Idyll #354 - Idyll hands are in the workshop

cheloneFebruary 17, 2008

Having experienced the delight of seeing what I can do when I put my mind to it, let's continue in that positive spirit!

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

Popping in to say: Chelone- I'm greatly enjoying the pictures of the salon painting! Keep them coming... I love the colors, particularly the blue ceiling. I grew up in an old Maritime farmhouse where the front hall and stairwell was forest green and the ceiling (which was sloped, following the roof...) was a deep royal blue! Your colors are lighter of course but they immediately brought to mind my grandparents house. Can you tell me exactly what colors you are using please?

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Woody, I'm tickled you've trickled in today. I am using Benjamin Moore paint for this project. This is the first time I've used latex paint for a project since I've lived in this house (June, 1991). There are VOC regulations that are gradually forcing the phase out of alkyd (oil-based paints). I DO understand the rationale, but having used oil-based paint "responsibly" for many years now and knowing that the AUTOMOTIVE industry contributes more to VOC violations than does the paint industry, it irritates me that my choice is being eliminated. That said: ceiling is Ben. Moore #792, "Mystical Blue" in an eggshell finish. The walls are Ben. Moore #618, "Robin's Nest" in a pearl finish. I primed the ceiling and the walls with a cheapie Behr primer white in an economy 5 gallon pail! (and I "slapped it on", the lovely smooth finish on the ceiling and walls was definitely, "thirsty"!). In ascending order of finish "sheen" for latex paints: flat, eggshell, pearl, satin, semi-gloss, high gloss. "High gloss" in latex is a JOKE! I am very unhappy with it on the garage doors. Even properly primed it is peeling on some surfaces... alkyd paint wouldn't do that. I am a very capable and neat painter. I suffer the prep. work to get a beautiful finish and latex high gloss is a total waste of money and effort!

'bug, interesting about docking of tails and clipping ears. PERSONALLY, I don't have a problem with either (I actually like clipped ears from an aesthetic point of view), but floppy ears ARE nature's way of protecting the ear canals so it's probably best to leave 'em be. Not so sure about tails; I rather like Wreck's tail... BIG, stout, and perpetually in motion (to the peril of wine stems on low side tables). I'm so happy for you! If I may offer a suggestion on training from my own perspective and experience adopting an untrained, an UN-socialized dog: while you're teaching her her NAME, also include, "watch me!". Whenever Phoebe looks into your eyes when you say, "watch me!" or, "PHOEBE! watch me!", praise the daylights out of her and give her a special reward (hugs are more than adequate). REALLY. "Watch me!" is the command that directs your dog's attention to YOU and teaching it when they're small, insecure, and ready to totally bond to you is a giant step in future training. This one has been very tough for us and we're still "dicey" on it. The bolder the dog's breed personality, the more important it is to establish loving control EARLY. Bouviers and many other herding/hunting dogs are "independent", which is great... but ONLY if they understand that YOU are the "cruise director". I so wish I'd had Rex from puppyhood (could have beaten him into submission years ago!).

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Psst... Jerri... we're on a new Idyll. No worries, mate! we love you anyway... natter away because you matter.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

More dog talk so don't read this if you aren't a dog person-

Charlotte was taught to "watch me!" from the start. It was easy at first, but needed reinforcing constantly. She certainly had her own opinions on rules, but fortunately she was a good girl and all worked out well on our property. In town, she would have needed "beatings" to survive. "Independent" is a mild word when referring to Bouvier temperament...or any member of this family of mine!

Phoebe (so far...1 day only) seems to have a very different style. Charlotte learned her name instantly, "sit" in a minute, "down" too, and "settle" was not even needed. "Stay" was only good in certain locations, the important ones thank goodness. So far Phoebe responds to my calling her name only on occasion. She, like Charlotte, is not interested much in food rewards. Fine with me! I love cuddle rewards. I did get a few successful "sit" moments today. She has way more sense of play and energy than baby Charlotte did. Charlotte enjoyed only a few games of her own invention. Phoebe Snow certainly is confused by her leash. I had forgotten that stage.... I don't recall housebreaking Charlotte very much. It was during the massive Quebec ice storm but somehow it was no problem. I hope Phoebe is as quick. We're doing quite well so far!
Climbing the steps to our upstairs is going to take time. They terrified Charlotte for a long time. But Phoebe has managed the step to the outdoors (and back in again) as well as the 2 steps from our family room to our kitchen.

It is fascinating to compare development of Phoebe with Reed. Reed and Phoebe are neck & neck in walking, Reed is ahead in the food department, sleeping through the night may be a tie. Reed is calmer, gentler. He is 8 months old today. Reed speaks more. Phoebe has a baby bark. Charlotte always had an adult WOOF which was so funny coming from a baby ball of fluff. Bored yet?

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Wow, so much great stuff to see and hear about today!

Mary, your little animals are truly precious. Such nice work.

Marie, Phoebe is beautiful and so sweet! Sounds like you're really enjoying her already.

Martie, I just love that rose painting on your wall above your Valentines arrangement, which is very nice too!

Chelone, I don't like heights so your picture makes me very nervous! I know you'll be careful though. Love your color choices.

PM2, You asked about my begonias and Bella. The begonias are struggling along. Good thing they don't mind neglect though because I'm just not into the plants this winter for some reason. I suspect it could be a lack of time:) I think you asked Bella's age too? She'll be 3 at the end of this month. She's chosen a Scooby Doo themed party this year.

Marian, thanks for asking about my mom. She finished up her radiation treatments about 3 weeks ago and will be having the scans to see how it worked in another month or so. She's hanging in there and doing ok though.

We're still working on the livingroom painting. Haven't really gotten far with the painting yet. Ceiling's been done but we're still sanding and caulking. I have finally settled on a color though, Ionic Sky. I'll link to it below.

The weather's been terrible here today as it sounds like it has been for some of you all too. Ice to start, then rain and now fog. I'm still pining away for spring.

Cynthia I enjoyed reading about your seed orders. I'm not starting anything for the first time in years.

Just wanted to jump in and say hi. Back to the painting project...

Here is a link that might be useful: ionic sky

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Eden, is the ceiling white? Ionic sky should help at all times of year!!! Very nice choice!

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Eden, tell me the color in the square that is front and centre of your link isn't the color your chose! LOL, if it is, how close is that to what I chose for the Salon?! THAT'S scare-y, my friend. Or it's proof postitive that "great minds think alike".

And I've really missed you, too. I've thought about your mom periodically, esp. when I've felt the pang of Mum's absence and have been reminded of how I used to worry. Sometimes worry drives us into hybernation; as many of you worried about me... so, Eden, I worry about YOU. How about you appease Cynthia and post some shots of Bellatheball?

Duelling toddlers... front and center, Michelle! BTW, did you get the stripper of the windowsill? STILL lol about that one, V.. :) :) :) !!!

It's hard for me to pop in post periodically over the course of a day, but I agree, Eden... it's a lot of fun to find a "new" post after hitting "refresh". I'll try to improve on that if it will lure you back... .

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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Mary the animals are all so sweet...I bet you Iris was just thrilled. I loved them all!

Eden glad to hear you mom is done with the radiation. I'm sure she is glad to have it behind her too. I'll be keeping good thoughts that the scans show the radiation has done it's trick. I have wanted to ask you about your mom, but felt so clumsy and awkward about it, afraid to say the wrong thing. But Marian (thank you Marian) knew just what to do...just come right out and ask. Anyway, I'm glad to hear she's doing okay.'re not a geek! I like reading your posts and you are quite witty, if you don't mind me saying so! Anyway, what is that saying: "Better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool than to open it and remove all doubt." I'm afraid I fit the latter too often. Anyway, thank you so much for sharing your input regarding the Great Courses.

Bug...Phoebe is adorable and LOL, but I was thinking the same thing as Chelone...why didn't you get two? :-)

Seriously, when the time comes (which I hope is a long, long way away) I think I'll get two puppies. If not right away, then by the time the first one is one year old.

Chelone the salon is beautiful. I had read that before, about how painting the ceilings a soft blue will make the room look taller. I had wondered how that would look so I'm so glad you posted your pics and I have to say, I love it!

Fun time with mom at the play "Jeeves Intervenes". The theatre is inside of part of an old monastery, built during the Arts & Crafts movement. For me it was like "going home". It felt so cozy and peaceful and I was so drawn up in all the architecture and woodwork, it was hard to keep focused on the play...LOL! But the play *was* wonderful, funny, and light hearted, the actors all suiting their parts so well, and mom had so much fun...that was the best part. Well, there was also another very great part. As we were walking up to the theatre there was a sign in a garden that said "Historic Garden - A work in progress." Well, naturally I had to ask the ticket lady about it. She said the whole monastery and grounds is owned by the park district and that the historic garden(s) are in the very beginning stages and they are looking for volunteers! I would be so thrilled to do something like that. I assume they will want to make an Arts & Crafts dream! :-) I hope they can use some more volunteers and I hope I can swing it between work & mom.

That's it for me...


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Another faux spring day here, although it started out with fog till about 11am. I did much weed abatement in the backyard today along with trying to redefine borders around the former gazebo area. It turned out ok, and I regret to say that I have failed to take pics this weekend ! What a slacker .
I did spend some quality time with Deannes containers this morning while waiting for the fog to burn off. Muy bueno !

Martie, my last day at work is undefined at this point, and will be predicated on entering into escrow. Im hoping to be out by July 1.

Interesting perspective Denise on the Polaroid thing. The portrait you posted on the last thread was very compelling to me. I wish your young Mitch all success.

Eden, good to see you , and glad to hear that your Mom is hanging in  seems that there are more than a few Idylls sporting painting gear lately . Your Ionic sky is very close to the color I painted my bedroom last year ( Aquanot) and my master bath and upstairs hall are painted in darker tones from the same color card. I still pine away for a red dining room, but that wonÂt happen in this house !

Nite all, itÂs time for me to dine and do some reading.

Kathy in Napa

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Hi all, Just a quick pop in to say I am back from sunny 75 degree weather in FL and not to happy to be back in this cold gray crap. It was so nice to run around in shirt sleeves and sandals for a while. We had a nice visit and helped on a couple of home improvement projects. DD was happy to be spending a vacation at home since she usually uses them for travel.

From a quick skim Woody I see you are facing a procedure. I wish you the best and hope it goes well.

Sue I'm thinking about your announcement too. I know you are strong but wish you the best anyway. I love the idea of a summer cottage, I would love walking on the beach. There is a nice beach a few blocks from DD's in Florida. DH and I went there early one morning before the rest were up and had a nice walk. It has beautiful sunsets. One day DD and I went and watched the wind surfers and para sailers. They had perfect wind for it that day.
While I wouldn't want to live in FL, I could easily spend six weeks during our worst weather here (if I had my own space LOL).

Chelone , I like the colors you chose for the salon too. I have a simalar stairwell to paint. It has a half wall around it and is a bear to do.

Bug Pheobe Snow is a cutie. I always liked getting puppies when the weather was nice such as spring or early fall. It makes the house breaking much more pleasant when you don't have to hustle in and out.

Good to be seeing more Idylls posting again. I'll try to get back soon but have a lot to catch up on. Norma

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The stripper has been such a good worker, Ive decided to move her to another room ;o)

This house is a mess, I believe all the quarter round for the kitchen floor is in place. The guestroom upstairs is still a mess, but I did pick up some Varathane to give a protective coat to the painted furniture. I have numerous little projects in mid completion. Im working on a decorative bulletin board for the laundry room. Ive seen some nice ones on line, but expensive. I had an old frame that just needed a new coat of paint.

The new puppy is absolutely adorable. Although, I do not envy all the training that goes with her.

Eden, prayers and good thoughts to your mom that her tests come back clean. The blue is lovely.

I love the pinks of your Valentine flowers Martie and the picture on the wall completes the scene.

The last time Kenzie was here, she looked out the window and said "Gramma, wheres your garden?" I told her that the garden was under the snow and she decided that we should go dig it up. I finally told her it was sleeping., so no weeding is going on here.

As a person who works full time, I love, love, love the time change.

We looked at a new car yesterday. GPS is an option, I dont have a big need for it where I drive.

Denise, I got a kick out the mental picture of my little mermaid with earrings dangling.

Chelone, the salon is really coming along. The paint colors are fabulous and the lighting is impressive.

I nearly lost this post, my computer seems flaky these days. I know just enough to be dangerous.

Good night for now


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Happy Soggy Morning! A new brook is now coming out of the new lake in the backyard that is heading into the woods. Could fish be far behind????? LOL

So good to see you, Eden. The pic in the pic was a yard sale find and has gotten more compliments than some pricier pieces we have. I've been on the lookout for other stuff by the same artist. Ya like what ya like :-)

Arts and Crafts Gardens ... I'll need to do some research to learn more about the style, but anytime gardens can be "brought back" is a great opportunity. Hope you're able to fit it in, Ei.

Deanne needs to morph a pic of all Idyllkids together so in 20 years when they all are Idylling away, they can have a good laugh about the ancient technology we use.

Where are you, Deanne??

Is Saucy back from the tropics?

Norma -- Since you were watching sunsets, you must've been on the Gulf? Gotta love early morning beach walks.

I can't imagine, Kathy, what you could've done to improve the garden around the slab. Anything green looks darn good to me. July 1 will be here before you know it. Is the house officially listed, now?

Denise: Mitch's work stops me cold every time. Love your depo stories, as a best gardening friend is a looooooong-time legal secretary and the things folks come up with never cease to amaze.

Cynthia introduced me to Agave, the west-coasters offered encouragement, and "Trio" from High Country Gardens has been ordered, along with a Penstemon (name escapes) that will be worth a try even if it duds year 2.

Why is it that shipping charges (gotta get as much as possible without going over the limit) oftimes dictate what comes home??? LOL

Marie, the fact that Phoebe is doing anything you ask her to do right now is pretty impressive to me. It's been less than 48 hours, right? Rather than another dog, perhaps a flock of sheep for her to play with? Glad you left her ears intact. Knowing that Skyler has undoubtedly seen pics, what does he think of her?

I'm procrastinating today, already. Yesterday finished the last of the taxes -- two state's worth -- and am glad that it's through. Mush brain best describes how I feel about numbers at this point.

Interesting "special investigation" on CNN last night concerning the "criminally insane." They had planned the special long before NIU, and it was particularly poiniant (sp??). The crux of the issue was dealt with superbly, and I would highly recommend it to anyone with an interest.

Best check the basement water situation before Rich awakes, and will see everyone later!


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Welcome back, Norma... you must be refreshed and tanned, yes? I hear ya on the "cold, grey crap".

It's very gloomy here, today. I can see fog wafting past the windows; Hound of the Baskervilles weather. I've fired up the space heating in the Salon and have to come up with direct lighting to make the painting easier. I should be finished with it today... save woodwork. I'm actually looking forward to giving the place a good cleaning (wish I felt the same way about the interior of our home, lol).

