Idyll #474 - NOW seeing red!

jak1(4 Ontario Can)February 23, 2010

Red Peppers, Beets, Coleus, Mimula, Cannas.....ordered lots of seeds and bulbs today. What are you planting/planning?

Carry on, Idylls!



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Aha ! Julie has resurrected my abandoned Red Thread..I continue to design a red-yellow area , but am stymied by too much shade. Im hoping some of the tree trimming will help-IÂve been adding red in at a very timid pace it seems.
Excitings news from the seed starting set up in the garage ! Not one, but two of the fancy-shmancy Dephinium seeds geminated today while I was at the awfice ..Hoping there will be more tommorow , and then my instructions tell me to take them off the heat. Now that I know the method worked, IÂm going to start more of the seeds this weekend. Now all I have to do is keep them from damping off or being eaten by snails.

I love Tim Burton films, and would be hard pressed to name a favorite. I think a Tim Burton Film Festival might be a fun thing to do next winter..not now, itÂs much to close to baseball season and the movie watching will shrink appreciably.

ItÂs been raining here steadily all day, will do so off and on all week. Glad I got those weeds pulled.

A red contribution !

From Garden 2009

Waving, Kathy in Napa

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Looking through pictures, I am surprised to find red in my photos! Very little, but it is there.

Woody, glad to hear it was just a scare that sent you to the ER and that you're back home with a solution. Do rest up!

What a terrible night, Julie...I don't do well with interrupted sleep. Glad to hear the problem was resolved! It is fun for boys to retell those war stories :)

More red from me later in the thread...I have so little :)


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Hi all! Red seems so far away from our present white reality...

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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

Well, Bug..I figured you guys stomped us at hockey but it doesn't hurt to ask, lol! Your comment about Sarah and the hockey players made me think. I remember when Dorothy Hamill skated in the Olympics, then I remember when she was a commentator, now she's not around at all. The age thing creeps up behind us, I think ;) Wonderful shot of your DD in her hockey gear. Gutsy girl you have there!Your friend reminds me so much of Chuck's attitude towards his illness. He could bring tears of laughter to my eyes talking about it, and it made it so much..well, I can't really say easier, but it made it better somehow. I've had a few rough patches this last week, missing him, wishing he was here for this. That first year...blech!

Jude and Christina got through the first day of boot camp. I'm not sure how much she got done around the house, but bless her heart for being ambitious enough to want to jump into things already. Lol, that "young" thing again, I guess. I'm going to go over there tomorrow. I don't know if she's running a Grandma boot camp, too..I'll be sure and be on my best behavior ;)

Hoping all the Idylls have seen their last big snow for the winter of 2010!

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

The chicks were ordered tonight! Ten Araucanas,ten Barred Rocks, and 5 Buff Orpingtons. You know, it's just fun to say "Buff Orpington". Pretty soon, I'll have HAL saying it!

The beehive wooden ware is 98% painted. I quit when I dropped the brush on the dirty garage floor.

Tomorrow night is the first class of the creative writing class. I'm looking forward to it!

How about a red flower with yellow in the background and a bee to boot?


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A little red from my garden.

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I surely dont need to tell any of you how fun it is to come home from the awfice in spring and see something new every day ..Today was the first in-depth WALAT Ive been able to take in few days, as it has been raining daily. Today I spied one of my benchmark spring events, which is the emergence of the Lilys. And , a couple more of the delphs have appeared; I ll give them another day and then Im taking them off the heat as instructed.

Great reds posted so far !

Back outside before the sun is gone ..

Kathy in Napa

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Ive been waiting for our new dryer to be delivered and they are late thus screwing up my day. Oh well, it gave me a chance to upload some pics and tidy up PB. Red, hmmmI dont have much unless you count the shades of burgundy from my coleus plantings and I lost many photos in the Great Crash. Oh wait, there is a clump of daylilies out by the shed now that I think about it, probably Pardon Me. It will be interesting to see the reds that turn up in photos on this one.

Chelone, where are you keeping yourself? I shall demand HAL to open the pod doors if you cant get in!

Bug, you are definitely in the midst of a clusterphase. Try not to worry about the things you cant change, its non productive and a waste of energy. Get as much rest as you can, even if youre not sleeping well, you benefit from stretching out and some good deep breathing.

Brenda, Im laughing at your being on call the last 26 years"so true. It not like theres an OFF switch on the motherhood pager. Even when were designated as "back up" our systems are primed and ready.

Oh, Michelle added some gorgeous photos! Could you please I.d. the one on the bottom? I thought a peony but it has that cool feathery foliage.

Kathy, Im beginning to feel so restless; a visual might inspire me to give it a go just to play like Im growing seeds. Probably a futile effort without lights but the only time you really fail at anything is if you dont even try. Or at least thats my motto.

A few weeks ago DH brought down a box from the attic that contained some of my grandmothers things. Its been up there since she died over 20 years ago. DD was just a baby and I didnt have time to go through everything at that point. Mom and I cleaned out her home after the family chose those items special to them. Decisions must be made as to what will go for donations or otherwise be disposed of and quite often its the little things that grab my heart and hold the dearest memories. Then again, there were objects without sentiment that I just felt needed keeping. So the years went by, more boxes were added to the attic and usually after Christmas Id think about Grandmas box wondering where Id put everything. This year it came down and has been a fun winter project with the help of my friend who has a small collectible and antique shop.

Thought I would share photos taken as we sorted and catalogued. Maybe youll see something that triggers a memory from your past or just brings a touch of nostalgia. This group was from Grandmas medicine cabinet, crafted into the wall from when the house was built in the 30s. Deep into the corners, behind the modern toiletries were various vials, beakers and bottles, cloudy with the age of decades. Perhaps they were needed for preparing potions and powdered remedies. In fact, the little red tin holds ancient tooth powder. The bottle of pills are for rhinitis and chocolate coated, yet! I was surprised; seems a extravagance for that time period. Didnt have a clue what the stem glass with tiny tin cup was until my friend told me it was for doing an eye wash. Grandpa died at least 10 years before Grandma and she obviously could not remove his shaving mug and brush, so how could I bring myself to do it? And those keys are a mysterythey fit nothing in or outside the house, were kept in the medicine chest and will never give up their secret.

Ill only post one more tonight as Ive had to stop and start when the dryer camefollowed by dinner and other interruptions. Not sure if the bronze baby shoe is mine or an older cousins. Now I feel bad that I didnt bronze DS and DDs baby shoes or do they even do it anymore. And who is they anyhow?? The third leg isnt visible, but thats a three legged egg vase, nothing expensive, I just like looking at it. I love the ceramic elephant because I began collecting them a few years ago; it made finding this forgotten piece of Grandmas special. The footed tumbler and sherbet cup are another favorite since I actually remember peanut butter came in them! There are 6 of each and Ive decided to switch out my glassware so we can enjoy these. They have good solid weight and balance. Looks like our impromptu background drape was starting to sag in this picture, lol.

Guess I'm the last one checking out tonight, Kathy!

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Candy, My DH insisted on doing the bronze shoe thing for our kids, even tough the shoes were never worn--by that time the notion of putting babies feet in hard shoes was discredited, so they were all for show. My dad had that very Old Spice shaving mug !

Kathy in Napa (we're still up here on the left coast)

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

The creative writing class was worth the drive home from Chicago in a snowstorm!

Off early to a conference today, but I hope to have some time tonight to share more.

May your day be snow-free.


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Candy - how fun to go through your grandma's boxes. SOme neat items.

V - excellent choices on the chicks!! Looking forward to hearing about your course.

I have a beekeeping question for you and Saucy. I'm getting bitten by the bee bug (mixed metaphor) and wondered which books you would recommend and which suppliers you've bought from. I'm trying to find a local bee keeping group or class but not had luck yet.


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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

Jim had an early meeting this morning, so the house is quiet, and I've actually been able to accomplish something. Laundry, know, all the most exciting things, lol! I had the forethought to turn on the space heater in the fort when I got up this morning, so it should be all warmed up and ready for some quiet yoga time. Thought I'd pop in here and see what new reds have turned up.

The containers you guys post always blow me away. I tend to put plants in containers in early spring when I'm just itching to play in the dirt. When we start farming, they get pretty badly neglected and then struggle for the rest of the season. Every year, I swear to either do better or give it up altogether. Every year, I seem to do neither, lol! Those are some beauties, Michelle! I'm also a fan of the fernleaf peony, but keep forgetting to order one. It's really what I need for my peony collection-you can never have too many, I think!

Kathy, I'm very much looking forward to the first WALAT this year. A cup of coffee and a quiet spring spring tonic there is. It'll be here before I know it! (please, I hope!)

Candy, I feel for ya on the late delivery. I spend an awful lot of time waiting on people, and I find it awfully frustrating. There are always things to do while I wait, but it throws off my whole plan for the day. Yes, I get up with one every day, and very seldom does it work out. Pardon me is such a nice daylily. It blooms it's fool head off and asks for so little in return-my favorite kind of plant!! ;) Awesome treasures you have there, and how nice that you used a red background. I bet you planned it that way, didn't you!? My Dad had that shaving mug, too. I'm particularly fond of old keys. They have no purpose, but it makes you wonder what they used to lock up and protect. Very mysterious.

It's funny what changes with raising babies from one generation to the next. When mine were tiny, you weren't supposed to let them sleep on their back, for fear of them spitting up and choking. Now, you MUST put them on their backs, for fear of them getting their face smashed into the mattress and smothering. Frankly, I think they mostly just like to scare the crap out of new Mommies.

V, I'm looking forward to hearing about the creative writing class. What fun, and you are already wonderful at it :)

Another potential beekeeper in the group, Mary?! Awesome!!

I spent the afternoon and a big chunk of the evening with DD yesterday. As it happens, they live not far from a lake, so Jim tagged along and went fishing. When he came in, Jude was fussing, so he took control of the situation, lol! It's amazing to see him go from someone who had never touched a tiny baby to an expert baby-husher in less than two weeks. The little family is doing well, and Jude's cheeks are getting even more plump. He goes on Friday for his first check-up. He eats well, runs the house like he's been doing it forever and has everyone who has seen him wrapped around his tiny finger, lol! Dad had a hard time going back to work, and sent me a text yesterday asking me to "make your daughter lay down and get some sleep" while I was there. She wouldn't do it, and hovered over me to supervise a diaper change, and showed me just how he likes to be held. Guess we needed a little Granny boot camp, too :) I paid attention and didn't roll my eyes, lol! It's so cute to watch her, and remember when she was my first little baby and I was the only one who knew the "right" way to do things, lol!

