Idyll 253 - Get Well Soon

gardeningmaryFebruary 9, 2006

Hoping all those with flu, fever, colds, colic (Boo!), bike accidents, or simply the winter doldrums feel better very soon.

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Thanks Mary. I just got home from seeing Kenzie and the poor babe has 102 temp. No swimming lessons tonight. She did seem to enjoy being with grandma anyway. Eden, she is working on 2 molars. Poor Bella with 4.
Its late, I'd better hit the sack.


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Bang, knock, tap .... That's my fingers on all wood available. No major illness, here so I send all Wellness Good Feelings nationwide (and internationally :-).

When I was diagnosed with high cholestrol (240) and my doctor told me I needed to read labels and cut down on fats, I did. Immediately I lost 10 pounds and began to feel awful. He wanted to put me on meds. I said "no", I would figure out a way. So, moderation in eating became the mantra. Egg white omelet with swiss cheese, real chocolate cake after grilled chicken breast, etc. The C. came down, I'm able to maintain my weight, and I do feel better.

That said, it's a wonder the human race survived prior to all the warnings. LOL

Marian: Lucky you to get a Belle of Woking ?sp. I had one in my past garden and it is one of my favorite flowers in the world, which says a lot. The first time I saw it in bloom I thought it was some kind of different Passiflora. Clematis and other vines will be coming next year (07) according to the master plan. Belle is first on my list.

Deanne: STAY ON THAT COUCH! THAT IS AN ORDER! (Sometimes I can't control the mother in me :-)

To Bella and Kenzie: Hang in there, sweethearts. Teeth are good things even though you probably feel like you want your mouth detached from your body right now. Ask your grandmas for icecubes wrapped in wash clothes with a rubber band to knaw on. When it doesn't work as well as hoped you'll be allowed to throw said ice cube across the room and no one will be mad. You poor things!

Babs: Have been meaning and meaning to say congrats on the new job. Where' the pics of the centerpieces? As I've said before, I 'young mother' and 'grandmother' vicariously through this group being at the awkward in-between part of my life where kids aren't producing offspring, yet, and I'm to worn out to start it all again :-)

Marie: Checked in on your explanation of the Monarch. Interesting! One of the larger garden beds here is ending up being planted for birds and butterflys but in a rather formalish way. Best I've ever done for attraction before this is swallowtails all over bronze fennel. How did your windbreak end of faring after the wind?

V. - I'm so looking forward to meeting you! Have you been to New Hampshire, before?

Mary: I'm becoming more and more envious of your trip.

Sue: Keep on bouncing in. You brought me here and there's no escape :-) Found your old post with the link to the fountains and we're dreaming/looking for '07 season. How to pick?

Big snow predicted here for the weekend. The gardener half of me is ecstatic since everything that started thinking it was March has come to a screeching halt in the frozen temps and needs the protection. The business traveler part of me is ecstatic since it's happening over the weekend. The rest of me is ready for June, now. Right now.

'Twill be a weekend of arranging my small office bathroom into a seeding area with the help of two good grow bulbs in the ugly bathroom fixture. The room is so small with very light wallpaper that they will provide enough light throughout to not be too concerned about plant proximity to light source. Also pulled out "Seed to Bloom", dusted it off, and will be absorbed. Though I cut waaaaaaaay back on what I wanted to do, and the stuff I did end up with is very simple, I'm still getting that tingly feeling ... Boy, have I missed THAT!

Sunshine to all today wherever you are.


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Just a quick...


I had plans to go to a garden symposium in southwest CT tomorrow. Tony Avent is one of the speakers. But now they're saying a major snowstorm is supposed to move in sometime Saturday afternoon. Figures.

More later.


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Good morning

It was so quiet last night - was everyone watching Survivor? I tuned in but I'm finding the motley crew assembled for this series are not drawing me into the show. Talk about negative eneregy! At the end of the last series I was really rooting for Raef(?) but found myself admiring the gritty determination of the girls who made it to the end and the camaraderie they developed. Perhaps this series just needs more time.

Poor McKenzie and Bella! How wonderful you both have Grandmas nearby to cheer you up.

Martie - seed starting for me is a real thrill every year that I look forward to all winter. There is something about watching those little green spikes appear that never fails to delight. I've too have tried to cut back, but as I'm growing more herbs and veg than before it will all even out to the usual excess lol. This year I'm excited about trying Lotus from seed (germinates in water), watercress (for the top of waterfall in the pond) and lemon grass. I've rounded up the usual gang of annuals (wave petunias, datura, pansies, iceland poppies) and some less common perennials from Plantworld Seeds. I also have a gardening friend who has promised me some rare seed from Canada - the list goes on, and on...........

Thinking of all our sick friends.


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I'm feeling better today. I'm hoping Bella is too since she'll be staying the night tonight. We got a dusting of snow last night and it's another cold day. I wish I was getting ready to go to Hawaii with Mary. Instead I'll go do some cleaning up around here and dream of Spring, sunshine and warmth. Hope everyone's feeling better today and I'm thinking of Deanne getting ready for her party and Kenzie trying to cut those mean old molars, poor baby! Think Spring Everyone!


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*peep* That's for anyone who hasn't heard a peep out of me for a while: )

Sorry we have so many sick idylls-Deanne that story of you fainting scared the heck out of me-hope you are feeling better.
OH I can't believe Kenzie has a fever again!! Well it does mean her immune system is working so hopefully that will make her stronger. Supposedly fevers and teething aren't supposed to be connected but I know my niece would get fevers while teething-maybe it just means during teething they are more susceptible to getting viruses because they are under stress from pain? My own theory: ) I know you'll give her lots of love and cuddles-hope she's better quick.
Same for Bella and her new chompers. It's so hard to see them hurting when you love them so much. Even though they are sugary, popsicles give some good relief(my kids always rejected the icecube in a washcloth)-a more healthy 'icepack' are those yogurts in a tube. You can freeze them and then they can soothe their gums a bit(cutting the tube in half would be a perfect size for a little one). Good luck baby girls!

Yes,Sue I've been thinking of you guys to the east-that NorEaster sounds like a doozie. We'll just get the edges of it so I don't expect anything horrible. Hmm I was wondering if Drema got buried under snow-her area supposedly got a ten inch snowfall in one day the other day. I'm thankful for at least sunshine yesterday and today.

My dear AJ created a scandal at school-I got a call from the principal that he had been talking with friends about all the commercials shown during the super bowl and particularly one for which was another of so many oversexed advertisements but for a nonsexy website(it's used for building investment websites). WELL one of the kids who heard the conversation, went home and ended up typing in an address minus the word 'Go'and ended up at an escort service site!!! Do you think I was cringing when I spoke with the principal? Though it was an innocent converation it blows my mind what resulted. I really have a problem with kids being so unsupervised on the computer. I wouldn't think of letting AJ surf the net. He's got friends who go into those chat rooms,etc. but to me that's just asking for trouble at his age. I guess I don't understand why some kids have so much freedom to do that,I have no problem telling my son no especially when it's to protect him.

Mary I did watch Survivor last night. Hmm lots of meanness there-unbelievable that the one guy blurts out who should go. They should have all voted him off or at least the cold turkey cig guy(you can tell I wasn't paying close attention since I don't even know their names: ) Maybe it will get better-I just hope the mean ones don't stay in control.

Martie-sorry I haven't gotten pics of the centerpieces up yet-I barely have enough time to post here!lol Also this weekend is packed with stuff to do-my mom's bday was yesterday so I'm making a cake for her party on Sunday....oops now I probably have to post that pic too? lol. Also I'm trying out a computer tax filing program and I've been working on the taxes so that's why I'm so behind here. Oh and I finally got back into exercising-this time with one of those exercise balls-OMG you guys would be laughing at me-I do a 'stand-up' commentary while I'm falling off the ball(Lucille Ball comes to mind) and generally looking like a fool but I can feel my abs screaming inderneath all the flab. That's a good thing.

I better go-I have no clue what to get my mom for her bday-it's the big 7-5.

Have a good one!


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

My rant for the day...

When someone says that their memory is not what it used to be, LISTEN. Do not say, "Oh, I've always been like that. I put the kleenex in the refrigerator, or I walk into a room and forget why."
The older person is serious. The problem is real, worse than before, and very very frightening. Please listen and sympathize. Take what this person says seriously. I wish I could take back all the times I did not take my Mom's fears seriously. I truly did not understand. One of the best things we can do for any person is to put ourselves in the other person's shoes to understand how they are feeling.

Below is a sentimental message you might enjoy. It is reality, not entirely suitable for everyone, but many good points are shared.

I want to say that after going through the deaths of both my parents, it is clear to me that I want neither of my children to have the responsibilty of my physical or financial care.


Here is a link that might be useful: parents and children

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Question of they day: Do any of you have a pair of Crocs? I got an email this a.m. for Park seed that if you buy one of their foam containers, you can get a pair of Crocs for $14.98. The containers run 12.95 19.95. My sister and my DD have pairs and say they are very comfy. I was wondering about wearing them in the garden.

Deanne, good grief what an experience. You are lucky that you didnÂt hit your head and gash it open. I hope that you are feeling better today. I fainted once when I had the flu. I woke up tasting the carpet with my head just inches from the corner of the dresser. The scary part was that my DD was a baby and I had just been up with her.

Marian, I hope you enjoy your c. ÂNelly Moser as much as I do mine. I donÂt do anything at all with it and it puts on such a wonderful show year year.

Cindy, the Philly Flower Show should be a nice break.

Eden , good to hear that you are feeling better. I was at Walmart last night and realized how desperate I was for spring when I saw a pink hyacinth and several cactus in my cart.

Sunny today, but it snowed an inch yesterday and supposed to snow another today. The worse part is that the wind is supposed to really blow.

Kenzie and their dog think ice cubes are treats. When DD or SIL rattle the ice in the freezer Kenzie and the dog come running.

Babs, I couldnÂt imagine at first how sweet AJ could create a scandal. I have a website that I visit to check phone numbers called well one day I typed it in but forgot the "a" and got a shocker. On my computer at home I have Cyberpatrol. It is a subscription service that blocks the bad stuff. RickÂs grandkids use our computer at times.

Well, back to work.


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Michelle.....I have some crocs and they are wonderful. Mine have holes at the base so I'm not sure how great that style would be for gardening, but they are very cushiony, comfortable and ..... well, wonderful! lol That is a very good price. They come in lots of bright colors....mine are bright red (black & blue weren't available in my size when I was ordering mine last spring). They are suppose to be excellent for people who are on their feet a lot.

GB, just watched the video that you linked. Excellent and thank you for the reminder.

Hello to all and hugs to Kenzie & Bella...


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

I am having a bad time trying to get this posted! I keep having to log in.

Good Morning all.
It's snowing here and accumulating. So far we have about one inch. I hope we get lots more, but I wish I'd got a jug of milk when I was last out. I baked 2 dozen muffins(4 differant flavors,from packets), and almost used up my milk!
Some local schools are sending the children home early because of the snow.

Is anyone else looking forward to the Olympics? I always enjoy all of it, including the opening ceremonies.

Cindy, I missed mentioning how scary your popped pelvic artery would have been. I don't blame you for being afraid to cough anymore. I'd never heard of that, but have read of other damages a hard cough or sneeze can cause.

Just heard from Eileen again. She is still suffering from the illness, although she believes the pneumonia is gone.
This sure has been a bad winter for virus's.

I am hoping Chelone is having a nice Birthday today. I miss hearing from her.

Babs, poor AJ. An innocent mistake both for him and for the other boy. I agree with your comments on the leniency of some parents. Some of our friends are very strict as to when and what their children do with their computers.

I am espacially sorry for the 2 sick little ones. I am sure they are getting the best of care.

Martie, I too adjusted my diet with the hopes that my high cholesterol will come down ( although I question the danger of it ). I haven't had new blood tests, so don't know if anything has changed. I have also cut way back on my salt intake because of my high blood pressure. ( I'm not too convinced on the need of that, either. ) There are so many conflicts on the medical reports, what to believe?


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honey_mi(Z5 MI)

Hi, all. Hope all those under the weather are feeling better including the wee ones. Deanne, how's your eye?

Thanks, Marie for the ilnk. It's so poignant and so true.

I'm plodding along on part deux of the window project but took a break to get outside and shovel the drive. We got 2" of snow and I was just drawn to the light and it felt good. Hope you guys out east aren't buried in that storm! If so, stay home, light a fire in the fireplace, get the afgan out and either read a book or enjoy the Olympics.

Marian, my fav part of the Olympics are the opening ceremonies. I've got the DVR set on record in case I fall asleep! Also, so I can watch it again next week when I want. I'm really emjoying that contraption.

Oh, there's the buzzer. I'm off to cycle the laundry, do a short grocery run and back to my project. Have a great weekend everyone if I don't get back here.


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Hello to everyone and good wishes to those who are still sick. Poor Kenzie, poor Bella... give each of those girls a hug from me. A long distance hug, so we don't trade any germs!

I told DH today that I feel a little better every day, but it gets frustrating becuase one day you're 90%, then it's 90.5%, then 90.6%, and you just start to think that 100% will never come.

DS may make a quick trip home this weekend. It will be good to see his injuries for myself. He would bring his girlfriend with him if he comes. This will be the first time we meet her. I must start shoveling the house tonight!

Honey, your symposium should be great. Rob Proctor is an interesting and very funny speaker. I was fortunate to tour his garden when he lived in Denver.

T, how is Boo doing?

Babs, sorry to hear that AJ had a spot of trouble. Yes,we do need a picture of the cake! Happy bday to your mom.

Time to keep shoveling through my desk. Later, alligators!


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taryn(S Ontario Z6B)


Hope you find time for Idylling again soon. Hope I do too!


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Peep...peep. I'll join Babs and pop in for a Howdy All! I guess you all thought I fell in a hole somewhere huh? The fact is I had one of my quite spells and then just couldn't jump back in. I have been reading along but not daily. Have rejoiced and sorrowed with all happenings. I certainly don't want any virus, so am going to hold my breath. LOL

It was warm here in Jan.also, and I spent a lot of time outdoors. Did some trimming and burning of some scrubby cedars. Still have a bit more of that to do. DH has been home a lot and we started on the arbor for my yard swing. Then the weather turned cold, so I am finally getting around to painting the small bathroom and utility room. They have never had any color. Just the decorator white I painted everything when we built 12 years ago. So it is time. The bathroom color is Purple Moon and the utility will be Grape Gusto. They are across the hall from each other so I wanted them to blend. The utility will get beadboard on the lower half because that room takes a beating. It opens off the garage and we use that way to come and go the most.

Things had really started to grow befroe the cold and snow hit. I had a couple of crocus and a few icicle pansies bloom and the daylillies wanted to grow. In Dec. when it got so cold so suddenly, I think it freeze dried the leaves on my Japanese Maple. It is in a protected corner and the wind never blew the leaves off. It looked so strange the other day with snow on it.

I have some daffs in a small bucket on the porch that I dug up when working on the front bed. They are putting out sprouts. Do you think they will bloom if I bring them in or pot them up outside?

I was pretty bummed last week, as our oldest son found out he is diabetic. It was only a matter of time for it to turn up in somebody, since it runs in both families. But the mother bear in me aches for him. At least they caught it early enough. They are still evaluating him but think he will do okay with just pills and diet changes.

The grandkids are all doing good. Wyatt had his third birthday in Jan. He is into the super hero thing and wants his room done that way so he made a haul on things for his room. Especially since he didn't need toys so soon after christmas.

So... I will try to speak up again soon so I don't get lost again.

Have a good weekend everyone. Norma

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Just popping in to wish Chelone a very Happy Birthday! I hope you've had a wonderful day. is great to have you back!


