Slushies anyone?

anneliese_32(6)February 7, 2011

You have to bring your own syrup though. The sky is delivering plenty of slush, but forgot the flavor. If that stuff freezes during the night, we have a mess tomorrow morning.

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It never lets up, does it? I would like to send you some of my false spring if I could. The wood stove is idle, I am using the furnace early in the morning, when it is frosty, and then the house warms enough by sun coming through windows.
It will change by this weekend, rain is on the horizon and we are relieved, we still need quite a bit before nature turns the faucet off for summer.

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Yeah, seriously. What's up with this? We got slammed to the wall last Tuesday. I came out of a fabric store this afternoon and big chunks of snow were floating down. They continued to float for the next hour, everything finally turning into a "proper snowstorm." Goody, goody. More snow to go with below-zero temps for the next three days. Why oh why did I have to use all of my frequent flyer miles LAST year? :o(


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My grandfather's advise was:"don't eat any yellow snow".

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