Okay, I'm off to exercise. I seem to be on a bit of a roll this morning, and I hate to lose momentum!
Have a great day, all!

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Quite tired of the "cluster" of drama here. Something new every day.

I'm seeing RED!

Cold and light flurries here today.

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

My contribution to the red theme:

It looks like we're going to get some snow later today and tomorrow. The weather is prbably contributing to my headache woes. Lying low here....

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That would be so fun, Mary!!! Birds and Bees :)

I used Langstroth's "Hive and the Honey-Bee" as a reference but if you contact the association below, they usually keep a library of good books....luckily my neighbor shared hers.

Sorry to hear you have a headache, Woody. We're on the warm side of the front and still getting rain.

Brenda, a baby should always sleep on it's side, lol! It was so hard for me to try to get the baby to balance on it's side...


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I'm envious of Kathy's walating and Brenda's baby holding.

Brenda, aren't you amazed at all the new fangled baby stuff they have these days? I remember when Kenzie was born I marveled at all the improved baby equipment.

Candy, that would be a fern leaf peony. I have the single red as well but couldn't find a picture online of it. I recognized the shaving mug right away. I remember my dad lathering up my face and shaving with a bladeless razor. I have the perfume bottle thats in them middle with the lady on it. Mine still has the glass stopper.

Its cold here, but at least nothing is falling from the sky.

It's fun seeing all the red contributations.


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jak1(4 Ontario Can)

Geez, I guess it would only be polite to actually post something red after highjacking Kathy's topic, eh? (Canadian espression, there at the end). The photo is not that great, but that is my double Hibiscus that I bring indoors every winter. It blooms on new wood, so I cut it back hard in the fall and by spring I often have blooms. Cheers me up no end in the bleakness of March.

I hope you are feeling better tonight, Woody. The changes in atmospheric pressure really affect DH since his sinus surgery some years ago.

Such fun things happening here - new chicks (I mean the birds, V); and the bees (V again and maybe Mary) - Boy Mary you sure do take advantage of LIFE!!!; and of course that little sweetie Jude. He is so perfect, Brenda, your family must just be over the moon! Pondering your future, Saucy, decision making is the hardest thing. I find once i finally decide what to do the follow up is kinda fun. I would love to work in a nursery, if indeed I would love to work, which I don't *LOL*

And Bug, drama drama drama - sometimes life is like that and it is tough enough when the weather is great, but I am pretty sure that Southern Ontario is not enjoying balmy spring days yet!

We had a ton of real wet snow all day today and now it is raining. TCS was supposed to have a ski lesson tonight, and we were prepared to go, until the rain started...he is content on the laptop though...In order to have the ski night we work like crazy all week to get all the homework etc. done, so now we can relax a little.

We are enjoying the Olympics, although things like hockey and curling don't really do much for me. I am pleased with Canada's performances, although I don't get all hyped up about the number of medals and all that. I just enjoy watching the competion. Except for the Relay, when I have no clue as to who is doing waht!

Got a letter from Revenue Canada the other day saying that if we don't file our 2008 returns (no, not a typo, 2008) within thirty days they will come and kill us or something. Filed today, we get money back. Ha ha, I'll bet they're sorry! I also have the 2009 all ready to go, just waiting for one piece of paper - always the way - and for sure we'll get money back for that year - huge medical receipts due to TCS's issues, and DH had a ton of expenses related to his new insulin pump as well. In Canada we had a home renovation credit program last year too, and we installled the fencing for the pups and did a mini make-over in the kitchen too. Always nice to not have to top up your taxes; sure doesn't happen for us often!

When Kathy mentioned the wine deck, I had an instant flashback to IU VI, sitting on Chelone's deck with a glass of wine, enjoying a beautiful breeze and the scent of summer green, while Chelone showed us the innovative cat walks and the door in the canvas. Remembering the rice pudding and lemon pound cake (Mary and Wendy, right?) - we had such fun!

I sure wish I was heading to Napa this summer, but the family wedding in Nova Scotia takes place on June 26. I am looking forward to showing TCS the East Coast - so different from life in the interior!

Anyway, happy remembrances on this cold and wet night.

I hope you are all seeing the slight (sun) on the horizon now as we get closer to Spring. Soon this forum will be filled with talk of seedlings and cuttings! The rhythm of life (as my family chokes over my words, just before they roar with laughter. So it's kinda corny, so what!)



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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Idyll drive-by ---

I sure did love the Idyll true identities conversation/ disclosure from Candy - Hal, eh? I would have guessed the Wizard of Oz myself, but Im lost in a time warp....

Im so glad to see/hear that you're recovering, Woody, albeit with some side effects.....I hope the weather cooperates and gives you some relief soon!

Had some awfice chain-gang stuff going on this week that just sucks it out of me -- but I sure was delighted to see that Mother Nature graced this region with a gift and passed over us for a change! Sun today altho lots of terrible winds tonite -- but Im hoping it's perhaps early March winds and we can hope there will be spring soon? It would make my mood lots better I'm sure... winter is dragging me down.

I didnt think I could locate any red in my garden, but did find the Jacob Kline Monarda/ and albizia, so I guess this qualifies:

I still have the peony ternufolia on my wish list - but can never figure out where to put it.... and then there are the little rock garden versions these days that are so similar too -- I agree, Michelle, your containers are mag.

Brenda -- Granny boot camp -- I can only imagine..... and it is truly stunning how things change and revert and go around and around re kids and parenthood! Making notes for myself now from everyone else's comments, LOL...

Hope to get back in for more quality time this weekend.... sounds like bees are the next idyll passion -- amazing folks here.

Waving to all others I know I missed - or will comment later this weekend!

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Mary, "Beekeeping for Dummies" was recommended to me, and I was impressed that much of what was in the book was reiterated at the beekeeping meeting. It's a good introductory text that is well written to boot.

I bought my "stuff" from Brushy Mountain Beekeeping Supplies, and my bees are ordered from Long Lane Honey Farm in Champaign, IL. They both have decent websites.

It would be fun to have another "new-bee" in the bunch!

Spent all day at a conference and off to a church meeting, so th-th-that's all folks!

And where is Chelone?


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Hello, hello..... busy as usual but thought I'd drop into the Red Thread.....

Speaking of 'Red Threads' fabulouso plant in the lower left of this container.

And how about a Red Abyssinian Banana?

Lancelot Velvet Mocha coleus

Love these red caladium, they came from HD and didn't have name tags.

Ahhh.... spring is on the way and I absolutely can't wait!!!!

Be back later,

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Women's hockey...2 to 0 win tonight! DD has a hockey tournament this weekend and I hope she has fun and doesn't wear herself out. It will be a tricky weekend with them not knowing how to support Skyler. Ex has not shared what she is telling him about house changes and car loss etc. Usually it is someone else's fault. Sigh.

Julie, I'm waiting and waiting for signs of spring. Daylight hours are the only hint so far. There are lots of icicles weighing down our gutters. ("eaves troughs" here)

Here is what they call a RED delphinium. Not as true a red as cardinal flower in my estimation, but interesting. :)

And here, Clematis Gravetye Beauty.

Night Night!

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ooo-whee ! The Red Thread brought Deanne out of the bird blind ! Must have Lancelot Velvet Mocha.

Always taken aback by that red Delphinium .

Julie, I grew up in zone 10 and Hibiscus were typical shrubs in LA gardens. I fear I was not as appreciative of them as I should have been-they seemed common . Were I still an LA girl I assure you they would be everywhere. Here I grow them as annuals, and not every year.

Kathy in Napa

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Fantastic reds everyone!!

Deanne - what a treat to have you pop in:0) I don't know if I told how how completely amazing your owl photos were.

Thanks Saucy and V for the bee info. Following the link from Saucy I found a local bee operation that sells Brushy Mountain products and I am eyeing their English hive (what else!) I have been reading and thoroughly enjoying the book "Farm city, the education of an urban farmer" by Novella Carperter and she got me thinking about bees again. I figured if she could manage a hive on 1/10 acre city plot I could try it too. My one concern is making sure the bees don't go into our swimming pool to drink. Any suggestions? Well, actually there are two concerns, I don't think DH is, shall we say, on board with this latest project.

Woody - hope your head aches ease up soon.

I should really head to bed. The kids are sure we'll get our first snow day in two years tomorrow but I'm less convinced and should get some rest to face a snowy drive in.


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I've heard pools mentioned several times in "Bee School" as a reason to let your neighbors know you'll be keeping bees. It would only be a nuisance on extremely hot days, I imagine, as this is when they would gather the most water. More bees would be lost to splashing children, than husbands to attacking bees :)

I am hoping I can be a successful beekeeper this year. I have a rather relaxed approach, but now that I am more comfortable, I think I will concentrate on actual honey production. I can always just buy it from my neighbor, he he he :)

Time to get this day rolling.


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Here is my contribution. Crocosmia Lucifer, and Begonia Belle Fleur. I went crazy last year on Begonias. They like my garden, so I have pretty much decided that I am going to go with plants that like it here while I focus on the Veggies:)

These do not look really red in the preview, but they are close:)

It is SNOWING here big time. I am trying to be productive.

Here is a wintry picture I took a couple of weeks ago. Red dog, red scarf, red hair:)

Stay Warm!!


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)


Love the crocosmia Drema! They are so late and sometimes don't survive the winter here. Mine are yellow as well as orange.

Off to do errands in a few minutes. It's snowy and gusty today... 19F. Phoebe was full of beans on her morning "walk". She was off leash and bounding everywhere through the snow drifts.


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Great photos, and nice to have a look at that albizia/mimosa again. Gads, that plant hasn't come down in price yet, but what a beaut.

Last two days have been spent on the 16th floor of the LAX Hilton writing testimony in a Hawaii case, where the proper nouns begin with "K" and go on for six syllables and everyone laughs when I ask for spellings. I was popping cough drops and hot flu drinks all day, planes whooshing by out the window, exhibits spilling all over the room. Was I glad to get home and into my jammies!

