it was. It is more often the women who go by their middle name, but their first name isn't/wasn't Mary....:-)

Chelone, that is sad about your discomfort in music class. Why 3 years ? What torture!

Hey...where is Honey?

Babs, congrats! I figured you could do it.

Michelle, I wish there were pics of Kensie on the plane neat.

Mary, I hope you have found relief for the sinus throb.
Congrats on the renewnal of violin lessons.Good for you! I never ever took musical instrument lessons.

Lovely pots, Wendy. I'm looking forward to the combos in them.

I called my SIL last night. It was her Birthday. She said they were getting snow in Albany, Oregon. Not a 'usual' event. She also said my oldest half sister has snow at her home in Idaho. She isn't in the mountains.
I doubt if the Idaho schools closed down. I don't know about Albany, Oregon. Arkansas and Missouri are both quick to shut down at a very small amount of snow. Most drivers in our area are not too accomplished at driving on snow.

More possibly severe weather is predicted for tonight and tomorrow in our area.

Daffodils are blooming in Harrison. None of mine are open yet, but full of large buds.

The sedum spectabile have cute round new growth. The deer haven't found them...yet.


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Good Morning, I thought we were supposed to get some sun today but gray skies so far. We're in for rain tonight and tomorrow and I'm hoping that will melt all of the snow away! Megan is no better today. This is her third day on the antibiotics but her throat is still very sore and swollen. The Dr. says her tests from Monday should be in by tomorrow and if she's not better by then he'll see her again. I'm going to keep Bella today so she can get rest. She can't afford to be off work much longer, she's missed 4 days now.

Babs, I knew you'd pass with flying colors. No doubt about it. Congrats!

Marie, that baby blanket is just beautiful. Thanks for the pretty pink tulips too. I enjoyed the story about dgs. I remember the days of those questions here.

We can always use new pots from Home Goods. Think of them as upgrades. They can replace some of the older, or less special ones we have.

Mary, I know you'll enjoy the lessons so much. I imagine they're pretty pricey these days though. I took piano and violin lessons from elementary school all the way through high school and Jen and David took piano. With Megan it was dance. Brad's self taught on the guitar and drums.

Michelle, how great that Kenzie had such a fun time on her first airplane ride. Bet she'll have lots of fun in Florida too.

Chelone, I've never had any experience with amaryllis so I'm of no help there.

Deanne, your container pictures were beautiful last summer but it's even more wonderful to see them now. Thanks! I'll post a few of mine, though they don't compare...

I need to get going and get prepared for Miss Bella.


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Good morning!

First off, I missed Drema & Bab's posts on the last thread. I don't know how that one happened but wanted to say 'hello' to them right away. I find that I often skim through posts too fast and miss a lot. Later I'll read responses from others and think 'what are they talking about?' only to go back and find the post along with much that I didn't catch. It is embarrassing to do it over and over again, but I do.

Marie's baby blanket is very intriguing. The pattern looks quite complex---makes me wish to attempt at least a small patch to see how it is done.

Lovely containers!

Sue, I'll be thinking of you this afternoon and hoping that the appointment goes well.

Kathy, the tooth sounds painful.....hope the antibiotics do their magic and the tooth can be removed without any complications.

Eden, I hope your daughter will be feeling better soon. I could nod my head and understand about being worried when she didn't answer the phone. ;o)

Okay, so I've already forgotten what else was mentioned by people.....ugh!

It has been snowing hard for a few hours. We've got a couple of inches max, but it has been big wet snowflakes that are coating the satellite dishes and cutting out our television and the internet. I've gone out twice so far to wash the snow off of them. Thus, I'm going to cut this real short so that I can get it sent off before I'm tossed offline again. :o)

Hope everyone has a good day....

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wendy2(zone 6 MA)

For Chelone-

When I'm 64

When I get older, losing my hair, many years from now,
Will you still be sending me a Valentine, birthday greetings, bottle of wine?
If I'd been out 'till quarter to three, would you lock the door?
Will you still need me, will you still feed me,
When I'm sixty-four?

You'll be older, too.Aaah, and if you say the word, I could stay with you.

I could be handy, mending a fuse, when your lights have gone.
You can knit a sweater by the fireside, Sunday mornings, go for a ride.
Doing the garden, digging the weeds, who could ask for more?
Will you still need me, will you still feed me, when I'm sixty four?

Every summer we can rent a cottage in the Isle of Wight if it's not to dear. We shall scrimp and save.
Ah, grandchildren on your knee, VERA, CHUCK and DAVE.

Send me a postcard, drop me a line stating point of view.
Indicate precisely what you mean to say, yours sincerely wasting away.
Give me your answer, fill in a form, mine forever more.
Will you still need me, will you still feed me, when I'm sixty four?

by John Lennon/Paul McCartney

That "Vera, Chuck and Dave" sounded so familiar, but I couldn't place it - I actually had to use Google! I must be getting old! I was a huge Beatles fan when I was about 12, and I still enjoy them.

Thanks for the pics Eden and Deanne, made my morning! Deanne, I think that coleus was pinneapplet, but I'll check my tags when I get home.

Sue, good luck with Zoe today.

Eden, hope Megan is feeling better soon. Strep is awful, and so contagious - be careful!

Figured out that I can duck in here quickly at work since we have high speed internet now - the dial-up noise which was a giveaway is gone!

Back to work now!


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Doing the after lunch, before nap, check in here.

Drema, I keep forgetting to mention your knee. Hope you get the MRI and find a solution for the pain.

Wendy, I couldn't place the Vera, Chuck and Dave either, though it sounded farmiliar. Thanks for clearing that up! I hope with the high speed you'll be able to check in more often!

So T, how many times have you wiped off those satellite dishes by now, lol?

Sue, I'm hoping that you get a good report on Zoe. This is the neurologist appt.?

Kathy, hope the antibiotics are kicking in and the tooth is not hurting as much until you can have it taken out. Ouch on that though!

Bella and I are going to do some collaging before her nap. I cut out things and provide various materials and "help" with gluing as much as she needs. She's in charge of all artistic and creative decisions and it the true artist.


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ccsuzy(z6 IN)

Hello, Idylls, long time no post. I apologize for disappearing abruptly last summer. It was my intention to keep up with you all, but life got in the way. I lost both of my dear old kitties. One walked off one night in June and never came back. She was about 16 so I think it was just her time. The other, my sweet Licorice, got a bad ear infection and later developed, we think, a tumor. I spent a lot of time babying him, I knew it was coming, but just had the hardest time facing it. He was 15 and my love, always purring and talking to us. It was the hardest thing I've had to do, I think, but it was for the best and I know he is at peace. I put him in the garden under an Endless Summer hydrangea, he would have like that, near the bird bath.

As in all things when one door closes another opens. That very afternoon my 20 year old son brought me home a 4 month old kitten. I would have said it was too soon, but she immediately wormed her way into my heart. DS's reasoning was that he had never known us not to have a cat in the house since he was born (he's right about that) and he couldn't stand the thought of it. He got her from a shelter through Petsmart, with all shots and spayed, and she is a healthy happy thing. She's great friends with Cinders and runs the house - literally - it's been a long time since we had a kitten. She's a joy to us all.

So that is why I've not been around. I've missed you all and thought of you often. I'll get a picture of my "girl" (her name is Mystique) later for you all. I'm dying for spring, I planted a lot of things last year, including some bulbs, and I can't wait to see what pops up.

