I hope this works.

agnespuffinFebruary 12, 2013

I found this site and since this tree is not something you see everyday, I thought you might like it.


Enlarge the pictures so you can compare size with houses, cars, etc.

We used to live near it. You couldn't see it until the subdivsion was built up around it. It was a surprise to those nearby to see what was there. Then, they build houses and were wise enough not to cut it down.

It's not considered a championship tree as the people that know about such things, say it is really three trees that grew together.

Here is a link that might be useful: BIG tree

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It's breathtakingly beautiful! I am glad they did not cut it down, it's a treasure, thank you for sharing it

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It worked and the tree is awesome and so is the picture.
Thanks for posting, made me smile.

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That is a great oak and I believe I have seen it in the registry and on the list of prominent trees in the US. It is remindful of the Angel oak (bottom of linked page) that is much older and is threatened by development.

Here is a link that might be useful: Heritage Trees

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Don, thanks for the link! I don't think it made the list of prominant trees because it's not considered ONE tree.

It may be just a story about it, but it and the surrounding area is supposed to have been deeded to the Tree and it can't be cut down unless it agrees. It owns itself! However, the land around it is built up so unless we get desperate to build, I doubt that it would ever be cut down for housing.

If you run out of things to do, check the other pictures on this photographer's site. I enjoy them even though I have seen about all of them, Alive and In Person!!! lol

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Isn't that the tree where you had your picture taken A? I remember your sparkly eyes. Gorgeous tree! I love that it's still standing.

Don, I am sad my 17 Mile Drive Lone Cypress isn't on the link you provided. I think it's prominant. It's certainly iconic when one thinks of Monterey/Pebble Beach.

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That's gorgeous Puffy. I loved all the views of it. I'm with Rob, it does look familiar. Did you show it to us millions of years ago? We aren't complaining, I assure you. And, as said, love all the different views.

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I hear ya Rob, spent much time on the drive and slept on the beach at the Asilomar in my sleeping bag. One morning I woke up with a deer licking my ear, guess I was salty.

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coconut is right, we're not complaining! :)

Don, I've always wanted to sleep on the beach. How cool is that! Wonder how old that Pebble Beach tree is? I'd be interested to know. I remember the canopy being much wider, but it is, afterall, pruned by the ocean.

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