Small succulent plant found in the wild in California

ElliotLi(9)March 16, 2013

A small succulent plant rescued from a crack of a walkway not far from a forest in Santa Cruz, California. It must be very hardy to be able to survive in the wild in a crack with little soil and water under the burning sun of California. It's also possible that it was escaped from a garden nearby, I'm not sure. It's about 6 inch (12 cm) in height. The stem feels woody. Please help to identify it's name. Thanks in advance!

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Kalanchoe diagremontiana or one of the other varieties?
Quite common to find them growing a a crack...
In fact, I 'rescued' some myself, yesterday

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Thanks costaricafinca. But it doesn't look like those on the pictures I found about Kalanchoe diagremontiana. Also those Kalanchoe diagremontiana I found don't have a woody stem.

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Looks like a type of Crassula ovata (Jade Plant) to me.

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Thanks seedmoney. It indeed looks like a jade plant from the pictures I googled. Some of its leaves are not grown in opposing pairs, as described by Wikipedia, but I guess some leaves are just lost or eaten by bugs.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

if its jade.. its not going to proper in that spongy peaty media..

trust me.. i just killed one .. lol .. and mine cost money ...

look for a cactus mix..


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Thanks ken_adrian, good point! Will try to look for some better mix for it tomorrow.

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