About the bees and water, I do remember that in Pam Penick's blog Digging she had brought in a large cattle tank for a water feature and was delighted by the bees that came in to sit on the rim, then more and more came, then it was not so delightful -- there were hundreds and they took ownership of the tank.

The new hockey addiction flourishes, tho I have no concept yet of the details of the game. The US/Switzerland men's game was amazing, no score for the first two periods, what a battle. Fingers crossed for Canada's women's team.

I found this wildflower meadow tucked into a local medical complex.

Go easy on yourself, Woody. Not too fast, okay?

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

It is so hard to watch the faces of the second and third place winners at the Olympics sometimes. The women's hockey players are so competitive and driven, and losing is very hard on are their parents and coaches. It was a 2/0 win last night. Then I watched the women's figure skating and got to bed LATE! This is the ONLY TV I ever watch. DD's former skating coach is in BC now reporting for all sorts newspapers and the CBC. It is so funny to hear a friend's voice on the radio as I drive about!

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I should amend that to congratulations to the Canadian women's hockey team! (just read the NY Times.)

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Good morning

A snow day today- Yay!! A foot of light fluffy snow that will be fun to play in later. The chickens were a little unsure when they tumbleled out of the henhouse this morning as it came up to their heads. Fortunatley it is not cold or windy. I shovelled the ladies a path to their waterer and will bring them some warm mash later.

Drema - love the dogs and red hair!

Denise - welcome home. Stuck at an airport is no fun under any conditions, but writing testimonials with a cold sounds the pits.

GB - the Olympics are the only sporting event we ever watch and all gather together once homework/practice are done. Its been fabulous. We've even grown to like curling;0) I feel for the skaters who fall or miss and jump, and in that one second their olympic dream is gone. Congrats to those Canadian girls!

This is simply fantastic - a whole day to myself. For once the house is almost clean so I'll polish it up a little and then start my seed prep, making labels and sterilizing containers. Then some reading about bees I think. Oh, and I'm wanting to make a little needle felted mouse playing the violin. What a gift time is.

Enjoy the day


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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

A milestone day - I just had the staples (37) removed and the headaches and seizures seem to be declining in intensity and frequency.

Most of the snow missed us again - only about 1-2" inches here again and the road is clear, althoughit looks like we might still get some more....

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

To celebrate Susan's good news :

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Loving all these luscious reds! And the sun is shining, the snow is melting, Febooweary is almost over, and I found two missing tax documents.woohooo! Can you tell Im feeling downright giddy and my fingers are flying over the keyboard?

Woody, great news that you feel definite improvement! Did the doctors forewarn you about the possibility of seizures? Thinking back to bugs update I remember having the impression it caused quite a panic for you and Randy. The worst is behind you now and by the time theres a whiff of true spring in the air, youll be more than ready. Had to feel good getting those staples out!

Hi Marian, gorgeous coloring in those blooms! Whats going on in your neck of the woods? I enjoyed looking at all the container plantings on the deck in your album. I know Ei said you can grow anythingdo you start seeds, too? And speaking of Eiwhere the heck is she? Popped up saying she had an elf hat like mineshowed us her purple fingernails and poof, gone. Hope she drops back in soon!

Denise, bummer! Its so miserable when you have to push yourself working. Especially amid all the commotion and hustle around LAX. Are you able to pamper yourself now with a couple of jammie days?

Youre so right, Mary. Time is a valuable commodity and I know youre enjoying every minute of an unexpected free day. I feel like I gained two hours by locating those tax documents so quickly, lol. Hope to see a photo of the little felted mouse and violin. With your experienced nimble fingers Im guessing its a fairly quick project.

Michelle, so you have that small perfume bottle in the photo! How neat you mentioned yours has a stopper as Grandmas did not; label is so badly deteriorated I couldnt tell what product it contained. Thinking youve had this bottle for quite some time, or the perfume is still being manufactured with the same label? And how about that Old Spice shaving mug, wow. The design must have remained unchanged for years if we have memories of grandfathers and fathers using that exact one.

The next two photos are plates of various quality and sizes. Plan to shop this weekend for a wall plate rack. I love this little blue rice tea cup, its just such a delicate little thing. It should be in the tea cup photos (yet to come) but we were boggled by the end of the day. Nope, Brenda, didnt intentionally use the RED drapeit was just handy, not put away from Christmas, lol!

Now this vacuphobe must march directly in and begin vacuuming without further procrastination. Working strictly on the reward program, I will then allow myself half the 1.50 oz. bag of new Wildly Cherry M&Ms and hide the remainder in my underwear drawer for an emergency. Waving to all

    Bookmark   February 26, 2010 at 3:45PM
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Candy, I am enjoying your collection of dishes. I am drawn to every one on the planet. Can't help it:)

It has been snowing all day here, tommorrow Skip is going to California for a week. All of the kids came for dinner. I made baked mac and cheese with Asiago and Gouda cheese, and tossed in any other kind I had in my fridge. Baked BBQ chicken, asparagus, peas, corn, and finished it off with Chocolate Cake, Choc frosting. This morning I made from scratch Blueberry muffins, hash browns, sausage, eggs. I plan to not cook while Skip is gone:) I could live on popcorn, peanuts, cheese, crackers, salsa and dip, and fresh fruit myself. When he is gone, I don't cook much.

I am whipped, going to bed. TTYL

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

Candy - not forewarned re seizures exactly, but told there was risk of motor control issues on the right side and some risk of aphasia. When I 'woke up' fine, we assumed I'd dodged the risks. I suspect that the IV in the day or so after surgery contained anti-seizure medication because my lips tasted very salty - which they did again on Monday after taking the mega dose prescribed during our trip to ER Sunday night. The transitory motor control issues we adjusted to quickly, but Sunday night's aphasia episode, while it turned out to be transitory too, sent us into a panic. Believe me, 10 miutes of aphasia is enough for a lifetime!

    Bookmark   February 26, 2010 at 8:24PM
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6:30 p.m., Jaden and I are out walking and its still light out - we are on the upswing!

Denise, what a jewel of a garden. The tree trunks add so much interest. I hope you are starting to feel better. I suppose with a job like yours you don't just get up and say I'm leaving, I'm not feeling well.

Deanne, that coleus standard is fabulous. What a great coleus.

Drema, great to see you and the pups.

Cindy, I think your combo qualifies as a shade of red. I don't have a lot of red in my garden either. The pelargoniums all live together on the potting deck.

I don't know if any of you hang out over on the Cottage Garden Forum, but there is a woman there that has a very long red bed. It is really pretty cool.

Candy, here is my bottle. Years ago I collected antique or unique perfume bottles. I imagine that the little pink string has kept the stopper with the bottle. I searched a little on line and came up with a similar bottle from the 1920's but it had a screw on lid, so I'm thinking these are older.

I think this fits the red, yellow and blue threads. This was at the zoo that we visited the one day when the weather cooperated.

    Bookmark   February 26, 2010 at 10:49PM
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Michelle, I know that garden, GottaGarden right ? I'm going to see if I can find a link, that red bed of hers is fabu-fabu

Lady Luxury ! But of .

Voodoo, one of my fave fuchsias, waltzes close to death every winter.Half Red. half purple, what more can you ask for ?? From Garden 2009

Kathy in Napa

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Thank goodness the aphasia only lasted 10 minutes, Woody. What a roller coaster it's been for you both.

That's neat that begonias do well for you, Drema. There's a B. luxurians I'm tempted by at Annies Annuals but a little pricy. Love your snow portraits in red.

Very nice to have Deanne check in for the red contribution. What a summer deja vu.

No red but deep orange poppies and tulips from today. In zone 10 the tulip bulbs have to be prechilled in the fridge before planting, and this year it's worked really well, with long, long stems:

Congrats on getting the delphs to germinate, Kathy. That red bed is gorgeous.

Great hockey match between Slovakia and Canada, and now we meet Canada on Sunday! Looking forward to more rain coming in tonight.

    Bookmark   February 27, 2010 at 12:32AM
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Ahh Denise, my tulips have tiny buds and a few days of sun is all that is required..more rain on the way though . It poured here today-perhaps that is what is headed your way.

Kathy in Napa

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Not much RED here today. The following shots (taken yesterday) are in color though, believe it or not!

Thinking of a trip to the book store today, once DH finishes his grant proposal.

Still snowing today and very beautiful out there!

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cyn427 (zone 7)

Hope the residual effects of the surgery are behind you Woody.

Drema, oh how I would love to have red hair-lucky you. I would also love to have been at that dinner. You and kathy always share the most wonderful menus!

'Bug, the snow pics are splendid. I especially like the "Should I try crossing this or not?" one-LOL. You are right about it being beautiful. Our snow is almost gone, so I am now anticipating spring. Wishing and hoping...

All the red pics are wonderful. I am another who doesn't have much red, but I have had fuschia like yours, Kathy. That red/purple combo is my favorite. Usually, I do a hanging basket. It is always lucky if it survives. Somehow, I get them just right some years and kill them other years. Oh well.

I am planning to head up on Monday to the Philadelhpia Flower Show. Haven't checked the weather since the snow started, but I am hoping the trains keep running. I need that infusion of warmth and flowers the show always gives me.

Off to get ready for an evening out with friends who moved away two years ago. It will be fun to see them again! We'll see how DH does since this will be our first night out at a restaurant since he quit drinking. Keeping my fingers crossed. If it doesn't go well, I may knock his block off-the good news there being that then I'll have pics of red to post-teehee-just joking!!

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Indoors today in view of continuing rain showers. After the grocery excursion this morning I have spent the balance of the morning working on IU itinerary matters..anticipation is fun ! One of the more grueling duties of the hostess will be to preview all of said gardens to make sure no duds are included ..and, as previously mentioned I have to perform the test drive as step after that is the food planning. Might have to do some previewing there as well, lol.

Well, those snow photos are pretty bug, especially when viewed from afar here in Z9.

Drema, I hope Skip got to go somewhere in this state where it isnt raining ! We have a Tsumani warning today too, courtesy of that huge quake in Chile. The water is only supposed to rise 2 feet here on our coast, if at all, but it sounds like the folks in the south pacific will get the worst of it.

Thinking of Woody, sending a call-out to Chelone, (yoo-hoo Chelone ??) and looking forward to a photo of Marys violin playing mouse !