Helpmeet is going to finish up the lights today, but until I locate CRI 98 flourescent tubes they will yield no light. I have tried the CRI 85s and the light has the ghostly "blue" feeling. Most stores use 98s to make merchandise look good, but if you think the donkey behind the counter at the electrical supply house has any in stock... you'd be wrong. The guy I spoke with (who has "helped" us before) really didn't want to find out how to get them, either... this on top of the fact that we've spent a lot of money on fixtures at their store.

Time to collect the painting gear, get out and to work.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

The idea behind One Laptop Per Child is to get one computer for yourself (or your grandchild) and one for a third world child at the same time. And even though the price is more than was hoped for (about $400 for both) it is a bargain. Well, to make a parallel, Phoebe will be an only dog. I should have named her Solo so that you all understand clearly. The cost for one would supply a very small village with children's computers. I do not want a dog who relates to other dogs and not the people in the home. I can see a second dog possibly when the first one is beyond puppyhood, say age 4-5. In 5 years I will be 70, and I'm not sure how I'll feel then.

Today is a lesson for Phoebe on fierce winds, ice and strange noises. Everything is a wonder to her and so she's a marvel to watch. She tests pine needles, a small patch of ajuga popping through the snow. She slides down small snow "hills" and slips on ice all around. She explores a bit, but wants to be near me too, in sight. She is slowly coming when I call from out of sight, though a bit fearfully. I reward her with kibble when she "sits" and "watches me". When she is playful, she snaps at my face and that is being corrected quickly much to her chagrin. I've found a toy she particularly likes to bite and chase, and so that is her substitute. I try so hard to give her alternatives rather than saying "no" which soon becomes meaningless. Do you have any idea how often you say no? It is a hard thing for me to conquer.

I suspect today will be "more of the same". Fun, but repetitive. Can't go anywhere anyhow though. It is ice ice ice everywhere. I'll think of folks in their respective workshops, painting, felting and planting. I had hoped to try a paint sample in the dining room, but that may be months away...Cleaning the house is a more likely scenario.

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The top of my right index finger is now cleaned and bound and I simply couldn't resist a quick peek here.

Truly wonder years, aye 'bug? For the helpmeet and me, "NO!" is used as infrequently as possible, because you're absolutely right! it becomes meaningless, "white noise" otherwise. I use "NO!" for pretty serious things, jumping is one, barking at people or dogs when in the car is another. I automatically lower my voice and look directly at Rex when I use it. I will even grab his ruff area and give him a shake if it's warranted. But he is a big, strong dog with a mind too much his own. Training is salesmanship, you have to "sell" 'em on the idea.

I'm big on distraction, too. It's easier to substitute something fun and connect with Rex to build trust and confidence. The whole idea of "control" is to have a strong, loving bond with your dog, one that is preferable to all else in his eyes. I sound like an idiot when I'm out with his hugeness. Every little compliance gets a "good boy!" or a pat. And I give a command ONCE and require it be obeyed.

I think a lot of people forget that training isn't a one-time deal, you do it every day... part of the routine. I really notice a difference in Rex when we don't get out for a walkie or practice the basic commands, he gets lethargic and complacent. And so do I.

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Gotta love a foggy morning, and that's what we've got here today. Warm air started moving in after sunset and it was 54F when I got up.

Michelle, I'm with you on DST. I like the morning light, but thrive on being able to get outside after work and walk the dogs while it's still light out. DST makes that possible and an earlier DST sounds good to me.

Marty, I didn't mean to give you the shakes, my diatribe was because of those few grey owners who aren't taking seriously the nature of the breed and the dogs end up suffering for it.

Phoebe is a cutie Bug! Interesting that she doesn't care about treats. Have you tried stinky & special like hot dog bits? I usually train 'watch me' in 3 days with a hot dog bit held up between my eyes :) But greys are a middle of the pack breed for training. They take some work. Sounds like you have a highly trainable pup there. Wow on getting so many commands so quickly. Sounds like you could train her to push the vacuum cleaner around. Are Bouviers considered an easily trainable breed in general?

Chelone, the Salon colors are beautiful. The walls look like ocean to me. I do like shades of green. And your perch gave me vertigo, I'm glad those pics are on the last thread so I don't get queasy every time I'm catching up here. You can order your bulbs on line (link attached, but google for more.)

Denise, your son's photos always stop my scrolling. I can see the light in the crinkles of leather just typing about it.

Kathy, don't be surprised if your house sells before July! I still can't get over all the work you've done on that place, and it's is going to make an already sweet house extremely competitive in the marketplace. I think you need to start house hunting NOW.

I've lost track of what else I needed to say here, so Hi Eden, Hi Norma, and 'enjoy the extra day off' to everyone else!

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Back in for visit to the comfort station, and some refreshment. All cutting in is done and now it's time to get out the roller! (I'm tired of this game now).

Thanks for the link to the lights, Cynthia. Naturally, they are more money than what I grabbed at Orange. I clearly have to decide how MUCH I really want them. As for the colors, it's very grey and foggy today and I wish the light was better (glad I didn't go any deeper than I did!).

Interesting, too, how our different schedules influence how we feel about "monkeying with the clocks". Even working full-time, I still have nearly 2 hrs. of after work daylight left to enjoy in December!

OK, have refilled the cantine for the helpmeet and must get back to my roller.

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Cynthia, your comments about pics prompted me to check and I found that there are none yet on this thread, soooo.....

Marie, I am sure you aren't interested in jig saw puzzles right now, but I always think of you when I put together a challenge, and the following is certainly one!

Have you ever put one of this type together? They have no 'edge', just regular puzzle pieces for edges. The box has only part of the picture, so not sufficient reference. This is the third time I have put it together. I left the last dozen or so pieces for Nolon to put in. He tried to find some during the putting together of it, but had no success.

BTW, Phoebe is very cute. Phoebes, ( the birds), are one of my favorites.


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Okay...I'll bite.... What happened to your right index finger? And how badly injured?

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Cynthia, Bouviers have minds of their own...but I imagine every dog has something that requires dealing with, so it is all about consistency and repetition. Below is the URL for a good example of how NOT to train your Bouvier. It is true, I seldom got Charlotte to speed it up with commands.

Hot off the press pics from today...

So although the weather stinks, I am fortunate to have my days free for training now. DH is away for the week and I have scheduled very little. I think I'll skip book club tomorrow night.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Me too, what's with the finger Chelone?

No Marian, I've never done one like that with the "raw" edges, but it sure is pretty! You are good to Nolon, allowing him the satisfaction of placing the final pieces. It is good FOR him too. I remember Mom working with Dad at a similar stage. Very tough.

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The fingy had a close encounter with the edge of the last portion of duct work I was vacuuming out. A very neat, crescent slice on the first phalange. :) Surface wound.

I'm done and all cleaned up now. Yippee. I will let the wall "set up" for a bit before putting on the outlet covers and then doing a better clean up. Helpmeet is rounding the turn and heading down the stretch in the light department. He's uttered a few rather choice curses this morning, but he's still in a reasonably sunny mood.

Marian, that puzzle looks tough... hard to tell where to begin, huh? you've done it 3 times?! did it get any easier? I concur about the generosity of allowing Nolon to participate, too. Being busy and involved is very important. I have to haul out the bird book to bring a Phoebe to my mind's eye... can't picture one right away.

I love that our little Phoebe has that little white beard... gives her a certain, "come hither" pout. :)

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Pools of screaming yellow winter aconite everywhere. I raked a bit in the front garden to uncover species tulips and get rid of the neighbor's late dropping oak leaves. Chopped down a bunch of clems. It was too warm and I had to come in. Not complaining. I'm happy this weather is here today and not on a workday!

I checked out Bouviers a bit 'Bug, they are on the bright end of doggie IQ chart, as Phoebe and you are proving. Your link was fun. I have had potential adopters do the 'sitsitsitsitsit' thing, while a chill runs down my back and I struggle to find the right words to train the adopters.

Really pretty puzzle Marion! And I enjoyed the name of that partucular one.

Ladder injury Chelone?

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Glad your 'fingy'has "just a surface wound", but those can really hurt, espacially paper cuts ( which yours isn't).
Yep, 3 times, and does not get easier! (partly because I am getting older). :-(
I round-up the pieces of each color plate and take it from there. I usually start with the black, but there are so many of them and not all are entire plates. I almost 'threw in the towel' this time, but persevered.
Phoebes are flycatchers. Very active medium-sized song birds. The Audubon book says they are dull olive green, but they look dark grey to me...with whitish undersides. They are named after their call.

Thanks Cynthia. "Impossibles" is the brand name. I Googled, and found that there are several others available, but none of the plates. Maybe I can get Tim to order some of the others for me, (espacially the butterfly one).
I need to plant some winter aconites! Have never grown them.

Marie, I admire your patience and skill with doggie training. You and Woody have that in common, and so do several others of our number....but not I. I get rather impatient with some of our cat's antics! It seems that Tommy loves pushing my buttons. :-(


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Hi everyone

We're busy today getting packed up for our trip - heading out at the crack of dawn tomorrow. Everyone is very excited.

I've enjoyed all the puppy pics - a warm welcome to Phoebe GB! It will be fun watching her grow.

I've realized that when time is short I start to Idyll and instead of saying the really important things start rabbiting on about peeps or some such. To back track a little:

Sue - I too was thinking of you a lot when you told us your news. I've no doubt in your stregth and pragmatism and hope you both find future happiness as you head out in different directions. Ending a marriage can never be easy but hearing it is amicable must make a world of difference.

Eden - wonderful that your Mom is doing as well as she is.

Ei - thoughts for your mother too. What fun the theatre evening sounds.

Michelle - is the move to FLorida definite? As GB can attest, it IS possible to stay close with family despite distance, but losing so much contact with Mackenzie must be heartbreaking.

Marian - what a cool puzzle.

Denise - your son's latest portrait is stunning. How are things working out in the big Apple?

I'm working down my "To Do" list and gradually ticking things off. Idylling wasn't actually on there so I'd better get back to some of the less fun tasks.


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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Hi Marty! I think you had asked me once before about Arts & Crafts gardens and I dont think I ever answered your question. Im not an expert, but am trying to learn and have done some research, mainly because I hope to have an Arts & Crafts Bungalow with an Arts & Crafts garden some day. :-) A few years back I found this home and fell in love:

Unfortunately, before I even got to look at it someone made a bid that was accepted and the sale went through. Oh well, it was probably for the best. Now Im in a downsize frame of mind and would like a much smaller home, an all brick bungalow, with a porch and front stoops! :-)

Anyway, I guess the best definition Ive ever read to describe Arts & Crafts gardens: "the Arts & Crafts movement celebrates the use of locally appropriate materials and indigenous plants, striving to work in harmony with nature."

Here where I live, when I think of Arts & Crafts, I think of Frank Lloyd Wright. In a town not far from me you can find many Arts & Crafts Style homes designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. Maybe thats why Im so drawn to it; who knows. And I guess, here in Illinois the typical Arts & Crafts home would have a natural or prairie style garden. Garden designer Piet Oudolf, comes immediately to mind. Though he doesnt call his gardens Arts & Crafts style, I do think they embody that design, at least in respect to Illinois, since we are often called The Prairie State:

It's a beautiful book and Id show you some pictures of the inside of this book, but I lent this one & Combining Plants to someone and unfortunately I cant remember who. I love Piets designs and I love prairies, but I will never have property large enough to do a true "Piet style" justice. On a small property it would take a lot of skill and knowledge to keep the design looking beautiful and natural. It would also require a lot of maintenance (I think) which would sort of defeat the purpose of a "natural garden". :-)

I guess thats why I favor the English style of Arts & Crafts gardens:

Hidcote Manor

There are some pictures at the above website. I've also added a link at the bottom so you can see more of the gardens from that period. I was lucky enough to see Hidcote Manor when I was in England and it took my breath away! Neither the pictures on the above website or my own do it justice. Its just something you have to see in person to really believe:

I also visted Great Dixter (also considered Arts & Crafts)while in England:

Here are a couple shots:

I love the contrast of the tightly manicured hedges placed amid the wild lawn in this pic:

I was also at Sissinghurst, which is another Home & Garden considered to be in the Arts & Crafts Style:

That's me & my son the back! :-)

I was having a wonderful time this morning looking through the old album. I think that vacation may have been the most "soul restorative" of any trip Ive ever been on and I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity! I hope to go back some time and tour the S/W half of England and see Gertrude Jekylls Garden!

In Chicago, Northwestern University has a Shakespeares Garden, that really echos the Arts & Crafts Style. I couldn't find my pictures, so I had to use one from the web and the only one I could find was a really old picture:

I havent been to see the garden in many years and I hope things have changed, but the last time I was there, the gardens really needed some TLC.

Heres some links to other Arts & Crafts Style Landscapes & Gardens. You can also find these by using the link I added below and then just clicking on the garden you would like to see.

Filoli Garden in California:

Bodnant Garden in Wales:

Dombarton Oaks in Washington:

Anyway, that's today's lesson...LOL and I bet youre sorry you asked now! :-)


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Marian, That is a unique puzzel. I imagine it was tricky to put together. Very pretty.
Here is DD's christmas puzzel. Note the picture on the lid. The box it was in was pretty neat the way the lid stood up like an easel. We finished it but one piece had fell on the floor and was pretty much chewed up by the pup.

Ei, Thanks for sharing those garden pics. The lady standing in the B&W could be my grandmother. Same style of dress. My grandmother was six foot tall and made almost all her clothes. Since you are talking about "Arts and Craft" style, I have to share what I heard Dolly Parton say in an interview the other day. It was in her attic where she had a lot of memorbelia. She called it her "Arts and Crap"
Speaking of Famous people or Stars. I have a friend who lives in Oklahoma who took his kids to a birthday skating party in Tulsa and who did he see but Garth Brooks there skating with his kids.
Also DSIL has autographs from Susanne Sommers and John Travolta who come through the airport where he works every now and then.(not together of course) John Travolta shares DSIL's birthday and gave him a Dr Suesse card. They are also the same age.

Does this picture remind anyone of Chelones paint scheme?

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Yes Martie, we were on the Gulf side. DD lives near the sponge Docks in Tarpon Springs.

Can you see the dolphin in the first picture? he was right next to the boat, but he was moving around so quickly it was hard to get a shot.

This second picture is of one of the old sponge diving boats. It is a Greek settlement.The greek divers came over to dive for the sponges. A disease wiped the sponges out for awhile but they have come back now.

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Chelone, unfortunely I am one of those fair skinned people who don't tan easily. I did get a red nose. DH who tans very easily did get tan. Of course the project he helped with was outside while the one I helped with was on the back porch or Florida room as I'm told they are called. So he got more sun. He had a terrible cold when we left here and felt miserable the whole trip down,but immediately started clearing up the first day we were there.
Ouch on the finger cut. Gives me shivers.

Michelle, I'm sorry to hear Kenzie and her parents may be moving. I know they have to try their wings sometimes though.

Eden, so you are painting too? We miss you here.
I am so ready for spring too. I have a lot of stuff I will be able to do long before planting time though so if we get a nice day now and then I will be out there, and that will get me through.

I hope V has hit a Jackpot. LOL We stopped at a couple of places on the way down and back and I came out ahead, plus we had free rooms.

