Multiple IDs

Desirai(7B)March 19, 2014

I was clearing out one of my flower beds of old dead grass and uncovered a few things. I'm not sure if it's something I planted that is returning or if it is something a critter left for me.

Unknown plant #1

Unknown Plant #2

Unknown plant #3

aggravating grass

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Sorry I can not help identify..... and experts come.

I just wanted to ask you what did to upload multiple photos at once? I can never do that..

Thanks you !

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You type this. You have to include the quotations.

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# 3 is Caramine hirsuta, aka hairy bittercress. Get it out of there or you will have many more plants. This plant has one of the most rapid turnaround times from flower to seed - just a matter of days!

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#1 Scabiosa? Knautia?;#2 is Dianthus barbatus/Sweet William

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Yes, sweet william. And the bittercress, once the seeds ripen, mechanically spray out for several feet around if disturbed, too late then for control.
bromelia: Posting multiple pictures in the main message requires more than the above mentioned img code, you have to already have the pictures "hosted" on another internet server, such as photobucket, etc, or on another website other than gardenweb.

If you are submitting pictures directly from your camera or computer to the forum, you will have to stick with one per posting.

And that may be for the best, since multiple images can lead to confusion and an incomplete roster of IDs.

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Ahh.. ok, to the understanding of the pictures , thanks both for your help.

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# 2 could be some kind of Phlox
#3 is a bittercress, as mentioned by others. Yikes! A nuisance.

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