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wendy2(zone 6 MA)

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Norma, nice to hear from you again. That is terrible that your son has diabetes. It is a miserable thing to have. Happy belated birthday to Wyatt. Birthdays are so much fun when you are 3.

Where is everyone this a.m.?

I hope Chelone had a terrific day yesterday.

The bathroom is finished except a few small details.

Before, of course I forgot to take a picture until we had done 1/2 of the demo. As you can see I had a nautical theme because of the existing red carpet and it was the kids bathroom. Now that it will be more of a guest bath, I wanted a more grown up look.


I'll pop in later

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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

Hi, all! Just a quick post. I'm trying to catch up on everyone. Sorry to hear so many have had the flu! And, good luck to the teething babies (and Moms!).
I mainly wanted to post a link for Norma. The American Diabetes Assoc. has a good website with lots of info, and the message boards are full of people dealing with diabetes. Thought you or your DS might find it helpful. I've been doing some reading there, in hopes of picking up some pointers on keeping my blood sugar and everything in balance. Sorry to hear that your son has been diagnosed, and wish the best to him.
Sick DS is slowly improving. She's finally decided to make some changes to her diet, so I hope that helps her. (I'm sure it will!) She had emergency eye surgery the other day...her retina started to detatch. She's doing fine, the surgeon was able to work on her right away, thank goodness. They don't expect any loss of sight.
My younger DS had her tonsils out yesterday. She's 31 years old, and has always had problems with sore throats.
So, it's been nuts around here :)
Did get a good health report from Mom, though. She had some tests done to determine the cause of bloating in her abdomen. When I called to her see what the tests results were, she said the doctor told her she was full of...well, you can guess, lol! She mentioned to him that I had told her she should start incorporating flax meal into her diet, and he thoroughly approved. Said that will help with her "backed up" issue, and will probably bring her cholesterol down, and they may be able to back off her medicine if it does. LOL, if my family would just do what I tell them.... :)
I have to run, just wanted to post the link for Norma, and say "HI EVERYONE"!!
PS..I'm down 25 pounds now...woo hooo!!!

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wendy2(zone 6 MA)

Major snowstorm headed our way for tonite, over a foot of snow is expected. I guess our January thaw is officially over, and the proverbial other shoe has dropped.

Sue, I hope you were able to make that symposium - I saw the thread on the NE forum; it looked interesting.

We are all fighting colds here this week. I've been taking my zinc lozenges since my throat first got sore, and my cold seems to be less severe. I've been using these drops all winter, they really do seem to help. I can't convince the rest of my family though, they can't get over the strange taste.

Deanne, hope you are resting! That is a scary thing that you passed out like that, you are lucky Doug was around to help you.

Honey, enjoyed seeing the pics of your decorating project. I love the way the pillows coordinate with the rug. I'm not brave enough to mix patterns like that, but it looks great.

Mary, your Hawaiian cottage sounds like something you dream about. You and your family will have a wonderful time.

Marian, great pics of your orchids. How nice to have something blooming inside in the winter.

Hi Norma! Sorry to hear about your son. Hopefully his diabetes can be easily managed. What great paint color names, especially the Grape Gusto. I planted icicle pansies twice; the first year was a mild winter and they bloomed for me whenever there was no snow and a few warm days. They got really huge and gorgeous in the spring too! The following year we had a hard winter, and they didn't do much at all. I should have put some in this year, oh well.

Brenda, so many health issues in your family! Good wishes and speedy recovery to both of your DSs' (is that a word?). Congrats on the 25 lbs too!

Michelle, I love the colors in your new bathroom. Very pretty and grown up!

I have a few seeds to start too, but I'm waiting a few more weeks. I keep having to remind myself of last year, when we had a colder than usual month of May, and I spent way too much time running up and down from the basement with seedlings I had grown, and tender plants I bought too early.

Those warm days in January really got me anxious for spring, it felt like April! I guess that foolish groundhog was right...



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wendy2(zone 6 MA)

Oh Babs - I refreshed and saw your picture, and it reminded me that I forgot to comment to you! Congrats on the job. It will be good to have the same schedule as your kids. LOL on the "internet scandal". Totally not AJ's fault, I blame the parents too. My kids do not go on the internet unsupervised, and they can only visit sites that we have approved and set up a designated shortcut for them. My son is dyslexic, I don't want him typing in the wrong site name and ending up who knows where! My DD wanted to go on to vote in some poll for the grammys, I flat out told her "no way". Also, there is no reason for kids to visit chat rooms, they scare me most of all. There are a lot of strange characters out there, and we have to do the best we can to protect our kids.

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

No, Wendy, no symposium for me. I was concerned about driving that far south with a southern blizzard coming in some time this afternoon. I was unable to get an advance reservation and even though George (EGO45) offered to get there early and buy one of the few tickets supposedly being sold at the door, I didn't find that out until I got home at close to 11 last night. Work was a bear this week so getting up early enough to get my to southwest CT by 9 AM didn't seem appealing at that point.

Last night they who will remain nameless dragged me to this program at the theatre-the music of Andrew Lloyd Weber done by an orchestra. Too much Phantom and other broadway stuff I had never heard of and not enough Joseph and Jesus Christ Superstar, IMO. For some reason I had terrible gas pains for most of the evening. Top that off with seats that I could barely fit in to without becoming a pretzel. I guess I should be thankful that the gas pains didn't manifest themselves in some other way. At any rate...can you tell I didn't have the best time? No more artsy fartsy stuff for me.

Anyhow, we're off the the BD party for the one year old. You woudl think the weekend could only get better from here but it sounds like i'm going to be stuck inside by a blizzard tomorrow. They're saying 8-12" here. Hope they have some good booze at this party.

Happy Birthday Chelone! Where the hell are you?

Michelle, the bathroom looks great!



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When I found my pic to post I was struck at the green and cozy look of the yard it's just white and....white! : ) Hoping Sue,Deanne and those east aren't getting heavily whammied. I didn't like that I heard a blizzard warning for eastern NY and I'm sure that's not all.

Wendy-I'm nodding my head here as you mention how risky dyslexia and net surfing would be-without a doubt! We also strictly maintain that AJ only use the 'favorites' that we've previously set up. I've told him that if I see him surfing he will lose computer access since it's a priviledge,not a necessity for him.(YAY mean mom!lol) He has a friend that I am cautious about. AJ's friend keeps asking him to use a Disney chatroom that is geared to kids. The problem is that adults do go there too and I see it as a danger for a child to be there regardless of the Disney affiliation. Aj doesn't understand completely but accepts that we know what we are talking about. Hmmm and I thought the 'toddler terrible two's' was going to be there roughest issue to weather lololol.

Brenda that's sad about your sister's retina. How lucky science is able to repair such a tiny part of the eye. My sister,also a diabetic had the same thing happen. I'm sure you know poorly controlled diabetes is linked with the retina problems. She could indeed help her eyes and the rest of her by getting onto an appropriate diabetic diet. Does she have an endocrinologist? Having one is a good move. They can coordinate a proper diabetic diet along with keeping a close eye on her hormone balance in relation to her diabetes and coordinate her meds/insulin. Wow you really have your plate full with family worries!

Michelle-love the bathroom transformation!! Nice color scheme.(though I do like nautical too) I like the towel basket-I do the same thing rolling up the towels.

well I do need to get a move on. Time to get supplies for AJ's latest project, a medieval castle. This should be a fun one-anything beats that science fair project.

I baked mom's cake and just need to decorate it. I ended up buying her a knitting book and a couple garden ornaments that were cute. Kind of a mish mash but hopefully she'll like them.


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Brenda, thanks for the link, I intend to go there soon.
Way to go on the 25 lbs. I had lost 30 up until christmas and have gained some of it back. To many goodies were left over, and once I slipped I slid downhill. It's all gone now,even the fudge I had to put in the freezer because it didn't set up. I had forgot about it for awhile. It was good spooned right out of the freezer. LOL

Happy belated birthday Chelone! Hope you are having a good weekend. Give Biggie Boy a pat on the head for me, for being off leash on the golf course.

T, How is Boo doing? I know exactly what you went through. I lost my Buckskin to colic. It was such a nasty day that day and I walked and walked him and had the vet but he didn't make it. By the way congratulations on your daughters pregnancy. Jamie will love having cousins to play with. Although he will have to share grandma and grandpa too.

Michelle, Your bathroom make over looks great. We used almost the same colors but reversed the wall and accent colors. I will try to post some pictures of mine later. I went to Pennys this morning to get the new shower curtain. I knew what I wanted and they were have a sale so I saved some bucks. Almost had to turn around and come back home though. The roads were nasty and one area was ice packed and cars in the ditch everywhere. I guess some were blocking the road because I had to sit and wait for twenty minutes or more. By the time I headed back home it had cleared up considerably and wasn't to bad.

Thanks Wendy re sons diabetes. I talked to him this morning , he has his follow up doctor visit on tues. He seems to be handeling it ok so far. Of course he always puts on a brave front for me.

Hope everyone who is ailing is on the mend by now.

LOL, Artsy Fartsy, Sue. Hope your weekend is a gas. Not.

I need to go get ready. We are headed to the city for a evening out. Our anniversary is tomorrow.

Take care all. Norma

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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

Happy Birthday, Chelone :) Just a quickie again this morning. My brain feels like it's going 10 different directions at once.

Babs, poor scandalous AJ! When we first got the internet, I was really surprised at how many kids' parents just turned them loose. I was a mean Mom, too. I'd be really leery about chat rooms geared to kids. Maybe I'm paranoid, but seems like it would be the perfect place for predators to hang out. I know that diabetes can affect the eyes, didn't know whether or not I could "pin" the torn retina on that or not. She hasn't been diagnosed as diabetic, but there's just too much of that kind of stuff floating around in the family for DS to stick her head in the sand and pretend it may not be an issue. I had quite a few "floaters" in my vision, and that's pretty much gone now that I'm watching what I eat. Unfortunately, I'm not sure her Dr. is the investigative type. Seems to write a script for whatever is bothering her, and that's that. I had great hopes for him talking to her about diet when she went for her appt. Friday, but it didn't happen. Her DD has lost 15 pounds, and dropped her cholesterol fifty-some points by watching what she eats. Hopefully, she'll get on the right track with some of the rest of us leading the way. DS has always been like a Mom to me, and it's just tearing me up that she won't take better care of herself.

Michelle-Way to go on the bathroom! Wish you could come over and get in on the upstairs bedroom makeover :) Jim and I started getting a handle on that yesterday. It's been called the guest room for years, but was really a junk room. Sorted through crap, boxed up stuff for a garage sale, and moved the weight bench into Christina's old room. It's one of those that uses giant rubber bands for resistance. Lol, it was a workout to get TO it in the guest room, let alone use it. Now, I can actually get some good out of the thing.

Norma, "failed fudge" was always a treat when I was a kid. When my older sisters were learning to cook, they had a hard time with fudge. FYI, it's GREAT on graham crackers ;) Happy Anniversary..hope you had a great evening out!

Sue-lol @ the "artsy-fartsy" crack me up :)

Younger DS came through her tonsil surgery with flying colors. Mom said she was only in the hospital for four hours!! And, they were encouraging her to eat regular food. Lol, I'm really out of the loop. I thought getting your tonsils out meant you could eat lots of pudding and ice cream and stuff. She had a hamburger for supper the night of the surgery!

I know I missed commenting on a ton of stuff. Like I said, my brain is just a bit scattered...hoping things settle down around here soon. DD was here yesterday, and I've got her convinced she needs to see the dr. for glucose tolerance test. She's had some low blood sugar swings, and I'd really like her to get tested. May be that she's hypoglycemic. I scared the crap out of her with talk of comas and siezures. She hasn't had any low swings since she's been watching her diet, but it's something for her to keep in mind. She was stopping on her way home to get some glucose to keep with her, just in case. And, she's supposed to call me tomorrow and tell me when the doc can get her in to be tested. Since it's my job to set a good example, I'm going to make an appt. with my doc, and get my blood checked also. I'm hoping that I can fast, they can take blood to check cholesterol and stuff, and get a fasting blood sugar count, then bring on the glucose drink and see where we go from there. Again, diet seems to be working well for me, but want to make sure what's going on. He has assured me that I'm not diabetic, according to fasting glucose tests in the past, but seems something odd is floating around the family insulin-wise.

Okay, I'm taking my scattered thoughts and comments outta here. A long, hot shower sounds pretty good right now. Have a great day, all!

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How bad is this storm??? Phone rang at 10p last night and it was DSon from Nashua (visiting a friend at Daniel Webster College -- Deanne, I didn't think you'd want 4 college kids camping out in your jacuzzi so didn't mention to them that I knew anyone there :-) They decided to head home rather than staying through the night and heading out today. Since 1am (when son got home and I woke up -- snow was just starting) we've gotten 6" and we aren't in the heart of the storm, yet. A good day to burrow under some down blankets and be a lump.

Yesterday took a relaxed garden walk to note what's going on. Sedums, oreganos, siberian iris, most of the spring bulbs, dianthus, thymes and early coreopsis were all peeking out. Rose canes and most shrubs were starting to swell but nothing had seriously broken through, yet. This snow should give everything a good break.

Sue -- it sounds as though you need an escape. I was almost ready to attempt the trek yesterday morning and then had visions of showing up with all tickets gone. I've been out of the gardening personality loop for a while but took everyone's enthusiasm as a recommendation. Need to get current, here.

On the HGTV front: I finally spoke with a real person in their programming area. She was brutally honest (I liked her a lot, at least on the phone) and said that if they could come up with three major sponsors, they'd love to get gardening shows back on a regular basis. Scott's (the fertilizer/seed company) had been a sponsor but got scooped from HGTV by The Weather Channel. None of the big box stores have any interest in long-term garden show sponsorship. They are far more willing to do the creative house stuff as it's something they can sell now. Though the programs aren't expensive to produce, they are expensive to air when there are not enough national and regional sponsors to support the local folks. Having been on the road trying to get local garden-related companies to do any kind of advertising at this time of year, I ALMOST empathize with the national folks trying to get the shows back on. No one, particularly in this economy, wants to risk paying for a schedule at this time of year. It's sad, but true. Wish I had a better paragraph to write, but it's the reality. Now I feel somewhat responsible for not being able to sell well enough. Any suggestions for motivators for these businesses?

Have been following the diabetes thread with interest. My BinL was diagnosed last year and he's been awesome with following his diet and medication regimine. My sister has gone along with everything as much as possible, but is a top-shelf amateur cake decorator who usually does a practice cake before the "real" one. She now uses styrofoam circles instead of real cake to help him not be tempted. True love at it's finest since she can eat pretty much whatever she wants and always sampled the samples.

Am looking at the snow blowing sideways and accumulating an inch an hour and am wishing I were visiting Grace. Must admit that the little kid in me is kind of excited, but it's only 8:30am and this isn't supposed to stop for 12 hours. I'll check in then and I'll bet my attitude has changed. LOL

Everyone stay safe and warm.


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Yeah, we're getting a little bit of snow here this morning. I just went out to Dunkin Donuts for coffee (I know I'm like the postal service when it comes to my coffee) and didn't see another car until I got to DD of course. The roads have not been plowed at all. According to the news the snow is falling at a rate of 2-4" an hour. Snow is blowing and drifting so visibility isn't great. On the weather map, there is a narrow band across the middle of the state showing possible accumulations of 18-24" and we're right smack in the middle of On the upside, at least it's a weekend so no need to trot off to work. The birds are just swarming around my feeders. However, the 5 day forcast has it back into the 40s again by Wednesday and sunny and 35 F tomorrow so whatever snow we get won't last long. Typical for mid February.

