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lilosophieFebruary 19, 2013

It's a regular blizzard out there, I took a hike down the long driveway in order to tie a plastic bag on my gate, prominently marked: UPS, hope they use it.
The driver(s) used to come to my house, but they don't any more, apparently they don't like to have to open and close the gate, and twice Staples had to re-ship my order, one time they threw it into the brush and it disappeared. The ravens will pick up small packages, think there is food in them.
Second time they left it about half mile further in someone's drive, the man had an idea where I lived, put it into his truck to drop off on his way to town, nice man. But his truck broke down and he had to have it towed to the garage, where the truck stayed for two weeks. Wen he got the truck back, he dropped the package off, but I already had a replacement, so I sent this one back.
I really believe that the word "Service" is not in the dictionary any more, USPS and UPS don't have it in their vocabulary.

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yes looks like a blizzrd

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You got the blizzard and we got the rain. Huge rain drops that pelted us. Interesting how the same storm acts in different locals.

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I was thinking of you Lilo, when I saw the weather report in the morning.
The rain was yesterday, today it's the wind. Filled up the birdfeeder and 20 minutes later is was all but empty and the seeds on the ground. It also caught the stormdoor when I went out and tomorow I have to repair the casing. That's the 3rd time I have that honor.

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Eventually all the snow melted, but after dark everything froze, so negotiating the steps became a challenge.
Good news: UPS delivered my order right to the door! Maybe the shipper, Staples, got tired of my complaints and of re-shipping the orders. I am a happy camper.

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Or you got a new UPS driver that takes the job seriously. They were having trouble with some drivers throwing boxes over fences and breaking the contents. They push the drivers to be productive and some do ood things to keep the pace resulting in other problems.

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