Hugs to all,


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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

Some much-needed sunshine here today! Its reasonably mild too (+1C/33F) so theres melting going on. Misty and I got out for a walk this morning and will go again shortly, as soon as the roasted tomato, basil and red onion pasta sauce has finished roasting (Theres a pungent aroma of basil and garlic in here at the moment:- ) March is forecast to come in like a lion here with a forecast of 2-4" of wet snow/ice pellets for tomorrow! The shed guy obviously isnt coming this week so Ill have to keep my fingers crossed for a meltingly warm next week We started work on the coffee table to match the planter bench. The base frame is put together, although I had to come up with an alternative approach as I could not find small enough apron brackets. We glued the top pieces together this morning. The top will not have the gaps between the boards that the bench does but it will be screwed to the base using the same pattern of screw placement as on the bench. Heres how it looks at the moment:

Chelone What I do with amaryllis is pot up the bulbs in January. I add slow release fertilizer to the pot when I pot them up but otherwise dont fertilize the rest of the year. After the flowering is finished, cut off the faded flowers. When the stalk(s) go limp and the leaves are developing, cut off the stalk. Harden the plant off in spring and move it outside for the summer. I put them on the back patio where they get a mix of sun and shade. In late September or early October, bring them in and put them in the basement to let them dry out thoroughly. In January, I remove them from the pots, clean off the old, dry soil and repot with fresh potting soil and slow release fertilizer and away they go The big one with the 3 bloom stalks was in my Christmas stocking this year but the single one blooming now is several years old. An offset of that one has a flower stalk this year. Another old one was looking diseased last fall when I brought it in it has produced a flower stalk but it looks like its diseased too and isnt going to develop so Ill be throwing that one out. Two small offsets have yet to start growing and itll be several years before they get big enough to bloom. Heres what is growing now (color is bad because the sun is too bright today)

The dental woes skipped me (knock-on-wood) but hit Barb. Shes been delaying dealing with a problematic tooth for too long but it hit a crisis point today so shes gone off to an emergency dentist appointment.

The creaky knee problem is sneaking in to my life probably because Ive been slacking off on winter exercises :- (

T the Charlie Browns are so cute! I was sorry to hear about Claude though.

Eden Bella is certainly bella! The white tiger is pretty cute too

GB I love that blanket! Mpy tendinitis is in an uproar too much painting I think so my knitting, inspired by your efforts, has come to a screeching halt at the moment.

Containers I think I prefer to admire Deannes, Edens, Cynthias etc. aside from veggies in pots, I do very few, very simple pots as Im too lazy to do all that watering!

My tendinitis says its time to stop typing; my nose says its time to check on the pasta sauce! So, once again, Im not getting around to commenting on all the interesting things going on in your lives

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Picturing T wiping off the satellite dish to get a better connection.

I can't remember what I read this morning - too much - but a good read. Martie is missing and I miss her!

Babs, congratulations on getting in the 'green' on your report card. No surprise, but I'm sure it felt great :-)

The entrelac blanket came out just beautiful GB. I like white on white or patterned white and the blanket is stunning. Reminds me of the matelasse spreads I use - but much nicer of course.

High 40F today and I needed an excuse to putter so chopped down a bunch of grasses out back before the sun set. Pruned some roses too. I'm always too late or too early with that, so I just chopped away becase otherwise it may not get done, and some are just an overgrown mess.

Enjoyed all of the photos, but I need an update on Zoe!

Hi Suzy, sorry about your old kitties but glad that a new one came into your life so quickly.

And Hi to everyone I missed. Cynthia

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Hi-ho one and all
Hey, thanks for all the nice sympathetic remarks on the tooth situation. Tomorrow is my appointment, hopefully the swelling will have gone down enough by then to allow it to go forward. Still a little puffy.
Our "snowstorm" was front page news in the Napa paper today. Apparently it stayed on the ground quite awhile in our higher elevations.

Vera Charles is Mame Denniss(aka Auntie Mame) best friend . They met as chorus girls in an out of town production of "Shanghai Gal" (at least I think that was the name of it )
I confess to being a Patrick Dennis "cultist". (He wrote Auntie Mame, among other things) I read Auntie Mame the first time when I was about 12 I think, and gave the book to my friend George, who passed it on to his cousin and on and on. We still throw around quotes from Auntie Mame and various other books of his to this day when we get together. I have never met anyone else outside this group of childhood friends who has read these books. Im sure they are out there somewhere !

Deanne and Eden , thanks for posting those great container pics, they are so fun to look at ! Deanne is that Dahlia in the breezeway grouping "Sayonara" ? I have two of them coming from Swan Island Dahlias in Oregon. Also looks like Golden Marinka in front of it ? And that "Beacon Rosa" is to die for Ill have to see if I can find that one .

Marian, all the females in my family were named Mary , and all called by their middle names. My Sedum spectabilis has growth too- I still havent cut off last years brown flower stalks. I like how they look so I keep them on till the last minute. I think the last minute is just about here !

Eden sorry about your Megan, strep throat is so painful-I would rather have this crummy tooth thing I have now than strep .. It looks like you have some unusuakl things in your containers , theyre very pretty .

T, lets hope we west coast folk get a respite this weekend from the cold and wet.

Well hi Suzy, I dont think weve met , maybe you werent around when I started posting last fall ? Im out here in Northern California, zone 9 . Pleased to meet you ! I am also a cat person, my inventory stands at three right now, one elderly .Look forward to pics of Mystique.

Woody, it sounds like you have the amaryllis thing down pat !

Ok, Im going to have a baked potato for dinner , and watch Room With a View

See Ya!
Kathy in the Napa Valley

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Hello All, I was going to try to do a respond to all post But just am not up to the challenge. I have read everyone with interest. And commented in my thoughts.

Wendy, my DH has always sang that song to me. LOL.
Now he is one year past 64 and I am there now. We still need and feed each other.
Speaking of feeding him, I made meatloaf today. I only do that about once a year and he loves it. I like it too, but it always talks back to me.

I went to visit Wyatt today. He is perking up a little but is still hurting. I scored well with the Batman Truck and dominoes I took him. We played a few games. He doesn't try to talk much because it hurts. I thought it was pretty cool that he mysteriously beat big brother 10 race car games in a row last night. Jake has always been a good big brother.

Hope V has made it home safely. And waiting to hear about Zoe.

I think it must be a full moon or close to it tonite. To lazy to look it up, but it sure is bright out there.
Did someone say it was 12 days till daylight saving time? I was wondering just when it started. It sure is staying lighter longer. And even though it is still quite cool I can feel that spring is not far off. I have a couple of yellow crocus next to the sidewalk out front where it is sunny and protected.
I have enjoyed seeing the colorful flowers you all have been posting. And all the other photos as well.

Deanne I always apreciate the bird shots and T's elk.

Warm thoughts to all who have lost pets. It's hard to let them go.

I hope those that are hurting are finding some comfort and relief soon.

Mary I hope you got that email you were anticipating. I will never be and don't aspire to be a great musician but I am enjoying the heck out of learning to play the guitar.

Well my eyes are drifting shut so I think I will go dream up some spring flowers.

Sleep well everyone. Norma

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Be still my heart-containers! It won't be long now.

Here is the Zoe update...thanks for all your good thoughts and concerns. It has been a long day. I left the house at 11:30 this morning and didn't get back til after 7 tonight. Thankfully the rescue situation got cancelled because another one of our volunteers got in touch with the dog officer and was able to drive down and evaluate the dog. As it turns out, it wasn't even a schnauzer but some sort of terrier mix with aggression issues. The ACO, who was misrepresented to us by the good samaritans, agreed to send it to a trainer for evaluation.

So...Zoe ended up having an MRI. My advice to anyone who ever has to face this is just show up with boatloads of money and you'll be Unfortunately for me the procedure took almost three and a half hours, mostly because she had to be put under anesthesia and then brought back out. They basically took my cell phone number and told me they would call when she was ready. I killed time by loitering around stores like Kohl's and Home Goods and eating lunch at Wendy's.

The bottom line is she has some sort of abnormal inflammation in a section of the brain that effects behavior. At this point the vet doesn't know what it is but will hopefully know more when he gets the results of the spinal fluid analysis. According to him it doesn't appear to be a surgery situation. He won't rule out anything definitively but is thinking it's not a sarcoma or any type of cancer because it's symmetrical. I have a prescription for steroids that I can fill if I think she's getting worse but before medicating her at all I'd prefer to get a diagnosis. As much as I'm not thrilled at some of the potential prospects, I'm relieved that they did find something wrong and we can move forward from here.

I do have to say, knowing how much all of this was costing (they gave me a quote, made me sign that I'd received a quote and took a deposit before treating her) took all the joy out of my Homegoods They had plenty of garden stuff but none of it seemed like much of a deal to me.