Martie there was another garden symposium yesterday in Portland. It was being offered by the CT Hort Society. I looked at the program and list of speakers a while back and they didn't interest me at all. It seems like all the national level stuff like the Horticulture program Honey attended yesterday is only held in this area at Mass Hort in Wellesley, MA. Are you planning to go to the CT flower show in a couple of weeks?

Too bad about HGTV. They should change their call letters to HTV.

Happy Anniversary, Norma!

Diabetes is in my family too. For as long as I can remember my grandfather was on insulin. However, he took very good care of himself, lived to be 80 and did not die as a result of the diabetes. His sisters were not so vigilant and one ended up losing a leg and spending her final years in a nursing home. Both died in their 60s. Now my mom has it but takes a prescription of some sort-no insulin.

Kids and internet access has been a hot topic around here lately too. Apparently there are these sites for kids to create personal pages to supposedly meet others. The one getting all the news coverage here is called Local police departments are holding internet classes for parents to educate them about the danger of letting their kids post personally identifiable info on these sites. One of the suggestions to parents is to google your child's name and see what comes up. Have any of you seen the newscasts about this? Kids are putting their addresses and phone numbers on the internet as well as pornographic pictures of themselves and all sorts of suggestive content. It's a child predator's dream. Egads!

OK, enough for now. Maybe I'll try to get some pictures to share later on. I think it's safe to say I'll be walking on the treadmill this afternoon.


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Good blizzardy morning all,

Well the snow greeblies have finally caught up with us and it looks like we are going to get a foot of snow or so today. Its actually kind of nice because we are all hunkered down and cozy here, comfy in our dining room with all the windows watching it snow outside. We dont have to go anywhere so it is just going to be a nice snowy day. The gardens really did need another blanket because the last one melted off. Im hoping this snow stays until warmer weather arrives for good in March.

I was sitting here last evening and it was 5:30, cloudy and the sky still had light! Spring is a coming and it really is starting to show. Interestingly all the fuchsias in cold, dark storage in the basement have started throwing up new growth in the dark and the Pretoria has several new leaves poking up out of the container. The plants know their winter rest is just about over and are ready to get on with the business of spring growth. Im already having anxiety attacks over where and how Im going too get all these plants hardened off this spring.

Sue, Monique, Wendy, Martie and V, if there are any of my coleus varieties youd like cuttings of when you come up next weekend please let me know so I can see what Ive got going here and if I dont have any coming along Ill start some new ones for you.

Yes, can you believe it! Our party is next Saturday!!! Woohoo!!! I just cant wait. Sue, wait until you see your baby banana. It is absolutely lovely right now. Who knew it would be happy in low light in a not very warm room over the winter. I need instructions on how you went about separating the pups off. It has one good sized one right now and a couple new tiny ones starting up.

V, would you please email me your itinerary? Im so happy you are coming to visit! Im explaining to the kitties that they have to give up their bedroom for the weekend and they are OK with that. LOL Im hoping we can squeeze a trip out to the orchid show at some point. Depends on what your flight times are. Id like you to see what a nice job this local group does. It is a small show but is a sanctioned and judged by the AOS.

Mary, Ill bet you guys are all getting pretty excited about your trip. Im getting excited for you. I keep picturing that cottage in the rain forest. Wonderful.

Eden, glad to hear you are feeling better. I am too. Im still looking like Technicolor now though. My eye has progressed to the yellow/purple/green tinge stage. Not attractive. ~~ How are your light gardens faring? I think Ive got Doug talked into putting another light shelf unit together for me. Im totally outta control! LOL

Babs, I cant imagine why AJ was the cause of the uproar at school. He didnt tell the child to go to the inappropriate website and as you said, where were those parents? You are a terrific mean mother. I completely agree with your monitoring of where and what your children are doing on the internet. When DD was little MTV was brand new. You could only get it on cable. I refused to have cable TV in the house at that time because there was so much on it that was completely inappropriate for children. DD thought I was old fashioned and mean but I wasnt going to baby-sit my television.

Bug, beautiful link. Thank you.

Michelle, the bathroom re-do looks fantastic! You guys move so fast it amazes me. Seems to me you only recently mentioned that you were going to paint and fix it up and now its done. I need some of your energy. ~~ How awful you had a fainting episode with flu also. Years ago Doug and I both had flu and I found him on the bathroom floor Strange that the flu will do that to you. You are so right that Im lucky I didnt do more damage than I did. There is a sharp corner from the half wall around the tub I came pretty close to hitting with my head. Lucky me that I didnt connect. Ive so learned my lesson and if in the future I ever feel faint I will IMMEDIATELY get myself down to the nearest stable surface.

Sue, LOL about making the treck to DD. Doug and I are just about to zip out to Starbucks. It will be the first time Ive exposed this face to the general public and peoples reactions will be interesting. The only other time I had a bad black eye, (riding accident) people kept telling me I shouldnt let him do that to me. LOL

Martie, if you or family are ever stranded in Nashua again please feel free to contact us. We do have two extra guest rooms though a group of college students would have been a challenge. LOL ~~ BTW Doug graduated from DWC when it was still New England Aeronautical Institute back in the 70s with a degree in Aeronautical Engineering.~~ Thanks for the info on HGTV and lack of sponsorship for gardening shows. Seems strange to me because gardening has regained popularity in the last few years.

Brenda, you are such a success story with your change of lifestyle. It surprises me that your DS doesnt see what it has done for you and followed your advice. I guess it is the old You can lead a horse to water thing. My aunt has not taken care of her diabetes for years now and it has finally caught up with her. I talked to my Mom yesterday and apparently she has been found unconscious four times in the last two weeks. When her DD took her to the doctor and then the dietitian she actually told them she had no intention of following their advice. Apparently they are trying to get her to pay strict attention to her carb intake and base her insulin requirements on what she is eating. I predict she is not going to live much longer if she continues on this track. Pretty sad.

Hi Norma, Happy Anniversary!!! ~~ So sorry to hear about your DS, that must be upsetting.

Wendy, so how is the snowstorm down there???? Lets hope it doesnt do this next weekend. ~~ I totally agree with your strict monitoring of the internet with your children.

And last but not least, Happy Belated Birthday to Chelone, Hope you had a great day!

Have a great day everyone,

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Just checking in from the frozen "south" - the 6 to 10 inches is well over 12 or more in my western area of the Metro D.C. area - we got all the snow we didnt get earlier in the Season. It's a heavy snow too because all the tree limbs are weighted down to the ground w/ snow - gorgeous now but once it starts melting and refreezing that's gonna be a problem. Im enjoying a few cups of coffee before I go start my exercise of heaving it all off my car. I would imagine you NEers are really gonna get a wallop. And I heard one weatherman call it a hurricane w/ snow for the Cape.

It is certainly scary stuff re kids and the challenges of the internet -- it amazes me how many parents have no clue what their kids are doing on their computers -- and I think these personal space pages are some of the scariest -- as we know, even here in this spot an adult should really be somewhat careful -- anything post in cyberspace is public info to all -- look at how you can buy cell phone call lists now for $10 !!! is that bizarre or what?

On a more up note, Michelle, I have to say I love your bathroom transformation - I can't believe you guys did that all so quickly -- me, I've got projects that have been waiting 2 or more years...

Martie - that's good to hear that you got the real scoop on the H[G]TV lack of G -- I suspected it had something to do with advertising slots for sale and somehow it wasnt a big enough draw. A sad commentary on our consumer population I guess. But you'd think there would be some creative way to draw some of that business somehow....

I've got lots more to comment on but better go take a closer look at the shovelling task - I have a bad feeling it's going to consume most of my day -- and there's no freebie day off from work tomorrow.


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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

Bug-the link was certainly food for thought..thank you for posting it. Although my sister is by no means elderly, it made me realize that maybe a little more patience and compassion was called for in dealing with her and trying to help. In that vein, here is one of my favorites-I cross stitched it and have it hanging here in the office.
The Essence of Compassion
Resolve to be tender with the young,
Compassionate with the aged,
Sympathetic with the striving,
And tolerant with the weak and wrong....
Because sometime in your life, you will have been all of these.

Guess I should have taken a minute to read it when I've been getting so frustrated with DS. I can't tell her what to do, all I can do is be there, love her, and help when/if she's willing to accept it.

Deanne, I'm glad to hear you're up and about. That fall was scary! Poor Doug, he's bound to get some nasty looks from people. That's just terrible about your Aunt. I've heard of many diabetics who assume as long as they take insulin, they can eat whatever they want. Frankly, the thought of all the things that can happen to diabetics just terrifies me. And, when I look at my kids, the last thing I want is for them to have to deal with me in that condition. And, fortunately, they've both been listening when DS wasn't. They eat extremely well, especially for their age group. While many youngsters live on fast food, both of the kids are familiar with the produce dept., and love veggies. Phillip used to work at McDonalds, and was just disgusted with fast food in general by the time he left there. I'll happily spend however much time it takes to get the weight off, if the kids learn something from it.
Good day to all!

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Happy Birthday Chelone.

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Good morning


I was looking at my photos of Great Dixter after Christopher Lloyd passed away, wondering if the gardens would continue to be mainted in the same glorious manner.

Norma - how wonderful to hear from you. Glad your DS is doing OK with the diabetes so far and your grand children are well.

Michelle - your bathroom is fabulous! I love the color and the pretty shower curtain. Did you do anything new with the floor? We loved the results of the stick on tile and it is time consuming but easy to lay. By the way, we have one of the world's ugliest bathrooms (the kids) but I have a feeling we'll wait until they are older before redoing it.

I'm hoping all those being nailed with the storm are warm and safe.

Deanne - how is your bruise doing? Hope you are surviving the blizzard. How big do you need the double sided paper to be?

Babs - poor AJ! - I bet he was mortified that he had set that chain of events into motion. I have a great problem with parents who allow young children unsupervised on the internet. As an adult I've been appalled at what innocent Googling can bring up. Like you, we restrict searches to sites we've approved and if either Annie or David email anyone, its from my address. I cannot imagine letting kids that age into chat rooms with strangers, but the sad fact is, plenty of parents think it is fine. (Probably the same ones who put TVs into young kids bedrooms). A lot of scary stuff out there and finding the right balance as our children get older is not going to be easy.

Martie - interesting about HGTV and gardening sponsors. How about PBS - do you think they could be encouraged to make more garden shows (but NOT makeovers) if they are reasonably cheap to produce? Then there would not be the need to round up the sponsors. Surely tours of wonderful gardens, both public and private, with a knowlegable host who could discuss plants, would be a snap to put together. Hey, a tour of the gardens we've seen at the Idyllunions would be stunning.

Yesterday we had just enough snow to x-country for the first time. There were a few green/mud spots on the trail, but it felt wonderful to be out and hear the swish of snow under the skis. later we all went to see the new Pink Panther movie. It had been panned but the critics, but Annie and David had been counting the days till it opened. It turned out to be very funny (or perhaps we're easily amused!) Peter Sellers will always be the classic Inspector Clousseau, but Steve Martin was excellent. Afterwards the children begged us for a 'hamburger' (a key word in the film's humor) so we went to the local diner and indulged ourselves.

Today I need to do a grocery run as we have friends coming for supper. Time to get going

Have a good day!


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Afternoon all,

Mission accomplished,Starbucks is in hand. Yum! We got there ten minutes before they were planning to close early because of the storm. Doug had to go out anyway to pick up some parts to fix the snowblower. Apparently the carbuerator (sp?) was hanging by a thread and had to be reattached. I surely hope that is all that is wrong with the old thing. It has worked reliably for fifteen or more years and we've been talking of getting a new one when they go on sale this spring. I'd rather not have to buy one now when everyone is scrambling to buy because of a snowstorm.

Mary, thanks for asking, the bruising is on the mend but I'm very colorful at the moment. ~~ I only need 8.5 x 11 for the calendar paper.~~ Thanks for the movie review. I've been looking forward to the new PP and I love Steve Martin so I thought it would be great. ~~ Wish I'd been with you to tour that garden last year. Gorgeous!

Brenda, love the quote, I really need some work on the tolerant part.

Cindy, love the BDay card! Beautiful combo. ~~ be careful shoveling. Sounds like the heavy wet stuff that is miserable to move.

I know Cynthia is in a winter wonderland in MD too.

OK time to apply another hot compress to my face. (I'm getting pretty tired of holding compresses to my face at this point but I think it really is helping it to heal up faster)


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Martie, thanks for the effort to personally get answers from HGTV. Right now IPTV carries the Victory Garden, P.Allen Smiths Garden home and Smart Gardening. I do try to catch these. They at least arent instant makeover shows. The last 2 are on at 7 and 7:30 on Sunday a.m. which is a little earlier than I like to get up on Sunday.

Mary, we did use the peel and stick tiles. They were easy to work with and no labor costs involved.
Thanks all for the kind words about my decorating efforts.

We didnt get internet until DS went off to college. DD we did have to work to keep an eye on her. At the time we had dial up and she didnt know the password, so it could only be used while we were at home. One of her friends from high school was approached by a guy that had lured another girl thru an internet chat room. The guy was caught and her name was found on his computer. Well, 48 Hours did a show on it and they came to DDs small Iowa high school to do taping. She was quite excited, her TV debut. This was probably 4 years ago, but I think the problem is getting worse. I did see something on the news about It was shocking.
We had cable then, but it didnt and still doesnt offer MTV or VHI. We get a minimum of channels and DD pestered us to get a dish.

Deanne, I wouldnt mind a nice blanket of snow. Our ground is white, but only maybe 11/2 or 2 inches. RE: getting the bathroom done quickly, we did joke about how much of a slave driver I was being :o)

Norma, Id love to see pictures your bathroom. I hope you and DH have a great day together.

Babs, a medieval castle does sound like fun. I liked those kinds of projects way better than the science ones.

I hope that everyone that is in the path of the snowstorm stays in safe and warm.


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taryn(S Ontario Z6B)

G'day all! Just sitting here having yet another open house. So far, no one has shown up. But since we don't have a place in mind to move to now, I'm not as worried about it. My house is clean at least. :)

Norma how nice to 'see' you! Happy anniversary! Sorry to hear about your son and the diabetes. It sounds like they caught it early enough that it might be reversible with diet.

Diabetes is one of my greatest fears too Brenda, as I watched my father die from just about every complication there is. I don't think I will ever, ever forget the smell of gangrene. Its such an insidious illness, because you don't feel terrible, but the damage is being done silently if you don't have your glucose levels under control. I have metabolic syndrome, aka syndrome X, so am at risk and it scares me.

Re diet: When I went low carb several years ago my glucose levels dropped into the normal range again and energy was high. But, not being able to afford organic meats, I was consuming lots of hormones along with my meat and poultry. Also trans-fat (damaged fats) in dairy products and processed foods. Without the high fibre in complex carbs to flush them out, they accumulate as toxins in the liver. It's a good thing to get rid of white sugar, flour, rice, etcetera. But complex carbs are good for you, and don't cause the insulin spikes the processed carbs do. So I'm swinging back that way now.

Brenda 25 pounds, fantastic! Has Jim got some nicer things to say now? LOL!

So Sue, how was the one year old's party? Any good drinks, or were you stuck with milk and cookies? LOL! Oh, and I'll give you a run for the most dead houseplants title. I have to run SEVEN I've managed to kill out to the compost soon. Really.

T, please check in. How is Boo?

Deanne, so sorry to hear about your fall! I remember Glenn and I had a flu like that when we first met. I forced myself to take a shower, which completely drained all my energy, and Glenn found me wrapped in a towel on the hallway floor outside the bathroom. He had heard the thump, but was so weak himself he had to crawl over to me. Not fun. Hope you rally before the party next weekend. Wish I could come! Take lots of pics you guys.

