Idyll #427; limited edition Chevy big block engine

cheloneFebruary 26, 2009

OK, so it's a stretch but maybe we could just let the 427 cu. inch idle for a bit... purrs like kitten 'til you stand on the accelerator. Just like we do.

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The above is a nod to our Motown crew. I coulda been a wicked gear head, you know. ;)
This is for the birthday girl. Party down, Prairie Moon!

Here is a link that might be useful: Chevy 427 big block

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Happy Birthday PrairieMoon !!

Hope you are feeling well--we miss you and hope you can return soon !

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Im visiting early today as I had to come home for the Âappointment window for the phone guy, my land line has been on the fritz for a few days. Seedling inspection revealed a few more Coleus on the way.

Marian you received very good advice from your hairdresser- standing on chairs is a big no-no at my place of employment . I have a very nice stepladder at home that has a Âleaning bar of sorts on it. ItÂs only a two-stepper so I have to use my regular 8ft ladder for things higher up.

Norma, our normal rainfall is usually about 35 inches for the season Âmost of which falls December, Jan and Feb. So far I think we are at about 15 inches or so. Hopefully we will continue to get rain in March , as drought would not be good for the already lousy economy. Mr Baby is almost a year old, believe it ornot. I donÂt have a recent pic to show as my DDÂs computer is ailing and her e-mail is out.

ÂResumed after a few hours , phone guy had to crawl under the house and pull new wires , so we were without both phone and internet this afternoon. I came back to find we have 2 # 427 Idyllls ! Shall we continue with Chelones thread since it is 427 specific , and have a gentlemans agreement that Honey (our prodigal Idyller) shall start 428 ? And by the way Honey, where the heck is the picture of the dog ??? WeÂve seen the house, the garden but no dog ? Cough it up lady ! (Chelone can avert her eyes, or scroll really fast)

Mailman brought none of my seed orders today, sigh . Deanne, very glad to see you have joined the Zinnia-thon ! I was definitely pondering that pic that Eden posted, but restrained myself. Of course we all know your restraint record, lol !

Julie, I love the beautiful furniture pics you posted . I have quiet a bit of antique furniture here, collected over the years. Do you know the country of origin on those pieces ?

Ok time to go ÂWave to all !

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Enjoy! Happy Friday!

Three men were hiking through a forest when they came upon a large raging, violent river.

Needing to get to the other side, the first man prayed: 'God, please give me the strength to cross the river.'

Poof! .... God gave him big arms and strong legs and he was able to swim across in about 2 hours, having almost drowned twice.

After witnessing that, the second man prayed: 'God, please give me strength and the tools to cross the river.'
Poof! ... God gave him a rowboat and strong arms and strong legs and he was able to row across in about an hour after almost capsizing once.

Seeing what happened to the first two men, the third man prayed: 'God, please give me the strength, the tools and the intelligence to cross the river.'

Poof! .... He was turned into a woman.
She checked the map, hiked one hundred yards up stream and walked across the bridge.

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Honey, I finally had the time to enjoy your decorating slideshow. What a lot of fun! I daresay the spotless condition of your home puts my own to shame, lol. Did you have Servpro come in before you began taking pictures? where is the dog hair? greasy/sticky fingerprints? :) I recall a few pictures of Missy when she was a fluffball, but I don't think I've seen a shot of her since she's "all growed up". (Doesn't matter anyway because you know I hate dogs). And your laundry room sure as hell is green, but I really like it. No one will ever accuse you of too much "builder's white", lol. One of the toughest concepts to wrap your head around is that a room saturated with what appears to be a really vibrant color actually becomes quite "neutral" and can be quite soothing.

I done heard tell of more inclement, possibly snowy weather for Sunday and possibly next week but it doesn't matter. His Hugeness and I could really feel the imminent change in the seasons yesterday while on the forced march. It was in the high 30s, things were melting, and birds were chirping up a storm. I was glad I had my hat on, though, because the wind off the water was mighty brisk! The character of the snow presently on the ground is precisely what Rex prefers for "rollie pollies". He loves to roll and then stretch out as long as he can make himself and pull himself along atop the snow (reminds me of Curly in the Stooges, actually). So, what I'm trying to say, EDEN, is it's time for you drag out that springtime countdown banner... .

Mary, I'm gratified to learn that you and David are both back into the pre-calamity routine now. There has to be a certain comfort in that even though it requires a good deal more effort to achieve it. My own experience is that you get better at thinking things through and getting out becomes easier with some practice. It's also left me with empathy for those who struggle with "simple" things like mobility or speech. It's made me infinitely more patient for those who struggle and much less so for rank stupidity and selfishness. For instance, when someone tries to push by someone with mobility issues I will be the one who'll smile and say, "wait your turn, please; you can't be in that much of a hurry." Do you have any sense of how long David will be required to use the wheelchair?

Yes, Marian, your own experiences with an increasingly frail DH resonate with me. Sometimes it can feel as though you are all alone even though you aren't. And sometimes the stress and the tension bubble over in ways you later regret. It happens, but in the big picture it's really no big deal; not in comparison to people starving or being tortured across the planet, you know? ;)

I wonder if ever studious Woody is going to show us close ups of "her customer's" elevations any time soon? I really am so very impressed with the detail and obvious time you've devoted to the class. I suspect you will continue to pursue this line of study, too. Your own experience with loss of mobility automatically gives you a different perspective on design and accessibility. Even though we have two flights of stairs and prefer the second floor our perspective on the yard is one that is moving toward ease of movement for people, eqipment, and materials. Even in the coming bathroom renovation I want to move toward more "barrier free" design. It's really only common sense when you spend the time to think about it. I am so impressed with the obvious effort you've put into this course and remain ever curious.