Tom went to his doctor appointment this afternoon. Both Zoe and daddy had xrays today. Nothing broken-just bad bruises/strains. He turned down the prescription pain killers and opted for the Motrin 800. They cleared him for the hot tub and he didn't waste any time.

Hi Suzy-good to see you back. So sorry about the kitties but it sounds like you've got help in the heart healing department.

Chelone the weather looks clear for Saturday so plan to get your a** to Deanne's. No excuses. I've got the pet sitter lined up so we don't have to rush home.

Marian, you have daffodils in bud already? Wow, it will be up to a month before we get to that point here.

Deanne, my brother has to work from 1-5 on Saturday. I told him the festivities would probably be winding down by 5 so maybe next time.

OK, I'm beat. The timing of all of this business today put me smack dab in the middle of rush hour in southwestern CT on I-95 for the trip home. Last week I got stuck in Boston rush hour en route to my aunt's wake. I'm not used to this anymore. Enough with the traffic situations

Nite nite,


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Room With a View. Now I'd love to watch that this evening. :-)

It's been a funny evening so far. The phone rang just as I was about to put my first bite of dinner in my mouth, and it was DD calling on business about house finances, so I ate dinner standing up while she and I chatted. So then I had to spend a few moments with DH catching up on his day after that, then feed pets, etc etc. It just seemed like everything was in the wrong order. Next I hope to block the white blanket I knit.

Hearing about Cynthia doing tasks in her garden and seeing Deanne and Eden's containers is really hard on me. The snow is so deep here. I have a trellis blown down by the wind from the garage wall and I haven't been able to get to it under the snow drifts yet. I worry the propane delivery man will step on it. Also the one side of our bridge is in urgent need of repair. When that will be possible is anyone's guess. It is -10 out tonight which I guess is about 14F. I can see rabbit gnawing marks on many shrubs and roses. At least it isn't like at my friend's house though. Today her dog brought in a rabbit head. Arghhh and yuck!

Fun to hear about your project Woody! Sorry about Barb's tooth though. It always surprises me that your weather isn't the same as ours.

T, we have the same satellite clean-off problem, but can't access it. Sure can be a nuisance. I REALLY don't want anyone climbing our roof on days like that.

Marian! Imagine having daffodil buds already! I like to think I could manage winter so much better if things began to colour up earlier. You asked about DGS's mother. Well she gave him strict instructions to have his father deal with such information. I think that's a shame, but since DD is a biologist, she can't wait to deal with it. Her husband is away at the moment, so I imagine after Indy's agility class, there'll be some fun dialogue happening tonight! ;-)

I'm in line to hear about Zoe's report!

Michelle, "hairplane" was the word used by DS for a couple of years. He'd point to the sky and screech it daily. ;-)

Also thinking of Ken Druse, whipping cream on snow, Drema, kitties, blue frosting, Norma, elk...and trying NOT to think of knee replacement, teeth, ski accidents, bad neighbors and other woes!

Time to curl up with a book.

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Some Idyll haiku
Many busy Idyllers here
I'm home safe and sound


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

A poet!
I didn't Know it!


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

It's my bedtime, but I want to get some input from you all on a thought that popped into my head today. I am pretty sure I have the solution to my going to visit my relatives in Idaho and Oregon this spring. I am going to approach Nolon's widowed sister to come stay with him while I am gone. I think it would be good for all three of us.
It has been almost 10 years since I was last back there. We are all getting older, and punier. I'd like to see them at least one more time.
The biggest problem may be SIL's dog(s). I do not think they would be compatible in our house, with our cats, even tho they are small dogs. She might could leave them with one of her 3 daughters.
She lives close enough that she could return home and back in the same day, with no problem. It's about a 1 and 1/2 to 2 hour drive. I did it easily the day we went to her DH's funeral.

Naturally I would fly. I'd want to be gone at least 10 days.

I would be more than happy to finance her stay, and her traveling.

What do you all think ? I haven't mentioned this to Nolon. I am afraid to, until I know what his sis says.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

What a lovely idea! You've done so much research on your home turf and still have the family connections. Spring for it.
I do hope Sis would enjoy a stay with her brother for that short time. I certainly enjoy my brother's annual visit. Nolan should be kind enough to allow you this gift to yourself I think. You haven't been selfish at all and have stuck close to the hearth for ages I think. Perhaps you could arrange it before garden and bug season begin?
I'm so glad you thought how to make this possible!

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Good morning all!

Well the weather people are predicting nine inches of snow for us tonight and tomorrow but everything should be cleared out by Friday night so unless there are weather issues in Chicagoland V. shouldnt have any problems getting in to Manchester. Phew! Theyve been predicting this storm for a week now and Im so relieved that it isnt going to happen on Saturday. Then Winter would have been thumbing its nose at us! LOL All the drivers shouldnt have any problems either.

Sue, thanks for the update on Zoe. Sorry you still dont have any definite answers. ~~ I went to Home Goods yesterday and didnt come home with much except for a couple more patio wine glasses for out party. ~~ Sorry your DB cant come but as you said maybe next year. ~~ Glad to hear Tom doesnt have anything broken. He must have loved getting into that hot tub with those sore muscles.

Speaking of hot tubs, anyone wanting to take a dip on Saturday remember to bring your swimsuits.

Chelone, Im so looking forward to finally meeting you in person on Saturday!

Wendy, thanks for looking up the plant ID for me on that. I really do love that variety. Anything chartreuse is great and ruffled chartreuse with tinges of maroon, perfect!

Bug cant believe it is still so cold there. I sure wish youd been able to get down here this weekend. Maybe next year.

Norma, glad to hear your guitar lessons are going well and that you are enjoying it.

Kathy, that dahlia is Fascination one of my all time favorites and yes that is Golden Marenka. I had super luck with that fuchsia last summer. Let me know if you cant find Beacon Rosa and I"ll send you some rooted cuttings. It really is the best fuchsia I have. It is the most profuse bloomer Ive ever seen.

Cynthia, thanks for the fuchsia info but they are indeed dead. The top growth was completely brown and dried out with not a hint of live tissue and the roots also dead and gone. One of the plants might have some life left and Ive got that one under the lights with my fingers crossed.

Woody that coffee table looks great and your amaryllis are lovely.

Suzy, so sorry about your kitties but glad to have you back.

Eden, thanks so much for the container pics!!!! Just gorgeous. I particularly love the one with the Iresine and the Alternanthera Party Time. What is that coleus in the first pic?

T, how much snow did you wind up getting??? Hope your satellite dish isnt buried.

Marian, your plan sounds like a terrific idea!

OK Im off to the gym. Have a great day everyone


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Good Morning and Happy March! The weather's not nice here today, windy and sleety now with lots of rain expected later and then I think some snow tonight. I'll take the lion now if I can have the lamb at the end of the month. Bella stayed over last night, she and Brad are having breakfast but I have to keep this short. They'll be done soon.

Sue, We have a place called Michigan Veterinary Specialists here and I left quite a bit of my savings with them when my old cat Harry had cancer. You don't walk in the door to those places without it being in four figures. We dealt with the oncologist and ophthamologist mostly but also the neurologist a bit too at that time. Harry had a tumor growing behind his eye. I'm glad your vets didn't find any tumor with Zoe and I'll hope for the best for her.

Hi Suzy, I'm so sorry about your kitties. It's great to have you back and that you have a new kitty friend.

Deanne, those containers are gorgeous. The coleus you asked about is garnet robe.

How about some more container pictures? Sue, Marie, Cynthia, Michelle? Come on you guys! We still have to get through March.

I have to go. Bella's done with breakfast. Stay warm and safe everyone.