Later friends

Kathy in Napa

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It snowing like crazy here. Cyn, you can have hair the same color as me, it comes in a box, lol. My original hair had a red cast to it, and I do have freckles and greenish eyes, so it looks sort of natural, but who knows what color it would be... probably faded brown by now, ha!

kathy, Skip is going to LA, he hasn't called to say he has arrived yet, but he did shovel the drive, and leave me with a big pile of firewood. I went to Trader Joes and stocked up on salsa, chips, hummus, etc. Sean is camping out here with me, so I will probably have to order pizza at some point in the week, I don't think he likes hummus. lol. Woody, I bought some frozen Samosas, what I wouldn't give to have them fresh from your kitchen. We have no good Eastern restaurants within a 1 hour drive.

Denise, the tulips are gorgeous. Can't wait to see some in real life. Tommorrow you guys are supposed to have sun!

Well, I can't decide between, hot chocolate, chocolate cake or merlot.... TTYL!


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Lol Drema, me, Cynthia, V, and Cindy all went to TJ's today.I wonder how many duplicate items we bought ? Pesto anyone ?

Kathy in Napa

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cyn427 (zone 7)

Drema, I have the green eyes and I might be tempted if I had your beautiful face. Not sure the effect would be quite the same since that I am (almost) 58-lol. Then again, maybe it is time for an adventure. Hope you are cozy by the fire tonight with your beverage of choice warming you right down to your toes!

I'll be stopping at TJs on Tuesday-we have one right near my school. I love that place.

Sweet dreams all-off to read in bed.

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A little red for today. From Garden Walkabout Aug 08

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Cyn, I am 57, will be 58 in April. Go for it. In 48 hours, you can redo! I change mine all the time. The red fades pretty fast too.One time I made it a Ginger color, and it was a little blinding, lol. I used to go to the salon, make it blonde, but it really washes me out, and plus it costs a ton to do it right. I would rather use my $$ on plants.

Kathy, I saw they also went to Home Goods, which I did, too. No wonder we all get along so well, lol. I didn't buy anything though. They have a really cute table and chair set that I want, but can't figure out a justification to buy it. I am trying to reduce reuse, and recycle, plus be frugal. But I have been looking at this for two years, and still want it. It is the wrought iron with the matching folding chairs, with olive leaves.

I saw Gotta Garden's red border a couple of years ago. It is very impressive. Quite the undertaking.

Well, Skip arrived in Cali, so I am going to bed. Tommorrow starts my cleaning projects. So much easier to do when he is not here. I want this to be my final hurrah before spring. I am not in the house much from June - Sept, and with the babies coming, I will be extra busy.

Bug, I meant to say how pretty the red Delph's are. My flower list is getting too long now, and I am supposed to be focusing on urban farming...A few flowers can't hurt, right?


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Hi All, I was brushing my teeth, and checking my age at the same time. It occurred to me that I am going to be 57 in April. Didn't want to give away that extra year, but if I can't remember how old I am guess it doesn't really matter:))))

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Drema, I gained a year last year by being muddled about my age. ;) I'm 67 and recently darkened my gray.

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After being gone the last 4 Saturday's I told Rick that we needed to stay home and try to wrap up the bathroom project. We accomplished much but there's still some things that need to be finished. Like Drema and her reduce,reuse, recycle goal, we reused our existing vanity and decided to paint it. We are struggling with the hinges though, I'd like the concealed hinges and that hasn't happened yet. I guess we can live without the doors for a bit.

Does anyone need a perfectly good Hollywood light strip? LOL

My pictures would be in b & w just like 'bugs.

Denise, thanks for a glimpse of spring. At least that's what Tulips say to me. They are worth the extra effort.

Kathy, I like the red zinnias. Is that 'Roseanne' mingling with them?

Cyn, a flower show sounds just perfect right about now. A friend and I may head to Mpls to check out what Macy's puts on in a few weeks.

At the end of April we have a family event in Madison WI. Some family members are going on a 5K run on Saturday. I'm thinking Olbrich Gardens might be a better alternative for some of us. I believe Brenda has been there.

We plan to visit my parents today as they have just returned from the south.

Have a great day.


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Bug, show us a pic!!! I think your "natural" look is gorgeous, too. Which do you like better? My great grandmother had beautiful thick white hair... Just had a thought. Skip has a brother who is 5'6", hair and built totally different than Skip, who is 6', bald. He is the only one in his family over 5'6". Terry was working for Skip for a month before someone realized they were brothers. It wasn't a secret, this gives you a clue how talkative they are:) Anyway, they were stunned... His brother said he told them, he got the height, I got the hair...

Good for you Michelle! Nice to have a project almost done, isn't it? Have fun with your is a nice day to hang out.


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Good eye Michelle, that is in fact Roseanne,,I think its one of my signature plants. I use it freely as a repeated element. What a great plant, and you sure get plenty of bang for your buck, hard to think of another that blooms so freely for so long, and it looks great with almost anythingthe basic black dress of the garden!

Frost on the rooftops this morning, and my indoor/outdoor thermometer says its 39 right now. No rain on the agenda today, and plans are to get the muck shoes on and get the rest of the perennials cut back. Though it will expose the tender new growth , I am more than ready not to look at dead stuff anymore, and usually the frosts we have this time of year are light and can be withstood by most I still will have to hustle indoors some of the succulents, and the begonias will stay inside or under cover for a few more weeks. April 1st is usually my drop-dead, anything goes date. And tommorow is March 1st ! Yipee !

Drema, the Home Goods here is about 45 minutes east of me in a town I never go to if I can avoid it-its one of those places that is wall to wall chain stores and malls with the interstate cutting it in half. There is a great little herb farm there though, on the outskirts in an area that had managed to retain its rurality for want of a better word, and I usually visit there once a year or so maybe I should hit Home Goods at the same time ! The only time Ive ever been was with Wendy last summer in Mass when we were putting together the hostess gifts for IU6.

Ok, time to get to work here

Kathy in Napa

PS , I don't know if the rest of you have read the GW 'important announcement' about the advertising links they will be embedding in our posts?
I see that there are links in mine this morning as I preview this, even though I followed the instructions to turn it off. Maybe they (the links) will go away when I submit this.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

There are embedded links on another forum I visit. I can't believe ANYONE would use them...(they are so annoying!!!) but they must or they wouldn't inflict them on us.

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Hi Peeps, Just a quick check in.
I could probaly do a red Idyll all by myself as it is color Bob likes in the garden as well as one that shows up well in my spread out gardens. I have perused my pictures a bit but got no farther as I have had my nose stuck in books again. I just finished a good sized one set in the mid 1800s frontier states that included local areas and places I am familar with. Part fact and part fiction.
So I am not allowing my self any more reading material for awhile. Like Bob says, I have a one track mind. So I need to get on a different track.
Still cold here, but the sun has been out quite a bit.
I haven't ventured out much.

It looks like most of you have been keeping busy enough. Hope all are well. I'll check in again when I get myself a little more organized.

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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

Just a pop-in today.
Woody, it's good to hear you've gotten the staples taken out. Good thoughts going your way, as always :)

Drema, I would have never guessed your age, be it 56 or 57 ;) I've wondered what I'll do when my few strands of gray become a full crop. I'd be terrible about keeping it up.
Michelle, I think a spring trip to Olbrich would be great. We've gone twice, in September both times, so you could give the Idylls the spring tour!

Tulips! How pretty, Denise!!

Bug, I just love that middle picture-how cute!

Nothing new and exciting here, and that's fine by me. Jim is off fishing, I'm browsing plants online and considering a nap. Sounds like a fine way to spend the last afternoon in February!

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

I didn't see any embedded links..yet...but I did use Vibrant Opt Out thanks to Kathy! Wish it worked on the other forum too.

Today we are experiencing a heat wave and the icicles are dripping everywhere. I expect daytime temperatures around 1-2 degrees C for the whole week. (33-35F)

Still reading along about Champlain and enjoying it. I have it paced so that I'll finish my 700 pages in time for the next book club meeting, just before I leave for Alberta. I've ordered The Help for our next read and may find time to read there it if Ivy ever naps. ;)

OK Drema, here's a shot DH took this morning. I really dislike doing anything to my hair, but I hate that yellow cast that develops in white hair...hence my change of heart.

With my buddy

WATCH OUT! She wants to hug you!


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cyn427 (zone 7)

Beautiful bug-I love gray and wish I would get more! Phoebe is looking great, too!

Decided to play hookey tomorrow. I am taking a personal day and am off to the Philadelphia Flower Show in the morning. Ends up I am going by myself, but I think I may enjoy that even more since I can go through at my own pace.

I will take pictures for you all.

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Another weekend has zoomed by-where did it go ? I spent the entire day in the back garden and got most severything cut back. Discovered that fence removal is in my skill-set..I have a leaning fence that separates my blasted concrete RV parking space from the back garden. Had every intention of hiring out the work, but got to looking at it today and decided that if Mary can build a chicken coop I can sure as he** take down 8 feet of fence. 3 fence boards have been dispatched.

Also seen today, a white heron in the park, Anthriscus Ravenswing struggling through a patch of Scilla, sweetpeas, foliage on the Nepetas, foliage on the Dicentra..altogether a very satisfactory day.

Love the coif bug, and ms Phoebes is stunning as always !

Cyn, I am taking a PTO for the day after the SF Flower Show visit so I can bond with my purchases for I know there will be purchases, lol. And I am totally with you on a solitary garden show visit-I went by myself last year for the 1st time in many years and it was really great- Im going to do it again this year. I even considered doing 2 days and overnighting at a nearby hotel, but am undecided on that.

Tonight I am making Chicken Marbella , a recipe recommended by a co-worker. It involves capers, wine, green olives, garlic, oregano, prunes and bay leaves. Most of the work was done yesterday for it requires a 24 hour marinating process.

and this weekend I bought asparagus that was grown in California..I know its spring when that happens. Thinking of Saucys local initiative- I have been trying to buy veggies that are local or Baja grown . Have I told about my potential community garden plot ? Dont remember, but I will either divulge or repeat myself tomorrow.

nite all !