Ok, I'm not going to get to everybody, so waving hello to all. Norma

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No holiday for me and a visit to the dentist. He was pleased with my progress after the last procedure, and we have scheduled my implants for April 25th. Three at once, sedation required .
No fair that it was warmer in Cynthias zone 7 world than it was in my zone 9 world ! Ahh, but I have weeds ! Rain comes back tomorrow and will continue into the weekend. I like DST as well, the more hours of light after I get home from work the better. I kind of like going to work in the morning in the dark, things seem quiet and steady in morning darkness- get that 1st cup of coffee and ease my way into the day.

bug, that puppy is just way too cute ! Maybe we need a video ?

Martie, one of the issues around the former gazebo slab is that the gazebo threw shade in an area that is now full sun all day. That required some moving of plants that were not fond of full sun. I also moved two dwarf Euonymous , two Lavenders, a Penstemon , Aster frikartii ,all to even out the perimeter of the slab. It looks way better .

Norma, welcome back !

Marian, a no-edge puzzle seems quite challenging. I remember one I got as a child one Christmas that had no picture at all for reference, the pieces were wood, and some of them were in shapes such as a hammer, a heart, a duck etc. I think it was made in England.

Ei, enjoyed your Arts and Crafts garden gallery. Los Angeles where I grew up is full of bungalows (we call them California Bungalows) that mimic the Arts and Crafts style, and as I recall the landscaping was typical of what you would see in a zone 10 garden. Thinking Denise lives in one right ?

Thats all I have for tonight, best to all, and where the heck is Deanne ???

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Deanne, I spent some quality time in your container gallery. I am in awe! They are even more beautiful in the winter than in the summer, if you know what I mean. I feel the same about my garden. If I look at pictures or video in the winter, I don't remember that it was so pretty. I guess that's what snow does to you. Anyway, I am in awe of your artistry.

I put a few of my containers in a slideshow, not like Deanne's but if your board take a look.

Ei, I grew up in an Arts and Crafts house and can imagine how nice it would be with a garden. I keep telling DH that we need to visit England, he just groans knowing it would be a total gardening vacation.

Norma, your pictures help me to see that if Kenzie has to move away, its better there than some places. It is a lovely state.

Mary, the move isn't for sure, they are going to visit the school at the end of the month and they need to sell their house.

Cynthia, 71??? We barely got above 0!

For some reason I want a puppy...

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Michelle, beware of what you wish for. I'm SO tired, but it is fun most of the time! (And it isn't twins!)

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Hi-dylls! Back from Vegas it was a great trip. More on that later.

Phoebe is quite adorable! bug, we have "staggered" our dog additions, getting a second dog when the older one is five or six. It helps on two fronts you arent left alone when the inevitable happens, and the younger dog seems to keep the older one more active. Right now, Sunrise and Mystic are playing with a toy like a couple of pups.

As for dogs and stairs, our two couldnt be more different. Those of you who were here might recall that our stairs are open, with treads only, no risers. Sunrise has always enjoyed them and even will sit on the stairs and look through the railing or the opening between treads. Mystic took a long time before he would go up or down the stairs on his own, and even now he only will go on the stairs when he can do the entire section without stopping. He never, ever sits on the stairs.

Mystics trainer did not use "no", he preferred a German-sounding "Ach!" Weve found it effective because we only remember to use it when the dogs are doing something really nasty, and it does stop them cold.

All of our kids friends and acquaintances at NIU are safe and sound. It was a relief to hear that. More disturbing to find out that the shooter was attending my sons school. One of the advantages of being out of town (and being in an unreal place like Vegas) is that we were able to totally ignore the news and thus miss the rude aftermath coverage.

Ive just seen bugs second set of photos, and I know realize where the inspiration for my new rug came from! Ill have to get a photo of it later this week. Not identical, but very similar!

We just missed George Clooney in Vegas. He went to see "Love" on Friday night and we were there Sunday night!

I will post more about the trip later this week. As you can tell by the time on this post, Im still on Mountain time. Yesterday at this time, we had not yet headed out to dinner. Tomorrow morning will be a very rude shock


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Ei, I loved the Arts and Crafts garden lecture! There is always something to learn from you guys. I live in the land of the "shingle style cottage", the Colonial, and the stalwart "Cape Cod cottage". There is a huge new contemporary home going up across the street; it will be interesting to see the finished product.

Welcome home, V.! Interesting about your dogs on the "open" staircase; poor Katy-kins would be screwed. Can't wait to hear of your gambol in Vegas.

Norma's shots of the Gulf coast of Florida are so pretty. Like you, Michelle, I was thinking there could be worse places for Kenzie to relocate... but it's still too far, isn't it? And I have meant to tell you how I smiled at the practical solution to winter and your garden... lets just dig it out! :) It wasn't 71 here, either, but it did top out at about 55 with low fog and intermittant rain all day long. Did you get the stripper of the sill?

I deliberately tried to entice Eden yesterday with a variety of (not very interesting) posts... but no. I thought for certain the mention of paint would prove the charm, but no. Can't wait to see your new room.

I do not want to work today; that's what happens when you work all weekend. I have to purchase more flourescent bulbs on my way home today. I've decided for over 100% more cost, I'll eschew the CRI 98s in favor of the 85s. Interestingly, Cynthia, the price on your link was nearly 2 1/2 times the price I got from the supply house! Buyer beware, huh?

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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

LOL Norma...*I* really like Dolly Parton! :-) I'm not so much into the music, just really, really like her personality...she is so down to earth and sweet and has such a positive attitude. Cool puzzle and what a nice shot. I would have liked being there putting the puzzle together with looks *so* relaxing. Would you serve coffee? :-) Wow on the picture of Chelone's paint scheme...sure captures it to me! Maybe that was subliminally in Chelone's head. Lovely pics of your vacation and I bet Marian & Chelone really enjoyed them too...I know Marian really enjoys boats on the water.

Speaking of which, Marian your puzzle is beautiful and sure does look challenging!

I'm loving watching The Life of Phoebe! :-)

Michelle...Rick was a good sport then to come to the Idyllunion. Paul didn't think he would enjoy the gardens either when I showed him my list of gardens we *had* to see while there, but you know what? I think he loved it as much as I did...even my son was captivated. He especially loved the "rooms" and the allee's (not sure I spelled that right).

V...:-( need to time these things better. I would have loved a candid shot of George Clooney!

Kathy...I've just been reading about the bungalows in California...I really love the California take, but I have to stay in the Midwest I think, if I'm ever able to afford even a tiny bungalow.

Gotta go check out Michelle's link before I'm off with mom.

BTW, Marty...I meant to put this up yesterday. Below is a link of many books (actually I was surprise how many) on Arts & Crafts gardening....

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Wow, Ei. Thanks so much for your post! Visiting Hidcote seems a fairy tale to me. Pics of the front steps with lavs on both sides got me hooked on those wonderful plants. I always thought of Hidcote as very formal, but I now know better! Will definitely look and link a bit more when time allows.

Phoebe is looking content, for sure.

Now I get it, Kathy. Wasn't Sunday the day for listing? I'm with all those who think you'll be looking yourself before long :-)

All the warm water pics have me yearning .... Every once in a while Rich and I think "Savannah" but then our Yankee roots kick in and we can't get beyond :-)

Lunch with new boss today. So far, so good. He's quite British and is a "V", as in First Last V. He's promised that his family history is quite entertaining. A bit of a departure from my great last guy, but this can work, too :-)

Anyone up for an informal Logee's/lunch trip in March?

Waving to everyone, especially puzzlers. No patience for that, here. LOL


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Good morning everyone,

Ive been pretty busy here between trying to keep all the indoor plants healthy, bird photography and cleaning the house for the upcoming Thumbs party I also had an out of town seminar a week and a half ago. Filling orders, and keeping up with planning on my spring seminars. Phew. Last Thursday I went birding on Plum Island with a fellow Id met on a birding forum. He was a fantastic birder and in fact had been doing it since he could hold a pair of binoculars. His dad taught him from a very early age. Mark and his wife are from England and they are here working for a couple years. I had a very interesting day with an extremely knowledgeable birder. It did feel a bit strange to pull into a total strangers driveway at 6:45 in the morning though but after the normal bit of awkwardness that two people meeting each other for the first time encounter the day was a huge success.. Well except for the part when I realized that I was old enough to be his mother!!!!! That was awful! ROTFLOL!

Sounds like the Salon is making great progress and will be ready for its christening soon. Love the colors Chelone

Welcome, welcome to the newest Idyll furry, family member Bug, she is just toooo. cute for words! What a darling.

Eden, how wonderful to hear from you! Ive missed your posts. Im so happy to hear that your Mom is holding her own. How are your plants doing? Do you need me to send you a care package? Do you have the Angel Wing Begonia Fanny Moser? Ive got quite a few and could send one off. Also B. Sinbad although they do not like indoor culture. I find it so interesting that one likes indoor culture and the other is doing poorly, kind of like how my Rex Begonias do indoors. Im missing an element of culture with those plants and I"ve yet to figure it out.

Michelle, you should see your geraniums!!!! They are absolutely gorgeous right now! The one with the little flowers is getting quite large and Im going to need to take some cuttings to prune it back. The other has these lovely fluffy pink flower heads. Quite wonderful!

Martie, ditto what I said to Michelle except its your lovely lavender. Blooming its head off under lights in February! How fabulous is that. BTW are you going to be able to make it up here on Saturday???? Would love to see you. Oh yes I forgot to ask, do you remember a tiny coleus cutting you brought? It has very splashed leaves? Do you remember the name of that variety?

Eileen, those photographs you posted are delicious!!!! Those gardens are to die for. Made my heart sing. Like you I loved the photograph with the topiaries and the meadow grass. What a great juxtaposition of wild and pruned plantings. Intriguing mix!

Hi Cynthia, Norma, where is Honey and T?

T, thanks for the message! (I was out in my blind doing bird piccies) How nice to hear from you, all is well here just busy.

Marian that is one fabu-fabu puzzle! Lovely! But no edges! Jeesh, that would make me crazy.

Mary, we sure are going to miss you this weekend.

Denise, that portrait on the last thread was fabu! You son is very talented.

Kathy, I thought of you last week. Doug and I opened a bottle of 04 Groth Cabernet Yum! We actually had that for dinner! LOL

Welcome home V. I hope you know just how much we are going to miss you this year.

Norma, welcome home to you too. Glad you had a good time.

OK Im off to the gym and back to watering plants Have a great day all


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Chelone, I'm here:) Yesterday was a crazy day. Furnace problems ended in a visit from the repairman. David was in the midst of moving out his things throughout the day too. He's decided to spread his wings and venture out on his own. It's time, he'll be 22 in a few weeks. Brad is working 12 hour days this week so he wasn't around to pick up the slack from all that was going on. I did manage to get some of the trim painted. Ceiling and trim are cottage white. I'll be back later with more. Just didn't want Chelone to think her efforts went unnoticed or unappreciated. I'll do better and make an effort to post more often. Hope everyone has a good day. We woke up to a dusting of snow here. Enough of that already!


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

My furball alarm clock is working ever so well. She slept from 11:30 to 6:45 though, so that's pretty good! It is -11C (12F) this morning, so that was a rude awakening outdoors. No accidents yesterday though!
Somehow I keep busy all day long but am not finding time to do a thing. Barely getting myself fed and dishes washed. A reasonable routine will start soon I expect! I wish the weather would help me out a bit though. So gloomy and windy...just unkind.
I wonder what surprises are in store for today. I hope you have good ones!

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Good Morning all.... Just a very light skift of snow this morning, and lower 20s. It will be warmer as the sun rises. tuesday trip is 'on'. :-)

First of all, I want to let Cynthia know I came to the realization that it was the name "Great Wall of China" that she was refering to...not " Impossibles" ! Not only is that the puzzle's name, it also has a picture of the real Great Wall hiden in the puzzle, but I have never been able to find it. ( I imagine some of our sharper eyed/minded gals could.)

I hope Mary and family are having a great get-a- way.

Ei, lovely garden pictures. How blessed you are to have visited such beautiful places...and in England!
As for my favorite type of house...I love Colonial types, with pillars and balconies. The large house that Nolon built for us in Idaho was an English tudor; all on one level except for the sunken livingroom. It is probably good that we no longer live in it. I would have been falling into or out of the livingroom all the time ! LOL

Norma, I love your puzzle, and the easel type lid is wonderful. I am always refering to the picture to help find pieces. I also like your 'board' under the puzzle. I do mine right on the table's surface. LOL on the chewed up piece. Some of mine have 'washed' pieces. A friend gave me a bunch of her 'second hand' ones, and she had inadvertantly 'washed' a few pieces ! Several of mine have lost pieces. I mark on the box's picture where the lost ones are. The brand new one that I bought a while back had a piece missing!
Ei is right, I love your pics of boats in the marina. The old sponge diving boat looks well used. The water and sky pic is striking. It 'does' resemble Chelone's color scheme!

Ooo, Kathy ! I hope I never have to have that much done to my teeth! I rather have most any other kind of medical procedure ( except something ran down my throat ! ).
I have a wooden-piece puzzle. I'm not very fond of it...:-)

Michelle, weren't you the other one who bought their first jar of Nutella ? How much of your's is left ? Mine is nearing the bottom...Yum ! I think I'll get another jar today....:-) I tried it on Ritz crackers, but prefer it straight from the
That is so cute about Kensie wanting to know where your garden is...and wanting to 'dig it out'. How fun to see things from a child's eyes.

Welcome back, V....Las Vegas is not top on my list of places to visit. I would much prefer the wide open spaces of natural landscaping....:-)
So glad that none of your kid's friends were injured in the terrible NIU event.
RE: open stairways..The friend of Tim's that died of cancer last fall built that kind in his unique house. It is also a spiral stairway. I am not too fond of it ! Too tricky maneuvering.

LOL, Ei, you can have my share of Dolly! Not one of my favs by any means. If it wasn't for her boobs, she would never got where she is....Sorry !

Yey! glad you are seeing the sun! One reason I work on jig saw puzzles is to work on my lack of patience! Is is also a form of escape....

Deanne, good to have you resurface. I don't envy you all the irons that you have in the fire! I think the only time I was ever that busy is when I was working with the county Fair.

Okie doakie...time to get ready for my 'going'.


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Oh my! This time I am the one who broke the thread!!! Come out , come out, where ever you are!
I had a lovely time in town. elderly man in a motorized shopping cart made my day when he told me I have a " million dollar smile" LOL.

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Wow, quiet today... I can't figure you guys out for the life of me.

Eden, good to hear from you. My sympathies on the furnace; I sure hope it was easily remedied! I don't think there is much that is more stressful than a "system failure" in the midst of winter. Probably didn't help to have a kid carting boxes out and returning with a fresh blast of cold air, huh? I have decided I'M GOING FOR IT with the "pickling"! I am going to use the white latex primer, diluted with water and fool around with a couple of "sample boards" before committing to dilution proportions or the method of removing the excess "stain". I think I'll try very fine steel wool in addition to rags. The effect I'm looking for is clean, crisp, and decidedly "frosty". I'll topcoat with a latex sealer, PROBABLY in a satin finish. I'm actually pretty excited about doing it. I can't wait until you share shots of your "new" room. I love seeing what you, Michelle, and Honey have "cooked up" with respect to your homes. (Hope I didn't "pressure" you too much).