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Overgrown window box

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Oh Deanne, I look at my coleus (I hate coleus) under the plant lights and see white things all over some of them. They keep growing though and look basically healthy. I just don't know if i should pitch them, wash them, spray them, or leave them alone and hope they last until May when I can shove them outside. Sigh....
Yes indeed, I wish I could come to the gathering and meet some of my best buddies...Le sigh once again.
I need to get moving, but wanted to drop in to read about Zoe. I hope her situation can be dealt with quickly! Fingers and toes crossed.
Maybe I can find a photo to attach....
From last July

    Bookmark   March 1, 2007 at 9:01AM
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I'll be back later. Snow day today - they say you should be where you want to be for the next few days by mid-morning. They are predicting 6-10" and high winds for the next 2 days. We opted to stay home. We have a few things outside that we want to do before the storm hits. We had freezing rain yesterday afternoon. On the way home there were 3 cars in the ditch and a semi jackknifed on the highway. Needless to say I didn't go over 40 and sometimes less. I'll look up some container pictures later and make some comments.


    Bookmark   March 1, 2007 at 9:03AM
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Good morning! It has been snowing off and on all night and tiny flakes are still falling. I'm guessing we have only about 3" which is suppose to melt by tonight. Rain is forecast for all day tomorrow through Saturday. The snow had almost completely melted yesterday afternoon but another system came through beginning about 9. Everything looks pretty. For some reason, last night's snow coated the satellite dishes but didn't cut off the signal. Yesterday I had to wash them off 5 or 6 times as the snow cut off the signal repeatedly. If it isn't freezing, I can use a garden hose to spray water on them....if it is freezing, like today, then it is more difficult since the water freezes into a solid blockage within the hose. I use hot water in a 2 or 3 gallon pump sprayer (like you'd use for Round-up. I stand at an upstairs bedroom window and pump/spray for a long time to melt it. LOL It takes a lot to do it that way and I do need to buy one of those kids' water cannon toys, it seems like it would be much easier if they do spray as strong, and far, as they show in their advertising.

I love the containers, Woody's table idea and the amaryllis blooms (lovely!). I was glad to read that Zoe doesn't have a tumor and hope there is a treatment, without side effects, that will help her.

The gathering this weekend should be a fun one. I can still visualize all of the smiling faces from IU2 and enjoy memories of the laughing, friendly banter during that weekend. I hope the weather cooperates so that everyone will have an easy commute to Deanne's & Doug's home.

Well, I'm heading to fill up my coffee cup. C'ya later!
(Eden, how is your daughter feeling?)


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

That March lion is roaring outside my window.

Cloudy. Snow mixed with ice pellets beginning this morning changing to freezing rain this afternoon. Snow and ice pellet amount 2 to 4 cm. Wind east 30 km/h. High zero.

I'm with Eden. Just as long as the lamb arrives by the end of the month for DD's move I'll be content!

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Someday those of you who have such a huge chip on your shoulders will find that my previous post had nothing to do with any was a generality. Those who have taken it personally need to examine themselves as to why they did so. Perhaps I am not the only one here who has an inferiority complex?
If you are incapable of accepting my appologies and is your problem, not mine!

'Bug and Deanne, thank you for your response to my question.

    Bookmark   March 1, 2007 at 10:36AM
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Megan called and her test came back positive for mono not strep. The Dr. said she can't work until at least next Tuesday. Luckily she took my advice and put money away just in case something like this happened so she can pay her bills. We've been having freezing rain here. The basement's leaking a little. Thank goodness for the wet vac!

Megan's picking up Bella in a few minutes. She'll keep her at home for the night and then Jennifer will take over tomorrow and me again Saturday. Bella is missing her mom, being here overnight.

Such pretty containers! Marie, I really love that second one. The ferns on the pot echoing the planting and the colors are just beautiful.

Woody, forgot to tell you how much I admire your being able to design and build the things you do. That's a talent I don't have. Can't wait to see the completed table.

Megan's picking up Bella in a few minutes. She'll keep her at home for the night and then Jennifer will take over tomorrow and me again Saturday. Bella is missing her mom, being here overnight. I keep getting "Mama?" from her. Hope you're all staying dry. It looks like Michelle and V are getting hit a lot harder than we are here. Stay safe both of you!


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Well that post got all jumbled up somehow?? Megan was just here and her throat's so sore she can hardly talk. I feel so badly for her. Bella was happy to see her and is glad to be on her way home I think.

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Boy, I need a turbo skim motor to get thru the past 24 hours here! Wow, you are zipping along at Mach 1!

Okay, Wendy I confess I have the pedestal & one of the white urns; I resisted the 2 square ones because I was afraid they wouldnt be freeze proof (whoever asked the gray/black ones are clay & heavier; the others were resin or fiberglass - oops Wendy answered already) What a riot! Im not going to confess how many different HGs I have been to in the last 2 weeks (or how many times) esp. since I heard one of the salespeople say what days they generally get new merchandise in on. . . . Im still looking for bigger pots that are fiberglass that I can leave out & now worry about. . . . but there are always all sorts of temptations there; its a wicked, fun place. I also managed to get a couple of obelisks they had in about 5 size; and a couple other "accents" -- Theres no way Im going to attempt Deanne or Michelles numbers though. I ordered some "zonal denial" items Im thinking of potting on & seeing how they do that way.

bug that is a beautiful blanket. So elegant I hope no baby frup catches it. And loved the "where do babies come from" story out of the mouths of children!

Cats and whipped cream what a scream that is a new one to me, Chelone I will have to tell some cat lovers about it!

Congrats, Babs!

Kathie I sure hope the tooth is better make sure it gets proper treatment. Marian, hope youre feeling "more the thing" too. Hope you manage to make your trip to your sisters well. I can understand how it is hard to go away without being sure youve covered all the bases for care, etc., of everyone at your home.

Deanne I didnt realize you lived in Chincoteague used to go there for summers w/ the DD for many, many years; have friends who retired there. . . . Almost bought a place there once a upon a time. Its the "best beach" in VA as far as Im concerned.

Sue, I know the feeling about taking your life savings in hand to go to a specialist I hope they pin down something more specific re a treatment hopefully if its an inflammation of some sort either antibiotics or steroids might be of some help when they figure it out it does take the buzz off any "fling" spending for anything though. Glad to hear Tom is only minor bruises, etc.

Yikes, re the weather Michelle definitely be where you want to be! Cant be anywhere but home! Its supposed to be all rain for us here starting tonite & tomorrow. . . .

Im container challenged here... Ill just ogle all these terrific others.

Sending happy positive thoughts out to all....


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Not mine, but these were pretty impressive at IU3. Note the size of the containers compared to the doorway to the right.

Patio planter:

We drove over to check our neighbors place (where no one lives) Its only a mile down the road, but we could hardly see where the road was but for the electric poles. I imagine that we will lose electricity if the wind blows like they say.

Marian, I'd say you deserve a little time away. I hope it all works out.

What a great pick me up on a snowy day to see all the wonderful container combos.

Sue, here's hoping that they can figure out what Zoe needs and it doesn't cost too many bucks.

A big ham in the oven and plans to get much accomplished during this 4 day weekend.


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ccsuzy(z6 IN)

It's afternoon here, 46 and raining. Melting snow and flood watch for us.

I'll take the camera upstairs and get a picture of Mystique for you. If she'll be still long enough! Sometimes she's just a blur as she runs from one side of the house to the other.

Marian, I think a trip to see your family would be wonderful. It's hard when families live so far apart. Not like long ago when families stuck close by. My closest relatives other than my parents are in California, and we really aren't very 'close' if you know what I mean by that.

Sue I hope you can find something for Zoe that works. I'm glad they don't think it's a tumor. In the end, the vet believes that's what might have been Licorice's problem, since he started having seizures. He'd never had any problems like that in his life. These balls of fur are so much our babies, we just want to do the best for them, don't we?

Hi Kathy, no we've not met. I was off for a while when you came....glad to meet another garden person.

Hi to everyone. I've got to go up and get something thawed for dinner.


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Hi Idylls
Well here I am at home after a regrettably uneventful dentist visit. I still have my bad tooth ! Apparently there is a second tooth involved in my problem and my dentist felt it would be prudent to send me to the oral surgeon/ periodontist next door. The swelling has gone down a lot, and though I have pain its not bad as long as I keep up my Advil regimen. He offered pain meds, but I told him I had to be functional , and it doesnt hurt that bad as long as I dont talk or eat lolI may loose 20 pounds by the time this is over. I have a feeling this is going to reek havoc with my 2007 budget.

