Please help me identify these 4 house plants

pcarlson1115March 20, 2014

I got four plants as a gift and want to be able to identify them so I can make sure I take good care of the plants :) Thanks for your help!

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MsGreenFinger GW(8 Ireland)

Not sure about first 2, but the 3rd is definitely a Peace lily (Spanthiphyllum). 4th is a Maranta leuconeura (Prayer plant).
I'm not an expert, but there are my advices about how to look after them:
They both like being away from direct sun, water them thoroughly with filtered water when top 2-3 cm of soil is dry. Make sure they are not sitting in water though. Also keep them away from heaters and cold draughts, spray the leaves with soft water when air humidity is low. Don't need much fertilising, half strength every second week will do.

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The first is a fern.....looks much like variegated holly fern, Arachnoides simplicior, but that is not often sold as a houseplant. Regardless, like most ferns, it will tolerate low light conditions but needs even moisture and moderate humidity.

#2 is variegated creeping fig, Ficus pumila 'Variegata'.

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Perhaps Pteris ensiformis for the fern.

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saltcedar(Sunset zn 30/usda 8b)

Ditto,Pteris ensiformis.

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Thanks so much everyone for all your help :)

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