Sick person's paradise?

mrobbins(6b - Brooklyn)February 19, 2014

Hi everyone,

Do you remember that thread we started years ago where we fantasized about the perfect place to recover from a cold? 'Tis the season now, and I am battling bronchitis, and trying to remember all the wonderful things we imagined. I think we had a huge clinic that was both grand and homey, with an indoor waterfall, and a lobby with soft couches and afghans and a screened-in bird habitat where all sorts of little songbirds lived. Private rooms were outfitted with a nice comfy bed whose sheets were changed daily, and whole-room humidifiers that could be scented with eucalyptus, lavender, lemongrass, or peppermint, and a little fridge and pantry stocked with teas, homemade broth and soup, jello, applesauce, and whatever other food you preferred when sick. And of course a nurse came by twice a day to see how you were and call the doctor if necessary.

I tried searching for the thread but couldn't find it.

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Sorry you're not well, hope you find such a place.

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Sounds like a really lovely thread. I hope you feel better soon.

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I hope you get better soon, I don't remember that particular thread, but I remember posts where the "cabana" guys were part of the fantancy thread. It was fun.

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Boy, that sounds like a wonderful place but one thing is missing, a cuddly puppy or kitten purring.

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sweet_betsy No AL Z7

Wishing you a speedy recovery, MRobbins, and good to "see" you here.

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First of all, get well soon. I too don't remember that threat but it might have been during one of my absences or way back when, during the time when the Garden Party was a very active place and I was just occasionally lurking.
I was wondering the other day if you still looked in once in a while, had a question about NY I thought you might know, Of course now I don't remember what the question was, LOL.

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Mary, it should have lots of chocolate
and a media room where we could munch on our favorite snacks and watch our favorite movies.

I am sending a big bouquet of sunflowers and many wishes for
a speedy recovery.

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A practical suggestion:
Make a thermos of your favorite hot beverage, get some good reading matter and snacks, and go to a greenhouse at your local public gardens to just hang out. Most will have seating and the temperature is warm and steamy.

Hope you feel better soon.

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mrobbins(6b - Brooklyn)

Thank you all for the well wishes and ideas! I will definitely add puppies, kittens, movies, and snacks to the fantasy recovery clinic, and the idea of going to the botanic garden for a reality-based approach. I'm beginning to feel better -- good enough to be getting tired of being cooped up in the apartment, but still coughing too much to be in public; and talking more than a little gets me into a coughing fit, so I'm continuing my quarantine for now. I hope you are all well this weekend!

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I donâÂÂt have a paradise to offer you, but here are a whole lot of sunflowers.

Here is a link that might be useful: here they come your way

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