I have been really enjoying everyones container photos-they are incredibly inspirational ! The bar has been raised; Im already starting to plan out my strategy . I think Ill head upvalley to the garden center this weekend and get a few larger pots. We are supposed to have mid-60s weather this weekend.

Deanne, I found Beacon Rosa at Antonelli Brothers in Watsonville. They will be at the SF garden show this year , but if they dont have one there they have mail order. Antonelli Brothers is known for tuberous begonias , but they have added more and more fuchsias over the years. It looks like your fuchsias live in full sun ? Its a little too hot here in summer for that exposure, I keep them in morning sun or light shade. They do bloom more profusely the more sun you can give them.

Marian, I hope you are able to pull off the trip to see your family , and hope that SIL is amenable. I think its a wonderful idea.

A big hello to everyone, gonna do a little laundry as long as Im home..

Kathy in Napa

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Marian - Some time away sounds a very good idea. But I'm curious, do you interact with your family the same way you interact with the Idylls?


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Mary, I'm afraid I don't understand your question? Please explain...

I just typed up a nice FRIENDLY post, and lost it when I clicked on review! It appears I had lost my connection with GW !

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

I should have asked ," Et tu Brute' " ?

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Maybe this would go deeper?

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Oh for Pete's sake....
Let's return to our happy forum.

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OK, I've had enough.

Marian, smarten up! this is the nicest, most sincere, and genuinely kind group of people it's ever been my pleasure to know. How you could even feature that people were being "mean" to you escapes my imagination! I don't care if this pisses you off. You need to hear it.

I have hit lows in my life that have scared the livin' daylights out of me since Mum's health hit the skids in '03. NONE of my "real" friends were of much use, but this group was unfailingly and unswervingly kind, gentle, understanding, and humorously nudged me in the direction that was to prove most beneficial LONG TERM. You aren't the ONLY person to feel alone, confused, unhappy. But you NEVER share your feelings... only veiled references... CLUES that all the rest of us are "supposed" to read. And when we fail at reading your "tea leaves" you take it personally. NEWSFLASH! if you want help or NEED more than simple conversation, TELL us what you want and need; share your feelings. If you think THIS group is going to "ignore" you... well, you have very greatly underestimated the depth of compassion and sympathy that exists here. I like you A LOT. I wish the real Marian would participate here (the one that is only hinted at). Here's what I'd ask her: What's goin' on with you? why are you so unhappy? what scares you? if the "real" Marian doesn't speak up, none of us can HELP. Think about that, or get pissed off at me, too. It's up to YOU. You have the luxury of choice. (((Marian)))

I received a call from a customer that I've not heard from in a couple of years today. Her husband died suddenly of a heart attack in November. I didn't know, and felt terrible that I didn't. We talked for a long time (45 minutes) and agreed it will be nice to get together. So the compassion thing, and the understanding thing, and the necessity of being honest about feelings is front and foremost, right now.

I'd never shared the horror of THE RECORDER before this thread. LOL, the music program in the school system required its use. It was introduced in 3rd. grade and continued through 6th. grade. Naturally, by 6th. grade kids who "got" music were already into different instruments. Those of us who didn't "take up" one were forced to labor on ... pretty tough if you couldn't read music! No wonder I used to cry. And no wonder I wasn't willing to try again... this is how kids who get tossed into water, panic, and sink like a stone feel when faced with swimming lessons! My experience with the dreaded Recorder flashed before my eyes when I was studying for my WSI certificate, lol. Have you heard from the potential instructor yet, Mary?! I will live vicariously through you, you know. ;)

Kathy, I sure hope the tooth is OK. My co-worker just endured an abcessed tooth. My own teeth are sensitive and I've never endured a grinding toothache, but can't imagine much worse. My broken wrist hurt, but once it was iced and elevated it was OK, and once wrapped and then casted it was just inconvenient. No nagging, throbbing pain. (sorry 'bout the confusion, I'm embarrassed but it won't kill me).

Suzy, I'm not sure I really remember you... but hey! it doesn't really matter. I'm sorry about your elderly kitties, but really curious about your new one. ;) We're watching the matriarch decline... Floey is getting weaker, more arthritic, but at nearly 18 she's still getting around and eating whatever pleases her. She drinks more and pees more (indicates kidney issues), but as long as she's comfortable and her coat looks good it's OK. We make sure she had warm, snuggly "woolies" in places that get direct sunlight. But the DECISION looms. :(

And so, to Sue... I'm sorry there was nothing definitive about Zoe. Rex has a case of hip dysplasia (the left one)... not so egregious to require euthanasia or corrective surgery at this time... but the specte looms. As the vet. said, "he could be basically functionally sound, with occasional lameness for the next 8-10 yrs.". His advice was to do nothing, keep him at "fighting weight", and sit tight. A hip X ray for hip dysplasia isn't in the same ballpark as an MRI, but the "corrective" surgery damn sure is. It's the NOT knowing that is the worst. And that, I understand!

'bug, the blanket is GORGEOUS. Heirloom quality, just as it ought to be. :)

Wendy, thanks for being so diplomatic. I sure hope the Iris bloom for you this year! they are so pretty and they smell so good (something lacking in more modern varieties). I can't kill them... just make sure the rhizones are visible above the soil level, the soil drains well, and they have strong sun.

I'm holding out good hope for Deanne's on Saturday. The forecast has swung from 6-12" to 2-5" with freezing rain... who knows?! But I'm planning on a Tabouli salad, good lord willin', and the creek don't rise.

I know I've forgotten too many, but that's how it goes, sometimes, kids.

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Ditto what 'bug said!!! Lets just move forward.

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I'll tell you, Marian's response to Mary, who has got to be one of the kindest and most tactful people I've ever known is the ugliest thing I've seen here. Moving on is fine, but I think some apologies are in order. If the Idylls are going to be splattered with Marian's displaced anger on a daily basis, I will take this to the moderators of Gardenweb. There is no need for it. I've been silent, but I have had enough.

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Good Lord Chelone ! I "Never share my feelings" ???????
What in the world have I been saying, if it is not my feelings! What do you want me to do? Cry and wail?
I have asked for understanding, and I get more jabs!
Yes, I am the 'poor white trash', why should I be of any concern to those who are not. Yes, I am not in to partying, and whoopie cushions...why should anyone like a nerd like that! Yes I am a believer in God and His word. That is the biggest offense!
Why do I keep coming back here? Because I liked you all !
I guess that is another of my failings!

Apparently the 4 years of 'good' posts from me were all for naught. Now that I have been having another 'down' time everybody gang up and get in their kicks! If that is what friends do, who needs enemies!

One more time>>>>I wish I had not posted when I was feeling low, but I did, and no one is going to let me forget it!

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You've done plenty of that already. And that's the point.

Answer the questions I asked of you and quit whining.

I'm done now.

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Marian, if participating on this forum is causing you so much anguish, why do you continue to do so? In the past couple of days I've been watching a trend develop here that disturbs me. You seem to enjoy dropping in out of the blue to toss negative flaming generalities under the guise of expressing your opinion or "sharing" your feelings but can't deal with the dissenting opinions that follow. Understand that whenever you choose to "hang it out there" you run the risk that there will be people who have opposing views. Anyone who disagrees with you here is accused of being negative, lacking self esteem, beating up on poor sick old crabby woman, or whatever the crutch de jour may be. Quite frankly the only negative adjectives I've ever seen associated with your name on this forum have been written by you. As others have said before me this has got to be one of the most caring and tolerant group of people I've had the pleasure to know. Some of us are religious and political, some aren't, some of us drink, some don't, some of us are silly whoopie cushion fans and some aren't. If we were all the same, what a boring world this would be.

One of the benefits of "working like a man" for me is I've developed the tolerance of men when it comes to nonsense and cattiness and I gotta tell ya...I've had enough. If you can't deal with this group in a positive way then I strongly suggest you find another place to hang out.


