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gandle(4 NE)February 13, 2013

not that there are many guys left on the forum. But, do you go to a barber shop instead of a stylist? My barber retired and I had been going to him for over 40 years and I have been having trouble finding another just plain barber. If I go to a stylist and tell them I want a flat top, take off the corners and number one on the sides I usually get a huh or what. Every barber understands that. I think maybe I have finally found one that I like. Have to drive a few moles but thats O.K.

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Gave up shaving and haircuts over twenty years ago, just comb, tie hair back and go. Occasionally let the hair that is left down, keeps moving back.

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Do you have any photographs of yourself that you could take for your barber to use as a reference? Might help.....


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My wifes Viet Namese hair lady is also a great barber. I cut it short myself in summer then in cooler weather I let her take over

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DH went through the same thing when his long time barber passed away. He decided to stay with the same barber shop, mainly because they were clean and sanitary in his experience.
He chose another barber in that shop and "suggested" how to cut his hair. It worked, and DH is happy.
I can't imagine DH going to a stylist, he know what he wants.

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