Aventures in Cooking: Part Two

agnespuffinFebruary 21, 2012

I've bored you with the tales of my good husband in the kitchen....but I just have to bring you up to date on what seems to be happening.

It's one of those OMG momments.

Picture me at the stove, whipping up some stir-fry rice...He already took over cutting up the carrots, onions, etc.(says he wants to stay busy)..so I am doing the actual stir and fry bit.

I start to dump in the rice...he says, "Move. I'll do that"

At some time in the future, I would not be surprised to see some kind of barricade at the kitchen door.

But gee! He's worth it. Just had our 63rd wedding aniversary Friday.

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63rd?! Congratulations! for some reason, in my imagination, everyone here is frozen in time at about 40.

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Congratulations! Did you two marry in kindergarden? I would keep him too. Could we trade for a week? You could cook to your hearts contend and I would not have to.

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No, not in kindergarden. But it's a family joke that neither one of us finished the first grade.

I would tell you why, but that would spoil the picture.

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Congratulations! I was thinking the same thing, Gee, did you marry when you were 2? Negative 5? Can't be that old!

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Agnes, I agree; your DH is a treasure. Even if he weren't cooking, after 63 years, you wouldn't want to train a new one. LOL

Congratulations on your anniversary; it's a great accomplishment and I hope you are able to celebrate many more, together. Give him a hug from all of us at the Party! (Take one for yourself, too.)

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Sixty-three years is something to proud of! Congratulations.

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