Norma, I've wanted to mention this to you for ages. We have a favorite Dolly Parton CD, "The Grass Is Blue", on which she returns to her bluegrass roots and performs many standards. Her band members are dutifully listed as are their vintage instruments, and every time I listen to it I think of you and your mandolin. If you're unfamiliar with the CD and like bluegrass I'd recommend it highly. (I have a soft spot of Dolly Parton, anyway). How long does it take for the grasses to burn down, anyway? do you drag out the garden hose "just in case"? or are you one of those who likes to "live on the edge"? ;)

OK, so I'm about ready to get out to the Salon and break out the sash brush. I'm all stocked up on whole grain bulgar wheat and will get the tabouli under way later today. I'll also check for the directions to Deanne's, I think I still have them in the "glove department", if not I'll ask for them again.

Later, 'gators.

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Good Morning, Yesterday was Bella's birthday so now we're in full baby shower mode here. I've finished my gift shopping but today I'll be shopping with Bella. Her gift for Kate will be a toys which I'll take her to choose this morning. We're doing a soup and salad menu for the shower so next will be grocery shopping for ingredients for my contributions, cheddar corn chowder and a layered cornbread salad and I'm baking the cupcakes, one giant one and 48 small ones. Pink of course. Tomorrow will be cooking, baking and wrapping and then Sunday is the big event. My sisters have been working on decorations and all sorts of special little details all week. Randy and his dad will be working on putting the final touches on the nursery Sunday while we're at the shower. It's been painted a pale yellow and now they're working on reconfiguring the closet with shelves, drawers, etc. They chose the crib a couple of nights ago too so Jen will be able to set up everything soon. Only about 6 weeks to go and our little Kate will be here! Can you tell I'm getting excited?

Have a good Friday and those of you lucky enough to attend, have fun at Deanne's Thumb Your Nose Party! Wish I could be there too!


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Since this appears to be the accepted new thread, I will post on it, although Chelone's BD pic freaks me out!

PrairieMoon, I am sorry we missed your birthday. I need to revise my Idyll member list, and info. I hope you had a nice day.
Here is a pic of my birthplace county ( I didn't take it) for your BD pic:

Our false spring has departed, and we are back to below normal temps. Snow is in tomorrow's forecast.

I am hating the fact that March the 8th the clocks spring forward. I hate that it will be another hour, by the clock, that the sun will rise! I wish our new president would do away with DST.

Eden, I am so happy with your joy about the soon arrival of Kate. I cannot hope to welcome a new baby to our family. Our oldest GD is only 15, so ( hopefully) it will be some time before she has a child.

It will be fun when both you and Marie have new grandchildren to share their pics with us. I imagine Bella is going to be a great 'big sister'.

Julie, when I review my post, and am still wanting to see the thread to respond to it, I open a second window. I can go back and forth, and not miss anyone.
I can understand your missing the lovely large house. We had a 3000 square foot English Tudor before we moved back to Arkansas. Nolon built it from the ground up, and it was not recycled material like our present one. We only lived in it less than a year, so it was still very fresh and clean when we sold it. But, like you, I have many blessings to count. I am so thankful we have a home of our own, fully paid for. It has all the room that we need. All it needs is some restoration work, and a better heating system. :-)
I wish I could say I am healthy and energetic. I am having a struggle just walking around our yard! I have never been in this shape. I hope it too will pass....
I made our son a promise that we would not mortgage or sell our home. He is hoping it will continue to be a place of refuge for him and the girls, with the state of the present economy.
I love your marble topped furniture. We had a couple of lovely marble slabs when we lived in Arkansas in the 60s. When we moved back to Idaho we left them with Nolon's oldest sister. She moved and left them behind!
Your pieces must have required a lot of 'elbow grease' to get them in such pristine condition. The chair by the dresser is a beauty also. And your orchid resembles one of mine. :-)
As for the 'plainness of your house...I do not need a house that qualifies as a "House Beautiful". I read awhile back, about some of you who are, or were, reluctant to hang things on your walls. To me, that is part of what walls are for. Most of our walls are well covered with pics, clocks, calenders, and plaques. I like them that way.

Honey, I have friends that would qualify as helpers, and would be very willing, but I hate to ask unless I can pay the going wages for their help. Besides, most of them are too busy already, and live so far from us.

Marie, I chuckled at your post. Sounds about right. :-)

Chelone, I frequently think of how I will feel about some of the thoughts and feelings that I have had towards Nolon over the years. I suspect there will be a lot of regret for me, if I outlive him. Despite the fact that I am over 6 years younger than he, I often think he will outlive me. Many of his family were known for their longevity. Very few of mine were.

Woody, I admire your studies. You are doing well. I wish I were interested in such things. About all I can keep interested in is my houseplants, and my association with friends. My reading, my videos, and my music, have all taken a back seat for some time now. Perhaps it is a sign of depression?? I kind of think I would get back to them if I didn't feel they annoy Nolon. My computering, my puzzle making, and my work, do not annoy him. ( He loves to watch me work....I hate being watched! )

Speaking of my work. If I want him to go outside, all I have to do is go out and start a job. It is no time until he is outside also. So, I have to avoid going out when it is too cold for him, because of his breathing problems. Usually, no sooner than I come back in, he is back in also.
When I went out to do some yard work yesterday, he came out right away, but everything he tried to do exhausted him immediately. He keeps a chair nearby to sit in, and spends more time sitting than working. Naturally, if it is cold, he does not need to be sitting outside!


