This morning - a fine sign of Spring? NOT

lilod(NoCal/8)February 25, 2011

The link shows you what I saw through my windows when I rose this morning - pretty? Maybe - but I'd rather see daffodils

Here is a link that might be useful: That's Spring in California?

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Geesh got more snow than we did!

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Lilo, what a beautiful scene!--but not what you wanted--right?

I put our two snow shovels back on the upper shelf in the garage, this morning. Hope I haven't tempted Fate!

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I'm not able to see the photos for some reason, but I take it, lilo, that you got some snow. I'm not surprised, since the weather people forecasted snow at sea level around here.
Here is wishing for some daffys in your near future.

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When it melts, it's a bit of water which you need, I think. I would take it any which way, despite a day of rain, we are still in a moderated draught.

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Of course you are right, Anneliese, but rain we can handle very well, gully-washers and frog-stranglers,no problem. We just are not equipped to handle snow and ice all that easily. from footwear and coats to clearing paths and driveways to keeping the pipes clear.
It is nice to look at for a little while, though

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