The Work of An Artist

agnespuffinFebruary 23, 2011

About the time that Michael posted about the melanoma on his arm, my husband went to his dermatologist for his yearly check up. (he has a history of tiny little skin cancers.) She called a few days later. She had removed a teensy, tiny little black spot next to his nose. It was sooo small that she almost left it alone. However, you guessed it, it turned out to be a melanoma. Immediately, I thought...facial scars!

She didn't want to do any more herself because of the possible scars. A flap would have to be cut in order to see what was going on underneath. No way of telling ahead of surgery just how extensive it would be. I'm sure you know we were dreading what he might look like even if all that was done was cutting a flap. She sent him to a plastic surgeon.

The DH came back from the surgeon with a bandage down one side of his nose and onto his upper lip. A few days later the bandage came off and what a WONDERFUL surprise.

He had cut in exactly the right place down the side of his nose, around the flare of the nostril, up into the nose, and down onto his upper lip. (how he managed to lift a flap, i'll never know.)

Even though the cut was fairly fresh, it didn't show. Now, a few weeks later, it's difficult to even see where and what was done.

When I think of the people that I have known that have facial scars, I think about how lucky he was to have been referred to this surgeon.

That's what I mean about The Work of An Artist.

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Glad they caught it. I definitely will have visible scars on my arm and hip. But they are reminders that I am still above ground so will wear them proudly.

I suppose that I would worry a bit if these scars were on my face, but I already have scars there. These are old and well healed so they don't bother me. They are only visible from a certain angle and light.

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Agnes, what wonderful news; first, that the melanoma was discovered and removed, and second, that the surgeon was so skillful and caring. I'm happy for your husband and you.

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Good Plastic Surgeons do some great work, uch more than face-lifts and such.
I guess it was in the late sixties or early seventies when I had a cyst in my lower eyelid and the cyst straddled my tear-duct. My doctor referred me to a Plastic surgeon who removed the cyst. It was a delicate and intricate operation, the surgeon referred to it as a "challenge", I mentally thought uh,uh. It took quite a while, with my eyes wide open, but it was done without any scarring and I kept a working tear-duct.

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Sorry to hear V had to go through this but glad it was caught early and it's a done deal. Getting older sucks eggs,doesn't it?

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This is a skillful surgeon. Glad that it was caught early. My husband lost his youngest brother to skin cancer which was diagnosed as a rashon his back when it first started and then it was too late.

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tibs(5/6 OH)

I am so glad all this bad stuff has been caught in time and handled so skillfully. Dh had some precancerous cells removed just below his eyelid. The surgeon was very pregnant, could hardly reach around her baby belly. dh said I just prayed the baby didn't kick!

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