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

I'm Thumbing my nose, that's for sure! Too bad I can't share it with others. Here we have soppy stuff on the ground, rain falling from the sky, the creek flooding...but I'll take it if it means that spring is on its way! Tonight is supposed to be zero F though with high gusting winds....

Oh Eden, I'm late with my tiny box of goodies, but a small box will arrive shortly! (Before Kate leaves for nursery school!)

DH is off grading 90 mid term exams. I've done my treadmill thing and am eager to start a tiny sweater for our new baby. Maybe this afternoon?

I too am not enjoying watching the process of changes with age of DH, but there's no alternative. I suspect he observes some changes as well. The next few years will be particularly tough as he will retire and then what? He must decide, but he must focus on something or I'll shoot myself!

Zinnia seeds have not turned up yet in my mailbox, nor a clematis journal I've written a short article for and am eager to see. Tap, tap, tap...

DSIL is away teaching a short course and will return tonight. DH will be attending a sustainability conference near Toronto on Monday. It really annoys me that when these guys gather it is always at fancy shmancy expensive places, this time a spa. Government spending, UGH.

Time to run errands...

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It's time to stop "wishing" and start doing, Marian!

It's true! And inactivity on any front can denote depression, but not necessarily so. Why has your interest in reading, videos, and music taken a backseat recently? I laughed at the mental image of Nolon following you around, he's just like one of the cats, isn't he? Does he talk to you or does he just prefer to sit and "be near you"? I've heard more than one of my friends with retired husbands say that they have "trouble giving him the slip" sometimes, too.

That is a beautiful picture of "your" country. I'll bet the air is crisp and dry in cold weather. Beautiful country!

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

A new approach this creative side coming through. Someone get the smelling salts for

Happy Birthday to PM2!

Hey Honey-great to "see" you again.

Not much to report here. We're getting a tease of spring weather today. I'm really looking forward to thumbing my nose at winter with the usual suspects at Deanne's tomorrow.

See ya!


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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

A surprise to see BD cards with my name on them. Every one was delightful! Thank you all and Eden for keeping track of Birthdays. It is nice to be remembered. :-) Nothing new here. Doctor appointments lined up for awhile and a lot of resting and waiting on spring.

I see Honey is posting again and I can only hope she will continue to be able to. Sorry I'm not reading but did enjoy all the photos. Lovely home and garden, Honey and Julie. :-) Great family photo, so well preserved, handsome family, Gardenbug. Glad to see you finished your painting V. A nice preview of spring in your April 08 photo, Deanne. Enjoyed your Idyll Tydll, Chelone. [g]

I can't believe it will be March 1st on Sunday! Waving to all...

[Very cute and surprising TGIF, Sue. :-)]

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

Another fly-by post...

Hi to Honey - and I add my voice to those requesting Missy pictures....

This is for Chelone - view of the 'client's' backyard:

I used too soft a pencil for the fence and vine so there's lots of smudging.... Another student and I (and perhaps others who haven't spoken up...) are in a vigorous debate :-) with the teacher because we prefer this sort of modified isometric view rather than the flat, 'worm's eye' 2-D standard elevation that the teacher wants us to use! So I suspect I may not do well in this part of the course :-) I think the teacher is finding me a bit difficult to deal with because I raise issues she doesn't want to discuss - she says some students are having trouble just drawing a straight line and my questions will confuse them if she answers them on the 'public' forum. I think she's underestimating the students because there are certainly others who get involved in discussing these issues. The only further course that is offered that interests me is the CAD desgin one but it's not offered in the winter. I wouldn't take any course during garden season!

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

"It's time to stop "wishing" and start doing, Marian!"
Chelone, repeat this to yourself 26 years form now, only put your own name on the end of it!

I am 'doing'! But I am doing all that I need to, and have to do!
I also do what I want to do, as long as I am able......

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Makin' sure you're doin' a lot of what you want to do is the key to it, Marian. Wishin' is wastin' time. ;)

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honey_mi(Z5 MI)

Just a drive by. Per request, here's Missy with our 3-1/2 yr old. grandniece, Jessica.

And for those who want to OD, click below. Gotta run out again. Back later.


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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

Aren't they a cute pair?!

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bug, our weather yesterday sounds just like yours. I had a somewhat slippery ride both to and from work yesterday. Today is cold but the roads were clear. No Motel 6 for the govt. ;o) Will we get to see the clematis article? (hint, hint)

Last night I made up a list of seeds to order. Ill look it over and place the order this weekend. DH "invited" me to help with priming the garage. I imagine that he will "invite" me to help paint this weekend. A marriage seminar is on the agenda for tomorrow a.m. Its a live telecast. One of the speakers is the author of the book we are studying.

Marian, Im sure youve heard the saying about retirement "twice as much husband, half as much money"

Eden, Im sure Bella had a fun birthday. What kind of gifts did she get?

Honey, they are both as cute as can be.

Sue, I give you techy credit as well as artistic for being able to get the TGIF over to the Idylls.

I dont know where this week went, but Im glad to see Friday.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

What a nice post I just lost. :( Anyway, I'm thinking of you all...

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Honey, Jessica is sooo cute. Missy is okay, too. :-)

We got the unexpected accomplished today. Nolon suddenly asked if I would take him to town for a haircut, and to get a new chainsaw. When we got home we discovered it was much warmer than expected, so a lot more work was done on the downed debris. The 4-trunked birch is now two-trunked. The two broken ones are laying on the ground waiting to be cut up into firewood. I removed almost all of the tuliptree limbs, and a lot of the twigs from around that part of the yard. The yard is beginning to look more normal. I almost said "I 'wish' the trees were", but I am not going to use that word again. ;-)
I plan on contacting our local treeman and get an estimate on having the hangers removed, and the stubs cut back properly. I would also like for the birches to be pulled to an upright position and secured there. I really doubt that they will return to an upright position on their own.

