Can spring be far behind?

anneliese_32(6)February 14, 2013

This morning, when leaving for my cancer center stint, I heard a couple of cranes, but did not see them. About 5 minutes later I heard some more coming from the south. In the next 15 minutes a good 200 circled, combined, broke apart again and finally left in 2 large vees, going straight north.
I was a few minutes late, but I am glad that I watched.

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"Can spring be far behind?". Oh, it's a sign for sure.
We had a nice sunny day with temps in the 70 range and I'm out there cleaning up my planting boxes, getting ready for spring.

Lol, I also got started with some of my spring cleaning. Different ways to start spring.

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The days are sunny, but the nights are cold. I'm getting anxious, but must hold back because we could get more cold weather and/or snow. But my disposition has greatly improved with the sunshine.

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Sounds much better than the "signs" I noticed yesterday. There was an allergy medicine commercial and then I saw the landscaper trucks out and about in the neighborhood. Can you tell I am an allergic-asthmatic? heh I totally agree kris. The sun is coming up noticeably earlier and staying up noticeably later. My thoughts are turned towards outdoor fun things and that has improved my disposition. About another month and it will have gone from cold cold cold to cold warm cold and then another and it'll be cold warm warm and then it's just hot. Thought I'd put that last one in for anyone jealous of the South. Hot and humid until September. The rest is good though.


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The weather people say that we will have rain and cold weather starting next week That's OK with me. I took advantage of the "spring like" weather and enjoyed working in my garden.

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