Cildhood tale: My doll Schlumpel

lilosophieFebruary 1, 2012

Sister Cristina posted my baby-picture on Facebook in honor of my birthday. The picture shows a little doll on my sida, named Schlumpel. I am not able to share the picture, as it wasn't in my files, but I want to share this story.

This is the tale of my sweet doll Schlumpel, the one who posed with me on my baby picture. She was quite new then, just as I was, and we became inseparable. when I learned to walk, Schlumpel accompanied me everywhere, we were quite attached to each other. As I was the first-born, I had no sibling playmates, she was my best friend.

Over time she became not so clean and not so new, a bit grubby and her pink stockings became not so pink, and small tear appeared here and there, dear Mama mended her quite a few times, so she had scars.

One day I wandered around in the downstairs apartment of my Grandparents, Schlumpel trailing her sawdust innards behind me. Oma could not stand it any longer, grabbed the doll and tossed her into the coal-burning cook-stove. Of course, I was devastated, carried on a bit, then, as kids do, got over it.

But not forever, there were repercussions. Some weeks had passed and my Godmother, Tante Sonja, took me to town to treat me to some chocolate and tea-cakes and the most fun: window shopping. We passed a toy store, and there was my Schlumpel! I ran into the store and grabbed that doll and wouldn't let go, Tante Sonja was embarrassed and purchased my new-found friend who had undergone quite a transformation, her bisque head was full of real hair blonde curls, she could open and close her eyes, arms were jointed and she had grown quite a bit, probably double her original size. I was firmly convinced that this was actually Schlumpel, who had gone up the chimney, ended up where dolls go when they disappear and experienced a transformation. What did the grown-ups know?

They never let me forgot that little episode, but Schlumpel and I lived happily ever after for quite some time.

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Good for you, Lilo! Of course, you knew it was your little Schlumpel, bigger, maybe better, and just waiting for you to come and find her. What a sweet story; I'm glad you shared it with us.

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Love your doll story. My best friend was a stuffed foxterrier. He was retired when I was about 6 and he had no fur left and could not stand anymore because the stuffing had come out.

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Oh, the memories! Some people have a teddy bear, some people have security blanket, I -like you- had a doll. Raggety Ann to be specific. I loved, loved, LOVED, Raggety! I don't remember ever being without her. Mom said she bought Raggety Ann for me when I was about three years old. This was in the mid-sixties. We had a camper and traveled extensively throughout the US and Canada when I was growing up, and Raggety came with us. She was better traveled than 95% of my classmates.

A few years ago, my sister, brother, and I (I am the youngest) were helping Mom clean out her basement. There, in a sealed plastic bag was Raggety Ann! Several areas of her feet and hands were worn so smooth and frayed that stuffing was poking out. My brother asked me why her mouth was stained. I told him that when Mom would give us fugde-cycles, I would take a bite and then give a bite to Raggety! The reminiscing we did that day about when we were kids had us laughing and crying (Dad passed 10 years earlier). I don't know what meant more to me at that moment -- seeing Raggety again and the flood of memories that came with her, or knowing that Mom saved her all these years. Moms, they are the greatest -- be it when you are five or forty-five!

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I was leaving this as the top, but now that people are commenting Oh Lilo! ((throw my arms around your neck with glee)) such delight to have found her again. Luck Sclumpel to have had you as her friend twice in life.

I had dolls, but a baby sister and cats (my greatgrandmother made us Raggedy Ann dolls and I did play with her, but I also loved to take off her dress and put it on the cat. He didn't care) were more fun to dress up. I was more of a tomboy, riding bikes, climbing trees (and fireplaces and fences), snitching raspberries off the cane in the front yard. Or barbies. Sis and I loved barbies. Put them in our skate (did skate with them a lot though) to use as cars. I would pull them around by the string. Then, the bookcase was a highrise apartment complex. There was a bracket that stuck out a bit and I would tie a string around it, then the dolls belly and she would ride the "elevator" up to the top. Or I painted their lips with fingernail polish to look like shiny lipstick, take their heads off and put a ring over their necks to put on the "necklace" and then put the head back on. As you know, I grew up very military. was my barbie's husband. Not that sillly ol' (put some meat on yer bones boy! grow into a man, then we'll talk!). Still today, I'd rather have a beefy guy than the rather slender Ken kinda guy.

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A little off subject but the mention of the Ken doll reminded me.

On some site or other, there was a post with a lot of comments about men shaving all their body hair..legs,everything... A lot of the females thought it made a man more desirable to be hairless.

And me? all I could think of was Ken doll, could I ever want a grown up Ken?

Now back to Lilo's post. I had a beat up old stuffed bunny once. I dragged it every where. Just before Easter one year, it disappeared. And sure enough, there was a new bunny in my Easter Basket. It wasn't limp, didn't feel right, it was stiff, and I wouldn't have a thing to do with it. Why don't grownups understand the importance of these dear little things..

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lindac(Iowa Z 5/4)

Here ya go, Lilo!

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Aw Aggie, you had a Velveteen Rabbit and your parents didn't know. I hope he got his legs that moved.

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Hey Linda, thank you for putting up the picture of Schlumpel and that nekkid baby, traditional baby-picture in the ancient past, many times they were laying on their tummy.

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Cute doll and kid.

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Bringing this back up, somewhere among the follow-ups my baby-picture has appeared (thank you, LindaC) may want to check it out LOL

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