Marian, I love Dolly Parton! I think she's wonderfully talented (great song writer) and her CD, "The Grass is Blue" is one of my very favorites. It is traditional bluegrass music and she really had to fight the record company to get it made because they told her it "wouldn't sell". But, because she's a big star, she got what she wanted. I also think she is a very, very talented actress ("Nine to Five" and "Best Little Whorehouse in Texas"). I've never had Nutella... how do you think it would be on toast with a nice cup of coffee? I still have to find a picture of a Phoebe... all I can "call up" is a Junco... not the same, at all!

I looked at some 4" pots of hardy Primulas today when I was in the grocery store. I've looked idley (definitely not Idyll-y) at houseplants, but have yet to "pull the trigger". Of note, however in our winter landscape are the fuzzy buds on Magnolia stellata that seem to "plump" daily, the Hammemalis x intermedia "Diane" that seems to be unfurling her cheerleader pom-poms of bright red, and the rosey stems and fattening buds of the highbush blueberries. It's only just beginning, but we're definitely on the way.

Awaiting thoughts on lunches with new bosses, relocations to the Pacific NW, the wonder of impressionable baby-curs, Las Vegas, Moms, furnaces, and much more.

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Here you go Chelone....Pictures, song and all...

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This is crazy, and I'm not in a good mood anyway after a trip to the tax office.

I am having to sign in every time and I don't see all the posts. Maybe its something with my computer. I have the remember me box checked. Accch!

I am going to try posting this and come back Norma

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

I stirred a spoonful of Nutrella in a cup of Chai Latte. It made it much tastier...:-)
I forgot to get another jar today since it was not on my shopping list. :-(
I agree with almost all that you said about Dolly, Chelone..but I still do not care for her. I think it is the outlandish boobs and huge wig that turn me off. She said herself that she has her boobs enhanced regularly! Also, her ad ( on TV) for her seasonal show in Branson, Missouri,( all of November and December), just goes on and on ad nauseum.
I am wondering what her boobs would be doing now if they were not enhanced??? My bad!
I am probably in the minority about her, and that is okay with me. I swim upstream on a lot of things...

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

My computer has been working weird ever since the ice storms and the tornados in our area. I have been blaming it on the damaged lines across the midwest. Mine has been EXTREMELY slow. When I try to connect to anything it has been taking several seconds, maybe even minutes, to do anything ( even connecting to the internet ).

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And now they are all there. Go figure.

Anyway, Marian I'm glad you had a pleasant day and your winning smile was appreciated. I was sweetie and sugarded to death at the tax office. Made me want to hurl.

Really I am not good company tonight. Should have just stayed away. But I was trying to figure out why the posts weren't showing up.

Hope everyone had a better day than I. N

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Marian, while I do like some of Dollys songs and Movies I don't care much for watching her lately, kinda turns me off. Then again she has a new video out I like. I think its called "You better get to living" or something like that. I think you would aprreciate it too. Norma

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I had to sign in, too, and at first I did not see all the posts (I'm guessing I'm seeing them now :) guys sure talk alot :)

I am still catching up on Idyll as I'm trying to play catch up here, too.

It is school vacation week so the kiddos are making background noise :) Jake went to see the Foo Fighters in concert with dad last night....big night for the freshly 14 year old. Nick said he was one of many dads in the youthful crowd :)

I did peruse the other Idylls and got to see the salon in progress....that looks suspiciously like the green in my kitchen, LOL! It's a good color because it is cool in the warm months and cheery and bright for the winter. I don't find it to be "cold" like some colors can been in Northern winters.

I had a blast and highly recommend a Carribean getaway. Our B&B couldn't really be described as a bed and was casual and outdoors-y and grandfathered into the Nat'l park so it was isolated, too :) We hiked, scuba-d, snokeled, and ate until our neighbors reminded us that we should relax, so we took some time and did that, too :)

V., Waterlemon was fun and I am happy to report that I saw NO trash whatsoever :) Glad your family and friends are safe.

I laughed out loud about the stripper. I hope the curtains were closed so that the neighbors won't talk....oh wait, you don't have neighbors, do you Michelle?

Mary, I have always watched when I see felting and think I like the hats that I see. Sadly I have an extra large head, LOL, but I'll bet you all knew that, didn't you?

Deanne, I thought of you often as we had a pair of Kestrels that liked to perch in the tree outside our room. Bananaquits and little black finches visited us for breakfast. I took some really poor pictures and wished I had you with me to capture the moments :)

Marian, I used to feel the same way about Dollywood advertising. I do remember being enthralled by Dolly's chest just before puberty graced me with my own bosoms...."could they possibly be real????" LOL

Norma....I had to visit the accountant before I left on vacation. It was all fine, but I know the kind of day you've had.

Waving hello to all Idylls from coast to coast!

Here's a little tease, feel free to cry UNCLE when you've had enough :

This is on the ferry ride between St. Thomas and St. John - the water is really this color!

I had to put a picture of me in there so you'd know I was really there :)

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Terrific to have you back Saucy! The weather here stinks and the beautiful photos of sun and water, green and blue paint, sponge boats and English gardens help improve my outlook. I really doubt there will be a spring here this year.

News of last. But then, will anything change?

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Wow, I get home from work and a running dialog on Dolly Partons boobs are the topic du jour ! I was glad for the comic relief after a very crapola day at work involving lay-offs and their residual unpleasantness. A glass (or two) of wine and some time with the Idylls are the perfect anecdote.
Also had a voicemail from my painter, and the final phase will begin tomorrow . I may actually be able to start showing this house in another week !

Michelle, how I enjoyed your container gallery ! You have some nifty combos and its interesting to compare the style and color of containers you use compared to Deannes-I notice that Deanne seems to favor the whitish -grayish tones, while many of yours are darker colors. You both have some very cool pots. All of mine are terra cotta !

Deanne I used to know one of the winemakers at Groth but I dont think hes there anymore- they do tend to move around a bit in this valley. Groth is the next door neighbor winery to Plumpjack , where my late DH worked.

So Eden are we to receive pics of this painting project you are so engrossed in ? Furnace problems in your neck of the woods does not seem a pleasant prospect .

bug, how many toys did you buy that little stinker of yours anyway ?? Seems like there is a different one in every pic, lol.

Saucy, welcome back ..your journey sounds FF, in particular the casual-outdoorsy vibe. I bet the water was a damn sight warmer that the dive you and Nick did a few months back in the Atlantic !

Id best go scare up some dinner , the rain is falling and its a good evening to hunker down with some gardening magazines

Hi to all ..
Kathy in Napa

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Well, I've checked in one more time before retiring, and say welcome back Saucy. The water looks so inviting. Can't wait to hear of your snorkeling adventures.

LOL Kathy, I just had to laugh at myself (which I sorely needed) while typing the word retiring above I hit a wrong key and typed retiting. Whis I had a good gardening magazine, but think I will go look at Michelle and Deanne's container gardens. Thats even better.
Night all . N

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Well Kathy, I believe in toys for dogs but not so much for kids. Puppies need the excitement for brain development and as deterrents to furniture biting and people biting. They get bored easily and need new ones all the time. So I have some upstairs, different ones downstairs and then switch them about. DD gave me some at Christmas and there are also a few from Charlotte days as well as new purchases. Each dog prefers different things. So far Phoebe likes squeaky toys and the true orange fireman's hose best. But "who knows tomorrow" as they say in Nigeria.

I too look forward to Eden's pictures!

Today I heard that a friend (Rikki) just had sudden surgery for breast cancer. What a shock for her. She had the surgery 2 days after the discovery, upon finding out the bad news. I am wishing good thoughts for her. Her life has been so difficult for the last few years and she has managed to find joy anyway. Now this.

"Now and then it's good to pause in our pursuit of happiness and just be happy." Guillaume Apollinaire (I remember the quote from highschool French class, but it sounds different to me these days.)

By the way...meals for one sure are different than meals for two! I tend to grab whatever I feel like these days.

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Thanks to a barfing dog, I had a lot of sleep interruptions last night, and have been sitting here dozing off instead of reporting more on my trip as promised.

Marian, I would say that Dolly's boobs are more real than most of Vegas! I had not been there in more than twenty years, and the changes are just amazing. The casinos are studies in total fantasies. DH has had many trips to Vegas for different meetings, and since he is not a gambler, he spends a lot of time wandering the casinos and taking in the sights. So he lead us on our "enforced march" through most of the casinos.

We didn't really gamble, but I did place $20 on the Cubs to win the World Series. Once every hundred years, you know?

We went to see Cirque du Soleil's show Love, which is based on the Beatles' music. If you have even the slightest affection for their music, you should make an effort to see the show. I could not come up with enough superlatives to describe this show. How about if I describe it as a legal acid trip with no flashbacks? Things happen all around you, you are enveloped in music and the action is nonstop and astonishing.

Our big event Saturday night was dining at the kitchen table at Delmonico's, one of Emeril's restaurants in Vegas. This is a private table for eight in a glass-enclosed room in the kitchen. You see all the action of the kitchen and are served by the chefs, but you aren't in the heat and noise of the kitchen. When the sommelier stopped in to see if we were interested in a wine pairing with our dinner, he found out we were seriously interested in wine and spent most of the evening in the room talking about wine and what it was like to work for Emeril. He was fascinating to listen to and added an amazing dimension to the evening.

Saucy, it looks like you had a great trip also. We'll need more details! Did you see any starfish?

Chelone, the salon looks like it is progressing quite nicely.

'bug, did I tell you that is one cute puppy? Where are today's photos?

Our weather also stinks - in fact, as I typed that the weather report came on the radio to announce -30 wind chills. YUCK! While we were gone, we had warmer weather and some rain, so all of our snow now has a nice coat of ice over it. Our driveway is a skating rink... The garage door refuses to close when it gets this cold... And I'm too tired to do the vacation laundry.

I want to go back on vacation!!!

V. the discontent

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

OK, one for today...Phoebe with her fire hose. (For Nick?)

And a second one for Chelone, Phoebe making yellow snow- ;)

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Ah Jeez 'bug, your killin' me ! I'm having serious puppy swooning. Have mercy !

V, I've been to Delmonicoes too, but not in the fancy glass kitchen room. Maybe my vendors need to step up to the plate. In August we did the Eiffel Tower restaurant in Paris and was that ever good ! Also viewed thunder and lightning from our table (august is 'monsoon season' in the southwest desert) which added some verve..I remember the olden days when the food in Vegas was limited to crappy prime rib buffets and 99 cent breakfasts with keno runners everywhere.

Time to retire-you and 'bug are up way too late !

Kathy in Napa, 8:30 pst , much later for you guys ..

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I believe the moniker, "Tinkler" has now been passed... when we first adopted Rex he suffered from insecurity and would "sprinkle" a little bit whenever we'd return. I used to really "work him over" and call him, "Mummy's little Tinkler". He was over it in no time. But even now he likes to hear, "my little Tinkler" when we're out on a walkie. The fire hose cracks me up!

Welcome home, Saucy. You must've had a ball. And it must be really fun to just settle back and soak up the "new" vegetation and animal life. I've never had the opportunity to enjoy warm salt water, consequently, I have little affinity for it. I am, so far, a "fresh water girl". Your kitchen and the laundry room actually DID cross my mind as soon as I saw your post. Did you select the color or did it "come with the house"?

Norma, nothing sets my blood pressure rising faster than taxes and longer range financial planning. I do it because it's the way to deal with it all most painlessly, but I find no "thrill in the chase". You can be grumpy here; we're tough, we can take it. :)

Marian, thanks for the Phoebe link! I did a quick hunt for the bird book, couldn't find it and quickly found something else to wrest my attention.

V., one of the things that intriques me about Las Vegas is the history behind its rise to popularity; a real slice of "Americana". But so much of that has be razed, lost forever in the race toward "bigger and better". I'd be interested in something like the Neon Sign museum, lol. I also cast a critical eye toward their obscene use of water resources... . While I don't put much stock in this sort of thing personally, Soddam and Gamorrah come to mind... . So please, tell me more interesting things about the desert playground.

It's getting colder here, too, but nothing like your plunge into the realm of sub-zero windchills. Spring will arrive... how many days, Eden? ;)

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All the blues and greens in this Idyll, while in sharp contrast to Dolly Parton's twin mountains, have brought a smile. Much needed. Must be the time of year :-)

Must say I'm seriously bummed about Emeril selling out to Martha. Martha is not a fav person in my life, having treated friends really badly and not seeming to have "learned her lesson" about how to be rich, famous and a model for domesticity along with having a modecum of Class. Enough for the morning about that .....

Glad you're back, Saucy! Sounds like the perfect retreat.

Okay, 'bug. I saw the pic of Phoebe with the snow on her face and immediately reverted to a larger likeness of herself. How cool to start over! My mom's dogs almost always had more toys than us, but we got to go in and out whenever we wanted. LOL

Maybe it's because there's an eclipse tonight, maybe it's because lunch was exhausting but enlightening (Chelone -- he's a great guy but more Type A than anyone I've ever met) and the new boss will be okay, maybe it's because Rich still hasn't signed anything yet and eventually financial pressures will arrive, but I'm not great company today, either.

But the sun is out!!!!! Yippee!


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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Hi Norma! I'm sorry to read you were having such a bad day yesterday! I hope youre feeling better today. Yesterday it was freezing cold, as it was the day before and as it is today...yikes! But the sun was shining yesterday and that made all the difference. I think I could take winter much better if the sun were always shining!

Michelle...I really enjoyed your container slide show....what beautiful combinations and what a gorgeous garden too! :-) I *love* that gate in your first pic. I was thinking about something while admiring all your work. Do you live way out in the country? I was thinking, if you do, that people who happen to come down your road must stop dead in their tracks when they see your property! :-) Do people come knocking at your door? LOL! Dotty & I *always* do that. We scope out a lot of "out of the way" garden suppliers and greenhouses that have taken us on some long stretches of country road. We have surprised more than a few people out there in the open sky by knocking on their doors. :-) Lucky enough for us, everybody whose home we stopped at was always very nice and welcoming, and always happy to give a tour of their gardens. :-)

LOL Marian...I wasnt hiding yesterday, just running with mom. Glad to see you didnt end up being all alone here. I missed it Marian...where were you going yesterday? Is this the day of your Golden Years class? What a nice thing to hear! I bet you his words gave you a lift all day long. Sometimes, it just the little thoughtful things that can bring the most pleasure to someone else. "Random acts of kindness" as they say. And it really doesnt take much to brighten someone elses day. I have to remember that more often. LOL about Dolly...she is very flashy! But behind all that "flash" I think there is a very sweet woman though I *could* be wrong, I dont know her personally...LOL!. :-) I dont own even own a single record by her (well I guess now days you would say "cd") but I have heard songs of hers where the lyrics really touched Coat of Many Colors, Shes an Eagle when She Flies, and Everything is Beautiful In Its Own Way (not the same as the BJ Thomas song although I like that one too). I heard her sing this song (I *think* on Lenos show?) was on *some* show recently anyway and since Norma mentioned it too, I thought I would share the lyrics:

Dolly Parton
Get To Livin

Verse 1:
People always coming up to me,
And asking "Dolly whats your secret?"
"With all you do your attitude just seems
to be so good."
"How do you keep it?"
Well Im not the Dalai Lama but Ill try
To offer up a few word of advice.