Speaking of bathrooms, great job Michelle! I hope we find a place that isn't a fixer upper, as we did enough of that in 3 weeks to get this place saleable for several years worth of projects. Hope 'Kenzie and also Bella are feeling better with their poor wee teeth. My guys liked a cold cloth, no ice cube. But Colleen, the little girl I daycared, found relief with one of those gel-filled teething rings that you freeze first. Abesol or Orajel I used only if they were really having a hard time.

Mary, I feel the same way about starting seeds, and am feeling really odd and very sad that I'm not starting any this year. I mean, it would be crazy, with a move on the horizon. It takes work, and my energy is already low. But I've done it every year since 1999 and am missing my seedling rush. :( Somehow I kill houseplants but am wildly successful fussing over teensy plantlets that need constant attention. What's with that?

Mary, you must be so excited about Hawaii! I was reading Women's World the other day (I'm turning into my grandmother, lol) and came across an artical about the 7 things you just can't miss on the big island. Of course I thought of you right away, so have scanned the two pages for you, below. I'm sure you are going to have the time of your lives! Take lots of pics.

Marie, you're link made me cry. That seems to be happening a lot more lately, Extreme Home Makeover tears me up every time. Turning into an emotional basketcase I never used to be. Counter-rant: My short term memory isn't what it used to be either, at 42 years old. I must say that when I walk into a room and forget what I went in for it does scare me! I wasn't "always like that". Do I have to be 70 before forgetfulness is a valid concern? I'm taking ginseng and Ginkgo Biloba now in the hopes of improving concentration and memory. Marie, can you please warn us next time that your link is a download and not a webpage? I like to check things out a bit before downloading anything, with all the viruses out there, and was very surprised the download started as soon as I clicked your link.

Marian, good to see you posting again, and your ochid blooms were lovely. Tell Ei I miss her and am sending green tea and ginger vibes to help her recover quickly. Also, though Marie's link may be too hard for her to watch right now, the song, You Raise Me Up by Josh Groban, is the one I posted for her last year, the one that the young man at Shane's choir concert last June sang so wonderfully. She could turn off the monitor and just listen to the song if she likes...

Babs congrats on the job! Babs and Wendy, I completely agree that kids should not be unsupervised on the net and am stunned at how many parents just let their kids surf unsupervised. Shane pulled an AJ not too long ago, typed in to play the game, but left out a dot somewhere and ended up going to some porn site, that kept opening window after window! Glenn and I were both right here when it happened, but there was nothing we could do but close the windows as they opened. Shane was in tears that he'd done nothing but go to Runescape. How awful that these sites would try to lure kids in by calling themselves something so similar! We allow Shane to instant message with his friends, but no chat rooms, and he can only chat with his friends on runescape, no strangers. It's a different world today...

Martie that is such a shame about HGTV. Wonder what might entice the sponsers to go to bat for the gardening shows? I really miss Gardener's Journal in particular. Do-it-yourself network has lots of gardening shows, but they're the silly type, neighbors redoing each other's yards etc, and I don't care for them at all.

Hope Wendy and V are feeling better now. My kids use the berry-flavoured zinc losenges with echinacea (they don't do green tea and ginger!) and it does work to shorten the duration and intensity of their colds. I wonder why all zinc losenges are so 'rough'. Inquiring minds want to know.

Gigi and I didn't get our hot stone massage on Monday. :( The owner of the spa works solo and Gigi didn't want to go back to back. I was very impressed that the spa owner agreed to give me back my $100 for the gift certificate so Gigi could spend it elsewhere! And this, after it had expired too. There are decent people out there yet. So we had a yummy lunch, Ice wine and girly talk, and will look forward to a spa day in the near future.

Well, 1.5 hours into our open house now and still no one has shown. Maybe we should take out an equity loan, turn half the garage into a rec room for the boys and just stay put?
I've rambled long enough, but am sure with my memory like a sieve have missed some of you. Please know it's not intentional. Stay off the roads all you easterners with the snow, stay warm and safe. Hello to all!


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28" and counting. Rich and Ky just got in and are nursing frozen noses and fingers with macaroni and cheese in onion soup bowls. It is still snowing and we'll probably get another few inches before it's all ovr. Feel Very fortunate that it is light and fluffy snow and not anything that will down trees.

The birds are all out of whack. They have definite flight patterns to the low hanging branches of the Japanese Maple and those are buried. I've seen more than one of them land beak-first. Have to LOL. All non-feathered creatures (except the males in the house) seem to be cowering.

I read the link, Marie, and agree 100%. That can be said for anyone, I think. The suggestions re: stroke that you gave have been printed out and put on the bulletin board at work near the rest of the first aid stuff. And BTW: The floating gas providing factory slated to be built in Long Island Sound is receiving no opposition from New York State. It appears that Connecticut will be in the fight alone.

Michelle: Love, love love the bathroom. Where did you find those towels? All the purple I see around here is too gray for my taste. Perhaps JCP?????

Happy Birthday Chelone! Though Marie has been keeping us a bit up to date, we miss You!!!

Need to run and replenish M&C bowls. Since I didn't have to go out in this mess I've become the designated waitress. Fine with me! Also made "pop" cupcakes (the kind with really light dough and when they're done you stick a piece of good chocolate in the middle that melts) that they don't know about, yet. Ky hasn't had them in years.

Seeds arrived from Pinetree yesterday and the seeding room is all set to go. Yes, Spring is coming!

Martie -- P.S. to Sue: I may skip the CT show this year and go to Springfield instead. I've never been to that one and the CT show hasn't changed much during the past several years, not to mention the ridiculous parking charge. But, if it's cold enough...... LOL

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Wishing everyone a warm spot indoors today.

We had a nice but late night out, last night. Feeling nappy, Norma

Haven't read everything yet.
Bathroom pics coming later.

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Norma, that is a very cool picture. I love the red against the snow background.

Martie, thanks. The towels are from Walmart.

Taryn, great to hear from you. I just can't believe what a hassle selling a house can be. At least you aren't under so much pressure now. I have only sold one house and it sold to the 2nd looker. I had married DH and move to his house so I wasn't overly desparate to sell either. I hope all goes well for you.

This afternoon I took cuttings from 2 of my fancy leaf geraniums. They are one thing that does really well indoors for me. Obviously for Norma as well :o)


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Here are the bath pictures. The different lighting makes it look all sorts of colors. It really is a dusky not in your face purple. I kind of like it and I'm not a fan of purple.

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Good evening

Michelle and Norma - lovely Geranium pics - a bright spot on a cold day.

Taryn - thank you so much for the scanned pages on the Big Island. I think we will all be taking lots of pictures so hopefully I'll be able to show you some of those highlights when we return. I'm keeping my fingers crossed no one gets sick between now and then. Glad you had a nice day with Gigi, even if a little different from the one you had planned. Ice wine is a real treat! Thanks too for the info on health on your other thread - very interesting! Oh - and enjoy your clean house!

GB - I don't know if I told you how special the link was you posted. It brought tears to my eyes, but more importantly made me think long and hard about those issues. I felt pain as well as frustration behind your rant - my thoughts are with you.

Best to all I haven't mentioned - and hoping Boo is comfortable once more, passing road apples to his hearts content.

Nite all,


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Ooooh Norma - we posted at the same time. That is just beautiful, the details are lovely and the shower curtain exquisite. Thank you for sharing with us.


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Brenda, so now you are into a room redo also. Isn't it funny how we manage to aquire so much stuff. I bet that was a real workout getting the weight thingy moved. Good luck on your project. The bad thing about having a freshly done room is that it makes the rest of the house look old and tired. LOL
The bath went fairly quick. The utility room will be much more complicated and time consuming. I did paint the ceiling the same day I did the bath one, so at least that is done.

Martie, thanks for looking into the HGTV thing. It sort of explains it. But I wish there were more good garden things on. I have nothing against Rebeccas garden but if I see one more rerun I will upchuck.
So is your job selling advertising? Re your garden walk and buds swelling, I saw buds swelling on my Tiger eye sumac and I thought it had died out on me last fall. I'm not sure I have it in enough sun tho.

Thanks Sue for the Happy Anniversary wish. We did enjoy ourselves, for a couple of old coots.

Deanne I'm guessing you are feeling a little better? So nice of you to host a thumb your nose at winter party. I'm hoping winter doesn't have the last laugh and prevent your guests from arriving. I know you people always have fun when you get together. I toy with the idea of driving to IL in July. But I don't know. Will we see a shiner in the next idyll group photo?
I sure like the way you are framing cards.

Cindy ,I think I have a simalar Iris as is in your picture. I am looking forward to seeing a few new ones in bloom this year.

Hi Mary, its so nice you have a wonderful trip coming up after all you've been through this year. I am so looking forward to hearing about it. How are your fish doing? Mine were moving around a little on a couple of the warmer days we had.

Michelle, I was thinking I might try to do the peel and stick tiles in the utility room (does anyone call it that anymore or is it the laundry room?)
Your cuttings look nice. I should do that too. I really like the red ones outside in the summer. Especially by the varigated grasses.

Taryn, sorry you didn't get to do the spa thing. Nice she refunded the money tho. I have killed my share of plants that I brought in this winter too. I know I will cut back on that next year. I just don't like taking care of plants indoors. It sure is nice to see some green though. I mainly tried to save some things to keep from buying them again.

Hi to Marian, Yeona and all others. Think I have used up my share of this Idyll, LOL. Norma

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Happy Belated Anniversary to Norma! It is good to see you back.

Michelle, the bathroom make-over looks great!
Norma.......your bathroom makeover looks great also!

Tonight, when feeding Boo I noticed the biggest pile of 'apples' I've ever seen......I went into the pasture to verify that it was a single pile. Oh my goodness!!! That horse must be feeling much, much better! Incredible! I didn't do any temperature taking nor listening for belly noises.......I was just in awe of the size of the pile. lol Hopefully he is done with the belly woes. Yep, he was full of ............ apples.

Just finished watching some of the Olympics, now seeing the New York news. The storm is/was impressive. I hope everyone that was hit with the snow is doing okay.

Guess that is it for best to all!


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Tip of the day for all you value shoppers-everything in the Eddie Bauer Outlet is take an additional 30% off the already marked down price. I just bought some cashmere sweaters for a fraction of the original price.

Norma, great job on the bathroom, and the presentation. Very creative. My one goal yesterday was to clean our main bathroom because it is just beyond disgusting. However, I got going on the first floor and never made it upstairs. At least half the house is clean.

I have no idea how much snow we got here. They say around 20" but how do you measure blowing and drifting snow? I could take 20 measurements in my yard alone and get 20 different depths. Whatever, it's alot but I'm guessing it won't hang around long. The roads are still messy but passable but with temps above freezing today they should melt off quick. Hawaii sounds like the perfect getaway right about now. Mary, do you have any room in your suitcase?


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Good Morning Idylettes,

A bright crispy morning here. It is only 12 degrees out and the birds are in a feeding frenzy. I wish you all could have seen Rahjiis reaction when I opened the door for him today. He recoiled in horror at the foot of snow outside the door. Too funny! Our official amount for the storm was only 15". That isnt bad compared to Marties 28" I think CT won in the snow lottery this weekend. Sue, how much did you get in Hartford?

Michelle, I love those geraniums with the white edged leaves. Do they have red flowers, or pink? ~~ I LOL about your being a slave driver.

Taryn, great to hear from you. Sorry you didnt have a bustling open house. I know that whatever happens things will work out for the best for you guys. ~~ Re: Diet, Ive found that eliminating all white and processed foods and only eating unprocessed, complex carbs has kept me feeling pretty good. (except when I cut my calories down too far) But having stuck to eating lean proteins, fresh veggies and fruit and whole grains Ive managed to maintain a 115 pound weight loss over the four years Ive been doing this. I do find that any time I slip and eat any sugar the scale tends to go up at an alarming rate but if I immediately get back to eating correctly and exercising I can get the gain off. Unfortunately the other big no-no for me is any alcohol. I think that must metabolize instantly into fat. Not that I dont enjoy it from time to time but I have to plan for it and deal with the inevitable results.

Norma, love your bathroom re-do. Very pretty! I also love the photo collage you did with the pics. So creative. Glad to hear you had a nice anniversary. ~~ Ive been having those same concerns you voiced about winter having the last laugh and not allowing my guests to arrive next weekend. So far though the weather looks good. Yes, the shiner will probably still be there in our next Idyll group pic. ~~ Glad you like the frames! : )

T, glad to hear Boos internal workings are working again. I ROTFLOL over your post.

Sue, you are going to get me into shopping trouble. Cashmere sweaters??? Love it.

OK time for me to go and expose this face to my buddies at the gym and take the inevitable teasing Im going to get. Ive not been for a week so this is going to be bad.

Have a great day everyone,

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Norma, your bathroom turned out so lovely. All the accents are so neat. I especially like the birds nest.

Deanne, actually the 2 on the ends have yellow around the edges. The coloration isnt as clear when they are indoors. For the life of me, I cant think what color the yellow edged ones are (Im thinking pink), but heres a picture of the white edged in its container last 4th of July. The cool thing about this one is that the new foliage comes out totally white. Well, 15" should give some nice insulation. Poor Rahjjii, imagine snow over your head.

T, great news that Boo is feeling much relieved. Your account gave me a good laugh for the day. I could just picture you looking at the pile with your mouth hanging open. LOL

We are supposed to get snow Wed, Thurs and Fri of this week.

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I really like that shade of purple Norma! That's the shade I want to paint our bedroom but as usual I never get around to painting it. Nice photo collage of your details.
That pic of the red geranium silouette is striking with the snowy trees in the background!

Mary how many more days till you get to wear your coconut shells and grass skirt? I'd think you'd have it synchronized to the minutes and seconds: )

T-I just decided I don't care for apples anymore; )

Sue I've been thinking of you-so I guess you were in that tiny strip of the storm that got buried! And I don't know about you guys but it's going up to 45F in a couple days here-hope that doesn't create a worse mess for the easterners. We had funky weather here yesterday-of course I didn't have my camera but we were getting snow squalls from lake effect snow. The weather dude said technically we were having a mostly sunny day but the snow created by the lake effect was creating cloudlike forms in the sky-but you could see they were made up of individual snow flakes.In between snowbursts the sun and blue sky lit up the streams of snow. Very cool and I think you had to see it to 'get' it. lolol. The full moon also made for a gorgeous night sky lastnight.

Please don't hate me but I FORGOT my camera and didn't get a pic of my mom's cake...I have to make valentine cupcakes today for AJ's party at school will that suffice? Pics later. Busy day here, I also have a small trouser hemming job to do for my neighbor...better get a move on..

HI Eden,Honey,V,...and the rest who are missing

Love all the bday pics for Chelone-wonder if she saw them.
Mary I LOVE that Dixter pic so much-now that Mr. Lloyd is departed those pics must mean so much to you-I wondered too how well his estate would be tended to after his passing; I really wish I could visit there.

I'm off to do stuff


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Who me, missing? Nah, just laying low for the weekend. I actually got in a little extra rest this weekend and I can feel the difference.

Okay, here's a little internet primer for my idyller friends with children. Don't ask me how I know this, okay? Ethical clarification: I would not go into my DD's room, find her diary and read her private entries. But when you're posting stuff that anyone can view on the internet, I think I have a right to enusre that no one's going to get hurt. And I know that 99.5% of the teenagers in this country disagree with that.