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I'm sorry I wasn't absolutely clear in my prior post. So here it is, Marian:

You must tell us how you're feeling BEFORE you decide to indulge your suppressed anger in attacks on the very people most likely and ABLE to help you through a bad time.

Get your backside off the "pity potty", step up to the mic., and start gettin' HONEST about how things are with you in your life. You'll be amazed at how thoughtful and wonderfully generous this group can be.

NOW I'm done.

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I'm going to step up here and tell you Marian that I agree with everything that's been said above. Everyone here has gone out of their way to be kind to you but it is never enough. You seem to think that you can pop in with your meanness and intolerance whenever you please and then turn around and be all sweetness the next time. I wrote a post earlier saying I'd had as much as I was going to take of you and then thought about the toothpaste and deleted it. But I'm saying it now. What you've been pulling here is nonsense. Either get with the program and play nice or go away.


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Chelone - I haven't heard anything back from the vioin teacher I contacted. When I asked DH what I should do next he suggested perhaps I could send her a picture of a knife.

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

For about one half-second I thought Deanne had a great idea about stopping by Home Goods on Sunday. And then I remembered that I was flying

No trip to Home Goods tonight. Way too long of a day at work. There was supposed to be a software installation this morning, and everything that you can think of went wrong, short of crashing the entire system. The new program is NOT installed and will not be until after my vacation day. Then in the afternoon, a new customer dropped in with no notice and I ended up spending 2 ½ hours with him, doing an order line by painstaking line. Now, I know that customers are the ones who ultimately fund my paycheck, but this was really not the day for this! I had to stay late to take care of some things (fortunately fax machines and voice mails are almost always available) but some issues that I had to discuss with other staff have been left undone as they went home while I was still taking the order.

Hi Suzy! Some day, perhaps your Mystique, Woodys Misty and my Mystic could all get together?

To steal a line from John Belushi, March has come in like a wildebeest! A good old thunderstorm this morning, which of course made my gravel driveway and the office gravel parking lot total slush pits. There was a very brief peak of sun about midday, and now the wind is just blasting away. We are supposed to get a couple of inches of snow overnight. Im hoping that it settles down by mid-day tomorrow so that my flight is not affected. Cross your idyll fingers and toes!

At the risk of singling out just one container out of a lot of gorgeous containers, I have to say that I really liked bugs monochromatic fern pot with ferns in the pot and on the pot!

Oh, Kathy, Im sorry to hear the news on your tooth problems. What a bummer

Mary, dare I say that you slay me?

Chelone, I sure hope that you can make it on Saturday! It will be so much fun to meet yet another idyller. I do enjoy your point of view.

Eden, Im thinking of Meg and hoping she recovers quickly. Mono is no fun. Would you believe I had a food service job in college and I had to quit it because I had mono and they would not give me time off from work?

Im going to throw my laundry in the dryer, tie a rope to the dogs so they dont blow away and then let them out for the last time, and finally crawl into bed and polish off the last 30 pages of "The Omnivores Dilemna". Then I can plan some light reading for the weekends trip. (DD enticed me into a bookstore yesterday and we both had way too much fun. I have always shamelessly indulged my kids when it comes to books, but since I have not bought them a single video game ever, I think on whole thats okay!)

Well if I keep on going, I will end up writing a post like Edens (smile) so Id better just go.


(Honey allee, allee outs in free!)

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Good grief! Marian, nobody on this forum has ever labeled you any of the things you have called yourself. This is the most diverse, intelligent, interesting, talented and tolerant group of people Ive ever had the pleasure of knowing. I do not understand why you are so angry or why you continue to fire off so much of your anger at the people on this forum. Im sorry this group is not living up to your expectations but perhaps it is time to reevaluate what you are looking for in this forum. People here have been kind to you and been supportive of you. This group doesnt deserve your anger and veiled accusations. Let us return to our enjoyment of the joys of gardening.


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taryn(S Ontario Z6B)

Marian, I truly believe we have all been very supportive of your trials and tribulations. We are all supportive of ALL OF OUR trials and tribulations! This is SUCH a fantatastic group of people here! My heart just shrinks into this tiny uncomfortable ball when I read some of the stuff that has been posted here lately. It makes me sad, and mad!

Hey, we ALL have issues of one kind or another! That is LIFE! How we deal with them tells what kind of metal you are made of. I have been INCREDIBLY hurt by one very, very thoughtless individual who continues to post away constantly. SHE has a problem. I don't. BUT, I am not going to cheapen and maybe even destroy the fantastic repoir I've built with others because one person is a thoughtless moron. That would be silly. Life goes on...

Please Marian, don't alienate yourself with no good cause...


    Bookmark   March 1, 2007 at 11:31PM
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That knife's freaking me out so I say lets end this unpleasantness and move on. Hope you don't mind T, but I'm ending your thread early and starting a new one wishing for a return to happiness and peace. OK I'm drawing a line and hoping no one crosses it with anything nasty.



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Thank you Eden. I also vote that phrases such as "thoughtless moron" be kept from the next thread. There has been way too much name calling here lately, it is hurtful and must STOP.


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Good morning. While I appreciate the desire to "move on" and heartily agree with it, there is something unfinished about an Idyll stalled out at a paltry 70 something posts. Just seems sacreligious somehow. I'll defer, if you all insist, but for now:

Old Man Winter arrived in the predawn hours; it really quite pretty and we only have an inch or so right now but it appears to be picking up nicely. I don't have to work today and the helpmeet has been looking for an excuse to blow off work, knowing that the chaos of "busy season" is but a few weeks away. I jostled him this morning, teasing him that he was going to be "late for work". ;) I smell sausage... . Mmmm I bought a roasting chicken yesterday, thinking a late afternoon "dinner" would be a nice treat for a snowy, stormy day. (the animals will like it, too).

'bug, what exactly does "blocking" involve and why is it done on knitted items? Mum used to knit all the time (I treasure the patterned mittens she used to make me) and I remember her blocking things but never bothered to ask why.

Woody, I'm going to save your Amaryllis directions. I'm pretty good at following directions and think if I put reminders in the weekly calendar I might just be able to nurse them through to the next year. I have been apply fertilizer in the watering of the bulbs after the blooms have faded. Your's are just lovely. For years I have covetted a variety called "Picotee", all white with a thin red accent around the petal tips. I've only seen them the White Flower Farm catalog and they're expensive... I'm too cheap to spend that sort of money only to toss them out with the trash in the spring. (gotta be that Yankee thing!).

And speaking of the "Yankee thing", I have excellent news to report on our electric bill! I missed the organized "turn off the electricity" event, but freaked out when I received December's bill... in the mid $90 range! it was the same for January. I've been watching it inch up over the past years, but decided it was time to get serious about it. So, I installed surge protection "strips" to the TV/stereo system, "my" computer, and the helpmeet's computer and all his musical recording equipment. We unplugged all the battery rechargers that weren't in use, and we've dutifully installed those energy saving flourescent bulbs in lamps. It's taken some time to get in the swing, turning off the strips to halt the unnecessary use of electricity to appliance that arent' really "Off", but here are the results: KWH used went from 655 in January to 354 for February! The last bill was $98, this one is $54. I know there were Christmas lights for December and January and the days were shorter and darker, but still, I'm very pleased with the results. There is a reason so many appliances are called "vampires". I will be interested to track the results over the course of the year. We don't heat water with electricity and we don't have air conditioning, either.

Mary, I cracked up at the suggestion to send the picture of a knife. The helpmeet plays bass and has a very nice voice. He plays at piano, but lately has really been working on his voice (doing the vocal exercises), and I hear a great deal of Bobby Darin, Curis Potts and Leon Rausch (west Texas swing) drifting out of the music room. I have always told him I think the character of his voice is wonderfully suited to "standards" and even I can hear the increase in, umm, I don't know the right word for it... well the ease with which he can now reach and hold notes farther from each other. Make sense?

I've been wondering about what the fireplace insert people had to say about Taryn's fireplace. I must have missed it, so could you refresh me?

Eden, your daughter has Mono? what a bummer. How long is she going to be laid up. As I recall, that's one that requires time and rest to put asunder, isn't it? Sounds like a tall order with a toddler zipping around. :/

OK, I'll leave it there for now and move to the new Idyll if you insist...

