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agnespuffinFebruary 11, 2012

Sometimes things happen and you just have to do what's best. And so it was with the ceiling in our den. It had to be fixed. That meant moving everything out.

Soooo, we decided that as we put things back, we would clean and sort "stuff." You know what I mean....all the things that gather up through the years.

In this case....Books. Three big, tall book cases full and overflowing with books. Good Books, well read Books, waste-of-money Books, and other odds and ends of Books.

One pile goes to the recycle center as they are old, not very good, and falling to pieces. Maybe the guys at the center will read them.

Another pile will go to our church's Thift Store. I don't ever intend to garden, redecorate or raise kids ever again. They are in good shape, seldom used!

But there is one that I just have to keep. It's old, beat up, and falling to pieces.

It was in the summer of 1957. Our first born son decided to read it. He had just finished the First Grade!!! He was an exceptional reader, and it took him the rest of the summer. He enjoyed it. (he had heard us talk about it) And I think he understood it. It was his first grown up book and we were so proud of his deciding to read it and sticking with it.

It was Ernest Hemingway's "Old Man and The Sea."

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Nice post Aggie and what a great memory. That book definitely is a keeper.Getting rid of books is a toughie,that's for sure. I'm slowly doing the same thing and it hasn't been easy. So are you getting rid of all your mysteries?

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Get rid of mysteries???? Surely you jest!! Nope. The DH just finished up going through the Hillerman series AGAIN. I'm lucky in that I can read a book and forget details so that it's like reading it for the first time no matter how many times I read it.

I get as much pleasure out of the style of the writer as I do the plot of the story.

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Getting rid of books? OK, I must admit that sometimes I pack up some books and send them to my oldest son's
DSO, but she sends me some of her purchases and mine get passed on to her mother, her sister and to a senior retirement home in need of reading material. Whoever has the fun of cleaning out my abode somewhen has a job.

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Notes that convey the feeling that belong to objects are treasures for those that follow, small, meaningful discoveries.

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Feels good to clean up and out at the same time, double whammy. Did you get the fan fixed? I love when little ones read. It's the best legacy you can pass on. Good on you!

My single brother (the other two are long since married) has an entire bedroom filled with books! That's why I preface it with he isn't married; that wouldn't be fair, now would it? ;) So we got him an eReader for Christmas. He says he likes it, so at least he's likely to quit collecting them. And maybe, eventually, he'll finish the hardcopy books, while continuing to pass them on to my little one who reads them and passes them on... I wonder what bro will do with his spare bedroom when he's done? He just refinanced and his house will be paid off in 5 years. Sitting pretty, lucky duck! :)

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tibs(5/6 OH)

Ds got me a something electronic so I can download audio books. I plan on getting what I have in hard copy in audio- 'cause I am like Agnespuffin. Why do I say "something electronic"? Because he hasn't set us our Christmas presents yet!! He has them, he just hasn't got around to mailing them. I have this fantasy that if I have audio books I will do more of the boring mind numbing chores like scrub walls, paint, etc.

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Tibs, I use my mp3 player for audiobooks. I listen to them while I am walking. I love it. In fact, I enjoy it so much, it's my reward for walking ;)

I have an ereader too. I like it. I really like the convenience and the back light of the screen, it makes reading in bed easier. Unfortunately the screen reorients itself if you move...that drives me crazy. The downside to the ereader for me is that I "borrow" from the library, but it's hard to pick a book if you don't know what you are looking for. In a physical library you can browse and flip through books looking for something interesting.

Have we had any discussions about Kindle vs Nook? I have a Kindle Fire, I like it. I'm not thrilled with the whole "Amazon is in control and tracking me" thing. If you "check out" a book from the "library", it is not the library, it is from Amazon, they track what you read, and they only let you have it for 7 days. I wished I had known that before I bought it, I might have gone with the Nook.

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If it helps, there is another option! It's well rated and inexpensive. If you want your reader for READING, then Alurtek is another option. I think it's Borders version, but at any rate, here it is below. This is the one I gave my brother (who is known for being "too honest" and said he liked it. Seemed to mean it). If I ever get one, I'll let you know my personal thoughts on it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Alurtek eReader

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