Myspace is exploding in popularity. If you go to and click on the search function, it can be easy to find your child. The third search option is to search by school. Enter the name of the school and your state and you will find your local school; click on that and you will get an expanded search function. Check the appropriate criteria - age, sex, current student - and you will get a list of matches. You can scroll through these. If your child has used an actual photo, it should be easy. If they used a drawing, you may have to look a little harder, but if you know your child at all you should be able to find him or her.

Searching on their name may not work as they may use a nickname, or a screen name that has symbols in it. There's a slightly mistaken notion that it's okay to post personal info on myspace if you don't use your real name in your posting profile.

If you have middle school kids, they are supposed to be 14 to use myspace but plenty of them have figured out that all you need to do is to lie about your age. This will make it tougher to find your child, since some 12 year old's will say they are 14 and some will go overboard and say they are 24.

Okay, enough of that. We had a nice weekend. DS came home with his girlfriend, who we met for the first time. Very nice girl, and she even survived being dragged to Grandma's for Sunday breakfast. After they headed back to school, I went out shopping with DD and made a stop at Home Goods. Thanks to the influences of my friends here, I came home with 2 new pots and a plant stand.

I liked Norma and Michelle's bathroom transformations. In fact, I almost bought new towels for the downstairs bath yesterday, but decided I really neded to think about colors. You two have inspired me to take a closer look at the room and decorate it abit more instead of just throwing some towels in there.

The storm out east was really something! I'm happy to let you folks have all the white stuff!

T, glad to know you had an aweesome pile to gaze upon! Oh, the things we do for our animals...

Gonna run for lunch. (Is that bad, or what?)


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honey_mi(Z5 MI)

Happy Birthday Chelone!

Ive just returned from getting a tire on my car replaced. DH hit something yesterday and it sliced a hole on the inside sidewall. RANT another $200 out of my plant budget!

So Sue, did you ski down your street? Wow, what a storm! As Ive been watching the news coverage Ive been thinking of all you guys out east! Its beautiful if you dont have to travel in it or be affected by the flooding from the melting.

The symposium at Michigan State was just great. The ticket was steep but worth every penny. AND I got to say hello to David and meet his friend, Jim. David looks fabulous fit and trim. He said hes lost 40 lbs! It was so good to see him again.

V, youre absolutely right. Rob Proctor is a scream. He was the perfect speaker to cap off a wonderful day! How lucky for you to see his garden in person. He showed us slides of it and it was truly inspirational.

Norma, Happy Anniversary! Glad you checked in with an update on whats going on in your life. Its it amazing we worry about our kids when theyre little, then thru their teens and think our worrying is over when they reach maturity. NOT. Im so sorry about your DSs diagnosis, but glad hell be able to maintain on pills and/or diet and doesnt need injections.

Great bath renovation, Michelle. I have 3 to do. Wanna consult?! You sure have the knack.

Brenda, congrats on the weight loss! Good for you. I seem to be stuck on a plateau. Ive cheated a bit and that has to stop. Im so sorry about the bad health news in your family. Wow. Re your DSs detached retina, my DB has had horrific problems with that. It can be hereditary. His Dr. told him to make sure he told his siblings to get tested. Luckily, none of the rest of us has that weakness. Make sure you mention it to your Dr. the next time you have your eyes checked.

Wendy, thanks for the comments on the decorating project. Im on Part Deux, and am struggling with the cascade on one side of the long window on the stair landing. When Im done, Ill post a pic.

Martie, thanks for the scoop on HGTV. Too bad Ortho or Bayer wouldnt pick up the sponsorship.

Norma, great bath renovation for you, too. Its so fresh looking. Good job. And I love the way you did your photo collage!

Oh T, Im so glad Boo is feeling better. ROTFLOL over your descriptions.

Re kids on the internet, have any of you caught the reporting on tv on internet preditors? OMG, and many of them are teachers, there was a Rabbi, a law enforcement officer, etc. Real scary stuff. I dont envy you gals with kids having to monitor their every move to protect them.

Further on a related subject, A friend sent me this link and I was amazed. It even shows you photos. Check out your neighborhood to see if any convicted offenders live and/or work nearby. What an eye opener!

Hi to all. Back to cycling laundry. TTYL, Honey

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Hello Everyone-

Just a few quick comments since , as usual, I don't have a lot of time.

My Space - I have been warning DD about this for the last couple of years. Thanks V for the info. and I completely agree with you about monitoring info available in a public forum. I took the opportunity to check out DD and I wasn't horrified, Thank God. I have told her repeatedly not to ever post any specific info regarding her plans for the evening or weekend. On one occasion I predicted that one day someone around her age may run for public office. The way people love to dig up dirt I could see someone with access to a cache of old MySpace blogs and pictures and woops that guys a gonner. When she was home for Christmas she said " you know, you're right about My Space. Now when someone applies for a job along with the background check they check them out on My Space too."

Sue, do you still need a part time AP person. I used to do it twenty some years ago. Shouldn't be too hard to get back into it. Oh, is telecommuting an option?

I am feeling a little burned out. I need some fresh inspiration. Have been dealing with pia clients. Hoping to get a fresh perspective I called one of my favorite clients only to be told that they recently had to remove 5 thirty year old Queen Palms from their backyard. They were cracking the block wall behind them. They were the the backbone of their whole garden! Sigh!

Norma and Michelle, your bathrooms turned out beautiful. I recently bought a couple new sets of towels, one in kind of smokey amethyst and the other in periwinkle. I also have hydrangea print wallpaper in the hall.

Eden - I never got to tell you how much I love your Mary Engelbreit kitchen!

I am so sorry for all the rough weather you NE idyllers are having. This past weekend was beautiful here. My nephew is bringing his new wife this weekend so I am getting my family together. I hope you all have a great time at your party. I may have a margarita and raise my glass to you.

Oh crumbs! It's almost 4:00 P.M. here and I just realized that it is Monday and we have to Bowl at 6:00. I gotta run. Have a great week everyone!


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Thanks everyone, for the nice compliments.

Had to run out first thing this morning to buy dog food and bird seed. Then made a second trip to next town over to get the beadboard and supplies for the laundry room. DH went along to help with the beadboard and he needed a new saw to cut it with. That man is so slow moving it drives me nuts. LOL . He does have trouble walking, but that is not the whole reason he moves slow. Of course when I am on a mission and wanting to get things done, I have no patience either.

V, I'm happy to hear you like your sons girlfriend. That makes it easier. New pots and a plant stand Heh? For indoors or out?

I need to track Cynthia down. She posted a picture of her agave in a pot on the patio last summer that I liked. I need to repot mine and would like to see that pot again.

Honey, bummer about the tire. I hate those kind of expences. Glad you enjoyed the symposium and was able to talk to David and meet Jim. And yes I never stop freting about my kids or grandkids no matter their age. I don't worry over every little thing, just the more serious ones.

Babs did you get the trousers hemmed and cupcakes made?

Grace, so do Palms have extensive root systems? To bad they have to remove them. This is a good time to buy new towels or bedding with sales going on. I really want to go into the mall one day soon. I think it was at Famous I saw a quilt I liked around Christmas time.

T, are you still getting rain all the time? How is your daughter feeling with the pregnancy? Any morning sickness?

Ok, I'm going to look at the Buestone catalog and decide if I want to order anything for 20% off. I really would like to have some sedum Angelina and I've never seen it around here. I'm sure I could find a couple other things too. Stay warm and dry people. Norma

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honey_mi(Z5 MI)

Norma, I bot some Angelina last fall and I think I'm really going to like it. Thanks for the head's up on the 20% off at Bluestone. I'm holding off looking/ordering b/c my budget keeps shrinking. Waaaaaa.

I suspect our NE Idyllers may not be posting either b/c they lost power or are too tired from shoveling.

I've been holding my breath over the last week and was really in the dumps. My friend with pancreatic cancer wasn't returning phone calls. I left msgs. on her machine, trying to be upbeat, chatty but under it all I was awfully worried. Her DH is strange sometimes and I don't know if he'd call me if something happens, altho I've asked him to. I met her cousin many yrs. ago, but don't have a way to contact her and there's no tactful way to ask. So you can imagine how relieved I was when I finally heard from her today. She said she's just weak and wasn't up to talking. And to top off everything, her mother passed away last week in Oregon! While it's sad, it was a great relief, too, for the whole family. She was 89.

I want to visit but she's afraid of being exposed to colds, etc., so I haven't pushed it. I also think she doesn't want me to see her b/c she's lost so much weight. I offered and she promised to let me know if her DH needs a break from taking her to chemo. She says she enjoys our phone conversations b/c she never knows when she'll suddenly not feel well. My heart goes out to her.

Well, that's it from me tonite. Thinking of all and saying "Hi". TTYL.

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Good bright morning! According to the resident experts (the three 11yo boys on the circle) the official snowfall was 25". They "know" because before the storm they set up an area where the snow couldn't get blown around using large appliance boxes from another neighbor. We were told quite pointedly that our 28" measurement was flawed because there was a space where wind could get into the area we measured. Standing corrected, I thought it obligatory to correct my previous reports. LOL

So we now have a snow city in our front yard since the plows dumped piles of snow there. Came home yesterday to Rich filling buckets of water to pour over the top of forts to make everything stay up during the predicted thaw. While driving in, heard at least one say "Don't worry Mrs. Martie, we know where your gardens are!!!!" Good kids.

So glad for Boo!!! So sorry for Rahji!!!

Have been reading along and all good thoughts are going to those who can't get the oomph they used to get for whatever reason. That's the one thing I'm dreading about getting "old," not being as agile or physically quick as I am now. With the understanding that there are far worse maladies, for some reason that's what scares me.

Am office-bound for two whole days but get to wear jeans. Nielson rating training, here I come! Put out an email to all the regional/national account execs at work to be on the lookout for HGTV garden show sponsors. The response was one of similar bewilderment, with a consensus opinion that gardeners will buy what they want to buy whether it's advertised or not. Thus, no company with a large amount of ca-ching wants to lay out money for advertising when they can keep it in their pocket. I ditto the feelings about Rebecca's Garden, but will always be a fan of PBS stuff.

Running now -- later, friends!


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Morning everyone,

Ill be so happy when I can get up a bit earlier in the AM. I went to bed at nine last night and still wasnt able to haul myself out of the sack until seven this morning. I really love to be up at 5AM it just is the getting up part that I have difficulties with. LOL ~~ It is a chilly 22 degrees out this morning but the weather gurus are saying that it is supposed to warm up this week then be very cold on Saturday. Ill deal with the cold as long as we dont have any frozen precip Ill be happy. ~~ I spent the day yesterday trying to get some of the chunks off the dirt layers in this house. Im making headway but there is still a ways to go. It isnt unusual for me to get the cleaning bug in February so the timing of this party works out great. ~~ The gym yesterday was not the most enjoyable workout Ive ever had but not as bad as I thought it would be either. Just had to deal with the inevitable questions about my face. The first thing Steve the trainer said was What did Doug do to you? I think he was joking but one of the reasons I dont want to go out like this is because people do assume you got hit in the face by your significant other. Poor Doug!

Martie, you are too funny about the snowfall amounts. What a hoot. ~~ Thanks for the additional info on garden programming. I guess the deal about gardeners are going to buy what they are going to buy is pretty true. ~~ Im a pretty fast mover myself and that is what got me in trouble the other night. When I get up in the middle of the night I sort of leap out of bed and zip to the bathroom without giving my body time to adjust from sleep mode.

Honey, So very sorry about your friend. That must be heartbreaking and difficult for you. (((((Honey))))) ~~ So sorry about the tire and your gardening budget. What a drag!

Norma, Im another person who goes on a mission and everyone else get out of the way. I drive my family crazy. ~~ You can catch Cynthia at TGF. Check out the link above titled Check this out.

Hi Grace, great to hear from you. What a bummer about the palms. It is always sad to have to remove any mature planting. ~~ How was bowling?

V, I had to laugh that you took DSs girlfriend to breakfast at Grandmas. That is sort of like throwing her in at the deep end isnt it? Your guest room is ready and waiting. I CANT WAIT TO SEE YOU!!!!

Michelle, I just love that Fourth of July arrangement. The white spotted hypoestes is absolutely perfect with that arrangement. I need to get myself a few more pelargoniums. Now that Ive figured out how to winter over all these things what will a few geraniums add to the work load??? LOL

Hi Babs, looking forward to seeing the Valentines Day cupcakes LOL. Sounds like you are pretty busy these days. So how is Chris doing with his dissertation? And how is his Mom doing now??? Is she getting around ok?

Ok it is way past time for me to get to the gym so Im off

Happy Valentines Day everyone!


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honey_mi(Z5 MI)

Happy Valentines Day, Idylls!

Brief drive by today. I HAVE to get this project done so I can get this pit cleaned up. Im so tired of the mess I made. Im going to have to layout the fabric on the basement floor its the only place where I have enough open floor space.

I have a snow memory to share. In the 70's, we got a huge snowfall the Monday before Thanksgiving. The snow was waist high. As a single Mom with a RWD car, there was no hope of getting out of my street. I looked forward to having a couple days off to putter around the house, until my boss called. Despite the rest of the company not having to report to work, he was picking me up in his 4WD!! I won't share the words I was thinking at the time. We were the only 4 in the whole co. that worked that day! He did, however, bring in pizza for us for lunch. It was the pits to have to work when no one else was in!

Oh, Martie, that is so funny about the kids being your "official" local weather bureau. When we moved in here the neighborhood kids updated us on all the gossip. The boys were the worst, lol. I wouldnt repeat things they told us. And they were so sincere and intent on us understanding who REALLY did what to whom and how things came down. They were a hoot.

Grace, I look forward to your telling us more about those palms. I thot they were shallow rooted. Its so interesting to hear you talk about plants from your fair weather perspective.

Deanne, poor Doug, being blamed for your shiner.

Mary, are you getting excited?! Arent you leaving for Hawaii this week?

OK, gotta get some breakfast and get on the stick here. Hi to all. Have a great day!

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Good morning and Happy Valentines Day! Weve got a bright, sunny day here and its supposed to get up to the high 40s. I may go for a walk after work if theyre not lying to us.

In the category of "You Just Cant Win" we got a second dog bed yesterday so that the two dogs wouldnt "argue" over who got how much of the one dog bed. So now they tussle over who gets the new bed! Its funny to watch their little territorial moves. One will lay down on the new bed and not move so that the other doesnt steal the spot. Theres even been some friendly growling. We may have to get a second new bed to settle this. The new bed definitely is fluffier than the old one.

Friday night Mystic started to get a little weird. All of a sudden, his fur went up, and he ran from one door to the next, barking and sniffing frantically at the bottom of the door. I thought perhaps he heard coyotes outside, so I went to the door to the screened porch and cracked it open to listen. I stood there about ten seconds not hearing a thing, but then it hit me SKUNK! I slammed the door shut before the smell could really get into the house. The skunk must have sprayed something relatively near by. Obviously Mystic could smell it through the crack of the door. Yes, the next time we took the dogs out we kept both of them on leashes! The smell had dissipated by then.

Martie, thanks for all the info on HGTV. We dont get cable and a few years ago I was very tempted to get satellite so that I could enjoy the gardening shows on HGTV. Needless to say, Im glad I didnt make that move.

Mary, since I always forget to comment at the right time, I will wish you a lovely trip now while Im thinking of it. Hope you have the chance to make some great family memories!

Norma, the pots and the plant stand will go out on the deck when the weather warms up. The smaller pot will get planted soon with a variegated kalanchoe cutting that a coworker gave me. Its been rooting in water like nobodys business and needs to get into some soil. I had to buy another pot because I didnt have one small enough. (yeah, right) So what did DH say when I brought home two pots? "Oh, Farm & Fleet just got in some really nice large pots." I think he is another pot enabler

Honey, sorry to hear about the continued assaults on your plant budget. I checked your link interesting! Not too much in our immediate area, so thats nice to know. I had to chuckle, theres an area not too far from us that has a sort of "trailer trash" reputation. Amazing to see how many of those little boxes clustered in that area! Sometimes bad reputations are deserved.