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

The Truth? The truth is that I am hurting...I am hurting mentally, physically, and yes...spiritually. For the final time: I am not...was not, angry at matter how many times you tell me that I am! I am needing HELP! I was asking for help.
Yes, it is a shame that I caused others so much pain also. I WAS NOT meaning to do so.
I do not have conversations with anyone like I was looking for here. Not even my immediate family.
I agonized for hours last night, then finally did what I should have done. I prayed to God. I found relief and peace.

Here is the song that came to me:

'When peace like a ri-ver, at-tend-eth my way,
When sor-rows like sea-bil-lows roll,
What-ev-er my lot, Thou hast taught me to say,
"It is well,it is well with my soul.

Tho' Sa-tan should buf-fet, tho' tr-ials should come,
Let this blest as-sur-ance control,
That Christ hath re-gard-ed my help-less es-tate,
And hath shed His own blood for my soul,

My sin--O the bliss of this glo-ri-ous tho't!
- My sin - not in part but the whole,
Is nailed to His cross and I bare it no more,
Praise the Lord, praise the Lord, O my soul!

And, Lord, haste the day when the faith shall be sight,
The clouds be rolled back as a scroll,
The trump shall re-sound, and the Lord shall de-scend,
"E-ven so" it is well with my soul.

It is well, with my soul, It is well, it is well with my soul.'

All the things I said about myself are my own thoughts, not anyone elses. It is how I think of myself.

I will not trouble any of you anymore... but will welcome any positive support I can get from you all...including you, Cynthia.

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I know you're hurting, Marian, we all do. We can't help you with your physical pain or your spiritual needs, those are up to you. You really need to apologize to the gang, Marian. If you are willing take a few moments to explain to us what is troubling you most right now, I've no doubt the usual thoughtful and gentle suggestions will pour forthe. But you must be honest and direct, and you mustn't think it will be "all about you" because it isn't "all about" any single one of us.

The words to that song/hymn? are lovely. Do you know its title or who wrote it? And how did you come to know it?

(I had to look up how to spell "hymn")

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What the? I'm unable to check in for a day or two and come back to THIS??
Yeah I know you found peace last night BUT...I am just utterly astounded at you Marian. My heart is racing from anger and disbelief. I do try to see where you are coming from. I too don't like to say things that might come off as judgemental since I don't know what your life is really like. I just don't-none of us Idylls CAN. This is a computer forum. We are not a support group for emotionally distressed people which you definitely are. You read into us no matter what we say or don't say. I don't understand why you are putting such expectations on us. You need help that we can't offer because we are enclosed in a computer monitor & keyboard. You need real bodies talking to you with eye contact and ears to hear what you are saying.

Regular hospitals do have services to help or they might have knowledge of a place that might help you. Even a counseling hotline might help.
You are isolated yes, but you have all these church group people you know. ASK SOMEONE to help you with Nolon so you can get out and talk to a professional. Talk to your pastor. Do they know the real you? Christian people should certainly understand when one of their own are asking for help...

Yes by all means go on your trip to see your family but you still need professional help.
Don't you dare post another pic like the one toward Mary(she is one of the most kind/caring people I know)-that pic is just unforgiveable-talk about premeditative by the time it was posted online!!!! and I agree with Cynthia that you continue that and to the webmaster I go-that is threatening and not allowed here and might even be more punishable than you realize.

While I completely understand Eden needs to start new by leaving this #306 thread to continue on I just couldn't go on to the new thread without saying what I really feel before I start on a new foot.


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I, too, decided that I needed to stand with my other Idyll friends and say how upset, distressed and bothered I am by the attack on Eden, Sue, Mary and others in these past few days by Marian.

To those who just read the Idylls and never post and to those who are newer to posting to the Idylls, I feel that you should know that this mean and hateful behavior, by Marian has been going on for a long time. She is not responsive to any compassion or suggestions that are made. She is always demanding more attention and getting mean when she doesn't get to be the center of attention. If anyone has a problem, hers is worse (as we recently saw with the 'knee' post). She says she is ignored but how often is a "HELLO MARIAN" written at the bottom of a post. That is done because we are all weary of her ranting and raving about not being missed or acknowledged so we go out of our way to fulfill her need for acknowledgement and attention.

She plays games where she will not post for a few days so that she'll capture attention in that way. Someone will ask "where is Marian" and then she reappears. It happens over and over again---and this has gone on for years.

When someone has a death in the family or some other horrible circumstance, she rarely responds to comfort them. Her life and her posts are often centered on herself.

I realize she has had a difficult life and that she feels trapped. But it is obvious that she is not looking towards solving the problems with the help of those in her church or community. All she appears to want to do is to complain about it. I cannot help but wonder how difficult it must be to live with someone as angry and bitter as she comes across as being.

Her behavior, negativity and mean comments have driven some people from this group. Some do return after a period of time, but the injuries and hurt she inflicts remains. She often compared herself to EP, who was much enjoyed and loved on this group. EP was run off a few times by her (EP told me this numerous times). EP strove to be kind, responsive and supportive. It angered her to be drug into a "EP and I" comparison. She was not one who complained no matter what the heartbreak and hard times that life handed her. She was a gentle soul and she did attempt to reach out in kindness as the rest of us have done. But there is a point that everyone hits, when you can only turn the other cheek or listen to negativity before you tire of it. She hit that point (as many of us have) a number of times, then she would leave the group until she could ignore it once again.

One of the points that has been made time and time again is that Marian feels that she is an outcast because she is a Christian. Well, I do not see much of a Christ like attitude in what she has shared over the years. She often throws in our faces that 'she knows where she is going' as if there are no others in the group that will also know eternal life. Being a Christian is much more than saying you believe in God and that you believe your sins are forgiven through Jesus' death on the cross. If a person is truly a believer in Christ then you will strive to walk through life in a way that shows kindness, consideration, acceptance and love. Being humans we don't always walk in that way.......but the world should be able to see that we are what we profess to be by the majority of our words and actions. I do not see that in Marian and it weighs heavy on my mind that people reading her posts over the years will have an opportunity to say "if that is a Christian and a Christian like attitude then why in the world would I want to be a Christian".

I'm writing all of this, not to be hurtful to someone who is obviously unhappy and hurting, but to explain to those who may be reading what has transpired in the past few days and be wondering how so many of us could be upset over this last happening. It may not seem like a huge thing that Marian has done, but what it is all about is that Marian has done this for years and people are fed up.

We do not deserve nor want the nastiness to continue in a place where we come to enjoy each other. We are tired of constantly trying to fill Marian's needs when she is never happy with what we can offer. Someone said 'don't alienate yourself from the group'......well, to me it is already done. I will never, after this post, acknowledge anything that Marian writes. She no longer exists in the Idyll group as far as I'm concerned.

Now, as a Christian my decision bothers me a bit. I do strive to be a kind, loving and supportive person. It is the way I've been for years and I continue to work on getting rid of the 'nasties' in my own life. To turn my back on someone who is obviously unhappy and dissatified with life, doesn't seem very Christ like. I'm going to have to keep thinking about that and also work on figuring out if my decision is a good one or a bad one. ;o) But it is the decision I've made. I no longer will allow the poison from her anger to invade my life in any way.

There was also another post by a member that was hurtful and unneccessary last night. I was reminded of Michelle's analogy of words being like toothpaste squeezed out of a tube and how we cannot put the toothpaste back into the tube once we've squeezed it out. My shock and disbelief at the nasty tone and name calling in that post will stick with me for a long time.

Now, I'm going to reread this, and decide if these words are ones I want to squeeze out of my toothpaste tube. ;o) I have a feeling that I am going to hit the submit button because I've had these thoughts for a long time and it is time for me to stand up for what I believe in and say 'this isn't right and should not be allowed to continue any longer'.

Eden, Sue and Mary are some of the kindest people I know....for them to be attacked in such a rude manner with no apology or remorse---only more 'woe is me, you are all so mean' is, to me, unexcusable and things like this have been allowed to continue for far too long.