We still have a lot of pruning to do on shrubs and small trees.

I also need to remove the leaves and stuff from flowerbeds before the new growth gets too high. I noticed the Peonies are sprouting. I did get their tops cut off a couple of days ago.

I have been thinking of how I pulled my garden cart full of firewood up from down below the bluff the first two years we lived here. I was in my early 50s then. It was a couple of years before Nolon came to the understanding that the wood needed to be in the woodshed well before winter. Most of his cousins still get their wood all winter long, as they need it. The goat, cattle, and chicken, cousin is gathering his wood from alongside the county road from the fallen trees that are on the right-away. It is improving the looks of that area.

Everytime we meet up with neighbors we hear more stories of their problems with the icestorm. One neighbor lady told me today that a large old tree uprooted in their yard. They are piling all the other debris on it with the hopes of burning the whole thing on the spot. She is hoping for a light snow tomorrow so they can burn it then.

I am hoping it does not snow, so I can go to a friend's 50th anniverary party in town.


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honey_mi(Z5 MI)

OK, Eden and Bug, to get you in the mood, heres our new little sweetie, Jenna:

And here she is with her big sister, Jessica:

We had quite a scare over the holidays. Jennas newborn test came back positive for Cystic Fibrosis. There was a 50% chance Jenna could have the disease or be a carrier. Since my niece lost her cousin to CF, she had been tested and was shown not to be a carrier. Weve heard since that those test are not 100% accurate b/c there are over 350 strains of the disease. That scared us even more. So this was a devastating blow. We all were shell-shocked to say the least. We had to wait until after the holidays for Jenna to have further tests at university hospital. Luckily, the tests show that she absolutely DOES NOT have CF. It sure made us aware how quickly lives and futures can change and very, very grateful for a healthy baby.

Eden, have fun and enjoy the shower. And dont work your fingers to the bone! Im sure Bella will be a delight.

Chelone, there are tons of dirty paw prints on white carpet, nose smudges on windows, and DOG tumbleweed, etc., all over this house. Photos are very forgiving. Besides, I just cleaned before I snapped the pix. Hey, and BTW, where are the pix of the Cheby!

We, too, have a 2-story home. We wanted a ranch but there werent any on the market when we needed to buy. Im reminded by many of you and our friends, that as we age, stairs can be a problem. Ive often thot we could bump the back wall of the downstairs lav into the garage and add a shower if we had to, and use the den as a bedroom. I hope we remain healthy enough to live here for many years without doing that. But Ive noticed as I age, I dont have as much energy and want some relief from the hard labor in the garden. So Ive have been adding more shrubs so I can cut back on maintenance.

Thanks, everyone, for your comments on the front landscaping on the duplicate thread. Its still a work in progress. I dont think Ill be adding much this year b/c wed like to cut down on expenses. I think Im at the point of tweaking the design rather than overhauling it!

Yeah, Sue! Great to see your TGIF!

Michelle and Woody, so sorry youre dealing with creaks and groans. Michelle, I hear swimming is fabulous for loosening up those joints. Glad youve taken it up.

Woody, you are truly an extraordinary talent! Look at those fabulous plans you drew up. Is this a landscape class? Is this a plan for someones yard? Im amazed at the detail in your drawings and Im sure youve put your gardeners touch to it.

Which I could join everyone at Deannes this weekend, too. Glad you guys are not going to be the noreaster they thot youd get.

And Marian, stay in and stay safe. Im hearing youre going to be getting more snow and ice.

Hi Norma, PM, Kathy, and anyone else I missed. Its time for me to make dinner. Later, taters.


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Hi all,

Well Im still running around like a maniac trying to get things in order for our party tomorrow! I simply cant wait to see everyone. I surely wish you were all coming. What a great surprise I had this afternoon when the doorbell rang and it was a florist! My lovely friend Cindy sent flowers for the party!!!! How special is that? We will miss you lots Cindy. Sure wish work wasnt keeping you from the festivities but work is a good thing these days so I completely understand. Well raise a toast in your honor!

Today was so warm out I couldnt believe it. I think we got up to 55 degrees. It felt like summertime! I decided to do something about the three inch thick sheet of ice on the patio. Every time Doug went out to grill I was afraid that hed take a header on the ice out there. So I pried and pounded and shoveled and I managed to get the patio clear of the ice that has been there since the December ice storm. Boy does it ever feel good to be able to walk out my patio door and go down the steps to the patio! Woohoo! Spring is on the way.

Honey, how great to have you back on the Idylls! Im loving all the pictures and reading about your life since your sabbatical. Sounds like youve had quite the stack of challenges but you seem to be dealing well. Better than Ive been dealing with things since Doug was laid off. At least the shingles are healing up finally.

Eden, youll have to tell us all about the shower. Id love to have that recipe for the cornbread salad? Sounds wonderful.

Marian, I completely empathize with your dealing with ice storm damage as Im still doing that here too. Today we had some ferocious winds and it blew a huge limb down that had broken off one of the pines next door. It fell onto my Japanese Maple but fortunately it didnt do any damage except to the reed fencing. One of my Chamaecyparis in the back shade area is a mess and leaning down to the ground. Ive got to get in there and stake it back up. I LOL about getting hangers removed because I know exactly what you mean. The property next door has quite a few VERY LARGE hangers that are going to come down at some point and Im hoping no one is under them when they do. Im glad to hear youve gotten so much accomplished. When faced with the damage it can seem pretty overwhelming.