Kathy in Napa

Took this today for our FB friends who wanted to see sun and green-Brenda asked for beer but I substituted wine ! From 2010-02-14

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Wanted to stop in to tell Bug how nice your hair looks! I like it both ways. Years ago people put bluing in it when it turned all gray. I remember that....

I am off this morning. I have to go to an appt that is a hour away this morning, and I have to drive through Cleveland to get to the other side, during rush hour... it has been a long time. Let's see if I still have the moxie to do it:) I just pick a lane and stay in it till I have to exit..I know which one will get me to the other side of the city. Then I watch Charlie boy for the afternoon, so my day is pretty busy.

Hope you all have a good one!!

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jak1(4 Ontario Can)

Happy March everyone!

February just flew past, I hardly even noticed its passing! This might be a good thing *lol

I am sad to tell you that I have given up on the basement project, which I had hoped to have cleaned up by spring. I will be planting my seeds in two weeks and the basement will still be a shambles. I like to have a space cleared down there for planting so I don't have to make a big mess in the kitchen, but it isn't meant to be. I am Seeing Red, in keeping with this thread, at the one-step-forward-two-steps-back process. I may have to amend the rules of EAT to include husbands, teen-age kids (or adult kids who act like teen-age kids) and dogs.

But onward and upward, there is always something to do in a house. I have decided to EAT my main bathroom. Gee that sounds gross! It has needed a paint job for a long while, so yesterday I bought the paint and trim, and today I am prepping for painting tomorrow. My little reno will be nothing compared to the projects of some of the rest of you - removing walls, scraping wall paper, redoing cabinets, taking creative writing, ordering chicks and making beehives, not to mention coping with brain surgery (how ya doin', Woody?), and playing with hair colour, but it is one job I think I can simply do by myself pretty much, so it might actually get done.

Oh Kathy you wicked wicked girl, posting that photo of the Adirondack chair and the nice little glass of white!!! I am dying here! That cozy little scenario is at least two months away for me here, and as we have cut back drastically on wine (worried about my bones) we will be drowning our sorrows in iced tea. Doesn't have quite the same cachet, somehow!

Hey, where is Chelone? I have thought of her often this last week as I practice discipline, exercise and affection with the pack. We get episodes of the Dog Whisperer here now, and I have put a lot of effort into being the "pack Leader", especially for Tuckeroo who thinks he is a great big dog even though he has a little dog's body. He will be going to doggy school this month - should be fun. Ajax has already had one session and he is well remembered by the instructor - he weighed about 5 pounds and was in a class with six month old Rotweilers. They were pussycats in disguise and Jaxie loved them to bits.

Anyway, I digress - off to prep the bathroom and think about spring!

Cheers, all!


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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

I just popped in to see if there was a picture of Bug with her "do" and there she is! You look mahvelous, deah! Lol, I love that shot of Phoebe. It always gives me a terrified smile to see Gus coming at me that way.

Cyn, you lucky girl! Have a wonderful time at the flower show. Can't wait for pictures!

I didn't complain at all about the wine, did I Kathy? I'm nothing if not flexible. I do so like that picture-it looks like I could step right into it and smell springtime :)

Drema, I hope your trip went well. I drive the same way. Pick a lane and stay there. Drives Jim nuts, but I stay out of the way of people who know what they're doing, and I get where I'm going ;)

Julie, you're not alone. I'll be doing my seed starting in the kitchen, too. I was going to get an area all set up, and it just didn't happen. Maybe next year! I'm itching to get seeds started, and I know it's a couple of weeks too early. Lol, I manage to talk myself out of it every far.
I like the Dog Whisperer, too. I must say, his methods work..if you're consistent. That seems to be my trouble :/

We've got sunshine today, and most of our snow is gone. I went out for a little walk today. It wasn't warm, by any means, but sunshine and fresh air was just what I needed. DD has begun her third week of being a Mom. This is going by too fast. I know she's going to be heartbroken when it's time to go back to work. She plans on taking him to daycare for half days the last week of her maternity leave, to give everyone a chance to get used to it. I remember crying the whole way to work when it was time to go back with each of the kids. Maybe I'll hit the powerball before then ;)
I need to go figure out what I'm going to do about supper. We have lots of odds and ends of leftovers in the fridge. I don't know if I have enough creativity to turn them into one delicious dish, but I imagine we won't starve.
Have a lovely evening, all!
PS..Thinking of you Chelone.

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Well Drema, I hope your trip across the city was uneventful and youre safely back babysitting Charlie as I type. That sort of driving gets on my last nerve. Glad youre enjoying the plate photos; I thought of you and that wonderful, cozy tea room as I unpacked them. Not that I even drink tea very often but I love the idea of a "tea room." Please post more pictures every time you so much as change the tablecloth or add something new!

Woody, hope things are still improving and youll pop in with a post soon. That episode of aphasia sounds terrifying especially not knowing it would be transitory. Does the risk drop dramatically after a period of time or will the doctor wean you off the anti seizure medication?

Michelle, thanks for posting the perfume bottle. That stopper and the little string make such a difference; an intact label, too! Just out of curiosity Im going to have to search that brand and see what comes up. Ive always been a sucker for small bottles but I couldnt begin to tell you why.

Bug, youve got good hairit looks like it just falls into place, the color very soft and natural. Having fought cowlicks all my life, I finally came to an agreement with my hair. It would do exactly what it wanted and I would have more bad hair days than most.

Julie, at least youre getting the bathroom painted. Yesterday, DH and I fell into a slothful and non productive day. After finding out dinner plans were cancelled due to the hostess having a migraine, we kind of drifted along without a plan. Suddenly, the short list of chores did not seem pressing. I think we had a touch of spring fever, too. The snow is melting and there are islands of thin, weak grass and mud showing. We were restless but unable to concentrate on anything to get motivated. Easily distracted stared out the window, walked around the patio and decided to cook salmon on the grill. I went over my sketches and lists of new plants for spring, making yet more notations and changes while he rearranged his tackle box. One of those ho-hum days, I guess.

These next pictures are a sample of cups from Grandmas collection, many of which were given away after her death. The mustache cup seems strangely delicate and very thin china for a man. Or perhaps that was only proper for a Gentleman. Unfortunately, there was no saucer for the green cup but the interior was so pretty I turned it on its side. The little green marbled agate cup and saucer was from a set I used to play with at her house. Im sure it was a hand me down from her neighbors granddaughter because the set was incomplete and I dont know what happened to the rest after I grew older. However, when I unwrapped this piece from bubble wrap, I was hit by a memory of the box itself that contained the dishes. Just for a second I could smell that old softened cardboard, with the slotted spaces and the window of crackled cellophane.

This miniature tea set is mine; brought back as a gift when a friend went to China. Just thought I'd slip it in, too. I assume it has some metal base as its heavier than it appears.

These are a few items from her Welsh collection. She was quite proud of that "ladies fan."

I think its about time for me to check the Italian Beef in the crock pot. Smells delish!

Hey Brenda, Im with you on that power ball

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

One of the side effects of the anti-seizure medication is FATIGUE! I'm reading along but it's hard to summom up energy to do much at the moment. Yesterday was the first 24 hour period that I didn't have a numbness episode. I haven't had one yet today either but it felt like one was lurking nearby most of the day. My surgeon headed off to Japan later the day of my surgery and we're not sure when he'll be back. We have a follow-up appointment at the end of March so I assume I'll be on the drugs until sometime after that. My family doctor has scheduled a blood test for tomorrow to check on the sodium. I feel like I'm fighting off a cold or the flu today - Randy just went out to get me lemons for hot lemonade. I'm at the stage of recovery where I want to do more than I'm capable of and it's fustrating and borning!

GB - the 'do looks great!

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I popped in to check and there you are, Woody :-)) I think once the euphoria of coming through any surgery wears off it's typical to think normal routine will follow shortly. Recovery is so gradual it's hard to realize the body is making progress and adjusting. Going 24 hrs. without the numbness episodes is no small feat. Rest, rest and more rest! Don't let yourself get over tired, big no-no. Just hang in there and be bored for now so you can heal.

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I'm envious of those of you who can see grass. We hit 39 today and there was a fair amount of thawing, but there is just so much piled everywhere. As I walked on the road tonight I took note of the area where the snow is probably 7' high. I'm told that there is no frost in the ground with all the snow insulating it. So alot of the water should soak in and not run off.

Woody, I hope you can fight the cold - you certainly don't need that.

Candy, it looks like you are having a good time rediscover your Grandma's things. Wow, the little tea set is tiny - good idea of adding the dime for scale.

The tea cups and talk of Drema's tea room reminds me of a thread over on the Cottage Garden forum discussing tea and areas in the garden devoted to tea drinking.

What an inviting scene from Kathy's garden.

'bug, the new do is very becoming.

Norma, I'm like you and have to take a break from reading or else I don't get anything else done. So I go in spurts.

I really must water plants, talk on the phone and do a little more work in the bathroom, so off with me.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

So this morning I went off to buy underwear and some boxes to hold various types of knitting needles. (Cleaning off the island in the back room Julie!) So off I drive, up the icy lane, head up to town...and the car runs out of gas. There I was, in the middle of nowhere. I walk a ways to the nearest house...and no one seems to live there, the drive was not plowed. So onward to the next two houses...and no answers there either. So then I walk back to the car and wave down a passer by. He ignores me. :( Then I waved down a sweet young Miss who not only stops but calls DH on her cell phone. He came to my rescue with the gas intended for our mower. Then we went and filled the tank. THEN I went shopping and found most of what I needed...(and 2 outfits for Ivy.) You know, I prefer boring days Woody!

Candy, I am so enjoying your photos. I'll have to photograph some small china and show you what I have another day.

Heard from Kaveh the other day, for those who remember him. He has COLOR on his balcony, the rascal.
OY!! So why is the darned embedded crap showing up after I used Vibrant opt out? YUCK!

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Okay, so the embedded stuff shows up only on the preview it seems. :)

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Susan, I can sort of imagine how terrifying the aphasia was. I compare it with the feeling I had when our electric went out and I was totaly lost in our house. My sense of direction was gone, and I had no idea where I was until I got ahold of the refrigerator door's handle. Even then I did not know my directions. I was completely turned around. If Nolon had not been there to answer my call for a light, I am not sure what I would have done.
I am praying that time with improve all of your after effects of the surgery.

