Please help identify this (dead) plant...

w1ldflower(5)March 30, 2014

Hi, all! Curiosity has gotten the best of me... Found this prickly and dead (weed?) thing standing alone in a commercial parking lot and just wondered what it might be. Pried open one of the seed pods without serious injury, though they sure were sharp even after a long soggy winter. Any ideas what it could be? Thanks for any ideas!

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Datura stramonium or meteloides?

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Oh, of course! I knew it seemed familiar. The datura species I have grown (which I believe to be D. metal) had light brown or tan seeds that were a bit more textured and irregularly shaped than these. I always cut it back before it browned out like this one. The spikes on the fruits were also not as long or sharp as these. Anyone who knows the particular characteristics of the seeds/pods by species?

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