Sue, sorry but the hot tub is still broken. Doug put the part in that the service dept said should fix the problem and that didnt fix it so we are still waiting on hearing back from them.

Woody, your work is so professional!!!!!!! Im wildly impressed with all the drawings youve shared with us.

Sue, GREAT tgif

Bug, we are getting those winds here too today but not the freezing temps yet. ~~ My zinnia and tithonia seeds came today Woohoo!!!! ~~ Surely wish you were able to join us this weekend. ~~ Love the bridge joke! Too funny. Doug probably wouldnt agree LOL

Chelone, no servpro for Honey, her house always looks like that. BTW, Deb U was supposed to work tomorrow but is going to try to get the day off to come to the party tomorrow. Shed love to see you.

PM hope you had a great birthday! You arent that far away, you are certainly welcome to join us tomorrow???!!! Plenty of food and friends.

Marty, ditto what I said to PM. You arent that far, wish you could come.

OK Ive got to go and do a bit more work with my vacuum and scrub up a few bathroom things. Have a great evening all,


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Boy, a girl gets busy for a couple of days and it's like she's three idylls behind!

I went back to work on Wednesday, did some bell-ringing at the Ash Wednesday service, and then got together with some friends last night. I am now pooped... but I wish I was on a plane headed to New Hampshire. I know you all will have a blast.

Honey, I loved the cat story!

MARY (trying to get her attention!), I shared the gluten-free link with my friend and she appreciates all the good info there. Thanks for posting that!

Honey, thanks for the updated photo of Missy - she's adorable. Almost as cute as Jessica and Jenna. What a relief about the CF.

pm, a belated Happy Birthday to you!

This is a short one because I have some prep for my meeting tomorrow that I have left for the last minute. TTYL,


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

V. Waaaaaaahhhhhhhhh.... I really, really wish you were on an airplane headed out here too!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE will really, really MISS you!


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Honey, what a relief that Jenna tested out ok. I know that was a worry. Both girls ate cuties. Missy is just as gorgeous now as when she was a puppy.

Pm , Happy Belated Birthday! Sorry you are not feeling up to par.

Chelone, I will have to check out the Dolly cd.
The grasses burn very fast and hot, so I suggest a nearby hose. I do live on the edge with some of them, but pick times when it is not windy and a bit dampish.

Cindy, how thoughtful to send flowers to Deanne.

Deanne,I can understand your excitment to get the ice off the patio. Enjoy your company tomorrow.

Eden, don't we get a picture of the birthday girl? I know , I know. You are very busy at the moment LOL. Enjoy it.

Marian,sounds like you and Nolan have done a lot of clean up.
I'm hoping we don't get much snow tomorrow as DGD is going to be moving.

I shouldn't be tired as about all I did today was make soup and straigten up, but I am.
So hey to all.
Enjoy the weekend. Norma

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A whole boatload of posts today- and I admonish the nose thumbers to not forget the camera-you know that those of us remaining at home will wait anxiously to see the many photo ops. Here in Norcal we will be able to thumb noses tommorow, as mid-60s are predicted with no rain. More weed-pulling for me. Since Sunday will be wet I will spend a couple hours at the awfice (sigh) trying to catch up on the piles o paperwork.

Wonder where Chelone found that photo ? Im pretty sure its Angelas brother.

Woody, what prompted you and the other student to use the tilty type view on your drawings ? Its a bit easier to visualize the result I imagine ?

Marian I loved the photo you posted of the mountains , are those the Saphires ? Doesnt your church have young people who go out and help those in the congregation who need assistance with heavy jobs ? Wood hauling and stacking , maybe even some repairs ? LOL, I have lots on my walls too, though less than before I listed the house for sale last year. I was trying to reduce the clutter so after painting walls I didnt put everything back up again. I still havent a single thing on my bedroom walls.

Well, how thoughtful of Cindy to send a floral offering for the guest s to enjoy ! We will need apic of that too !

And Honey, that Missy is just beautiful as I was scrolling quickly before reading I thought for a moment I was seeing a photo of Michelles Kenzie and wondered what she was doing dressed in such warm clothes !

OK, Ive been lollygagging here too long- AAA order of touristy info on NE came in the mail today, and I need to spend some quality time perusing it

Later friends !

Kathy in Napa

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Kathy, the mountains are the Sawtooth Mountains in the Rockies, in Camas County, Idaho. The blue flowers are Camas Lilies. I was born and raised just a few miles from where that picture was taken.

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Where is everyone? Did you all sleep in?

It is snowing here. Are you all buried in snow?

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Good morning

Just a dusting of snow here Marian!

Honey - what cute girls!!

NE Idyllers - I hope you all have a fabulous time at Deanne's! Have a glass of wine for me in my absense!

V - glad the link was of use. Of all my internet searching that site has become my favorite.

Yesterday was interesting. I had talked to David's Dr to see if there were any medication to help the nerve pain at night (night's are still unbearable) and he got us an appointment at the Pain Center 9 AM yesterday morning. He must have a lot of clout as there is usually a wait of 6-8 weeks to get in. The Dr there was one of the kindest and most compassionate I have ever met - just the way she looked and listened to David and rubbed his shoulder spoke volumes.

We came away with patches to place on the foot to numb the surface, Lyrica and Tramedol (sp?). Last night David slept the whole way through till morning. After almost 4 weeks of sleepness nights it was heavenly. It came just in the nick of time for me as I think my body was shutting down. I'd come down with a fever, the shakes and a sore throat and for the first time ever felt completely unable to cope (DH is not home till late tonight). Annie fed everyone and took care of David while I tossed and turned and felt generally rotten, but thanks to the restorative powers of sleep and Ibuprofin I feel sooooo much better this morning and able to face the world.