Youd better get to living, Givin
Dont forget to throw in a little forgiving
And lovin on the way.
Youd better get knowing, showing
A little bit more concern about where youre going
Just a word unto the wise.
Youd better get to livin.

Verse 2:
A girlfriend came to my house,
Started cryin on my shoulder,
Sunday evening. (Better Get To Living)
She was spinnin such a sad tale I couldnt believe
The yarn that she was waving
So negative the words she had to say,
I said "If I had a violin Id play"

I said youd better get to living, give in
Be willing and forgivin
Cos our healin has to start with you.
You better stop wining, pining,
Get your dreams in line and just
Shine, Design, Refine until They Come True.
And youd better get to living

Your lifes a wreck your house is a mess,
And your wardrobe is way outdated,
All your plans just keep on falling through,
Overweight and underpaid; underappreciated.
Am no guru but I tell you this I know is true

Youd better get to living & givin
A little more thought about being a little more willing,
To make a better way (make a better way)
Dont sweat the small stuff, keep your chin up,
Just hang tough, and if it gets too rough,
Fall on your knees and pray, and do that everyday
Then youll get to livin

The day were born we start to die,
So dont waste one minute of this life,
Get to livin! (Get to livin)
Share your dreams and share your laughter and make some points
for the great hereafter. (Get to Livin)

Better start caring,
Better start sharing
Better start tryin,
Better start smilin
And you better get to livin.

I know its not always *that* simple, but wise words to keep in mind and I think I would really like to get to know someone who would write lyrics like that. Oh BTW, I didnt find it on my own, but Ive added a link at the bottom for you. Dont look at the link if you still want to try to find it on your own.

Ive never seen Cirque du Soleil V, but I really would like to, as Ive heard lots of great things about their shows. I wonder if the Beatle themed one will play here in Chicago?

Saucy...thanks for the sunshine & blue skies....I nearly forgot what that looked like...LOL! Funny, before I even read your post I said to myself...."wow that water is the most *gorgeous* color Ive ever seen!" :-)

Thanks for the cue Chelone, re the witchhazel blooms! I almost always miss mine because they are both placed far from the house. My one witch hazel (Im too lazy right now to try and spell hama-mama)...anyway, my one witch hazel Jelena is huge now (I think shes reached maturity) and I just love her wide vase shaped form, the texture of the leaves and the beautiful fall color. I also love the flowers when I see them! :-) are really giving me the itch for a puppy! But, I couldnt do that to Scout. No, that will have to wait till later....much later. Anyway, I actually think the picture of Phoebe tinkling is cute...LOL! :-) I love the look on her face, like she is saying "*Why* are you taking my picture *now*?" :-) And love the snow on her face...she *is* a cutie!

Hi Deanne! Great to see you...everyone misses you when you arent here! How fun to go birding with a birder! :-) LOL about the age difference. I know what you mean, I actually have a few friends (mostly the new garden gals) who are 10 & 15 years younger than me. It took a little while for me to feel comfortable, but then I got over it...LOL! I figured if they wanted me around, the age thing must not bother them, so why should it bother me? Besides, sharing common interests make all those other little issues just disappear. :-) I just try not to stand too close to the young ones when were getting our pictures taken...LOL! :-)

Okay, off to *my* doctor today, not moms. Then to do a little work that Dottys DH threw my way. Im still looking for a permanent part time job, but having a hard time finding one. Dottys husband gives me the extra work when he has it, but its not dependable and it will be "plant buying" time soon, with nothing in the budget! New job listings come out in the local paper today, so Ill check that out.

Have a great day all! Ei

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

A quick good morning to everyone! Looks like we are going to have a sunny day on tap here with temps in the 40s. Nice!

There is still plenty of room if anyone else wants to join us for our party on Saturday????

V. Ive cleaned out the guestroom and put on clean sheets in case you change your mind and make a dash for NH to get out of that weather.

Michelle, where oh where is the link to your container gardens???? I ve looked and looked but must be blind because I couldnt find it. Please post it again for me? Please?

Eileen, it was just so strange when I realized that he was my DDs age. I was GobSmacked I keep thinking I couldnt possibly be that old even though my mirror confirms the sad truth every morning!

Martie, I dont remember if you said if you can come this weekend???? Would love to see you.

Kathy, are you going to miss living in the middle of wine country? ~~ Great news that the house is almost done. Males me realize that I should be attending to all that stuff now while I can enjoy it.

Sweet Phoebles

Saucy! Wonderful turquoise blue water! Great pics, cant wait to see your sun tan on Sat. ~~ Wish Id been there to see the beautiful tropical birds.

Norma, sorry for your frustrating day. I hope today is much better for you.

Eden, so are you going to have the empty nest thing? Good for David! Its an exciting time in their lives when they finally spread their wings. ~~~ Cant wait to see the finished living room project.

Hello to everyone! Have a great day

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Ei, I just had to laugh about age differences! I'm at the stage where my doctor is a young kid of 40...My great aunt Ethel lived to be 101 years old. She always had young friends and in her 90s went to the symphony with them, attended peace rallies...My goodness she was alert well up to 100. I'm sure having good friendships with people of all ages was her secret. She was legally blind and traveled the world. What a gal!

Phoebe had an accident this morning. It was my fault in a way. She was outdoors "tinkling" when the snow plow arrived to clear the lane. I quickly brought her indoors so that she would not be frightened, and she pooped on our carpet. :( My fault. We should have stayed outdoors to finish the job. Beat ME Chelone!

There's a glowing orb out there at the moment. It would be great if it would remain. It is about 3F so far today.

Off to do some bits of work before my next puppy duties begin....

Hope the day is bright for you as well!

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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Just wanted to post this for Deanne. The post is a short one, so I could see how you missed it....

Anyway, Michelle's post with the container link is a post dated 2/18 and is after a post by Kathy and just before a post by Bug.

Okay...gotta go!


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chloehoover(z6b VA)

These idylls are practically intimidating they're zipping by -- miss a couple days and I feel like I've gone to another age!

Phoebe Snow is just as adorable as one could imagine -- it's an adjustment to a new life for you both, isnt it, 'bug? So exhausting but exhilarating.

I love those shots from your vacation, Saucy -- such blue -- w/ so much grey here (after that weirdo 70 degree Monday), it's hard to believe that blue could be real!

Sue, I've often thought retiring to the Ct. shore beach would be an ideal retirement spot -- plenty to do, great weather, but near enough to wonderful things -- I really enjoyed the years when my DD went to college in New London -- and dreamed of buying something on the shore area there - and marvelous nurseries nearby! I hope you find a fun, small place (or party central should you decide that's your weekend life to try). You deserve it.

I've been caught up in the silly biz of trying to arrange for demo'ing the basement area -- they want to cut my heat off in the house for 3 days -- NOT a good idea in 20 degree weather -- I dont need any more pipe leak problems or personal possessions being ruined from sudden cold...

Plus am silly in being overwhelmed in trying to figure out what new carpet color and room colors I want to live with for the next 10 years -- it's overwhelming to me for some reason.... I guess I have a hard time with change. I decided I may as well replace that 25 yr old sofa and chairs and just "do" it all over -- but which is the chicken or the egg -- do you pick carpet first, or upholstery first???

Im gonna ask a dumb dog (not the dog but the human being dumb) question -- anyone here give their dog glucosamine and if so in what form? Im trying to decide for Miss Chloe who's really achy and ailing, seems to be losing a lot of hingquarter strength - 'course some of this is probably my fault because we havent been as active this winter w/ all the stupid house & office woes.... But I think I need to start giving her some supplements - I know it's helped me; so from what I've read it seems to work for dogs too.

Deanne, if I didnt have to take 3 days off while the bottom floor is being remediated, I'd be to your place in a flash! I could use some fun and frivolity right now. The 3 days off is just for the "mold" issue; more days off to come w/ other repairs after that... my head spins. Wish I could hire someone to stay home for me! I do not know how you are doing it Kathy - organzing & coordinating all those workmen you've had and the chaos involved -- it's driving me nuts, and I've barely started! And Michelle, w/ all those projects in different rooms - you're a brave person -- I guess I need the little control I can in my life and that means the rooms in the house can't all be disturbed at once; but Im fighting a losing battle right now over that concept.

Well, as something funny to laugh at, here's one of the stores - I tried offering on craigslist the dining room table and chairs - very brief description, photos, then the "cash, pick up only". Boy, the nutty questions I got -- the best one was from a "girl"(?) who said:

"Hello ;), I'd love to purchase your cherry table and chairs. I do unfortunately have a little mazda so would need it delivered. I'd give you [$ extra $15 dollars offered here] even for it if you're interested.

Cheers!" she signed her name & then she has this at the bottom:
"Dream and Dare, but do not Dally; Dreadful Doleful Doldrum Daunts,
Despondent Despair Descends, Disparaging Dire Deeds, Detailing Defeat,
Dismissing Deliverance, Demeaning Desperate Days Done Doughtily
Diminishing Dour Defence, Doom Descending Death Dolmens Domain..."

I was speechless with the $15 extra if I would deliver to her (wherever she lived.... duh -- "pick up only") - like $15 would be an enticement to me? and then what was w/ the sign-off???? do you think she changes it alphabetically each day or is this some hidden code thing I am clueless about?

In the end, no one came out - alot of silly questions and inquiries (first someone wanted to buy the chairs only; then a week later someone else wanted only the table - gee, if only they'd written on the same day, LOL...).

As my DD said after I relayed this, "sometimes it's a challenge to be a higher being on a daily basis, Mom." -- I tell you, I think Phoebe the Bouvier would have had more intelligent responses to some that I got!!

Well, I will try to be more faithful here but life keeps getting in the way.

-Cindy [ no sign off ....]

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Good Morning all....
I don't think we will be seeing much sunshine today. Another winter storm is moving in, with lots of ice predicted! YARGH! I am so glad that I had the good day in town yesterday. ( Yes, Ei, it started out at the Golden Year's class.)
The encounter with the complimentary elderly man was at Wal Mart, as I was checking out. I had got carried away with my purchases, and had 'scared' away others coming to check out. I had just commented on that, to the checkout gal, when I saw the man in the motorized cart 'drive' up. I said " there is a brave man". I was laughing when I said it. He followed up his complement with " Darlin' " LOL. And yes, Ei, it made me continue smiling all the way home...:-)
( But who knows...maybe he says that to all smiling women....I am such a

Te he, my 'Dolly' analysis livened up the thread somewhat.
Thanks for all the info, but I stand with my opinion. I am not for 'flaunting' !

Norma, my computer has not improved. Has yours? It is getting rather annoying. I guess I will call the support people and ask if it is an overall problem. I am almost sure I will be told it is my computer, even if it isn't. :-(
I know what you mean about being " sweetied and sugared to death", I have got to where I just ignore it. Chalk it up to more ignorance! ( Your misprint was fuuny, and appropriate! LOL. )

Welcome back Saucy. Your Carribean getaway sounds wonderful. I 'ain't' never done anything like that! Beautiful water pic, and the one of you is not that bad either...:-) ( You are SO young! )

RE: Happiness. I do not 'pursue' it. I just take it as it comes.....I find that inner happiness and contentment is worth much more than all the stuff we can accumulate, and the 'fun' we pursue. I can find joy in seeing a pretty bird, a beautiful sky, a pretty flower, a friend, a fuuny antic of a pet...and on and on....

Marie, my favorite pics of Phoebe is those of that bright eye shining!

Chelone, you are very welcome! Did you listen to the Phoebe singing? I always love hearing them.

Martie, I am 'with you' on Martha.

Ei, Thank you so much for that link! I never thought of looking for that. I have taken up the puzzle, but went to the pics that I have in My Documents, and enlarged them, but still cannot find that wall! I bookmarked the link so if I ever make the puzzle again I can refer to it.
I agree, Dolly has put out some good songs. I like the "Coat of Many Colors", and "Everything is Beautiful in It's Own Way". I am not familiar with the other one or the one you posted. It has some good thoughts. I kind of wonder about the second verse, and those following. I think maybe a good hug would be more appropriate.
I hope you get a good report from your Doctor today.

Now I MUST get my 3 bags out for the trash pickup. The weather has been so bad on our pickup day for the past 3 weeks, we haven't taken it up...and it has accumulated. Nolon is getting his coat intends to help.


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Jerri_OKC(z7 Ok)

I need to foster puppies now! I'll tell DH it's all Bugs fault. :)

Word of the day: Enosiophobia - a fear of critism or judgment. If one was criticised from a very early age it could leave them with Enosiophobia. This could cause unexpected reactions to comments due to misunderstanding of intent.

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Ei., that's THE key to gettin' through this life with minimal bruising. I very truly believe that. There are times when I'm stuck in some interminable line, listening to some squalling kid, wondering if I'm going to be late... . I can feel my blood pressure rise. I take a deep breath, and focus on how the parent of the squallin' kid feels with everyone looking at him (no sexism intended)? and "get a grip" on precisedly HOW late I'll actually be since I'm generally 15 minutes early for major appointments with "waiting rooms". The quickest way I've found to deal with a "line" is to turn and smile at the next person and say something pleasant/humorous. In truth, I have to be REALLY pissed off to take the rapier tongue out of the scabbard. It's actually sort of fun to see if you can "change a mood" with a smile and something pleasant... . Esp. if you don't have that gleaming, Pepsodent smile that Marian carries as her "secret weapon". ;)

'bug., c'mon! you know by now that I only beat dogs. Because I hate dogs. Poor little "Pheebs."... didn't have time to "pinch a loaf" before being whisked indoors. "Bad, bad Gardenbug!". LOL (don't you just hate it when you do something that hindsight highlights as pretty dumb?!).

Cindy, lol about your DD's comment. That's brilliant. And it renews my hope for the future of our country, lol. I'd like to see your smiling face on Saturday, too! My boss fed glucosamine to her arthritic Lab. for years and swore there were great benefits in mobility. You should consider it; I'll bet Cynthia will have something good to offer up, too.

Like it's YOUR problem to arrange shipping for someone with a weenie car? Ummm... last time I checked even the impoverished with subcompacts could use a telephone, too... maybe she can't get past "D" in the 'phone book? :) (you wouldn't believe the crap I can wedge into my wagon with some imagination and a lot of bungee cords...). Bungees are the best invention, ever.

I think renovation work is the most stressful of all! They have to work in your home, ripping things down before they can be rebuilt. YIKES. And expensive items like carpeting and upholstery can certainly be daunting (my house still has plywood SUBfloor in it, lol). I don't think there's any reason to feel silly, at all. It's INTIMIDATING when faced with all the attendant stresses. You should chitty chat about the rooms in question here... Michelle, Honey, Eden, and I LOVE that sort of puzzle. How about some pictures?

OK, I have to get movin' here.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Nice to have a chatty Cindy!