Grace, interesting that some employers are checking on MySpace! When you read some of the profiles, you know that these kids arent thinking that anyone beyond their close friends would ever see this stuff. Im sure some of the profiles are exaggerated to make themselves sound cool, but some of that may come back to bite them!

Psst, Deanne I CANT WAIT TO SEE YOU TOO! Ive checked the weather forecast here and there and it looks like there will be no major precipitation events to disrupt things, and I think I actually miss one day of really cold weather by heading east (we have two in our forecast.) Ive got to get the Hawaiian shirt ready. I wont scare you all by wearing shorts, though.

Hope everyone has a lovely day today!


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Happy Valentine's Day,Idylls XOXOXOXO

~Roses are red
Sun,melts the snow
I shoulda been grocery shopping an hour ago!

(you guys mean so much to me that I'd sacrifice food for my starving family to give you a pretty pic-now that's dedication and loyalty,no?)lol

Hug someone today: )


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Not gone just yet!

Norma-thanks for asking: ) The cupcakes are above(lol)and I got two of the three pairs of pants hemmed. I was on a roll!Oops but I did ruin my first batch of frosting from scratch at 9pm lastnight trying to get the cakes finished...and had to use a quick less yummy recipe(my original is a recipe that tastes like whipped cream but it takes a long time to make)

Deanne-HECK,Everybody in the whole WORLD!~ CHRIS WROTE HIS LAST SENTENCE OF HIS DISSERTATION ROUGH DRAFT LAST THURSDAY(on my mom's bday)!!! Sorry for the big voice but it's biggie. He has to smooth various sections then submit it to his comittee this week. It almost sounds like he'll be done by summer(I won't hold my breath but at least the end is surely in sight.

The news about MIL isn't so great-she's having difficulty with swelling and it was so bad she couldn't make it to the doctor's today and can't wear her prosthetics. Hopefully by Thurs. she will be recovered enough to see the Dr. This is the worst time for Chris since he has tons on his plate and his sister(notice I didn't use DS-cuz she's not)is up to her usual passive aggression and insensitive zanyness.

Life is chock full of ups and downs...that said,I need to go grocery shopping~



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wendy2(zone 6 MA)

Good afternoon!

It is nice and sunny here, not too cold. We only had about 14" of snow, and we really couldn't ask for better timing of that storm - nobody had to drive to or from work in it!

We are going over to my mother's house after school for frosting heart-shaped cookies and snowmobiling - guess which activity this winter outdoorswoman is more interested in! The cookies are awesome, they are sugar cookies but they are hard when baked and are best after at least 24 hours so the frosting can soften them up.

Babs, lovely cupcakes - are those dove hearts on top? Congrats to Chris for reaching a milestone with his dissertation. How long has he been working on it?

Honey, so sorry about your friend who is ill. That must be so difficult. Our town posts the registry of local offenders on the police website. It is somewhat reasurring, but the devil you don't know can be worse. The registry is only for people who have been convicted; not those who were arrested and never charged, or worse yet have not been caught.

T, congrats on the lovely harvest of road apples from Boo!

Norma, pretty pics of your bathroom. I like your collection of baskets.

V, your narrative about the dogs getting territorial over the new bed was cracking me up. My brother's dog won't use the dog pillow he has. My DD tries to encourage him to lay down on it, but he'll only put his head on it for a little while, probably just to please her.

Speaking of DD, I have to go search for her missing glove - can't drive a snowmobile with just one glove!

Happy Valentines Day!


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taryn(S Ontario Z6B)


From the boys:

And from me:

(Guess what I'm still up to?)

Have a LOVE-ly day all...


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Hi everyone

Thank you for the wonderful valentines - a feast for the eyes. Seeds, cupcakes, and gorgeous flowers, what more could you ask for?

I am getting super excited about our trip - we leave first thing Thursday morning. However, I'm also feeling frazzled thinking of all I need to get done before I go, both at work and at home. If I don't have a chance to check in tomorrow - we have Girl Scouts, Karate and Little League registration all on the same night - I'll wish everyone the best now.

I'll be thinking of all the North Easterners and V partying it up at Deannes at the weekend, and toast you with a Mai Tai.

Enjoy the break from school for those whose kids are off, and stay warm and healthy everybody.



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Honey, interesting link. The only one near us is a guy we rented our pasture to several years ago. Creepy huh? Pretty bouquet, is that from your DH?

Grace, I love hydrangeas, I bet it makes a pretty bathroom.

Norma, I bought angelina last fall also. I love that color.

Deanne, thanks for the beautiful Valentine card. Im with you about liking to be up early, but just not wanting to get up. I have started getting up at 6:20 which is 10 min. earlier just to have a little extra quiet time.

Babs, what a wonderful presentation of the cupcakes. What fabulous news for Chris (and you) Im sorry to hear that things are such a struggle for your MIL.

Taryn, cute Valentine with the seeds, perfect for gardeners.

Mary, I wish you and your family a fabulous time on your trip.

Happy Valentine's Day


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What a day! I need a know, one of those signs that Andy Rooney talked about.......just so that people will know I'm stoooopid before I open my mouth? Geesh! I bought DH a Valentine's card. I'm talking on the phone with my mother and I am multi-tasking (one of my mistakes)and I write James...then I think "the envelope looks a bit bare with just his name on it", so I write Happy and then I write Birthday. ARUGH! Birthday not Valentine's Day. Sheesh! I do save the envelope though by going to the computer and printing off Deanne's gorgeous Idyll Valentine pic above. I cut it down a bit so it covers all of my writing and thanks to Deanne, he'll never know...or rather, he won't be reminded that I'm a space cadet all too often. Darn it all anyway!

Today has been a no good, bad, awful, rotten day. The farrier came to trim Boo's hooves and he was running late so I stood out in the snow, with a horse on lead for 45 minutes. I did spend some of that time brushing Boo while he munched on grass, his belly making lovely loud belly sounds (it is those little things in life!!) and then he littered the driveway with apples.....First time I was tickled to have that mess on the driveway. I wonder when I'll get past being tickled about seeing horse manure?

I need to get a life!

Went to town, bought one of the 3 Valentine cards left in the store (why do I wait until the last minute?--get that sign again). Anyway, won't go through the whole blessed day but suffice to say......I bought 2 huge monstrous Cadberry candy bars---ate one on the way home and hid the other one in my sewing room. I just know I'm going to be needing emergency chocolate some time in the not so distant future.

I think I need to go start making my sign......a big one. I've got lots of examples to write on it. :oP

(Babs, such great news about Chris' dissertation being so near to completion! I hope his mom is better soon.)

I miss so many of the quiet Idylls. Hope they are okay.

My best to all.........

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Hello Everyone!

I saw Honey's post and had to respond. I am so sorry about your friend. My father passed away from Pancreatic Cancer a little over eight years ago. As someone who was by his side throughout his 18 month illness I will tell you what I think. It is so wonderful that she has a friend like you that cares so much. Continue to call and leave messages if necessary. If you don't hear from her send her little "thinking of you" cards now and then. When you do talk tell her stories about your everday life. The ones about all the cute/funny things Bullet does come to mind. Offer to provide a meal. It doesn't have to be home cooked. When you're hungry and too weak to cook almost anything is good. I know your caring concern is appreciated and you won't be sorry you made the effort.

Mary, hoping you and your family have a great trip and yes, don't forget to have a Mai Tai. mmm!

Deanne, I'm glad you're feeling better. I never got the chance to tell you that your butterfly picture is beautiful. The detail is incredible!

I saw another sure sign of Spring in SoCal this morning. The Parrots are back. There is some debate as to whether they are descended from what was at one time someone's pet or if they migrated up from Mexico. There are a couple of different species. They are all green about 10 in long. Some have red markings. The ones in my neighborhood are all green. A lot of people don't like them because they can be rather raucous, but they don't bother me. I'd rather listen to them than crows.

I haven't been out to look at the palm destruction yet as they both have the flu. My guess at this point as to what caused the problem is that they were planted in a raised planter that is approx 12" high by 30" deep. The roots grow in a fibrous ball. As they were 30 yrs old, they may have just taken all available space and had nowhere else to go. I told her I would work on a couple different options and they could decide later.

I went to Trader Joes the other day and was reminded of Cynthia. I miss her.

Well, that's all for now. Happy Valentines Day all!


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Happy Valentines Day

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Honey, was good to hear your friend was finally able to call you. I know it is tough on you too.

Martie , to funny about the 11 yr old boys being so precise. I can relate because I have a barely 12 yr old grandson. And he knows everything. Just ask him? LOL , actually he is pretty smart. He has always been a quick learner and I am always reminding him to be patient with his three yr old brother, because he thinks he should get things right away too. At least he does play with him. I was afraid he wouldn't want to be botherd because of the age difference. He is very protective of him too.

Deanne, I have been sleeping later this winter than I have for years. (Still not late by other peoples standards.) I think just because I had no real reason to get up. Now that I have projects going, I'm more ready to get up. Like I told a friend the other day, " I feel like it is quiting time around 3 or 4 pm so If I don't get moving a little earlier I don't get much done."
Pretty card-Pretty flowers!

Oooh Honey yours are pretty too!

V, funny about the dogs and the new bed. I have seen Rebel get up and run about like something is happening , to fake Keebler out, so he could get the favored spot. Before this last cold spell , we had been smelling skunks too.
Have a safe trip to Deannes.

Mary, don't know if you will have time to read this, but happy vacation to you and yours.

Babs I love your little poem, and the cupcakes look like a real treat. Hmmmnnn, I need chocolate, wonder what I can find. May have to settle for a capachino.
Good for Chris, bet that will be a load off his mind when it is all finished with. Sorry to hear his mom is having more problems.

Hey Wendy, I love snowmobiling too. Hope you all had fun.

Taryn, how clever that you made a valentine with your seed packets. Thanks to the boys for sharing with us.

Michelle, I like quite time in the morning too. When I worked I always got up early enough to have some, and that is why I dislike DH turning on the TV first thing in the morning too.

T, So good to see BOO! I get great joy from the small things in life too.
Maybe you've seen this before. My DIL sent it to me today.

Good things to remember.......
I am Thankful :


















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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

OK, just lost a whole message and have no time to retype. Happy Valentines Day!


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Michelle, I like the old fashion valentine cards. Are they really old or reproductions? Norma

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Norma-I liked your poem-all things that are so true and we don't always take a moment to see the good in things that irritate us: )
I'm glad you are here more these days-I've always enjoyed your posts.

Michelle I agree that those valentines are pretty-I love vintage things like that. I have a boxful of valentine's from at least the 1920's if not earlier that belonged to Chris' grandma. I always think I need to display them somehow and never get around to doing anything. I suppose when I run out of other stuff to do....hmm.

I apologize that I haven't read close enough so I feel like I'm leaving out things I wanted to say.

I do recall that I wanted to say to Taryn-I felt bad for Shane and his own online mishap-thank goodness you and Glenn were there to stop it. Thanks V and others about telling us about myspace. Aj hasn't mentioned it though he really doesn't surf-he mostly sticks to PC games these days and that's fine with me. We do discuss the dangers of being online to him and for now he's afraid of the posibilities we've talked about. I'm sure one day he'll get more adventurous-that's always a worry.

Taryn-Tell your little guys thanks for the valentines! You are a clever one-a perfect gardener's valentine. And those are the seeds you'll be sending me? lol

Honey hang in there, girl. I do hope that eventually your ailing friend lets you come see her; that must be so tough to want to spend time with her and not know when she'll let you. Does she realize how much it means to you? She's lucky person to have such a good friend in you.

Wendy-yep, those are Dove chocolates: ) The cupcakes were a hit(chocolate candy ontop always a guarantee of a hit). Get this,my forgetful little AJ forgot the container of six leftover cupcakes on the bus coming home today...I called the bus garage to see if I could pick them up-they said just stay home,the bus driver will drop them off on his way home from work-lol. I thought that was so nice so I gave Mr.Busdriver a plate of cupcakes to take home(no not the mangled ones that obviously got tossed around the bus; )

Lots of great pics here today-nice to see.

Tomorrow I'm breaking out the bikini-it's going to be over 50F-where's my blow up pool...Taryn do you still have Homer?


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Good golden morning! The sun is coming up and everything is a wonderful warmish orange color reflecting off the snow. It'll be gone in two minutes but Wow!

Mary - Have a wonderful, wonderful trip! So if the kids don't make Girl Scouts and karate it's because they're Hawaii-Bound. Who cares at this point? Se le vive!! (?sp) Don't miss LL sign-ups though (that coming from a former local president and huge supporter of LL baseball).

Babs - ummmmmmmm Dove chocolates...... What nice bus drivers you have. AJ's been having kind of a tough week, huh? Congrats to Chris and good thoughts to his mom. What is the subject of his dissertation?

Taryn: Good, good, good for you and Doug to be so close to the computer at the right moment. When Ky started on the internet there was very little in the way of child protection and I spent a lot of time hovering. It sounds as though, despite the techy advances, that not much has changed. That's too bad, and it infuriates me to hear some parent say "well, when I was a kid we looked at Playboy." A bit different in my feeble mind!!!!! Love the valentines, BTW.

And all the pictures -- gorgeous!

Grace: Parrots in your backyard? Palm trees in raised beds? No worries about overwintering? That's it. I'm morphing. LOL

Really looking forward to seeing everyone on Saturday. Weather is supposed to be dry. That's all that matters to me!

T: Welcome to my card procrastination club! I never got as far as the store ... Good reason, though: Rich's "other" wedding anniversary was, you guessed it, Valentine's Day. Even though I get along really well with his former wife/daughter's mother, it's not a holiday we go overboard on and Ky is getting too "old" for valentines from mom. Oh, well! Love the pic of Boo. Grays have always been a fav of mine.

And another Terrier wins Westminster! Think they'll be an inquiry~~~~

The snow city stands. Resident population has increased as the kids from the next street over got wind of construction and the fact that some "old guy" was willing to help. Made a quick trip around the neighborhood to be sure all parents understood that we were not trying to suffocate their kids of anything collapsed. Kids were one step ahead and had the littlest ones get on top of the roofs one at a time. They figured if four of them could be on top without caving in everything was safe. Sounded like a plan to me with the ABSOLUTE understanding that No One was to be in there without someone being outside. Rich was standing there like a little kid himself listening and shaking his head at all the right moments. I Give Up.

Stuck inside for training again today and really wish I was on the road given the sun and clear skies. Tomorrow ...

Hi!!! to everyone.


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Good sunny morning all,

Well, I guess winter is going to thumb it's nose up at us because it is supposed to be windy and 18 degrees on Saturday, I guess there won't be too many takers for a dip in the hot tub! But, as Martie said as long at it isn't snowing, icing, sleeting or other frozen precip-ing I'll be content.

Martie, the saga of the snow fort is too funny. We used to do that when we were kids and I loved playing in the tunnels. ~~ Bummer you are stuck indoors on a nice sunny day like this.

Sue, sorry you lost your post. I hate it when that happens.

Babs, Dove chocolates on cupcakes??? Wow, no wonder they were a hit and how neat that the bus driver dropped them off at your house. Nice folks. ~~ Congratulations to Chris on getting that done! You must be so happy! but sorry his Mom isn't doing too well. I don't know how Chris has persevered with that worry hanging over his head.

NOrma, love the quote, it really is a recipe for being happy to be thankful for what one has and not focus on the negative. ~~ I was able to get up at 6:30AM today and I'm shooting for 6 for tomorrow. If I can consistently get up at 6 for a week then maybe next week I can make it a bit earlier.