I just dropped Annie off for set building at school and watched her walk in chatting with a very cute guy though his sun glasses in the snow seemed a little over the top! David is indulging in Saturday morning cartoons and I might finish reorganzing our bookshelves or simply slip back into bed to read.

Hope there are some fun party pics later!


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An absolutely perfect nose-thumbing day to be sure, but it's also the first of many Saturdays that I don't have to leave the house and so I will be partying with everyone in spirit!! It occurs to me that if everyone has a glass of wine for everyone who wishes they were there having a glass of wine (me included) Deanne's basement may become Salon II sooner than later!! LOL

What happy little girls we have around! I, too, took a second look Honey and think we should have side by sides with your niece and Kenzie. Uncanny!

While everyone's DH's are flying around and you're missing them, Rich has an appt right now and I am relishing time in the house By Myself!!

Ky's party went well and everyone had fun -- something the world needs more of, methinks. At the party he made THE announcement that he's foregoing his MA in Economics and instead will be going to UConn to get a second BA in Forestry Management. Seems a misnomer, but with so much stiumulus money going toward green business, the combination of his talents will be put to abundant use and he won't be sitting at a desk all day -- something that would be very un-Kyle-like. We're really proud of him for NOT taking the easy way out toward the rest of his life and going for something he truly loves and at which he will excel.

Go, Annie!!!! You deserve any and all conversations with cute guys that come along because you're one heckava woman already!!

Don't know about IU6 quite yet but the "hope you can comes" mean more than you can possibly know. Missed the initial round of communication so will get dates and places privately from Chelone.

Lots more happening but don't want to get into an all about me jag, so everyone know that every time there's a bloom on a houseplant at Cornfield Park you're thought of.


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Mary, David has been given the same meds that I have. I have to be very careful with the use of the Lyrica. I break my Tramadol pills in half most of the time, and take them with a couple of Acetaminophen or an Ibuprofen. How great that he was able to have a painless night. I sure can identify with that! Thank goodness you are feeling better also. There have been times when I need all three types of pain pills at the same time. It was suggested by my Dr. to do that. I really avoid over-medicating.
The student with sunglasses may be bothered by snowblindness?

I had forgotten that today is the "Thumb Your Nose" day at Deanne's. That explains the absence of Chelone's morning post.

Here is what I saw on the side window in the vestible a couple of nights ago:

I have been hearing the peepers off and on since the first of the year, on warm days.

This is what I am seeing from the bay window this morning:

If you look closely, you can see the yellow blooms on the Cornelian Cherry, to the left of my car.


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Honey, I forgot to mention how darling the pics are of the girls. Thank God the possibility of CF was cancelled out!
You can bet your boots I will be staying in, but I still have to bring in today's wood. I will definitely be careful.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Anyone old enough to remember this?

I can see clearly now the rain has gone
I can see all obstacles in my way
Gone are the dark clouds that had me blind
It's going to be a bright, bright sunshiny day
It's going to be a bright, bright sunshiny day

I think I can make it now the pain has gone
And all of the bad feelings have disappeared
Here is the rainbow I've been praying for
It's gonna be a bright, bright sunshiny day

Look all around
There's nothing but blue skies
Look straight ahead nothing but blue skies
I think I can make it now the pain has gone
And all of the bad feelings have disappeared
I can see clearly now the rain has gone
It's gonna be a bright, bright sunshiny day
It's gonna be a bright, bright sunshiny day
It's gonna be a bright, bright sunshiny day

I'm off wine these days, but I'll be with you in 'spirit' this afternoon! Photos please!

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Good Morning to those who are not on the road to NH ! Weed pulling and feeding the seedlings are tasks on the agenda for me , along with raising a glass to those who thumb their noses .

Martie, do hope your summer plans can include IU6-even if only for a part of the trip.After all the recent turmoil of your life , you are decidedly deserving of some "me" time,particularly when it includes the company of such a charming, witty,and intelligent bunch of people ! What a great road your Ky has decided to venture down, and very timely to be sure. One should never underestimate the importance of the forest ,something that touches us all in one way or another, no matter where we live.

Marian, here is a pic for you, now designated my Marian Marbles they are displayed in the greenhouse window next to Deannes Plectranthus- a bit of an Idyll shrine lol. At least until the Plectranthus moves outside for summer camp

And Mary , how very cool that you and David were able to consult with the pain specialist..hope you will get some rest time when DH gets home. You are undoubtedly run down and need some recuperation of your own make sure you get it !

All for now, back later friends , and a wave to New Hampshire !

Kathy in Napa

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

LOL! Marian Marbles! I have started a trend! Now I need to dump mine out of my jar and wash the jar. It looks rather dingy compared to yours.

Marie, I remember that song.

Of course, most of you wine here. Will a glass of juice work? Or a cup of coffee, or tea?

I wonder what the weather is like in NH? I read that Maine had a bad snow a couple of days ago that left many without power for a day or two, with many downed lines, trees, and branches. That sure sounds familiar. :-(

Mary, ours is a little more than a dusting. Maybe about 1/2 inch, but melting on the ground and porches. It is only 28, but the surfaces were warm.

Martie, I wish your Rich had Nolon with him. He is getting pretty antsy since he cannot get out and use his new toy.
Your son needs to come here. Our forests are in bad need of help!

Can you all stand one more of my facinating pics? LOL
Here is one of the Cleome blooming in the dinngroom...