After a report saying that glucosamine is worthless for humans, DH stopped cold turkey. He doesn't dare comment about it these days, fearing he's a jerk for believing...Yet, DD's dog Indy was greatly helped by it, and she read nothing about placebo effects. Since having the metal pieces removed from her leg, she no longer needs it. Phoebe's puppy food contains glucosamine. I guess I'd try it and see if you observe results. If not, obviously stop.

Fuzzy Furry French (OK Dutch really) Fido Feeling Fine in Far-away Friendly Farm. Fights with her Firehose by the Fireplace. Frosty Flakes Fascinate her. Fortified Frequently with Food, but she Farts.

Duh...yes, Phoebe Snow is smarter than the average Craigslist responder. I don't think I'm biased....! LOL on "sometimes it's a challenge to be a higher being on a daily basis, Mom."

Enosiophobia is not quite the right word for the way I was raised...It was sarcasm mixed with the criticism/judgement that was used. Yet socially I was far more at ease than the parents and sibs because I checked out other parents at an early age and knew they treated me differently. But it is often a problem in my marriage Jerri. I like to think I've been nothing but supportive of my kids...but who knows what they think?

Glad to read V's travel report! Cirque du Soleil is fabu-fabu in my estimation. A friend of a friend's daughter JUST left for Macao to work with them. It has been an ambition of hers for several years. I saw the piece shown on the Grammy's from Love and enjoyed it! Another friend who does travel photography and has a fondness for architecture adores Vegas. He's the very last person I'd expect to...

The sun remained today but so did the bitter chill. There's supposed to be an upward trend until Sunday at least when it will rise to 32F.
'bug & friend

(Guess I'd better dust that lamp base...)

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Hmmmm, I think Jerry has found the appropriate title for my condition ( at least for one of I do remember being frequently criticized, and don't remember being praised,( as a child).I do have a problem with being complemented. #1: I wonder if they really mean it. #2: I don't feel as though I merit it. way are you going to entice me to get a puppy!

I am so sorry for what you went through when you were a child, and for others who had similar or even worse experiences. All in all, my folks were very good to me. I do not recall ever being spanked or struck in any other way. I 'was' expected to do my share of the farm work.
The fact that I was a pretty bull-headed child probably led to the criticism. I was an espacially 'bad' teenager....not because of the bad things I deliberately did, but because I did what I wanted to, and frequently got into trouble while doing it! Thank goodness I lived before the drug age!

Cindy, I love your DD's statement. Very wise!

I am feeling like I failed to answer someone?? If so, please re-ask...


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Ei, I'm with you on handling the cold better if the sun shines. It is sunny here today but very cold and blustery. I made use of my carry over bad mood and cleaned house. It was a good way to keep warm too. My mood has improved just having that done. Although I have a couple of major cleaning jobs to do on the walk in closet and basement. I want to get those out of the way soon.

Bug , I like the Pheobe making yellow snow picture, and just so you know, we never get tired of pet or kids pictures here.

Michelle, I like Kenzies take on digging the garden out. She will no doubt be a gardner. Jake loved the gardens when he was little too and still likes to grow things now that he is fourteen. I think he and Wyatt are coming over for the weekend. I'm looking forward to it since I haven't seen them for a while.

V, Your experiences in Vegas sound neat. I have always wanted to see one of the Cirque du Soleil shows. I think a Beatles themed one would be great. I walked around and looked at a lot of stuff with a friend when we were there a few years ago. DH can't do much walking so he did the gaming.

Deanne, It was nice you had a birding field trip and met a cyber friend. Sounds like your keeping pretty busy.
Could you post a picture of your Angel Wing Begonia Fanny Moser'. I have two Angel Wings I bought last summer and I don't know the names of either. One is pink and one is red. I loved them in the garden. I need to get some more cuttings started from them. In fact when I get down in the basement to clean next week I am going to have to do some serious work with the plants.
Have fun with the Thumbs party this weekend.

Hi Cindy, keep your chin up. Sounds like your dealing with a lot. I'm the wrong person to ask for help with descions. I'm terrible at it. Unless I know what I want for sure, then you just can't change my mind. LOL
I've been thinking of starting Rebel on the glucosomine but haven't looked into it yet. I liked your DDs comment.

I'm not sure about the computer yet Marian, this is the first I have used it today. I did run a virus scan and checkup on it but it didn't turn up anything.

Interesting Jerri. I think Pheobe is stiring up puppy lust at the Idylls.

So Chelone are you taking a little break from the painting yet. It's always exciting to see a project coming together.

Eden, will David be close by? You have such a close knit family, I 'm betting he will be over to visit often. Hope your moms results are good.

Sorry my spelling has been so bad lately. I know when things don't look right but I'm to lazy to go look it up.

I think I'll go see if I can find some soup. We had nice salads for lunch but I need something hot. Hey everyone. Norma

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No time to read, but wanted to let Deanne know that I'll be staying local this weekend. Thanks So Much for the invite and I'll definitely take a raincheck.

A trip to Woodland Gardens' greenhouse with an old, dear friend is in the offing. After traveling all week, it'll be nice to have a 20 minute car ride to blooming Camellia.

Long way of saying -- I'll miss you all, but know you'll have the best TYNAW party, ever.


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Snow Wonderful Snow! I can say that because we've had so little this winter and spring is a-comin'.

Cindy! This is why I simply call Salvation Army and have them pick up anything I want to get rid of. In addition to saving me time, I have no security concerns from having people I don't know come into my house and look around. I'm not paranoid, but I'm a realist. So if you haven't already been robbed sold it, call Salvation Army and enjoy the contribution on your taxes next year. And How about hardwood and white walls? Goes with everything and stays cleaner than carpet. You can throw orientals about if you need soft underfoot.

Still more for Cindy. You want Glucosamine-Chondroitin, and don't buy the doggie brands as only the brand 'Cosequin' has been tested to show the amounts are as labeled. Buy human brands that have been tested. If you aren't already including Omega 3 and Omega 6 supplements, add those now too. Derm Caps is a good brand and includes vitamin E (which is depleted by Omega 3&6) so you either add it separately or get a brand of oil that already includes it. This is promoted for skin and coat but is also an anti-inflammatory, very good supplement for so many reasons. Chloe shouldn't be losing muscle if it's arthritis, so that may be something else going on. But walking is good for arthritis. I'm busy working on Katie building up muscle mass from effects of such limited exercise and pred (catabolic steroid) for almost a year. I've shifted her walks so that we go up a LOT of hills.

OK, I only have time for Cindy! Hi to everyone else. It's supper time for the herd.

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No time to chat right now as we need to walk before the sun sets, but Cindy check out this link from my neighboring state about a Craigslist murder. Be careful girlfriend!

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One more reason I we don't pay money for cable TV. Fox "News" is probably our favorite oxymoron. ;)

Use good caution, ABSOLUTELY!

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Its extremely cold here today, but the sun is shining ;o) it was 20 this a.m. Split pea soup for supper should help.

Cindy, when I have to pick out flooring or furniture I have a terrible time. Paint and window treatments are easier because they arent as expensive and can be changed more easily. It took me a year to pick out a new floor for my kitchen. DH said we are never building a house. I feel for you, it seems like you have had one headache after another lately.

Glucosamine, I have had 2 doctors tell me that it seems to help some and not others. If it doesnt help fairly soon, you know it wont.

Oh Saucy, Im so envious of your trip. Ive been to St. Thomas and yea the water is really that color, unbelievable huh?

Eden, it will sure be different with the last baby gone, but you still have Bella to liven up your house.

Ei, I would love for you and Dotty to come knocking on my door. We are 3 miles off the highway on gravel. I dont have people knocking on the door, but I do see people drive by very slowly.

Marian, my Nutella is just barely started. I keep forgetting about it.

Norma, we have our taxes done Friday, so that means tonight and tomorrow night we need to gather everything. I have everything in the computer but there are always things to look over with the farm income. I dont look forward to it.

Deanne, one of my rexs is dead and the other is doing great. Go figure. Your birding trip sounds very interesting. Ive added the link to the containers for you. If you click on the album you can see bigger pictures.


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Bathroom is wallpaper-free, kitchen is primed, 2 more days and painting should be done.

Yoo-hoo Cindy..I have found over the years that shelter magazines (House Beautiful, Traditional Home, Country Living, Coastal Living etc etc) are full of great ideas-some of them totally beyond the means of a normal person, but colors and basic infrastructure, color palettes and styles are there to view and one can often get a gut feeling for what you are drawn to. Im with Cynthia on the hardwood floor thing. I often start with the sofa/ furniture because that is expensive and will be in my possession a long time. I build everything else around it. Wall color is easiest to change.

Note:Clouds lifted and the lunar eclipse is visible here-for the time being , though the moon is still low.

Chelone, the thing about Vegas is you just need to suspend your version of reality , and judge nothing. Vegas is really ridiculous in many ways, but if you can embrace hedonism for a few days it can be pretty fun. The place is totally fake, way more expensive than it used to be, over the top, crowded, horrible traffic..etc etc. I always enjoy it , but never for more than two or three days. I recommend flying in after dark-what a sight ! Beautiful and hideous at the same time.

Norma, lol about cleaning the house to keep warm. I do the same thing on winter weekend mornings.

Deanne, I will indeed miss the Wine Country, however I will be very close to the Oregon wine growing region . The really big change will be the quantity and quality of restaurants- Ive traveled to major cities all over the country and I truly think we have better dining establishments here in the little ole Napa Valley than in most cities Ive visited. The wine industry tends to breed the food business.

Ok, time to be off, the binoculars are providing an excellent view of the moon and helping to diffuse the clouds. 20 degrees warmer and Id take out the telescope. Im a wimp.

Kathy in Napa

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

I enjoyed watching the eclipse tonight at various times. I hope Deanne didn't freeze out there taking photos though! Mary, did David and Annie watch too? Saucy, your guys watch? The next one will be in 2010 I'm told.

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

I just did the briefest of skims, which is why I am confused. 'bug, is the adorable stuffed toy on the right or the left of the first photo?

It's only 3 miserly degrees outside, but the skies are amazingly crystal clear, so I stepped out for a moment to enjoy the lunar eclipse. Quite the sight! I won't even try to take a pic because I don't think I could hold my arm steady enough in the cold.

oops - battery is depleting so I will post this and catch up tomorrow.


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chloehoover(z6b VA)

You guys are the best! thanx for the glucosamine info, Cynthia (or rather Chloe thanks you). I would love hardwood but after the water experience think I need to stick w/carpet just in case another water disaster of some sort should follow me, LOL... I have hardwood on the first floor though.

I had a call already into a local church who said they'd take my furniture "castoffs"; it's hard to get rid of big things like sofas and dining room tables -- maybe I'll call Salvation Army (for some reason I thought they didnt take big stuff). I thought I'd give the craigslist thingie a try, but I am always leery being a single alone - those things do concern me and usually i let my DD know im expecting a "stranger" like that -- but I was not impressed with the "quality" of responses....sheesh.

Taxes - boy, I was amazed - I filed a week ago online (first time I've done that; usually just did myself but sent via snail mail) - I've got the refund pending in my bank account today! that's fast - the better to spend on furniture, eh? anyhoo, making me a happy camper.

O, Cirque du Sol - Im a believer - I was the happy owner of some tickets a number of years ago when they were here in DC area; it was a marvelous, marvelous experience. I love V's description though!!! almost makes me wanna hop on a plane to vegas.

Deanne, we need some pics of our flourishing plants -- i've got some sad looking geraniums languishing; they have yet to take off; the agaves are hanging in here - had to move them to the upstairs bedroom (now a poor storage room) in prep for all the demo -- hopefully they will take the change in scenery okay. Luckily my DD and her sweet husband took pity on me and came to help me schlep up the 3 stories and dump all the stuff I was worried would get injured or broken to that room. Living in a 3 story townhouse I've always figured both Chloe & I get a lot of "up hill" but there's been less of that w/ the houseguest and now winter hazards that make it verboten. Poor Chloe sits at the door leading downstairs sometimes, and when I let her go down she hops on the sofa (that's pushed to the side of room) like she is longing for her old routine of being able to hang out there, LOL...she doesnt like change either!

I dont know if she's actually lost muscle in hind quarters; but she definitely seems more fragile and frail, esp. since the leg injury. I wish I had more faith in the new vet, I'd probably take her in for another exam...well, maybe the glucosamine will put a little hop in her step - from what I read, it seems to work within 3 weeks so I think I'll get some as Cynthia recommends -- thanks so much for the info on it!

Love the word of the day - suspect I have that condition; not gonna go into family history though - ugh, ugh.... the crazies would come out of the woodwork.

I also forgot to mention that I love the colors you're using in the Salon, Chelone -- I'm a "green" person - love it in lots of bright, general bluish shades -- not so much in love w/ the in shades of sage, etc., altho it always looks nice in other people's houses. Whenever I look at a color, I usually ask myself if I think I'll like it in 10 years -- this decorating thing is too hard. I think it's been about 20 years since I bought any real furniture! Stuck in my little safe zone, am I - but happy I was... I can't believe u got on that "rig" by yourself, and yes, I have those thoughts many times when in my house -- even if I have to change a light bulb standing on the ladder; but ya gotta do what ya gotta do, right? Just take care.

Ei, thanks for brightening up our day w/those pics of your trip to England - I wish I'd gone to more gardens when I was there; but my daughter was only 13 at the time and her attention span for that sort of thing was limited as I recall - I worried more about whether we fought on a daily basis than I did about where we ended up sightseeing....

ok, im going to go check out that container link of Michelle's so I can be envious....


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I caught a little blip on the news about Fargo, ND... at -31 degrees. Having experienced the biting cold of northern NH (mountains) I sympathize with your -20, Michelle! It really saps the energy, doesn't it? We are still collecting statements from various accounts in preparation for the trip to the accountant. I don't know why, but some of our investment accounts don't send the tax information until the first week in April. Last year we got whacked with an extension and I was WAS NOT happy about it. Thankfully, my brother is dealing with Mum's final return. YES!

I have yet to experience the luxury of picking out flooring. We have opted for painted plywood subfloor as "finished" floors tend to signal a property tax increase in our community. Technically, our home is "unfinished", and we're just fine with that, thanks. :) I blanche at the very thought of installing hardwood inside the house... where would we put everything for the duration? oh yeah... the garage! I think wall colors are a breeze, too. And so is upholstery (I tend to reupholster old pieces) and drapery fabric and window treatments, but that's part and parcel of my work. I agree with Kathy's comment about flipping through magazines for ideas and color palettes that strike a chord with you. Don't allow yourself to be rushed or pressured into hasty decisions.

Cirque du Soleil would be tops on my list, too. I recall seeing them on TV (back when we "got that channel", lol) and was truly amazed. The act that rivetted me was a take off on a high wire act; the performers did their routines on what looked like a ribbon hung vertically from the ceiling. AMAZING. Can't say I'd be thrilled about eating dinner in a glass room, though... I'm sure it was great fun, but I have an image of being in an aquarium, lol.

OK, have a large, unwieldy repair ahead of me and I have to get motivatin'.

