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gandle(4 NE)February 13, 2012

Got the driveway shoveled this morning ,snowed last night, so Leone could go to work. Sitting here looking at back issues of National Geographic and wondering why we keep them for a couple of years and then dispose of them.

We take them to the library where they have a rack of magazines you can have free, just donations. Why don't we take them there when we are through reading them.

When I was living with my grandparents they had saved every Geographic magazine from sometime in the early 20's or teens. As a kid I used to love to go over those old magazines. I could travel to unheard of places in my mind. The mags were all in black and white. Guess I was a little shocked and tittilated (pun intended) by some of the pictures in Africa.

When I went to live with my father and stepmother dad had saved every Saturday Evening Post from I think it was 1919 and was still saving them whenI left home to go in the Navy in 1943 and I imagine that he saved them until he died in 1958.

I'm not sure why, I never saw him read any of the old mags. my sis and I sure did though. I wouldn't be surprised if between us we didn't go through the entire bunch. They were kept in the basement and I swear there was 30 feet of them.

Saturday Evening Post was a weekly then and it did have great cover illustrations and stories, always a serial we looked forward to.

An aunt gave me a subscription to Boys Life and that was read from cover to cover but I always gave those copies to a friend when I was done and I know he passed them on too.

Stepmother took McCalls and I remember her complaining that it cost almost $5:00 a year. Don't remember what the other mags cost. Enough

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Miss Country Gentleman and Washington Farmer.

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meldy_nva(z6b VA)

Saturday Evening Post and McCall's are the only magazines I remember from childhood.

Dh's sister cleared house and moved to Colorado recently; DH helped take stuff to charities and to the dump. No charity would accept a box holding 10 years of National Geographic so he brought them home to read. I'll see if some of the local senior citizens' homes will be interested in taking them.

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When I spent a year as exchange student in MA, I worked my way through about 20 years of Reader's Digests. Learned more English from them than school. My sometimes off-beat knowledge of words stems from "Word Power" in the Digest, it was so convenient, since the answers were on the backpage.
Never could resist old magazines but finally weaned myself from collecting and read most of them in the library.

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Remember pouring over Boys Life, National Geographic, Reader's Digest and Saturday Evening Post even as a 6 year old. Of course that was balanced by Mad Magazine, Cracked and a huge box full of comic books. Some of them are collectable now and can be found on eBay. Still pick them in waiting rooms.

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I remember Woman's Day was 2 cents then Family Circle came out and it was a nickel.
I loved Playmate magazine when I was a kid. Child's Life was nice too. I think we saw our first naked people in Natl Geo.

The only ones I buy now are Backwoodsman and Mother Earth news. Sometmes All You if I see enough coupons in it and an occasional check out aisle magazine
I dont like the pastel colors of the fonts they all are using

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Back in the forties, Readers Digest was my favorite.

Can you believe that it had NO advertising??? Nice and thick too.

When they decided that they need the advertising money, it was understandable, but the American public reacted in such a way that you would have thought that the Sun had ceased to shine.

Ah! For the Good Old Days!

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