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Well I'll join in once more with some photos (weak, but hey, Deanne isn't looking now!)of the white-winged crossbills.

Five or so in a cluster, pecking at the spruce cones.

Him 'n Her

Here you see Him and can get a sense of the bill.

I like these snowy shots best of all.

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Beautiful birds, Marie. And great pics.

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Good afternoon

Marian - how neat to have Cleome blooming indoors. Mine get to be 6ft tall and not something I can imagine inside.

Lovely birds GB. I wish they came to our yard.

Martie - how wonderful to hear Ky's plans.

Kathy - you and Marian have inspired me to hunt up a jar for our marbles.

Here is my newly dusted, arranged by color bookshelf. It was fun to do if not terribly practical for finding things. Perhaps I've been reading too many interor decorating mags at the Dr's office LOL!

And do you remember my birch pot planted with first amaryllis, then crocus? Here is its latest planting with mini daffs which are always so cheery.

Party on Idylls!!


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I've been cooking all afternoon for the shower and thinking about how much fun the Thumb Your Nosers are having. All of a sudden it hit me. What we need is a webcam so we can all virtually party at Idyll get togethers. I think I've hit upon something here, lol. Hope you're all having fun.

Honey, your Jessica, Jenna and Misty are all just as cute as they can be. Loved the pictures you shared.

Back to cooking.........


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Mary. I am chuckling at your color coordinated books. I do that with the sweaters and sweat shirts in my closet. I try to file my books according to the subject matter.:-)

I liked your crocus pot, and now I like your mini dafs. I didn't remember that your Amaryllis was in the same pot.
Speaking of amaryllis, mine is opening it's first two blooms. They are the solid red ones.

Eden, what are you cooking for the shower? I had to miss my friend's 50th today because of our weather. :-(

I have a lot of potatoes that are sprouting and beginning to shrivel, so I cooked a pot of them with celery and onion, and made tuna chowder for our noon meal...and tomorrow's meal...and Mondays's meal!!!!! Yaargh! Maybe I can add another ingredient or two, and make the reruns a little differant. I just now thought of what I did wrong. I should have cooked the taters in chicken broth!

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Marian, We're doing a soup and salad menu. 3 soups, 3 salads, assorted rolls and cupcakes. Right now I'm working on something similar to what you made, a corn cheddar chowder. First I crisp bacon, then cook chopped onions in the bacon renderings and butter (I know, not too healthy but it's for a party), add flour to thicken, salt and pepper, then add chicken stock and cubed potatoes. Cook until potatoes are tender. Then add corn, half and half and shredded cheddar. Stir in crumbled bacon.

Sorry you weren't able to go to your party because of the weather. You're having a rough winter there. Thank goodness it's almost over.


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I might have to copy that recipe Eden ! Sounds really yummy and easy to prepare. The Nose thumbers have been heard from over on FB.
Today I had an ultimate spring experience , and planted two 6 paks of Delphiniums. I thought mine were not coming up yet , but on closer viewing I saw that the snails had devoured them down to the nubs already. Sluggo was sprinkled about and more plants installed. Im a sucker for Delphiniums-and that photo Honey posted was only further enabling !

Mary, you prompted me to ponder my bookcases, which are many, and there is no ryme or reason to any of it except for the garden books being all in one area , and cookbooks too. No wonder I cant ever find anything.

Here are some pics from today- Spring is very much here in our valley..

Lilies !


A Daylily scape that may or may not prevail through our late frosts


Is there aything more festive than a poppy ?

A Rosemary for V and a honeybee for Saucy !

Kathy in Napa

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

Marian - as Eden says, you've sure been having quite a winter there! You are getting an odd mix of winter and spring between the frog on the window and the snow on the ground! Is that normal late winter conditions for you?

gb - I remember - and like - that song! Sunshiny day here today too - but nippy!

Lots of cute kiddy pictures lately - I can never recognize who is who without labels :- )

Mary - good to hear that both you and David got some proper sleep! I like the colorful bookshelf - I hope they are not books you need to be able to choose the right one quickly though! It reminds me a bit of the little spools of thread holder I have on the wall in the office here. I arranged the spools to shade from dark to light through the colors. In that case, it actually makes it easier to find the right color when you're looking for something. You must have tons of craft sort of things - do you organize those things by color? That would be protty I'm sure.

Honey - yes, the drawings are for the Landscape Design I course I'm taking through the University of Guelph, via the Internet. The property details were given to us re size, direction it faces, house details and such. Then we had to get a friend pretend to own the house and be our client, telling us what they want in the landscape. Then we design it in three stages - the drawing above is part of the second stage. The final stage involves actually listing all the plants and drawing the final plan view with the symbols for all the plants. That's due in 5 weeks. I know most of the plants I want to use and the shapes on the drawings are largely are specific to what I intend to use. But it's going to take a fair bit of time to list them - I'm a VERY slow typist!

