Spring must be on the way

anneliese_32(6)February 21, 2011

Just discovered 4 yellow crocus blooms. They were not there this morning and snow and sleet are on their way tonight.

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We had lovely weather for about 10 days now. The daffodils are up and showing buds. The poor maple tree in the side yard is beginning to leaf out. The warm weather will continue this week, but this weekend there may be storms. Storms of the tornadic variety.

It's that time of the year. St. Pat's is about three weeks out so may wanna muse on what to do this year.

Ain't no doubt, though, I'm enjoying the weather. Tee shirt, shorts, and bare feet.

I know it won't last.

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I KNEW this was gonna be about a crocus sighting before I even opened the thread. lolol

Thank heaven for these little beauties, bringing evidence each winter that.....if we can just hang on a little longer.....spring will eventually be here!

Karen, who has seen NOTHING this year to indicate spring will EVER get here. lol

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I left the house for an early appointment this morning and the moment I opened the door, I could smell it - that earthy, green smell of Spring.
I can't explain it. Everything still looks like the dead of Winter, but that lovely smell certainly put a smile on my face.

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I have one Daffodil blooming,more will follow. Also Tulips I planted in containers are about two inches up.We are bound to have more cold weather so things cold be harmed.

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We had a little snow last night and are having a little now. Hopefully not too much. I sure enjoyed the few nice days and was not ready for the cold weather to return. Night before last the water froze because I wasn't expecting it. Smiles. It thawed fairly early in the morning though. I'll be on the lookout for signs and smells.

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Surprise, woke to 3 in new snow today. Steve in Baltimore County.

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tibs(5/6 OH)

Saturday I hung sheets and towels on the line. The snowdrops were blooming under the pile of snow by the front steps, when it finally melted, there they were. Sunday I saw a first crocus. Monday I was shoveling 6" of wet heavy snow. I hate gloppy snow. Now I ache all over. The sun is shining, it is melting and it will be an icy mess tonight because it is to get down to 11!

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Sring got side-tracked around here, b/c DH and I shoveled 4" of snow, this morning, and the temp. is supposed to drop to 11-16 degrees, tonight. But then, by Thursday, it's supposed to be near 50 with rain. That should wash most of the white stuff away!

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Whoa Tibs......the sun is shining somewhere in Ohio? LOL It's been snowing here all morning and still is sifting down a little and I haven't seen the sun all day. I pulled up the radar maps and that little glob of clouds is over us.

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We live in CA and spring is sprouting all over the place. When I lived in snow country, one of the first signs of spring was the Lily Convanlier. It could be buried several feet below the snow and we went digging in the snow for it, just to reassure ourselves that spring was in the making.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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