Michelle, love the old fashioned Valentine's Cards.

Grace, thank you, so happy you liked the painting.

Taryn, very clever! Love the seeds.

T, nice to see Boo!

Mary, you guys have the best, most wonderful vacation of your lives. We'll raise a toast to you on Saturday.

OK out of time and have to get to the gym then finish getting this house cleaned up for the weekend.


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For those who were wondering, the Valentine cards are from my grandma. I have them in a collage. Babs, Im sure you could do something very creative with yours. I can see why the cupcakes were a hit.

I think we are in for a weather change. We are supposed to get 6-12" of snow this afternoon and into tomorrow. Then temps dipping below 0 at night. The bright side is the garden will have a nice blanket first.

We decided not to fight the crowds last night and stayed home. I picked up precooked prime rib, twice baked potatos, green salad makings and shrimp cocktail at the store and we had a nice romantic meal. Then we watched the Westminister dog show.

Norma, thanks for reminding us to be thankful in all things.

Grace, I saw a story on TV recently about the controversy of the parrots that are in San Francisco.

T, its nice to see a picture of Boo. LOL on the emergency chocolate.

I wonder what Eden is up to? I miss everyone that is missing or quiet.


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Although we have still not had winter precipitation it is looking pretty threatenng out. It is 49F out, but cloudy and very windy. The temps are predicted to plunge later ths week, and remain at highs in the 30s! If it continues to be cloudy I am expecting to suffer SADD. :-(
I still do not feel up to snuff, and my crippled right shoulder and arm are giving me fits.I am having a hard time trying to type. It's pretty much all left-handed!

I am amazed at the depth of the snow in the Northeast.
I hope all who have to travel will be very cautious.
It makes for a beautiful scene, but soooo treacherous.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Still need to log in to participate here. Woody emailed me yesterday to say she has given up with the nonsense and won't be trying here any longer. She sent a photo of the finished benches and they are really handsome! I hope she is able to plant them up soon. She is keen to start her next garden project already. I believe Chelone feels the same way.

Today I joined friends on a nursery outing, to escape more painting. I ended up buying more white amaryllis, a beautiful begonia and some echeveria to plant in my new clay pot that I bought at our hort society conference last Sunday.

Also tidied up the indoor plants: grasses, heather, streptocarpus, etc.

Bon Voyage Mary! The last time I saw Hawaii was in the 1980s and it was wonderful. One of my fondest memories is of swimming with zillions of multicoloured fishes.


Back to painting now I'm afraid. Storm warnings for the next two days with freezing rain.

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Well the weather is just gorgeous today-sunny and 50s. Too bad it's a weekday. Supposedly more of the same tomorrow, then warm and rainy on Friday then cold again. At this point I just take the weather one or two days at a time because the forecasts are rarely accurate beyond that. In a couple of weeks, winter starts to break up anyway.

Work is busy again this week. The auditors are still here but they seem to be winding things up.

Enjoyed the valentines. Does everybody remember being in grade school and giving a valentine to all of your classmates? Do kids still do that? My mom used to make cupcakes all the time in those good old days.

Have fun in Hawaii, Mary! It's at the top of my list of places to visit. Unfortunately it takes so long to get there from the east coast and I'm not a good traveller. We were lucky to get direct flights to Salt Lake City next month. Our flight leaves Hartford at 6:40 AM and with the time change, we'll be there at like 10:30 AM local time.

We have a problem with some sort of wild parakeet here in CT, believe it or not. Apparently they make these huge nests on utility poles that cause fires and other sorts of problems. A couple of months ago there was a big bru-ha-ha because the power company was trapping the birds and euthanizing them. People went to court and got them to stop but I don't think that's the end of it. I was surprised to hear birds like that could live outside in this climate.

I'm all set for Deanne's on Saturday. The pet sitter has been scheduled to come in and feed the mutts dinner so we won't have to rush home. CAN'T WAIT TO SEE EVERYONE!


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

For your viewing enjoyment...the rarely photographed Florida

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Hi everyone

Sue - I love the squirrel! So do you think the parakeets survived the snow storm?

T - did I mention what a handsome fella Boo is?

Marian - I hope you find some relief for your shoulder and arm. I 'll send some bright sunshine your way from Hawaii to help with the SAD!

Martie - I'm taking your advice and not feeling guilty about skipping Girl Scouts tonight. Part of the reason is I also need to register David for Little League! So you were a past president? Cool!

Babs - congratulations to Chris - a monumental achievement.

I'm waving to all those I might have missed. This group is very special. I too have to log in every time (it's 2 typed words for me), but feel it is a small investment to keep in touch with a group that has provided much support, friendship, inspiration and humor over the years. To be given a peek into so many different lives is an honor. I'll greatly miss those who choose not to return but continue to enjoy the company of those who stay.

Till our return


PS Deanne - I'll email you DH's suggestion for paper.

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

It's curious that some are having to log in . I am not having that problem. It only happened to me a couple of times since things have straightened out. I am sure sorry for all that aren't that fortunate, and sorry to hear that Woody is giving up. I wonder if she notified the administration it would be fixed??
I have the forum in my bookmarks, and connect from there.

Mary, I hope you have a wonderful time in Hawaii!


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LOL on the Florida squirrel.
Mary, my sentiments exactly. I don't have to log in all the time, but its worth it. What friendship doesn't take a little work? :o)

I'm so envious of the mini Idyllunion this weekend. I bet Deanne's garden is interesting even in the winter.

I think someone needs to hide my credit card. I've ordered from 5 gardening sites so far. The only thing that I didn't get that I was looking for is angelica gigas. I put that on my list after hearing talk of it here. The one place I found it, they had a minimum order of $30 and that sort of annoys me.

Eden, if you are lurking, did you mention that you grew calamagrostis brachytricha from seed? I ordered some seeds off ebay.


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I resemble that squirrel! ;o) (slippers and furry legs--just kidding on the furry legs!)

Mary, I hope you & your family have a wonderful time....I hope I'm not too late for you to see my best wishes.

'bug it is good to see you, you are missed! I'm sorry that you are still having difficulty with logging in and that Woody is too.....I miss her also.

I hope that the gathering this weekend is as much fun as all of us are guessing it will be. I bet it is going to be wonderful!

Norma, I enjoyed the 'thankful' essay you shared, thank you.

I wasn't home much of today so need to go clean up the kitchen and get a load of laundry done before bedtime.

I hope all are well.......


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Good morning all,

Another gorgeous sunny day here and it is supposed to be in the mid forties. Yesterday was 55 degrees!!! Wonderful. It is hard to believe that it is going to get cold again for Saturday. Bummer. If it was going to be in the 50's we actually could have been outside but I'll take any weather without snow at this point.

RE log in. I found that I had to re-check the box to remember my password on the site, even though I'd already done it before. For some reason it didn't remember that it was supposed to remember me but I've finally fixed the problem. Bug and Woody, have you checked that box on the log in page?

Hi T, How's the weather out that way?

Michelle, I think I need to have all my credit cards burned. After Sue mentioned the Eddie Bauer sale I had to nip over there and pick up a few things. I'm incurable. Now I'm about to start my spring garden ordering and I really need to start earning money before I spend any more.

Mary, Bon Voyage! Thanks for the information on the paper.

Sue, ROTFLOL! !~Yes I do remember giving a valentine to all my classmates but I really don't send out any cards anymore.

HI Marian, and Bug....

OK time to get to the gym and spend the day and finish spiffing up this house. I de-catted the guest room for V last night.

Have a wonderful day everyone,

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

I shall provide the counterpoint to Deanne's "nice weather" post. Think of your least favorite type of nasty weather. That's what we are having right now. All of it, all at once. We had sleety snow last night that's still on the ground. Now we have wind, rain, thunder, lightening, toss in a little hail as I'm typing! Yeech! Ahem, make that a lot of hail...

The good news - this will clear out by tonight, so it's clear flying tomorrow!


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taryn(S Ontario Z6B)

Good icy morning,
The entire Region (county) of Waterloo's schools are closed today, as freezing rain has made a skating rink out of the area. The boys are heartbroken--NOT! LOL! They are snowboarding at the big hill at their school, which beats schoolwork any day. Martie, they'd have loved your fort too.

I sure hope the weather forecast is right and it goes up to mid 40s and rains. The boys have a teacher training day tomorrow (4 day weekend now!) and I'm supposed to be meeting my SIL in Toronto with them in the afternoon, as she's taking them to her place in the snowbelt, Horseshoe Valley, to play with their cousins for the weekend! Whee, a weekend sans kids! That hasn't happened in a while. Maybe Valentine's Day will put in a late appearance...

Actually I'm staying in Toronto Friday, going to my Mum's for lunch, then my friend Dawn's to hang out and spend the night. Glenn was supposed to be jamming with his band, but I just got a call that it's cancelled, so maybe he'll come and hang out with Jason while Dawn and I catch up. Saturday I'm hooking up with my sis for the afternoon and another sleepover, possibly with her beaux Matt and Glenn. That doesn't sound right, lol, so let me rephrase--don't know if this will be sans the menfolk or just the girls, but we'll be staying over at my DS' place either way. Sunday Glenn is meeting buddies to watch Daytona 500. I'd like to check out a couple of open houses if possible, but it will depend on when I'm meeting SIL again to get the boys. I sure hope the weather cooperates, know it has thwarted plans for a few Idylls lately, and mine in the past. But I really need to get away from housework, laundry, Ebay and seeds for a while, and the boys are really excited about spending 3 days with their cousins.

Deanne I am gradually adding in the complex carbs, but need to monitor how I feel and make sure I don't get in trouble with my blood sugar again. Am re-acquainting myself with my breadmaker, and hoping to find a wheat-free recipe that actually rises well. Missing Vegangirl's interesting commentary, and bet she would know. Are you out there VE? Will check with Mary when she gets back for ideas too. Also juicing fresh juices, which are wonderful! Just had a carrot/apple/ginger/lime concoction and it was divine. Whoever invented the juicer never had to clean it though--what a pain in the arse! All those hard-to-get-into corners and crevices. Worth the effort though.

Down 3 pounds since Monday. :) Also started doing 20 minutes of cardio a day as my energy allows on a mini-stepper with tension bands for arms I bought used for $25.00. Baby steps, as energy seems to be better on some days. Brenda and Norma, found another site for diabetes on the site linked below. Posting it here as I don't want to talk to myself on the other thread, do enough of that here, lol.

Babs, tell me those cupcakes are complex carbs! Please?? LOL, they sure are pretty.

Michelle loved your grandmother's cards, what a neat keepsake!

Loved all the valentine's cards, and Chelone's BD cards too. Have to tell you a puppy love story, before VT day is long gone. On Valentine's Day evening I took Shane and Brennen to the dollar store at their request. My mum (Nanoo) had sent them $5.00 each. Brennen bought a gun that shoots foam discs, but Shane just wandered around for 10 minutes, looking but not picking anything out. Finally I asked him to choose it or lose it (the chance that is). He shyly told me he wanted to buy a gift for a girl Kaitlyn, who had given him a heart-shaped tin of Russel Stover chocholates! Well I'd never heard of Kaitlyn before, but apparently they are an item! So together we picked a "mood" necklace and bracelet and a sweet card. My baby's growing up! I'm tickled, though a wee bit nostalgic for the diaper days. At the time they seemed to last forever, but now it seems they flew by...

T, nice to see Boo looking so healthy. An apple (or 10?) a day keeps the vet away, lol! Also had to laugh at your card mishap--that is SO something I would do!

Babs, how wonderful Chris is nearly at the end of his scholarly trek! You must be very proud of him. I sure hope things turn around for his mother soon, she's been through a lot.

Honey, thinking of you and your friend. What a difficult situation that is. Grace had some good ideas--maybe if she doesn't want you to see her in person you could have someone just drop off a meal with a note/letter from you? While it is understandable that she doesn't want to upset you by letting you see her deterioration, she may not realize how much you need and want to be there for her, and how much comfort she would get from your visit. I know Glenn was devestated when he found out that one of his best friends had died of a very aggressive lymph cancer, after the fact. 3 months from start to finish, and he forbade his wife from telling anyone, didn't want them to see him in that condition. Glenn felt awful that he wasn't there for him, and I think, a bit cheated that he hadn't been given the option, hard as it would have been. My heart goes out to you both...

Sue, lol on the squirrel!

Norma, you're bathroom turned out great! Very creative, both the accessories and the presentation. What program do you use to do that? It's pretty neat.

Hi Marian! Your shoulder sounds very painful, take it easy will ya?

Woody and others having to sign in, can you not enable your password manager on whatever browser you are using? While I wouldn't use it for banking or Paypal, I use it here. When I'm occasionally asked to sign in I just do one click on my password wand and it types in user name and password for me. Agree with the others that even without this convenience, the ten seconds or so it takes to log on is worth it to be with pals. :)

I'm missing Eden too, she is usually a daily poster. And where has Jerri been? Is Da going to say hi soon? And Janie? And Ei, really miss her songs and cheery posts.

Sorry I haven't commented to everyone, but must go make squash soup for me and chicken noodle for the clan, who'll be coming in frozen soon. Deanne and the east coast contingent, have a wonderful time this weekend! I hope the weather holds for you and me both! Will look forward to lots of pics when I return Sunday...Hello to all!


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

V, when you fly in tomorrow it would be best if you left your weather at home. I was just out and it's 57 F and sunny. Today would be perfect weather for Deanne's party but hey, we'll take whatever we get. Perhaps I'll truly thumb my nose at winter and take a dip in the hot tub no matter what. Even my dogs must have spring fever. Last night I came home and Tom had moved the bench away from the backside of the kitchen counter. Nick has been climbing up there every day and pulling every piece of paper off the counter he can reach. We keep coming home to these shred fests. He's also climbing onto the diningroom chairs and pulling stuff off the DR table. These aren't young dogs-Zoe just turned 8 and Nick will be 6 in May. Maybe I need to pop in at lunchtime every so often and entertain them.

Bon Voyage, Mary!

So far I've placed two garden orders-one at Klehms and the other at Fairweather Gardens. I'm thinking maybe some cannas and caladiums from Brent & Becky's again and that will be it. After the initial spring shuffle which may be extensive this year, I'll have a better idea what I have for open space and where. Then I can search locally for stuff.

Gotta run. I have a hairdresser appointment at 5 so I'll need to bolt out of here when the bell tolls tonight.



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We aren't going to get the 6-10" of snow anymore. We got maybe 2-3 with a little more going south to where I work. The wind isn't blowing nearly as much as they had predicted. It is supposed to get to -9 tonight though and a high of 0 tomorrow. I can't believe you NE'rs are having such warm weather again.

Taryn, I hope you have a fabulous relaxing weekend.

Deanne, LOL "de-catted"

Sue, the local nurseries are pathetic here. Not much that is new or interesting. Altough, I found a new one late last summer that I intend to check out more.


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Hi all.

Today's pics:

I hope all are having a painfree day......I sure ain't !!
This too shall pass!

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Afternoon break,

Nice spring pics Marian,

Sue, no kidding about the weather. The temps topped out at 59.9 degrees!!! I had half the windows open to get some fresh air in here. I've got spring fever bad, bad, bad! Spring cleaning is in process and I've almost got the first floor done except for the windows. I couldn't quite get into that yet.

Michelle, please keep that weather out that-a-way! I actually think we are supposed to get that cold air in here for the weekend though. Glad to hear you aren't getting too much snow though. Our ground is bare again after 15 inches of snow last weekend. Can you believe it.

