My mouse turned into a cat

anneliese_32(6)February 18, 2013

My computer mouse decided that it wanted to go where it wanted, not where I wanted it to go. Got this morning a new one and now can get on the computer again without using in English or German every swearword I could think of.

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Bilingual swearing! Mouses do that do their owners, don't they - or should I say computers and their accessories do it a lot.
I am glad to see you, I was a bit worried about your silence. Glad all is well and it was only the electronic rodent that caused trouble

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Been there, done that with both the wayward mouse that drove my cursor nuts, and I had to chase it all over the place and that prompted the bilingual curses.
A funny story, a friend told about when she was in a computer class, and a classmate yelled out that she had lost her cursor. Everyone got down on the floor to search for her cursor. The teacher walked in and asked what they were doing. The teacher got the point and helped find the cursor.
I bet there are tons of people that can identify with the situation, including me.
Glad all is working well.

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