Candy, I am loving all the pics of your grandmother's china. I have several antique pieces, and keep looking to see if we have any of the same pieces, but I have seen none. I wish I had labeled where all of mine came from. My memory is not too great. I think I may have some of my grandmother's that are still packed.

Add me to those who are becoming concerned about Chelone.


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Good evening Idylls, cool and new rains on the way-looks like on and off all week for the wet stuff. On the plus side, baseball spring training games start Wednesday, and UPS has e-mailed me a shipping notification that Arabella is on her way to the Kathy house. Yipee. ! Still awaiting some final date open confirmations and am close to finalizing the itinerary for IU.

Tommorow evening I am going to attend a community garden info meeting at our library-one can rent a decent size plot (100 sq ft) for 50 bucks a year, includes water. It is a 5 to 7 minute drive from my house, and my vision is several veggies and a cutting garden. Sort of like the Brits and their allotments right Mary ? And Wednesday night is my long-awaited photography class.

What a treat to see more of Candys china ! You know Candy, I think there was a time in history when it was ok for men to enjoy beautiful things. Maybe this is income-bracket related ? You really got me thinking about this .. I think some men are concerned that aesthetics are not masculine , their loss I say. A large percentage of my closest friends are gay men, have been so since childhood (though the concept was not known to us at the time)and by virtue of their 'gayness' they are really free to enjoy whatever they wish to without having to conform to some arbitrary masculine rules about what they should and should not find pleasing . My late husband had no issue with this at all, nor did he have problems with the appreciation of pretty things. Dont know the answer but its interesting to think about.

Woody, frustrating and boring, But boring might be preferable to scary episodes ! Good thoughts from the left coast.

Yes bug, I concur, the add stuff is on preview but gone when you submit.

Marian, I have bought two Lady Slippers ! You have been a bad influence, lol. There are usually several Orchid vendors at the San Francisco Garden Show, and many of them sell seedlings for very attractive prices. I have them on my shopping list . Do you find that they bloom for you at particular times of year ?

Well Julie, Im sorry that you had to jump ship on the basement. At least you are flexible enough to find another project ! This concrete removal thing is really looming large to me, but I still continue to be almost the sole support of DDs little family and until their situation turns around the big ticket items are on hold. Ice tea deck ? yikes.

Brenda I would never have expected you to complain about the wine or any other adult beverage for that matter , lol.

See yall tomorrow, and hopefully our truant Chelone checks in..

Kathy in Napa

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Good morning friends.

Yesterday was an interesting day. The neighbor asked me to come over and check out her tile selection for a bathroom. When I told her I was applying for garden center jobs and asked her to be a reference, she offered me a few paid hours per week. I'm not sure how that will pan out...but it is nice to have the offer. We poked around her greenhouse and talked about beginning the "opening ceremonies" :)

There is a little garden center 30 minutes north of here that is hiring. I will contact them today.

Julie, bone worries are no good...take care of yourself.

I figured that Chelone unplugged her computer to move it over to the "bahn" and somehow hasn't gotten back online. Fear not, I will pick up the telephone soon and check on our wayward friend.

GB, I love your 'do. The rinses are necessary to keep the silvers and grays sharp. I wonder if the yellowing has to do with minerals in the water? My blonde used to turn brassy quickly when we had lots of manganese in the water. Now our town water is better filtered (no more brown ring around the toilet and tub!).

Spring fever is here. My banana is huge and has leaves ready to be colored by the looks like a giant endive right now. I hope I had lots of overwintering success!

Thanks for being here...things haven't been so nice in my little corner of the world, but this is always a place I can come a read and "get away."


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My plan to stay in my lane worked, over and back just fine. I figure as long as I stay with the flow of traffic I am not causing a problem. Some of the other people are in way too much of a hurry to get to work, so I let them pass.

Cyn, your ceramics are so pretty. I think Country Living had a feature last month about African Violets, and they featured them in pretty tea cups. It was a nice article, and made me think about getting some.

Saucy, hope things get better for you. I think everything will be brighter with spring. Hang in there..

Hope Chelone checks in soon.

I have to hop in the shower, the girls and babies are coming over and we are all going to visit my mom for a little bit. I haven't seen her for a month, and she loves seeing the little ones. Then I have to meet Mikey to let him borrow a car, then I am back to house projects. Got my kitchen cupboards cleaned Sunday, they look so nice. Everything is all lined up. Not alphabetized, but definitely catagorized:) I was at a friends house, and I couldn't help admiring her total organization. It inspired me to come home and do something with this disaster zone. I think hers will stay organized, and mine will degrade back to its normal self. But it does look nice today..



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A quick post of red.

Candy, I am enjoying your treasures.

I promise to get back and talk soon.


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

LOL Kathy! We do enable one another , don't we ? :-)
I find that my Dendrobiums bloom in the late summer and into the fall. My Phals usually start in January and go through June or later. (They are late this year). The Slipper orchid apparently starts in the winter, but I have not had enough experience with them to know if that is the norm.
I have not seen Deanne mention hers for some time, but she was much more adept at growing orchids than I am.
Be forewarned. They are magnets for scale.I fight them all the time.

Norma, I love your collage of reds. In fact, I love all the reds that have been posted.

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Hi all - I am now seeing white. Not snow, but piles of white kleenex! In the clutches of a nasty cold. I'm off to bed!


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Spent the afternoon filing paperwork. No fun in that just a sense of satisfaction at having it done.
Cleaned the house yesterday. Cat hair was getting just a bit to thick.

I see some of you have the yuckys. Sorry to hear that V and I think Eden too.

I had an ear ache for a couple of days, other wise have been pretty healthy this winter.

Woody I hope you are continuing to improve.

I hope snow is going away for those that have it. We only have some left where Bob piled it up.

Ah Drema, how nice to have the cupboards done. That is on my list too. I bet you had fun with the kids.

Saucy, wishing you luck on the job hunting and hope things smooth out for you soon. How is Jake doing with the harmonicas? Must have been fun messing around in the neighbors greenhouse.

Kathy, the additional plot might be nice if you have the time and energy. I sure hope your DD and family get a break on the job front soon. I imagine Aiden is starting to talk? How old is he now?

Bug, running out of gas is a bummer. Glad the woman was nice enough to stop. You are probably getting excited to go to DDs.

Michelle I'm hoping your snow does melt into the ground. I'm wondering how much flooding there will be with all the snow melt. Our long range forecast here is for more winter for March. April to be nice and May to be stormy and wet.

Marian is it warming up at your place yet? We are supposed to be in the 50s for a couple of days.

Julie you always seem to have an alternative project. If it's any consolation to you. My basement is a mess too, and I had it so nicely organized last year.

We are going to take a little daytrip in V's direction but not that far. I'm ready to get out of the house for a bit.

Thats about it for now. Take care, Norma

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Good evening friends.. I am now the proud owner of a10x10 plot in the Napa Community Garden. Some time will be needed to ponder the contents . Ill be checking the local seed racks this week., and coming up with my design plan. I know that I will plant haricort vert, Armenian cukes, 1 tomato, and an artichoke. So far , so good.

Nice collage Norma!

Saucy, sorry to hear that there are rocky roads at Terrapin Station., and I hope happier times come for you soon.

Where is Martie ?

All for me tonight, waves to all---and tomorrow night is photo class !

Kathy in Napa

How about some red from Tower Hill ? From Idyllunion 6 July 2009

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Good morning

I've been away too long - GardenWeb had forgotton me and made me log in:0) Glad my friends here have longer memories.

A quick post as I scramble out of the door. All is well here in our little corner of Upstate NY. I've been busy as a bee reading about beekeeping. It turns out my neighbor, who has a PhD in Zoology, studied bees in her undergraduate years. She thinks the possibility of a hive is very exciting and would be a wonderful resource. Bees, she tells me, are fascinating. DH is not quite onboard, worrying kids would get stung and neighbors become angry and sue. The education of the two of us will continue.

Kathy - an allotment sounds smashing - go for it!! Pictures of little felt violinist will follow.

Hang in there Saucy - a garden job sound a great way to spend time and lift spirits.

GB - your do looks fabulous, as does Phoebe's covered in snow.

Woody - more good thoughts from here to you.

A wave to all, the reds have been glorious.


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A quick post while the laundry is spinning through. Im way over scheduled today but determined to check out bulbs at the nursery.

Norma, that collage is stunning with all the reds and black border! Is that a Dahlia, top row, center? I am so tempted to try some this year although Ive read mildew can be a problem. The sweltering humidity we often have makes me hesitate.

Kathy, your new garden plot sounds like fun and 5-7 minute drive is great for location. I found that on site water is a huge factor. After gardening a small area at a historical site, during a record breaking June heat wave, I can vouch that toting containers of water is a major pain. Enjoy the photography class tonight!

Nice to hear so many are enjoying the photos, it really has been memorable for me. Bug, I know the upcoming family visit is top priority but I hope you do find time to post some china pieces. And Marian, get out your camera and post your treasure, doesnt matter if you dont remember the origins, it's just fun to share! And items from the past have unique appeal when theres a bit of mystery involved.

Only a few more photos to go but I will delete the previous so as not to bog down this Tydll. (umh is that correct Idyllspeak) This is a group of well worn household items. I believe thats a pestle in the bowl since the shape is wrong for an egg darner; more research needs to be done though. Background color sure is off from the fading light.

A few odds and ends here including a petrified block of tobacco, the lone object found in a steamer trunk. No one in the family could identify the trunk or who it belonged to - another instance of history unknown. The little hand saucer is to hold rings and I wish Id thought to display a few. Doesnt show in the picture but W.C. Fields is actually a mug with handle. Grandmas old camera was as scary to me as her vacuum cleanerwhat a wuss, lol. As a little girl, I didnt like its "face" with those two round eyes and open mouth ready to howl or emit a ray of light as did the vacuum beast. Back then, the word robot wasn't in my vocabulary but I could sense the nature of it. Perfect example of what can be the root of a tiny childs fear or behavior when theyre just too young for words to express themselves.

Waving hi to all as I begin a list of errands for the day!

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Well Candy, I certainly understand your feelings about the camera. In fact, every child in West Africa knows that cameras steal your soul from you! I tend to feel that way myself, even now, though my SIL is working on me and says "So what's so special about you that you should be afraid of your likeness being captured?" Hmmmm.