I slept through the eclipse last night (big surprise). I hope Deanne has adequately captured its splendor for the sleepier of the group.

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I am having trouble stringing a thought together....grasping for words. What on earth is going on?

The eclipse was beautiful and the kids always enjoy being outside to see a Mother Nature show. At first Sarah declared it too cold, then changed her mind when she could see us on the deck from her perch in the bay window.

Speaking of perches, Popcorn is driving us nuts with his early morning rooster-ish calls - he's enjoying the sunshine! Looks like it's time to break out the darkening blanket, as I like peace in the house until at least 6 a.m. He seems to be getting along fine, otherwise.

LOL, GB, I showed Nick some "cute puppy" pictures and I said, "see, he even has a fire hose" and Nick did a doubletake! Still no go :) I think that I am looking forward to a day when I am petless. Not that I don't love my pets....its just that with kids you tend to pick up everyone else's interests and it's quite the zoo here. Zeus has been giving me trouble lately, so he's on my Bad Dog list :) He's been on doggie camp schedule instead of Saucy family schedule....peed at the door yesterday morning, ugh, a 10 gallon bladder :)

My thoughts: craigslist gets a bad rap the way myspace does....its the people USING it. I'm sure you already knew that, but its one of my pet peeves.

I guess I'm gonna get it together and get to the gym. I get pretty discouraged about the lack of weight loss sometimes, but when we were away, I was able to out swim and keep up with hiking! I am really amazed at my strength and longevity! If you've never tried weight lifting, I encourage you to give it a try.

That's my public service announcement for the day. Talk to you later....


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

I KNEW when my screen said the most recent Idyll posting was at 5:51 that it must be Chelone's work! I too have been up early thanks to Vita, oddly enough, who shut herself in DH's study last night and began complaining at about that time.

We are expected to have a partly sunny day today. This will be a help with the housebreaking of Ms Phoebe Snow. She is doing well in that department...or I am. Not sure which! Today I will be continuing an exercise for "off". This is tough for me because it involves a good bit of toothing of my hand and I cannot wear a glove as this distracts her and encourages even more biting. I will survive. Phoebe "invented" a fetch game this morning, something Charlotte refused to do. The breeder claims Bouviers won't do this because they are too smart. "I've already done that once Mom" is their motto. Gotta grab them while they're young and eager to please.

Tonight DH moves from BC to Alberta to visit with Sarah and the men folk. I'm so jealous....but must be satisfied with puppy bonding this time.

My friend from book club had a breast removed last week and is recovering well. It was all so sudden. Amazingly quick scheduling of the procedure for a level 3 situation. Next Wednesday she hears whether to go the chemo route or not. She is not enthusiastic about it, having BTDT before, but has a good attitude.

A friend who teaches in Fargo has certainly been commenting on the temperatures. Because he is a runner, he is finally eager for things to change so he can do his mileage outdoors once more. He runs and bikes in the most atrocious conditions..and loves it. He takes excellent care of his body, having worked hard to shed many many pounds in the past. He's quite the cook too. A guy to admire.

Hmmm, I don't see that sun yet....
Enjoy your painting, cleaning, taxes..or whatever floats your boat! For me it will be scheduling appointments, answering emails and working with Phoebe. It should be more, but....

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Our first of the predicted ice arrived early this morning. So far it is very light, but the heavier stuff is expected today and tonight. I brought in an extra supply of firewood yesterday to prolong the time before I have to bring in more.I will have to spread the rugs on the porches, and if the ground gets icy I will spread ashes on my path. Occasionally there is T&L with the freezing rain.

Norma, the computer repairman installed a free edition of AVG on my computer. It runs every morning and has found no virus'. Do any of you use it? He said there is a better anti-virus site but it isn't free. I am still having the problems. They come and go.

I am envious of those who got to see the eclipse. We were clouded over.

We ended up bringing the 3 bags of trash back to the house. Either the truck ran very early, or not at all! What a drag! Instead of bringing them back into the house we put them in the old Toyota station wagon.

While outside I discovered several crocus in bloom. One yellow one in the front bed, several lavender ones by the front of the house, and dark purple ones in the back yard. Also lots of early daffodil flower buds...still unopened.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Marian, just an idea. I cannot run many of the Youtube videos or my service cuts me back to 50% speed for 24 hours. Could this be happening to you? I only watch 3 or so a day even though my sister in law and others send me tons. Let me add that 50% speed is horrendously slow!

Back to work...

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Thanks Marie. I do get some of those, but not that many.

I took some pics of my front porch visitor. They are really pitiful pics compared to Deanne's, but this is the best I could get of this Red-bellied Woodpecker...

It is taken through a not too good window. This 'fellow' and lots of titmice and other birds come to get drinks from Calliecat's water tub, and carry off her cat food.

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It's beautiful here today! Crystal clear sky, and seasonably cold (low-mid 20s). The moon was beautiful this morning, too... big and low in the western sky. I love the predawn hours for the excitement they hold; you can see the moon clearly and see the coming dawn at the same time. Maybe it's different when you live next to the Atlantic Ocean, dunno. Anyway, the sight made me wistful that I failed to make the effort to watch the eclipse of the moon. (But it was pretty nice snuggled into my bed with my "doodlekin boy-boy" up under my chin. ;)

'bug, thought of this the other day but failed to mention it to you. Do you plan to teach, "leave it!" to Pheebes? We learned that one in Basic Obedience and refined it in Advanced Basic. It's one of my favorite commands because it neatly sidesteps the necessity of "NO!" and give you an opportunity to praise and reward when your dog complies. When Rex does something I don't want... say, showing too much interest in a dead animal while we're walking, I say, "Rex, leave it!" and when he turns back to me I immediately say, "Good 'leave it!', GOOD BOY!" and we continue on our way. It also works nicely when he has something in his mouth he doesn't really want to give up. As soon as he "leaves" it and it's in my possession he gets praised or given a more acceptable alternative. Again, a perfect opportunity to praise and love 'em up. The "leave it!" command will work for Rex even when he has a meaty bone and will protectively guard it from me. As I said, it's on of my favorite commands because you can use the dog's name, alleviate an unwanted behavior, AND slather on the praise. When using, "NO!", on the other hand, you should never use the dog's name or follow up with praise until they've performed another command and really earned it. And that's what makes, "NO!" so important and why it shouldn't be used unless absolutely necessary.

I "snuck" into work at 6:30 this morning... hehehe... (hence the "early" post). I may just do the same thing tomorrow since I have something on the bench that will take plenty of time. Wonder if I'll be fired for my gross insolence? :)

Marian be extra careful on the ice. Do you have a pair of those pull on ice cleats? (can't remember if you do). I love the woodpecker picture. Do you put out suet for them or avoid that sort of thing for fear of luring unwanted visitors to the feeder area? We haven't this year because Wrecks it too big and too athletic... and neither of us really wants to clean up the aftermath of such a "score"... if you know what I mean. ;) I chuckled about storing the garbage in the red Toyota... wouldn't try that in hot weather, I'd wager.

Years ago I lived in a cool in-town apartment. I worked from my home, walked pretty nearly everywhere I needed to go, or I rode my bike. The only thing I had to do was go to the dump. One fine summer's day I loaded the garbage into the trunk of my Buick LeSabre and just as I'd finished an old friend stopped by. We started yakking, etc, etc., and I forgot all about the garbage in the trunk. Until I opened the car door about 4 days later! I damn near fell over. I opened the trunk with trepidation... YUP... there were maggots crawling around in the carpet lined trunk. Ewww... I spritzed them with Windex several times (induced a great deal of wriggling), put down all the windows in the car and headed immediately for the dump. I left the trunk open in the sun and vacuumed up the remains after they'd been nicely dessicated. Just a word of warning about leaving garbage in your car... LOL.

Saucy I cracked right up at the image of Sarah grousing about the cold and then realizing she was missing all the fun by hangin' indoors. TOO funny. What a fun thing for your family to enjoy together. Bummer about Zeus and his puddle. Mum's mantra was always, "No more animals". And I saw what it did to her over the years; though it was certainly easier on a daily basis. I wish I'd had the presence of mind to snap a few shots of her face when I opened the box that contained 3 kittens the fall she moved in with us. From the moment they emerged from the box she was mesmerized by them. And it was a joy to watch her loving, doting personality reemerge after too many years alone.

I have an exciting appointment on Saturday morning. I'm going to the studio of a very talented woman who makes custom lampshades! She made one for a "ginger jar" lamp I inherited from my aunt about 4 yrs. ago. This time, the project is an Art Deco floorlamp, recently rewired. I was surprised she remembered me when I e-mailed her, but she knew exactly what I did for a living. I can't wait to see what she recommends and what the options will be for the style of the lamp. My brother found it for me at the DUMP a year/two ago, and about Christmastime I decided if it was going to hog up floorspace it should at least do what a lamp is supposed to do... PROVIDE LIGHT. Soon, "there will be light... ".

Yoo-hoo... Eden? (sorry, no pressure). ;)

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

We've been so busy with Gravel Watch stuff. It is really a downer. Being naive about the environment and politicians was way more fun, but now I'm a grandmother! Today DH's response to the industry was the local paper's editorial. Too bad Phoebe isn't bigger and meaner. I'd feel safer.

Well Chelone, I'd like to start with Phoebe recognizing her name. This seems to take longer than I recall with Charlotte. She will "sit" usually for me at least. It is too early for "come" but I'm working on it anyway. She's adjusting still to wearing a leash. "Off" is a foreign concept and I'm working on that too. It is amazing how bad I have been though. Phoebe is part cat. She attacked 2 balls of yarn I left in a basket while I was talking to the post office people. And she also left me a present then. I think the call lasted less than a minute. Mon Dieu! She is more adventurous every hour...So yes, "leave it" was part of Charlotte's vocabulary, even though she couldn't resist the black pussy cat with the magnificent tail and white stripe down its back. I hope to get to that stage very soon, but frankly she isn't ready for so many things at once. She's 9 weeks old today. I had to laugh that she knows that it is quicker to take a diagonal rather than walk the full two sides of a triangle. Shows you how cold it is!

Okay, this is really boring to you folks, but it is my life, at least while DH is away. I am weary and hope to sneak in a bath during the next doggie nap time.

The sun never did shine today..and the creek is blocked off by huge chunks of ice. I hope by Monday we'll have above 32F temperatures. Phoebe needs loads of visitors and I don't dare have anyone come until the lane is ice free. Let it be soon!

Oh, a superb catalogue arrived. Maybe I'll take that to read in the bath...;)

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I tend to rattle off thoughts as they occur to me. And I do know that Phoebles is just a wee one yet! It's been many, many moons since we had a puppy in this house (last one was Sally... in late 1991!).

I listened to an interesting NPR story this morning about children and the importance of UNstructured, imaginative play... the more they get of it the more quickly they develop the ability to focus and "settle down" and settle in to necessary things like classroom routines. FASCINATING. So, clearly... our little "Pheebs" needs to run, stumble, explore and PLAY, PLAY, PLAY before she'll be ready to take the "big dog steps". I think learning her name and how to do her duty OUTSIDE reliably is pretty important right now. ;)

She's has a ONE WEEK anniversary coming up, huh?!

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

First I want to tell Chelone: I keep thinking of your play on words with your Idyll title. The saying " Idle hands are the devil's workshop" is not found in the scriptures, and I don't even find it close to being scriptural. A better saying would be " Idle minds are the devil's workshop".
I was again blessed with the ice going off before I ventured out for more wood. The temp just barely got above freezing and the ice was very sparse, so went rapidly.
No, I don't have the pull on cleats, but I use the throw rugs on the porches, and ashes on paths when needed. In the past I have pulled a pair of large socks over my shoes/boots. That works great also.
And no, I don't put out suet....mostly because I am too lazy to ! :-)
The trash that I put out is very seldom odoriferous no matter how long it sets. I rinse out all containers regardless of the type. The biodegradables go in the compost bucket, then into the pile. The edibles go out to the wildlife. The recyclibles are well rinsed also.
That's funny about your fragrant garbage...:-) That has happened to me before I started being more careful, but not in my vehicle. One reason I try to have nothing smelly in my sacks is to deter dogs from tearing into the bags.
On my way to town Tuesday I saw a beagle tearing into someone's bags beside the road. A little further on it was a black dog ...with someone else's bags! That really makes me mad !

RE: early mornings...I always loved going out and working in my gardens in Idaho and Nevada in the dawning...for the reasons that you mentioned, plus the awakening of the birds, the peace and quiet, the sweetness of the air...
After we moved here I didn't do that because it is almost always so wet with dew in the mornings.
I wish I could 'sneak' up in the mornings and have breakfast done before Nolon arises. He is ALWAYS sitting in the livingroom waiting to be fed! He has at least stopped sitting on the arm of his recliner with his coffee cup in hand, watching for the breakfastnook light to come on ! ( Now I have probably jinxed myself).

I have pretty much lost my getaway at the dinningroom table, working a puzzle. Nolon has developed an interest, and the last one seemed to suddenly become 'his' puzzle! I would like to set up one separately for him, but I know that wouldn't work. If I put it on a card table in front of his chair, the cats would be on it all the time. Discipline has never been his 'thing'...even with our son and foster daughters. :-(
There is a book? named "Dogs rule"...well with him...cats rule ! I am considered the meany if I try to discipline anything !

The new puzzle that I got tuesday at the Humane Society thrift shop is differant. It has a frame that the pieces interlock into,a jar of glue to seal the picture, and hooks and nails to hang it ! ( I won't do that.) It had never even been opened. It is 1000 pieces and a picture of a desert scene...sand and rock pillars. It has no name of the location, but is made in China for a Canadian Company !


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

You may think its Thursday, but I think its Ketchupday as in Im going to catch up on my idylling and more importantly, my laundry.

Marian, Ill politely beg to differ with your comment about not pursuing happiness. If you are finding joy in a bird, a flower, and other common, everyday sights and occurrences, you are pursuing happiness in a very healthy fashion. Sad to say that there are many in this world who cant seem to find happiness in that way.

Cindy, we put our first lab on glucosamine and our only regret was that we waited so long to do so. It helped him tremendously. We had Sunrise on it for a while, but then Science Diet started putting it in their large dog food, and between that and the encouragement of Mystic she seems to do just fine. I dont recall the brand that we used, but we bought it at the vets office.

Norma mentioned spelling and someone else (Mary?) earlier posted about a spellchecker. I use Firefox as a browser and it has a built in spell checker, so when I throw caution to the wind and compose in the white box, I get spellchecked. There are days that my figners wont spell "V." right As proof, Ill just leave the typo in that last sentence.

Kathy, well said about suspending reality in Vegas. The only thing that "shocked" me was the number of folks dragging rather young children around. Nothing like waiting for a light to change and seeing a young child in a stroller staring down at all the discarded "Hot Girls in 20 Minutes" cards with the almost-nekkid photos. Yuk. Sometimes you have to realize that you either leave the kids with someone else or wait until theyre grown rather than bringing them along.

Speaking of Napa restaurants, did you ever go to Cyrus? The groom at the wedding last weekend just left there to become sous chef at a SF restaurant.

