Another photos/view of the unknown plant

lizzierouxMarch 24, 2014

I assume since it is only one stalk that it would not need re-potting, however there are roots that are 5-6 inches long comin from the bottom of the pot. SHould I re-pot or leave it alone for now?
Thanks again folks!

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Embothrium(USDA 8 Sunset 5 WA)

Lily (Lilium).

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

I assume since it is only one stalk that it would not need re-potting

==>> not a good assumption .. when you see roots coming out the bottom ...

in addition ... potting media wears out over time ... adn eventually it should be repotted for that alone ....

whats its history.. and why is it potted ... can it go in the ground ... etc ....

many giant flowering plants .. though nice temporary indoor plants... really really need to be let free ...

they are basically sold as disposable plants ... not really meant to be potted long term ... e.g. easter lilies.. mini xmas trees... etc ....

i havent worked my way down the list.. but.. if this is a second pic.. you could have added it to the other post.. by replying to it.. rather than starting a new post ....

if you have a garden.. the only next question would be timing ... its in an active growth phase.. and right now might not be the best time to plant it outdoors .... that would probably be after bloom ....

your car.. or its car??? .. if its old enough to drive.. it should be out in mother earth.. lol ...


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Thanks bboy & Ken,
Now I've got it about the photo posting :)
I can't remember what the cutting came from. It has been in this pot since sometime last year. I just passed by it and noticed the growth. I brought it inside to give it TLC, but it has been outside in the pot all that time.I till plant it in my garden and see what I get.
The car is a replica of the Escalade from the Sopranos! LOL!
Thanks again for the education,

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floral_uk z.8/9 SW UK

'I brought it inside to give it TLC,' I'm afraid that being indoors is the opposite of TLC for this plant. It needs to be outdoors. For future reference, if a plant is growing well outside it is not a good idea to bring it in.

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