So here are a few things I'll share. Mom was always in love with things Japanese. Her house was sparcely furnished with few but fabulous pieces. Later in life she made several trips to Japan and loved every moment...except for the airport which she loathed. LOL!
Here is a small dish which she enjoyed. I use it as a soap dish, she kept it stocked with nuts. I love the feet!

The green pot and china bowl were hers, but I don't know from where. The glass vase is old, but I don't know too much about it. Come to think of it, I think I bought it when I got married!

These Asian bowls (there are three) were Mom's. I think she got them at the "5 & 10" back in Buffalo, probably for 10cents each. Back then Japanese and Chinese china was cheap, simple and under-appreciated.

Mom spent lots of time in France over the years, and I think these green stemmed wine glasses came from there.

These china pieces are new and intended for Miss Ivy. I bought them last summer when at a play in Stratford (Ontario). I know...a bit early for this, but I couldn't resist. I can't wait for a tea party like Eden and Bella shared!

And finally, this is my bottle collection, lining our bathtub. I found these various pieces around the farm and elsewhere. Some were gifts.

The sun is still shining today and later in the week we expect daytime temperatures in the 40sF. Wheeee!


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Ooooh!Bug came through with photos. Im trying to develop the habit of popping in when I have an odd ten minutes waiting for the oven to preheat (like now) or the dryer to go off, etc. Should make for more spontaneous comments and keeping up when theres a flurry of posts. Thats my plan, anyway!

I like how the footed dish has been used for both nuts and soap, nice personal touch of your own. And that little green pot really speaks to me of secret herbs and spices from the far East. Dime store glass has certainly survived its humble beginning with charm and nostalgia; I love looking at it all. The little tea set and basket is sweet, bug. I can picture it years from nowthe wicker darkened with age, dishes faded and well usedmaybe a missing or chipped piece but, it will have history and cherished memories of tea parties together for you and Ivy.

Ah, never failsDH is calling, seems he cant find something.

Nice wide shelf for the interesting collection of bottles; I bet more hide beneath the old barn floor, you think? But, wow!does that tub ever look inviting!

(Yes, yesIll come find the meat thermometer weve kept in the same drawer for years, lol)

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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

Popping in to say howdy, and make a red contribution. (The hat is more or less red, lol!) He made his first trip to Grandma and Grandpa's house yesterday :)

I'm loving the pictures of treasures! I like old wood handled kitchen utensils. Looking at the worn handles makes me think of the many, many times a family gathered around a table for a good, old-fashioned home cooked meal. I have my stepmom's rolling pin. It has to be at least 50-60 years old, and I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Bug, that tea set is just adorable, and there's no point in waiting until the last minute to be stocked up for your tea parties with Miss Ivy ;)

Okay, I'm hiding from farm paperwork, and I'd better get back at it...blech!
PS..sorry about the really big picture size, I need to refresh my memory about resizing.

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Heading to bed, rough day today. Mary Kate was at the hospital all day, I haven't even showered:) She called me and said she was in horrible pain, thought she might pass out.So I rushed over to watch my buddy while Sean drove her to the hospital, and Brandon met her there. She is only 33 weeks, too soon to have the baby. Turned out she has a bladder infection, was having contractions, but they weren't pre term labor, thank goodness. I am guessing they were related to the infection, but I am not a professional:) They did some tests, and the doc said he had no reason to believe that she would go into labor in the next two weeks. Then Brandon's car died on the way home from his evening teaching job. They had a rough day, but tow truck is on the way, and everything is okay.

I just had to stop and tell Brenda how adorable the little guy is. Love the hat.

Bug, I got Nina a little ceramic tea set for Christmas too. They love drinking out of my tiny little pewter mugs. Milk, not tea so far. Perfect size for their little fingers. I will have to take a picture of them. I also have another one that I am not sure if it can be used for food. I have collected tea pots since I was a teenager. Have slacked off in recent years, just buying a couple here and there.

Off to bed.


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Kenzie likes her tea. She gets decaf with lots of milk. She has a little tea set in a basket similar to the one for Ivy.

Drema, what a relief that Mary Kate wasn't in labor.

Jude is sporting a mighty fine red hat.

I'm thinking 'bug's soap dish would look fabulous with my new color scheme in the bathroom.

Candy, the items that caught my eye out of the last bunch are the jar opener. We had one growing up and it worked so well. The other is the button hook, it looks very similar to the one that my mom gave Rick as a wedding gift so he could undo my wedding dress ;o)

Kathy, what fun to get a veggie plot of your own. Nothing like growing it yourself.

Saucy, hugs to you - hopefully things are looking up.

Cool collage Norma!

I'm off to put my feet up and enjoy the popcorn that Rick just made.


Some of you probably this shot from a tea party with Kenzie.

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Brenda, what a picturesuch a sweet little baby face!

Sorry your family had a day of high anxiety, Drema! Very glad the doctor was able to give reassuring news though. Wishing you a good nights sleep, you have to be drained and exhausted after all that.

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Propaganda Garden Design


Kaveh here for those of you who remember me. Just popping in to say hi to Marie and everyone. And I DO have color. Most of it is just new green lush growth but compared to the black and white photos that Marie sent me the other day I'm pretty happy with it.

I looked around to see what I had that was red right now to share with you all and came up with a few things. From Balcony Garden Santa Monica, Spring 2009 - Winter 2010

Primula! Nothing special. Just a six pack I couldn't resist buying last month but the color and fragrance has made me very happy. I have a whole new appreciation of primroses now. From Succulent Collection, Balcony Garden

Now THIS is red! A Parodia nivosa I picked up the other day even though I promised myself I wouldn't buy any more plants. But who could resist such color? Now hopefully I can get it to bloom again next year but I'm OK with cheating and buying it in bloom.
From Crassula pruning

I think this is my favorite red I found. I did some severe pruning of a jade plant because I wanted to document the way it grows back. I am loving the deep red of the new buds and the red of the xylem showing through the newly sealed off trunk like blood filled veins under skin!

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Drema, how scary for all concerned. I hope shes feeling better.

I love Judes hat. He just looks all boy.

Bug that tea set is darling. I think I gave DD hers to take home.

Michelle I remember Kenzie's picture. I love it.

Today was busy and I'm tuckered out. Need to be up early.

Have a nice calm day tomorrow.

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LOL on the button hook, Michelle...

First time for me on this pic of Kenzie, wow. I'm thinking how careful and adept those little fingers are at arranging flowers. No doubt she's watched Grandma and has a natural feel for it just looking at how her hands are poised over the vase!

Love the floral pastel on the teapot.

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Waving hello to Kaveh and g'night to Norma!

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Waaay past my bedtime, but had my photo class tonight and got home late, so I'm winding down and will go to work late tomorrow..i.e. I'll work 8 hours instead of 9 or 10, lol.

Hi to Kaveh ! always nice to see another poster from the left coast !

Kathy in Napa

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Today I see a few blades of grass emerging from the snow. Maybe I'll get to see water in the pond and creek soon instead of ice? I still expect a snow storm. March is the cruelest month after all.

Well Kaveh, next to cardinal flowers, those primroses are the reddest of reds...the color I've avoided for years but now am finding a few places for here at the farm. Your succulent is mighty red too. I had one as a kid but my mother threw it away when I was away on a trip with Dad. I retrieved it from the garbage, watered it, and it bloomed!
You have some mighty fun things on that balcony of yours. I just don't believe that YOU aren't going to buy anything new...;)

Hey Jude, you're pretty cute stuff! Babies who sleep are the best!

I'm off to start my day...may be back later. Maybe I'll see some homework photos from our dudette.

Get well V! You have to be really creative to write on the topic of a box of kleenex!

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jak1(4 Ontario Can)

Hey! Kaveh! Nice to "see" you again! I was "jak3" on GB.

Interesting experiment with the jade. I have some that I have trained into a little forest, several trunks about a foot high with the leaves only at the top. I put the pot outside here in the summer and the leaves turn reddish from the increased light. I would love to get one to bloom!

Golly 'Bug, you will come home from the west to glorious Spring! Not so here - warm but still mountains of snow. I am really looking forward to getting out there this spring - Kathy has had me revved up for a month!! I love the little tea set. Unfortunately (or fortunately, I'm not sure) I didn't have a girly girl so many of our gifts were sparring gloves and mouth guards! Are you taking the tea set with you for March Break? How is DH's voice?

Oh that Jude is a cutie!

Gee, Drema, that sounds like a fun time - not! Glad everything has turned out o.k. Hope you can enjoy some down time for a while.

My tacky white chalky painted bathroom is now a lovely semi-gloss dark grey. Looks beautiful (all accents are white) except it was supposed to be pale grey. Well, it looked pale in the can.....At the risk of being expelled from the Idylls forever, I must say that the Hollywood lights look fabulous in this room. There is no window so bright lighting is a must-have.

Soap dishes. I use the square glass bases meant for pillar candles. I buy them from the dollar store, they are clear glass and go with anything, they can be stuck in the dishwasher (I will add that the register grill, white plastic, and the ceiling fan cover, also white plastic, regularly go in the diswasher too. So easy to clean off the dusty gunk that seems to accumulate in the little grooves...but again I digress). I have been known to use my soap dishes on the dining room table for special occasions. Nothing like multi-use basics !!

Sometimes life is so unfair. DS finally landed a contract job in a warehouse. Required him to have hard hat, safety boots, work gloves and safety glasses. Used the last of his money to buy those and went to work. Laid off after FIVE DAYS since the Canadian govt. is freezing all spending so the warehouse isn't moving after all. What a downer!

And DD is still having a hard time emotionally after dealing with the child skiier killed on her home hill. She is coming over today to take TCS to his last ski session for the season. They both will love that. I am going to throw together a quick pasta dinner and wave them off for the evening. Homework and bath time will take a back seat tonight...sometimes other things just seem more important!

Anxiously awaiting my seed order. If I can hold off planting till March break I am doing really well....I usually have huge tomato plants hogging the windows by May. Hey, Deanne and Saucy - I will need some advice - I ordered Banana seeds. Just had to, after visiting Deanne's garden last summer. Told DH that we have to go to Costco next week to buy the biggest planter we can find. He is not impressed. I told him Doug drags Deanne's Banana in every year....still not impressed.