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wendy2(zone 6 MA)

I feel I have to say this before I can move on.

Marian, the knife picture is totally out of line. It is hurtful and upsetting, and it has no place here.

I hope you can find positive support through your church or some professional counselling, because I don't think we are equipped to give you what you seem to need.


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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

I'm staying out of this one! I do have to say though - re the knife picture - I suspect you've all misinterpreted that. When I saw it, I saw it as a reference to Mary's DH's comment on sending a picture of a knife to the violin teacher. I think Marian was just somewhat tongue-in-cheek suggesting that here was the knife picture to send.... I suspect everyone now is too deep into the emotional reaction to consider that as the real meaning of that post, but I think that is the right interpretation.

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How can that be Woody when Marian posted the picture at 7:30pm last night and Mary's comment was made later at 9:52pm?

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

Sorry - I was reading the thread in reverse order so it looked the other way around in my quick skim... so I guess the cause and effect, so to speak, is the other way around. However, nothing I've seen in the past from Marian's posts would lean me to interpret that as a threat - more likely an ill-judged attempt to express her hurt. Because of my own situation which leads me to periodic emotional overloads, and seeing a friend with problems with macular degeneration blow up regularly, I guess I'm more inclined to see Marian's bouts as sign of a person in distress. When you're in circumstances like that, often things get said and done that you know are unwise and that you will regret later but seem helpless to stop yourself from doing and saying. My reaction to Marion is colored by my personal experiences so perhaps I'm wrong but I still see her as someone crying for help - in the wrong place to get it, true.

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Woody, the knife was posted first by Marian. I think Mary handled it with dignity by trying to laugh it off, but it was nasty. It was done with plenty of thought.

I agree with T, it bothers me that Marian thinks that she is the only person here who believes in God and I know that her attitude at Christmas is upsetting to many. She "doesn't do Christmas" fine, but don't critize those who do. As well as the fact that many idylls enjoy a little wine and that is critized as well. It isn't immoral or illegal.

I had a hard time sleeping last night because of all of this and I hope that we can get past it.

I agree that Marian's life is hard and maybe depressing, but we all go thru times like that. When I first joined the Idylls, my DD was 18, unmarried and pregnant and there were many hard times in the 2 years preceeding. I went thru one very depressing winter and then decided that I needed to help myself. I couldn't change my situation, but I could make the best of it. Things have changed dramatically, but who knows when the next hard time will come. Joining the Idylls and getting to meet many of them last summer has been a great blessing in my life. What a bunch of caring women. Lets not destroy it. Also, I really don't appreciate name calling. We are much to old for that.

I hope Marian that you can get whatever kind of help you need, but it always works both ways, either here on the Idylls or with your friends and church members. I suggest that you talk with your Dr. and minister about how you are feeling.


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Now I get it. I hadn't finished reading this thread before I read the other one. If I'd been reading along this week I probably wouldn't have ever wanted to come back -- Idylls is for garden talk and relaxation and friendship and support and every other kind of Good thing you can think of. This week was frantic enough without my source of "relief" being all up in arms.

Marian, I must agree that behavior like what you've exhibited is what gives "Christians" a bad rap to people who are not so orthodox. Heck, anyone who exhibits behavior like that needs to take many steps back, pick up a phone, and ask someone for help. Threatening (how else could it be taken?) is not a productive way to exhibit hurt, and is actually as illegal on the web as in person. Assault is assault.

I'm hopeful that this whole debacle doesn't seriously "injure" the Idylls. From the looks of the other thread it won't. We are strong people, one of the smartest groups I have the pleasure of knowing, and I don't want to have any Idyll go away as a result. But, Marian, it will take a strong apology. One that is sincere and very directed, to get me to "listen" to you again. I'm sorry, but I need to take care of myself first.


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Here's how I saw the pictured link:

"Et tu Brute'"

Brutus killed Ceasar with a knife.

It wasn't a "threat"! offensive? YEAH and mean? YEAH. But threatening? UNHUH (a ham-handed attempt to "prove" intellectual depth is more probable.)

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taryn(S Ontario Z6B)

I am regretting using the word "moron" -- thoughtless "actions" would have been less harsh. As I said, we all have issues with some people, and some buttons are easily pushed. Being an infallible and imperfect human being myself, I'm no exception. "Moron" was uncalled for. BUT, and this is a BIG BUT, it can hardly be called "name-calling" when I haven't named anyone! And won't. Stuff happens, to everyone, and we have to deal with it. But sometimes no good comes from airing it here, is what I was trying to get across. I personally believe what goes around comes around, and the karma police are always working to balance everything. Still, it was an error in judgement and not one of my finer moments.

My whole point was that when an Idyller's feelings get hurt, intentionally or not, it doesn't HAVE to be aired out in public on the Idylls threads. I doubt that there is a single person here who has not, at some point, felt snubbed/insulted/ignored/invisible or some other connotation of that. 4 1/2 years of 25+ people communicating in a way that lacks facial expression, body language and voice inflection--of course sometimes feelings will be hurt! And when that happens, you can suck it up and ignore it, or deal with it privately, without dragging everyone else through it. You can run away forever like several have, or take a break for a while like others have, or pop in less often, or retreat to lurkdom. You can decide there is enough good to make tolerating the negative incidents worth it, like I have. There are different ways to handle disagreements and hurt feelings, is what I meant to convey. I guess I didn't phrase that very well last night, and my apologies to those who took offense. I certainly didn't mean to add to the nastyness/ugliness...I hope we can all get past this.

Nice to see the fresh start idyll going along pleasantly. Hi to Susy and Lauren, and hope Deanne's SYNAWP goes great tomorrow...Look forward to seeing pics.


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Chelone, I understood the message Marian was trying to send, but it was directed very much toward Mary. I understand that Marian was trying to say that Mary stabbed her, and that perhaps the knife would help that stab go deeper, but there are lines, and Marian crossed a huge one. Anyone who would post anything like that, IMHO, is threatening to just think of such a thing. What would be next? I've tried and tried to "get" Marian and have all-out attempted to be particularly attentive and nice. That said, anyone who would try to make a point with such a graphic is beyond my understanding in this type of forum, cyber or otherwise.

Good that we can disagree a bit, Huh???? LOL


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Okay, I just had to post. I am a regular luker here, unknown to all of you, stopping by occasionally to delight in the pictures and have over the years become familiar with the posters, regular or otherwise. My observations, as an outsider:

I am astounded that all of you who rushed so valiantly to Mary's defense were not in the least bothered by the uncalled for mean-spiritedness in her loaded comment "But I'm curious, do you interact with your family the same way you interact with the Idylls?' Can you guys not see that this was what hurt Marian the most, was the "unkindest cut of all" especially coming from oh-so-sweet and kind and caring Mary? That it made her feel like an outcast? That SHE is the aggrieved one here?

I agree that Marian overreacted with the knife picture, but it also indicates how much Mary's comment hurt her. To talk about reporting here because of that, and the torrent of abuse that has been heaped on her just shows everybody's true colors. T, I disagree with the summary you posted about Marian. She has been outspoken and blunt but never, ever intentionally mean. As an outsider to the little clique here, to me she seemed one of the few who was genuine, the rest seemed to be intent on just showing their "kind, caring, empathetic" side until this episode proved just how vicious you all can be.

Lest you all think I'm Marian's crony, rest assured, I have never had any contact with her or anyone else on this group, am an atheist, and about as far from her world-view as one can be. However, I have always admired her resilience at her age, her remarkable intelligence and conviction in her beliefs, and of course share her love for plants and gardening. And I come from a culture where age deserves some respect.

Please do not send me emails on this issue. I have no desire to debate this further. I always viewed this group as something of an anomaly on the Web, but unfortunately it was too good to be true. Do not blame Marian for this - the rest of you were the schoolyard bullies here, rushing to defend your clique member blindly.

Returning to lurkdom......


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

M, I can't leave your view unchallenged.

Yes, the pack mentality did occur. Nothing to be proud of.

I happen to know that behind the scenes caring took place.

And that life moves onward.

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