Taryn, great news about the three pounds! Good for you. Even better news that you are able to do some cardio again. That will make all the difference in the world with your weight loss program. I know I absolutely cannot ever budge the scale unless I exercise.

V, I'm hoping like heck that those thunder storms don't arrive here until after you do. I know the weather people mentioned something about 'thunder-snow' storms sometime late Friday. ~~The boys are a bit miffed with me because I washed all their bedding and all your bedding and put their beds in the other guest room and closed the door to yours. I'd like the room to stay clean until you get here. They are in the annoying habit of rolling in the loose dirt and tracking it all in the house lately. (It is a springtime ritual and must have to do with shedding their winter coats). Anyway, I'm sitting here with a smile on my face thinking of seeing all you guys this weekend. Toooooo cool!

OK break is over and I've got to go and clean the fish tank and finish up the breezeway.

Have a great day all,

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honey_mi(Z5 MI)

Hi, everyone. I haven't read what you've been up to with all the stuff going on here. Isn't this the year of the dog? This year sure has been a dog for us, so far. Quick summary:

* DH had another accident today! Geez, does that car have a target on it or what?! Poor DH. Luckily, he wasn't hurt but the car may be totalled. He was hit by a gal that ran a stop sign with with a reeaaallly big SUV. I've spent the afternoon working with the insurance co, getting a car rented, etc. What a pain.

* Unexpectedly, a twp. building inspector knocked on my door Mon. to check on an outstanding permit from the furnace/AC we installed in '03. Well, the installation failed. He said, "I'm glad you have a carbon monoxide detector! Of course, that made me feel really uncomfortable. So I've been back and forth with the furnace co. all week. I'm all over them to get repairs done asap. Hopefully they'll finish up tomorrow.

* Lastly, I twisted my knee going up and down the ladder on my drapery project and can't use the treadmill. And I'm still fooling around with the 12 ft. swag and cascade. I just can't get it to look right. Grrrrrrr.

That's all from me for now b/c I'm in such a foul mood. Hi to all. Hope your days are going better than mine. Heck with the diet, I'm having a glass of vino tonite!

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honey_mi(Z5 MI)

Update: DH took to the car to the dealership. When the photographer shot the damage: to the right front point of impact, she keyed on the aluminum wheel, she said,
"Oh, dear." Then the drivers side door (which cannot be opened), she said, "Oh, dear", then photographing the coolant and trans fluid on the floor she said, "Oh Dear." She asked, "Hows the steering?" DH said, "The steering wheel has to be at 4 oclock to drive it." She said, "Oh dear". Me thinks DH needs a bright red battering ram to drive to work.

Oh, forgot to tell ya, the gal that hit DH is the "Managing Director of Reorg." of his company. To that I say, Oh, Dear".

I'm having another wine!

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Oh Dear, Honey You did have a bad day. I'm so glad Your DH wasn't hurt. Cars can be fixed or replaced , but it sure is not a good thing huh?
Bummer about twisting your knee. And the furnace problem.
Your having a problem with your curtain and I'm having one with paint color. You know what thats like don't you Sue and GB? I could let it go, but it is visible from the other part of the house and I just don't like it :(
Beside that my body says it is tired and my head says I gotta keep going.

Marian, I was wondering if you were getting crocus blooms. Mine are really starting to pop, but it is going really cold again so I don't know how they will do. Sorry you are feeling poorly. I bet it is hard trying to type left handed only. Take care of yourself.

Taryn, thanks for posting the link. I always want to go to the other thread, but usually forget by the time I'm done here. Sounds like you have a good weekend coming up. Enjoy! Did Shane share with you , how the valentine gift went over? GS Jake had his first girlfriend this year, but it is over already.
I have a trial version of photoshop that I used for the collage. I just made a black background the size I wanted the finished picture and cropped,copied and pasted the pictures I wanted to include.

GB sorry to hear Woody and Chelone are still having problems getting in here. I miss them .
Eden where are you?

Oh Deanne you are on a roll with the cleaning. Good for you. I have such a mess right now, its getting on my nerves.

V,our weather is very unsettled today . Our dog Keebler is terrified of storms. He knew something was coming before I did today, because he snuck in to the house and went to the basement when I was in the garage staining some boards. Then I heard thunder a little while later.

Sue, I'm trying to picture Nick getting up on the chairs and bench. He must be pretty agile.

T, I resemble that furry squirrel too, and I'm not kidding about the furry legs. Need to do something about that soon. Spring will be here right?

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Oh dear,Honey. I'm so sorry about your Dh's vehicle, but so glad he is okay.

Norma, our temp has already dropped the 30 degrees that the weatherman predicted for this PM. The high was 68 or 69 around 3PM. It is now 37 at 6:30 . We had some thunder, and a little rain, but that has moved on by.

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honey_mi(Z5 MI)

V, geez, what a nasty weather forecast! What you have, we usually have one day later. YUK! Hope you have a great time at the mini IU out east! Wish I were there, too.

Grace, thanks for your comments and caring re my friend with pancreatic cancer. I want to make/bring food to her but theres so much she cant hold down. About 10 yrs. ago, I lost another friend to same and she only made it 7 mos. from diagnosis. While additional time is wonderful, I hope theyre able to cure/arrest this disease. It just breaks my heart to know my dear friend is having such a tough time of it and I can do nothing to ease
the difficulty.

Michelle, the pic was from the bouquet my DH gave me for for V- Day. Hes a true sweetie. Hope you get to IU3 and meet him. Hes a stitch, too.

T- Before Andy Rooney talked about it, the reigning meister of "Heres your sign"was/is Bill Engvall. His audios are so real and a hoot. Boo is beautiful! What a great looking guy he is!!! Glad hes processing as normal. It must be such a relief to you!

Norma, I was nodding my head as I read your post. I wake up and think, "Hmmmm, if I start my day now, I wont be wasting any of it!? Sometimes tho, I sleep in til 7.

Babs, what a sweetie you are to give the bus driver some cupcakes. We, too, appreciate all the folks who provide a service to us. We love to say "thank you" to all those who help provide convenience and service.

Sue, LOL on the Florida squirrel.

Marian, good to see you back posting. Glorious spring pix. Thanks so much. I needed them. Im so glad you put all the stuff behind you and returned to us. Youre an integral part of this group and Im so glad youre back.

Taryn, sounds like you have a fun weekend planned. Enjoy! Yep, sometimes we need a get away from it all weekend. Good for you. And I hope you have great response to your house being on the market. Its a real trying time to continually have to "show" the house to prospective purchasers.

Re your comments about my friend. Its about her and what she wants not about me and I try to keep that in mind. Its difficult. She prides herself in being able to make "dinner" with her DH w/o help. Its just a tough situation.

Deanne, would you fly your butt up here to do some spring cleaning, please? I dont wanna! Loved your recount of the "boys" being re-routed to new digs so V can have the room. Too funny. They KNOW when theyve been moved. Do they "tell" you about it? Mine does. But then, hes a mouthy thing.

Well, its been a LOOOONNNNNGGGG day and Ive had it. Of course a couple vinos helped. After this day, we NEEDED them. Next, some TV and beddy-bye for me. Hi to all. TTYL,


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Evening all,

Honey!!!! Man oh man, you are on a roll of bad luck lately. So sorry... I'm just glad that Tom is OK. Please tell him he needs to take that bull's-eye off his vehicle. Be very careful of your knee. Injuries like that can be the devil to get healed up. ~~ I'll pop on over to your place to help out with your spring cleaning as soon as mine is done. (Please note I didn't say when that would be.) Only another person who has outrageously spoiled cats could appreciate how miffed the boys are with their temporary banishment from 'their' bedroom. And yes, Rahjii is pretty mouthy and free with expressing his opinion.

Norma, sorry you are having trouble with the paint color. I know what a pain that is but you need to get it right or you'll never be happy with it. ~~ When my house gets past a certain stage of dirty it gets on my nerves too, big time. Then in the spring and fall I get on a roll and do something about it. I still need to do the second floor and excavate my office/studio downstairs. ~~ LOL about the furry legs. I wear shorts to the gym every day so I can't let it get to that stage.

OK CSI is on and I'm going to zone out and then get some shut eye.

Have a great day all,

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Geez, Honey, if it's true that bad luck comes in threes then you should be out of the woods for now. At least you're on the right track by choosing wine as your beverage of choice. Tomorrow can only be better.

Marian, I hope you get to feeling better soon too.

Time to head upstairs. Where did this week go?


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Honey, if the car is totalled, perhaps you should replace it with one a bright yellow Hummer?

Norma, I know what you mean about furry legs. I need to get up early tomorrow and do some de-furring just in case the hot tub is an option at Deanne's. If the temps drop out there like they're dropping here, it may not be an issue! Of course, I could always claim it was cat fur!

Marian, I can't believe you have crocuses already.

I need to go pack and water plants before I go. Later,


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

OK spring is really coming! I woke up at 5:00AM and didn't fall back asleep. I've already folded one load of wash, am having breakfast and the coffee is ready. Woohoo.... Maybe I'll finish this house before I pick up V at the airport tonight.~~ It is an amazing 49 degrees out this morning. I sure wish the warm weather would have held for another day but the weather gurus are still calling for the big chill with winds later on. ~~ V the hot tub is ALWAYS an option. I think my record is 8F for taking a dip. I've never quite gotten the nerve to get in when it is down to 0.~~ V LOL about cat fur!

OK I'm off to finish breakfast and get an early workout in today. Have a great day everyone,

PS Doug and I were discussing our outfits for Saturday and when I told him I was going to wear shorts with my Hawaiian shirt he said he'd wear shorts too but put his long johns on under them. ROTFLOL! I'll have to see this one.

PSS - Hip-hip horray, V is coming today!

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Good clogged morning -- glad it's nothing more serious than my sinuses. The shifts in weather caught up with me and I'm just plain sick. I'm also PO'd about it because it will mean no New Hampshire trip. I just won't/don't have the energy and certainly don't want to infect anyone. I actually cried about it this morning when I told Rich.

Going to take care of myself, stay home from work today, and go back to bed and stay there until I can sit up without tipping.

Best to all ----Martie

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)


If you're on the east coast, enjoy the last day before the deep freeze. Marian, I forgot to mention what a lift your pictures were yesterday. I got home after dark last night but the first thing I noticed when I looked out the window this morning was my Arnold Promise witchhazel in bloom. Hopefully I'll get home early enough tonight to grab a couple of shots.

Gotta run.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

V sent me freezing rain, snow, rain, flurries, thunder, lightning, hail and other crap last night. This morning there is sun and 80km/h winds blowing branches about. They promise flurries and -7C today... Do I say thanks? Well no, but Bon Voyage! I wonder if planes can take off in this stuff...I sure hope you have a SAFE & ENJOYABLE weekend, all of you! You can all drink a toast to kitchen painting....At least I found the right colors finally!


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Hi all. I need all your good thoughts. I don't know when I have hurt so bad. I have doubled my pain pills and hope I am not damaging something else.
I know... I need to get a dr. appointment, but I keep thinking it will get better.
Our temps have dipped into the teens again, with highs in the 20s and 30s. Snow is predicted for tonight, with a 10F temp.
Marie, we were under 3 differant weather warnings yesterday, but none of it materialized. Sorry about what you are getting. That type of weather is predicted for the area in southern Arkansas, ( where our son lives), for the next 3 days. I hope you noticed my pic of the Amaryllis buds. It is opening today. It is my darkest colored one. Another is peeking up a flowerbud but the return of the cold weather has stopped it in it's tracks.

I'm sure all who are going to Deanne's will have a memorable time. That's so nice that many of you can do that.

Honey, I have been slack with my sympathy for your woes. I am so very sorry about your dear friend. I am sure it is very hard to cope with. I also am hoping your knee is feeling better today. Thank you so much for your kind words.

My sympathies with everyone else who is down with a virus. I'll trade places with you... [....Naaa, I wouldn't wish this pain off on to my worse enemy!]

Teresa, I am so glad Boo is back to his old self. I have 'enjoyed' the saga of horse apples. :-)

Babs, congrats on your DH's accomplishment.

Norma, It is predicted to get down to 10 tonight, so the little crocus may be toast. I just hope the daffodils that are full of buds survive it. I remember another year when many things were in bloom and a deep freeze hit. The daffodils that were in bloom were okay. The day before it came, I climbed up on a shed and took lots of pics, knowing most of it would be blackened the next day.

Yesterday eve when we were under all the warnings and watches( yes even tornado watches) I filled my kerosine lamps with anticipation of a power outage. I may need then before the weekend is over.


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taryn(S Ontario Z6B)

Copy of email just sent to my Mum, friend Dawn, and sister Gayna:

Just heard from Pam, and the weather is extremely bad up near her place, Horseshoe Valley. Barrie has taken the city buses off the roads. Innisville has taken the ploughs off the road. People on the 400 have pulled over and are doing nothing, visibility and icy conditions are so bad. So she's staying put until conditions improve.

So, all plans are unfortunately on hold right now. Pam will call later with an update, so maybe by later this afternoon or tomorrow we can resume everything. What a drag! Boys and I are upset. I hate winter!

Will be in touch, hopefully with better news, later.


Hope the weather is better for the east coast gang...

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

'bug, so sorry about the unwanted gift. I'm hoping my flight is not delayed this evening. Glad to hear you have your color under control.

Martie! I'm so sad that I won't get to meet you this weekend. :-( I was looking forward to that. Hope you're feeling better, and maybe you'll reconsider?

Deanne, the swimsuit is packed and there is no "cat fur" coming with me. Of ocurse, now that the fur is gone my legs are blindingly white...

Sue, I like today's colors. Very nice, almost springy, except for the snowy !

I'd better get back to work so I can blast out of here just a little early.


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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Marian and Martie Im so sorry you guys are under the weather! I took a day off to start the weekend early after a murderous week at the office Im exhausted and will just laze you guys better too! Altho Im torn about going to do a bit of nursery/ornament shopping and since this is the "good day" read last of the 50 degree weather before the 20s set in, I should probably make myself do that!

High winds and freezing temps are hopefully all were getting here this weekend. We want pics of the Tropical NE Idyllers in their shirts and long-johns in the outside of Deannes garden!! (really just want to see the garden, you guys would be eye candy but no knocking nekked knees please).

Im so sorry your weekend fun plans have blown up, Taryn what a bummer. This winter certainly has played havoc with any sense of consistency of what to expect from the weather hasnt it?

Honey, you definitely had a baaaad Thursday hopefully thats it for the month! Im glad DH is okay even if his car is not take it easy w/ that knee thats one of those slow to recover aches you think its mended and then bam, its injured again.

Marian, your spring pics were just what Ive been longing for I sure hope they make it thru whatever bad weather is coming your way I hate this late freeze business its not fair! We need our blooms!

Ok I hope V is safe and sound on her flite to fun and Mary & family (sigh) are landing in Hawaii about now? The rest of us will just have to daydream our way to Spring, I guess.


    Bookmark   February 17, 2006 at 11:19AM
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-12° this morning. No desires for spring cleaning here.

Marian, thanks for the taste of spring.

I suppose that Mary is basking on the beach at this moment.

Honey, Im so glad that Tom wasnt hurt, but all those things are so much extra work. Hopefully you have had your share for awhile. Take it easy with your knee, you want to be in top shape for gardening season. Thats always my fear to waste the gardening season being laid up. I hope I can make IU3 and meet everyone.

I got a kick out of the cats that rule the roost LOL

Deanne, please be sure to share some pictures with us of your party. I hope that you all have a fantastic time this weekend.

Taryn, so sorry that the weather has thrown a monkey wrench in your plans.

Heres to a relaxing day off for Cindy.



    Bookmark   February 17, 2006 at 12:05PM
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