Saucy, sorry to read that things have not been a bowl of cherries, only the pits, for you lately. I hope the brighter sun helps to lift your spirits. I love it when somebody decides to take the bull by the horns and make a change. I am thinking of you and cheering you on! Go for it!

Any one heard from Chelone?

Oops, school bus time, gotta go! Till next time,



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Alive. Suffering from insomnia on a frightening scale and some days are a struggle to put one foot in front of the other. But I'm still doing it! The upshot being I have zero energy for reading/posting which doesn't mean I don't CARE.

No snow. 3 days without power from the recent storm didn't really matter a whit to me. ;) Narcissus are up about 4" in the most protected garden but, EDEN, I am in no way deluded that their presence foretells an early spring.

The fence that provided the backdrop for the climbing hydrangea was knocked down by the nearly 70 mph wind gusts. The vine was split to ground level and I fear it will succumb to the ravages it suffered. I'm steeling myself for heartbreak.

Thinking of all of you. And keeping busy on the JulieJobs and the EAT program.

Wishing Woody my very best, too!!! (need to go back and read).

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The snow is melting oh so slowly, with lots to go. I'm certainly enjoying all the sun filled days we've had this week.

I'm not sure who all reads on the Perennials forum, but David has resurfaced. There's an interesting post on under used perennials.

I'm plugging along at work these days. Fortunately we are a little slow right now. Since we don't have a HR dept. I'm working on interview questions, as we will be starting that process again.

We are also still plugging along in our bathroom. I'd like to finish up since I have a long list of things I wanted to accomplish this winter.

'bug, our creek kept running all winter this year.

Chelone, its good to have you pop in - of course you know its totally ok to take a break here. Sometimes we just become such worry warts. I've been dealing with the insomnia issues or dreams that are upsetting - no fun. Thinking of you.

Julie, what a bummer for your son. I've been known to throw some pretty interesting stuff in the dishwasher. It does clean well.

I best get some food on the table.


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Chelone...take care, and don't work too hard.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Another member of Insomnia Associates checking in.... :( Spring is approaching, the days last longer, and patches of grass are getting bigger! Next week is DD's first midwife appointment and DH's specialist appointment. Hope this means progress.

This is what appeared indoors today. I'll call it green because "white" has bad connotations around here for some reason. ;)

Hugs to Chelone!(and everyone else who needs some!)

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My mood has lifted. I am working to put things in order and one of the things crossed off my list was finding a likeable job for the near future. I was offered a job at a local greenhouse. It's close and flexible, as well as seasonal, ending when school does. I won't do anything but "babysit" the plants, monitoring water needs and temperatures. Chelone, they heat one of the houses with a pellet stove, and I am certain that I will be expected to operate the stove...hope I can figure it out without ghastly mistakes :) Nice to see you, friend...

Thank you for all your nice thoughts and well wishes. I finally figured out all the things needed to make my life like I want it and I am working on that's all downhill after the plan is in place.

I also am entering a leaf in the local art and music festival. Why not? I get free passes for entering, so free fun for the family!

A touch of insomnia here, too. I'm reading The Gurnsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society - at least if I'm awake I have a good book to read :) It makes me think of my grandmas because of it's WWII setting. I know at least one of my grandmother's was a real clotheshorse.

Off to do that reading. Good night friends.


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Friday is just around the bend, and Im excited about activities this weekend, weather permitting. I didnt rain today but the sky had that unsettled look.

Last night was session 1 of my photo class (1st of 2 4 hour sessions) and I found it very beneficial. My main goal was to get off Auto settings, and that was the focus of the class. The next session is in two weeks. I really look forward to practicing what I learned , which is key to retaining the info provided. A lot of practice shots on the agenda this weekend.

Also a visit to my new garden plot really excited about that ! I drew out some possible design scenarios, but I need to go and see the thing for a better vision.
I made a plant list, but dont know if I have the space to pull off the initial drawing I did. Some of the members have actually purchased 2 plots.

And, Arabella arrived last night, was unpacked this afternoon, and the spiral plant support purchased and installed in the front garden---a photo for sure this weekend ! I also got my new birdbath , very pleased with that ..likewise on the photo.

Chelone, if the insomnia is not mental maybe the thyroid needs to be checked ? Thank you for checking in, and I hope you are feeling better poste haste. Lack of sleep is so draining and depressing too. ((Chelone))

Julie, I dont think Hollywood lights are grounds for expulsion. if they look good go for it ! I prefer a somewhat dim image in the mirror, imperfections are less noticeable, lol. Sorry for the troubles of your DS. I am living through similar trials with my DD and family.

Michelle, is that teapot Chintzware ? Lovely ! I think its almost time to think about the spring display on the pillars .

See yall tomorrow, Buenos noches my friends..

Kathy in Napa

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

I hope V's cold and Chelone' - and other's - insomnia goes away quickly. Stamina/fatigue is the biggest issue here lately.

I thought you might be interested in seeing what I've been messing around with to keep myself busy (when I'm moderately awake!) I'm planning on more clematis supports for the garden - one we'll make and one we'll have Mario make in wrought iron. After several drafts of possibilities, I've more or less settled on these. We will make this one from copper pipes for the verticals and painted wood for the cross-pieces and finials. It will be 8' tall but narrow so it can fit in the 2' wide bed by the garage. We will pound in rebar and then fit the pipes over the rebar to support it.

Mario will build this one from wrought iron for us. We'll meet with him in a couple of weeks to get a quote. (He says it's too cold to work in his shop now so call back mid-month...) It'll sit about 6-8' behind the iron arbour and be set in concrete to support the weight. It's a modified verson of one I drew for the Landscape Design course I took last winter.

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This site's marketing seems to be in overdrive lately which has kept me from doing some fly-by posts.

Nice preemptive work on the clem trellises, Woody. I've seen growth on my Betty Corning and Juuli, but I swear I won't buy another if these two don't take off this year. There's been plenty of rain, they've no reason to complain, so they better get busy with blooming. My heracleifolia is doing really well, but these have been good "doers" in the past here so no worries there.

I hope Kaveh returns!

Drema, what a scare with Mary Kate. Glad everything is OK.

Dear Saucy, glad your plan is in motion! I'm also glad your beautiful leaves will get out and about and enjoyed by others.

Marty's cold turned to pneumonia, so he's on antibiotics and improving. In his absence, one of the his "proteges" smacked some debris hard and twisted the propellor, so the boat had to be hauled out and into dry dock. I really don't see how Marty will retire and stop worrying about all this stuff.

My job has been getting me a bit down too, in an odd way, something I haven't been bothered about before. But it's the fact that, in my line of work, sometimes somebody is outright lying! Sure, disagreements, different perspectives can lead to lawsuits, but a couple of cases lately have been so strange. People really do lie so well, not like in movies where they fidget.

Sorry to hear about insomnia troubles, that's gotta be a world of pain.

Will keep this short. Nice to see Ms. Kenzie at her teapot. Waving to all.

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Thought I should check in before this thread's over. Everyone's reds are beautiful! Not much red in my garden and what little I have I don't seem to have pictures of.

Beautiful day here today. We have lots of snow still to melt but temps are supposed to be in the high 40s all next week so that should take care of it. I can't wait to get out there and start tidying things up.

Candy, so much fun looking at all of your treasures. I like having little things like that around the house to remind me of the loved ones they belonged to.

Chelone, those daffys definitely are a sign that spring is on the way. No denying it! Hope when spring does get here it helps you kick your dark mood. Maybe some good old garden digging will help you sleep too! Thinking of you!

Drema, what a scare with your dd. I'm always on edge when my girls are expecting. Glad it wasn't early labor and hope she's feeling better now.

Woody, nice designs and looking forward to seeing the finished projects in use in the garden. I need to design an arbor that Brad can build me to handle my Dutchman's Pipe. It tries to pull over the one it's on now by the end of the season and needs something much sturdier.

I love the tea party talk. Marie, such a cute little set and Michelle, such a sweet picture of our Kenzie. I may not have a red picture to contribute but do happen to have one of Kate and her tea set. Not fine china, but perfect for now.


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Were heading out in the morning for a weekend visit with DS and the weather looks good. Im so happy to see temps in the 40s again; Ive paced up and down the patio and walked the path noting all the clean up that needs to be done in that area. Just hoping the warm up is gradual enough that well have a real spring to appreciate.

Congratulations on the job Saucy! Glad things are starting to come together for you, too. I cant imagine your leaf not taking a prize at the show, I remember how beautiful they look and wouldnt know which one to enter.

Woody, the clematis support should be very sturdy. Im thinking I need a handy Mario!

Gosh Denise, hope the damage to the boat wasnt too extensive. If its in dry dock, maybe Marty will be able to rest up longer and not rush getting back to work before he should.

Julie, I forgot to mention it earlier but, I hope the fact you said nothing about continuing problems with TCSs meds might mean things have finally evened out. Oh, and by the waystill got our Hollywood lights, too, no bathroom window here either.

Dont forget that promised picture of Arabella and the plant support, Kathy! I really do need to get that clematis although I have no idea where I would put ityet.

Hi Eden, glad to see you pop back. Is it my imagination or is Kates hair turning a lighter shade, more blonde? Hey, they gotta start out with the chunky plastic sets to develop fine motor skills necessary for china, lol. I do believe thats a chocolate brownie shes selected from the tea plate ;-))

About time to close this Idyll out so Ill post a last photo thats pretty cool. This is a Vogue Picture Record from way back, probably 1940's. An illustration was imbedded in the clear vinyl and generally depicted romantic scenes for the song. It was my Grandpas. He loved it, played it every time I was at their house, on a record player that was a heavy, brown boxy thing. I still remember a few lines from the songs and the clippity clop sound effect of horse hooves. The recording artist was Patsy Montana (real name Ruby Blevins) one of the first female Country Western singers back in the 30s. This was never stored in the attic.

Hope everyone has a pleasant weekend warm up! The only red I can find

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

I'll sneak in here at the end as well. The cold has not been too bad, but I've been hitting the hay early to try and beat it before I leave. I'll probably be gone from the forum here for a couple of weeks. The camera and the computer are coming with me so there should be some good sharing when I return.

My best to all (especially Woody and Chelone who need a little extra attention right now). Behave yourselves! (or not - it could be more fun)


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