Back to Cindy we are looking into a new floor covering called "Flor". Its a carpet tile but much nicer than what used to be available. The nice thing is, if some tiles get dirty, they can be lifted up and washed in the sink. Google Flor and you will find their website.

Yesterday, the HVAC guy finished putting in two tankless water heaters to replace our two 40 gallon tank models. This morning I had the warmest shower Ive ever had in this house! He said we should see a big drop in our gas bill.

Things seem to be going quite well at the office right now. Most of us are getting along nicely, and theres plenty of room to stay away from the troublemakers. And I managed to get my office organized over the last month and I have been keeping it that way. I have been pretty good about making my list of priorities for the next day before I leave, and I really think that helps. Now if I could just bring that spirit home with me

bug, sorry to hear about your friend. We just got word that a friends wife has high grade breast cancer, and she is only 35, with two young children. Her mom had a bad brain aneurysm on Thanksgiving Eve about three years ago that she never fully recovered from.

Dinner is waiting for me to fix it (hmm, it doesnt look broken?) so Id better take care of it. Later,


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Thursday night means tomorrow is Friday and Sues cheery message will be a welcome sight. Painters pressure washed the house today , in spite of the rain, and the rooms to be painted are patched and primed for painting day . The exterior trim on the house will have to wait, it will be raining through Sunday here so they will be back when things dry out.
Spoke to DD tonight who is waiting patiently for Mr. Baby to show up. Due date is in a few days.

V, I too cant imagine why anyone would want to take children to Vegas-to me one goes there to get away from the little buggers ! Hateful arent I ? Cyrus is in Healdsburg
(Sonoma County) , which is a windey-road drive from me and an hour or so away. I have not dined there .

Marian, your woodpecker looks so large compared with those I have here in my garden.
Ours are just the basic red-heads. Our daffodils here are opened and almost over I only have two (thats pretty sad , huh ? ) but my 100 plus tulips will make up for it I hope ! Bummer that you were cloudy for the eclipse- I fully expected that here but the clouds moved off just at the right time and we got an excellent view.

Chelone, I fully expect we will have pics of the restored lamp , although before and after photos would be even better

Hi to Cindy, Saucy and anyone else I missed ..

Kathy in Napa

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Kathy, the Red-bellied Woodpecker is the size of a Robin. We have lots of woodpeckers here. The little Downy is my favorite. We also have Hairys, Pileated, Common Flickers, Yellow-bellied Sapsuckers, Red-headed ( same size as Red-bellied), White-breasted Nuthatches, and Brown Creepers. The last two aren't woodpeckers, but are listed with them.

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Prepare to suspend your disbelief...

Was I in Vegas or Egypt?

Here's some floating balls for Cindy:

A portion of the Chihuly glass sculpture on the ceiling at Bellagio:

A little blurry, but I like the effect:

I caught up on my photos too!


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So where is the photo of the volcano at the Mirage and the pirate show at Treasure Island ? I love Luxor. There are dime slots back in the corner...
Kathy in Napa

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"Drop a dime"? One armed bandits, the spawn of the devil... . True to my paHsimonious yankee roots I don't believe I've ever gambled, though gamboling has always been a high priority.

I do have some "before" shots of the lamp, Kathy, but it doesn't look very different now. I had them replace the cord with a newer version of the silk covered original. There was no shade with the lamp when my brother rescued it, not even the remnants of one. It is by the Rembrandt Lamp Co. (Chicago!) and I've not been able to scare up much information on it, so I don't really know shape the original shade would have been. The shade will likely require a month/so. She's a busy craftman, very "into" lamps, and I'm certain she will have reference books or, at the very least, some great thoughts on what would be fitting for it. (I love rescuing old stuff; don't get me started on the relative merits of reupholstering older pieces!).

Actually, Marian the phrase in the tydll of this Idyll has nothing whatever to do with "the scriptures". Rather, it's a variant of an old Scottish proverb, also has origins in Middle English (Chaucer), and has similar roots in Turkish culture, as well. Clearly, we can see that idleness was not highly valued by anyone... now Idylling, on the other hand has many, many virtues. ;)

I'm going to "sneak" into work early again, today. My co-worder and I had a good chuckle about my "gross insolence" yesterday. Tell me? why exactly were you fired from your last position, Chelone? I went into work early. ;)

Time to get a move on.

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V., we're never without hot water here, either, and Jake can use some hot water :)

It's snowing like crazy here.....nothing like thumbing your noses at REAL winter :) I guess the kids and I will have to go stock up on yummy "bites" and find a movie. Jake's got his heart set on watching 300 - anyone seen it? I heard it's a lot of oiled up men fighting in the desert, LOL!

Kathy, surely that was a misprint and DD is IMpatiently waiting on Mr. Baby! I don't know many women who are patient in the end....for some reason I want Mr. Baby to don a's just what I have in my head, LOL.

Remind me again why you're not supposed to be at work early? I don't get it. You know they call it insubordination.....not coming to work early :)

I am dogsitting MIL's dogs. Now I have 2 more on a different schedule. Jake was up at 2 a.m. playing musical beds with the little dogs. It'll take a week for them to settle in and then it'll be time to go home!

What a zoo.


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Starting Friday with the expectation of about 8" of snow by Saturday. From the way it looks right now it'll be more.

Yesterday received the most wonderful package of seeds from Mary. Where did she find the time???? Anyway, Rich got right into it and started Goggling everything because my books were "too slow." And we think that technology has only affected the young???? LOL Thank You, my friend, for all the joy they brought and will bring.

Finally got the chance to see Michelle's containers last evening. A perfect anecdote to a drool day :-) Some of those combos will undoubtedly end up at The Park. Who needs a container construction book when one has Michelle and Deanne around??

The Hartford Flower Show is this weekend and I'm going to pass. Between admission and parking it's $20 up front and I'd rather use that on plants at Woodland.

'bug, good for your DH to be placed as the editorial. I've seen what "gravel production" has done to our area. Though restoration is always part of the plan, it's never the same, and my big concern is where the water Won't go once the gravel is removed. Probably an oversimplified concern, but to me the basis of all else.

V: You sound downright efficient and organized :-) Congrats! Because I use Firefox and the white window I'm constantly spell-checked. All the more reason to use common plant names rather than Latin sometimes LOL.

Am trying to find out the name of the Coleus, Deanne. It didn't root for me so I don't have more. Will be digging out the "annual" tags from last year this weekend and with hope with have an answer. I'm thrilled that you like 'Goodwin Creek' and am hopeful you'll expand your Lavandula (there goes the spell checker) group. It's not just "English" anymore!! :-)

Rattling on, here, trying to decide whether it's wise to venture forth. Think I'll take a lesson from Marian and just stay put. If they want to fire me because I'm using the technology they gave me to use in such situations, Chelone and I will have almost duplicate "reasons for leaving" on our resumes.

Later, for sure.


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Good Morning all....
A dreary foggy morning here. More rain during the night, but there doesn't appear to be much icing.

Ah shoot...Chelone...I SHOULD have said I was refering to 'chimney corner scriptures' ! My version of it IS a chimney corner scripture. I didn't know about the origins of either. I googled "Chimney corner scriptures" and the first site to come up was/is very good. I've bookmarked it.
I hope you didn't think I was criticizing your title...because I wasn't . I agree about 'idling' if it is synonymous with 'doing nothing of value'...either mentally or physically. :-)
BTW, there used to be 'one-armed bandits' in Idaho, and I used to occasionally poke a coin into one. They were banned before Nolon and I were that was many years ago.

No 'big' snow here yet this winter, but I am expecting at least one in March. Often our worse winter storms are in March, but (thankfully) they do not stay on long.

LOL, Saucy. I have played 'musical chairs' at night with Tommy.

Martie, what a lovely package from Mary. Such fun! Books "too slow", LOL.
Stay safe.
That last goes for everyone trying to travel on slick roads...whether on foot or by vehicle.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Waiting for Sue..wondering if my guess of colour will be correct. ;)

Large snowflakes falling here. Pretty I guess...

The day began with kitties circling Phoebe's crate at my bedside. One was on top of the crate. Later, at the computer, hissing and yapping: kitty above, puppy below. It has begun! Last night Phoebe saw two rabbits under the bird feeder and another one chomping berberis. I wish they'd vanish...but I do feel badly that with all the snow, they are very hungry.

DD phoned last night to say that DH had missed his flight. Partly absent minded professor, partly aging I fear. We'll see when he reports in. I don't want to spend my next few decades nagging and reminding. I'll need to develop a smooth technique.

They say weather should clear this afternoon. I'm all for it!

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

How's this, Marie?


It's about the color of everything around here this morning. Phoebe is adorable, BTW. Bet she gets big fast. A coyote has moved into my neighborhood so we've been keeping a very close eye on the dogs when they go out. I've only hear it howling at night but my neighbor has seen it. Jeez, what next, bears? I live practically in the city for crying out loud.

You people are too chatty for me to keep up. Hopefully I'll see some of you at Deanne's tomorrow.

I did end up renting that cottage from last weekend. It's in Stonington, CT and sits about 20 feet from a seawall overlooking some islands. I got it for the week of August 9-16. Link to some pictures is below.

OK, must run.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Outsmarted me Sue!

The place looks fantastic. No pets allowed though...

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That looks perfect, Sue.

Was re-reading and saw that Kathy being a relative of Mr. Baby is imminent????? WAAaZOO!! For some reason thought it was a way off. Let the new Idyllkid countdown begin!


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Count me surprised too at Mr. B's imminent arrival. Kathy, you are one cool cucumber.

Skimming quickly, lots of delightful Phoebe photos, and I noted V.'s plan for staggered puppies, which is something we've been discussing, except Marty wants two more Corgies, for a grand total of three, a "queenly" amount if you ask me. Glad you had fun in Sin City, V. The only time I've ever gambled, I was on a road trip with a friend, about 19 YO, just a quick stopover in Vegas to gas the car and eat, but by the time we left Vegas the ashtrays had been emptied of every scrap of loose change, and we lit out of town like Thelma&Louise, just the clothes on our backs. Good fun but not something I'd make a habit of.

Glad you had fun on vaca, Saucy. Sounds like the zoo is back at full boogie ;-)

We did use the chondroitin/glucosamine for our Newfs, started it earlier in life for Toby, who made it to 13 yrs, a pretty long life for a dog of that size.

Martie, the pond at the Park is very impressive. What extensive properties you all have.

What a nice trip to the Gulf, and really enjoyed Michelle's containers, then strayed off the containers a bit and found Rick holding Kenzie, which I showed to Marty. Looking at Kenzie's bright face, Marty said, "Why don't we have one of those?"

For Ei, if you admire Arts & Crafts architecture, here's the Gamble House in Pasadena. We'll go next time you're in town ;-): gamble house and more more Gamble. Here's another I'd love to see in Glasgow, Scotland, a different take on Art&Crafts by Charles Rennie Mackintosh (I'll outlink you yet!) Glagow School of Art and more School of Art

The week ended with lots of unexpected outlays of cash for broken radiator, broken zipper in wheelie equipment bag ($250 there alone), etc, etc., but want lastly to share a wondrous sight seen thru the window of a Wilshire Blvd bus as it passed LACMA/LA Co. Museum of Art, a new installation by artist Chris Burden. I hadn't heard of it, so the sight of these antique streetlights arranged in a geometric grid pattern was a stunning, happy surprise. This photo, not mine but purloined from the Internet, obviously taken at night, daytime view even better:

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Mister Baby is due to arrive soon, how exciting. Another grandma in the making.

Sue, the cottage looks like a nice relaxing vacation. We always spent a week on the lake each summer when I was growing up and when my kids were at home as well. Not quite like the ocean ;o)

V, the Flor product looks very interesting. Perfect for DIY. I like how you can make them into a rug as well.

Its finally warmer here, and the weekend looks promising. With the warmer weather the snow chances increase though. Its getting harder and harder to make the trek to the compost pile with all this snow.

Have a great Friday


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Just home from work and it's snowing steadily. The roads have hit that annoying state before the plows have any work to do, but they are surprisingly "greasy". We finished up 4 fixed frame awnings this morning and I smugly drove past the whole foods market secure in the knowledge that Shop 'n' Squat would have bulghar wheat in the "Birkenstock aisle" WRONG-O! I backtracked to the whole foods market for the bulghar... what I won't do for my winter-weary Idyllettes. ;) (made a mental note to spend more of our food dollars at the locally owned and operated whole foods market, too!).

Sue, we're in big trouble with this whole baby boom thing. I can almost feel pink and blue walls closing in on me... shudder. Kathy, this time I want to see some booties on the kid's feet. 'bug totally welched on the deal. I've been disconsolent ever since....

Marian, my grandmother used to use that phrase jokingly, but not exactly as it's usually heard. She always said it was a Scottish proverb (her family was from Nova Scotia) and that's all I really remember. So... I googled it this morning and turned up the little tidbits I shared earlier. I was particularly interested to find a similar sentiment echoed in different cultures, though not really surprised when I gave it some reflection. I chuckled at the image of Nolon lurking in the shadows waiting for breakfast... sounds like ME waiting for the helpmeet to rustle up some dinner-like chow! lol. Something else I thought about periodically at work today: early morning here in the temperate weather is invariably dew-y. I've never contemplated the possibility of early morning not being sort of humid and moist because I've never lived in an arid climate. So your casual mention of Idaho really made me think today. Ain't the internet great?

Denise, what a terrific exhibit the antique streetlights are. I am perpetually amazed at the inventiveness and "vision" of people. Two more Corgis?! combined with Ein you may just have the beginnings of a canine terrorist cell. ;) A Crabby Club, at the very least.

Saucy, my boss did her "winter thing" and flipped out about my preferred 6 AM start time. I was told I couldn't start at that time because it "stressed her out". So, I've sucked it up and gone in later (taking a reduction in hours) but have begun inching back closer to MY schedule. I have filled the "void" with more home work and time in the Salon, but it's time to get back on schedule, damnit. 300 is about the Spartan defence against the Persians at a crucial point of land, I believe. It's actually an amazing story of courage in the face of staggering odds... precisedly what one would expect from the warrior culture of Sparta. Didn't hear much favorable about the movie, but the real life history is very compelling. I took several classes in Greek history "way back when" and its history maintains a soft spot in my heart. I loved Classical Mythology, too. Tell us about the "little dogs" and how you plan to rustle 'em into shape. Did you catch the blip on the news about Georgia questioning the border with Tennessee... all about water rights. I thought of you instantly!

Martie, there was a great hour on NHNPR yesterday about anti-depressants and how they are now coming to believe that they're being overused for the general public. Drug therapy seems to be "quick fix" for the pain and doubt that plague major "events" in our lives. I was most impressed with the guest; his practical approach and his stalwart defence of the use of them for the mentally ill. Funny how I hear things over the course of the day and think of so many of you...

OK, the stove is now up to efficient operating temperature, the chill of a thermostat set at 60 is now being banished and I have to tend to a sink full of dishes before I may undertake the creation of Tabouli for tomorrow's fest. No onions, Sue... but there will be scallions (those are OK, right?).

OH, and Sue... thanks for the dates on the cottage, I'll pencil them in!

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