Kathy - the 'tilty' view is largely the result of two things: One is that it is an isometric-type drawing, not a true perspective one. (In an isometric drawing things are drawn at an absolute scale - they don't get smaller with distance as they would in a perspective drawing and parallel lines stay parallel rather than appear to coonverge on a vanishing point as they do in a perspective drawing.) The second reason for the 'tilty' view is that, if you actually look attentively, you will see that, when you look out at your backyard from the house, the ground really does appear to flip up - you raise your eyes to see the plants at the back of the yard while lower them to see the ones closest to you! Take a look at the picture of Honey's front yard she posted on the other thread. In that picture the view is back towards the house and you can see that the plants nearest to the house are closer to the top of the picture while the front of the bed are at the bottom of the picture. Your brain knows to convert that into a 3-D image. Even on flat ground, you don't actually see the plants all on one plane. Take a look out at your garden and you'll see what I mean. At this stage of the course, the teacher is actually expecting us to draw things all on one plane - and I (and the other student) am having great difficulty doing that because it simply is not the way things actually look! And my 'tilty' drawing, regardless of the distortions from absence of true perspective, allows for a much better assessment of what the design would actually look like. And my style of drawing is an accepted approach to elevations and I have provided the teacher with the refernces/examples I used when doing it. The main reference was actually one of the texts referred to in a lot of the course materials. So I think she'll accept the drawings ultimately. I think her real concern is that some of the students are really 'rank beginers' and she thinks this drawing style is too complex for this course. Actually I think it is much easier because it's very intuitive and dead easy to do once you understand how it's done. And it's easy to understand and takes no particular artistic ablitity to do! Here is a little scribble I did to show the difference between what the expected elevation is and what I did. The shapes are the same in both but the depth dimension has been collapsed in the first one - that is what I find very unnatural since it is very much at odds with how the world really looks! (The other scribble is a test drawing I did to make sure I could visualize the table and then the first draft of a scaled drawing of the actual table...)

One of the students in the course is from Colorado and another one is located in Peru! So anyone can sign up for the course - maybe someone else here will do it too...?

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

How wonderful to see spring photos, kathy!
Sorry I missed PM's birthday; I'll have to try to locate something to post... more of that spring/winter weather in this area too -- nutzy.

Im enjoying a shiraz after a day at the awf place and wishing I were in NH instead -- I concur w/ Eden's idea of a webcam so we can all be real time lurkers at the frolics going on -- Im sure there's bound to be a straw or two in sight for live performances...

Nice to see Honey a regular now; Im another echo that your gardens love marvelous and lush..

Glad Martie's party for the grad went well and that Mary (& David) are getting some overdue shut-eye -- sounds like it went too long for Miss Gardeningmary though -- rest rest so you and regroup and resume your duties.

Waving to all; the shiraz and some t.j. offerings await to kick back and collapse. I had hoped for some warm weather to grab a couple hours of gardening tomorrow around more trial deluge, but guess that's not in the plans... it's going to be a late Spring I think here... bummer..

Party on!!!


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Woody, thanks very much for your easy to understand explanation, I get it totally, and can see why you have chosen that format. I think I would lean towards that too, it seems as though the result would be much more clear.

Kathy in Napa

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Kathy, a local friend that I share e-mails with introduced me to FB. I have an account there because of her, but I do not understand what to do there. :-(
What I have seen does not make sense to me. She decided she was not all that interested in it either.
If anyone on here wants to include me in their conversations there, I am registered under my own name, as per our e-mail messages.
I 'would' like to know what the interest is there.
Wow! Your spring is coming right along.I espacially love the Pulmonaria and the Poppy.

Eden, your soup does sound good. I found a commercial canned soup that I really like. It is Progresso's Chicken Cheese Enchilada soup.

Woody, there is no 'normal' winter here, but this one is extra abnormal. Almost always we have the yoyo winter weather. It makes it hard to know what to do. Since I no longer grow a vegetable garden, it doesn't bother me as much as it used to. I always wait until the last of April to put out tender plants. Late freezes frequently nip things that sprout prematurely. It can be very disappointing.
Your drawings are very good. I understand the concept of the 3-d effect.

Our snow has continued all day, but has been very fine flakes, and some small pellets, so has not accumulated very much. The ground finally got cold enough that the driveway is now covered. It is supposed to end by midnight. Nothing will surprise me. There is an old saying here, "If you do not like the weather, stick around." I have seen several inches of "Partly cloudy" . LOL


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I lost my early post yesterday, I kept getting sent to the log-in page. Rather than trying to post again I swore at the computer and stalked off to the galley to prepare party tabouli. When I'd finished that I went out to the Salon and painted a couple of courses of triangles before departing for Deanne's.

I suspect our version of Marian and Nolon's yard clean up is going to have to wait a bit longer. While some of the debris has been revealed by melting snow I understand we're in for another round of it today/tomorrow. Personally, I'm doing just fine with winter, it's been a boon to me with all the inside work I've had to do. My greatest fear is that I'll run out of crummy weather and have to remain inside longingly looking out at the yard with a paintbrush in my hand! When the snow has melted Marian and Nolon can come here for a "busman's holiday" and help with our downed branches, OK?

I always liked that song, too, 'bug (Johnny Nash? and I think also Jimmy Cliff?). And I am unfamiliar with Crossbills, fascinating that you can see the characteristic quite plainly in a couple of the shots. The adaptive diversity of creatures and plants never ceases to amaze me... hat's off to Mr. Darwin.

Mary, EXCELLENT news on the pain management front. And very interesting that the medications are the same ones you use, Marian. I know my boss takes a med. used to treat Malaria as part of her RA "cocktail". I, too, noted the color coordinated bookshelves. Nothing is more satisfying than putting something "right" when you're in the mood to do so. Some of my very favorite bulbs are the miniature daffodils, I have Jack Snipe and another bi-color variety that are a little bit taller. Jack Snipe is my favorite and already I'm regretting not adding more last fall. They're just precious, aren't they?

Woody, thanks so much for the detailed explanation and the demonstration drawing. I think "your way" of the rendering the plan would easier for me, too. And I LOVE that you have questioned the teacher about it, using course materials to give weight to your decision. If nothing else it certainly demonstrates an engaged student and one with a good deal of common sense between her ears.

I shall comment no further on photographs of children and dogs, neither of which I like... and I'll pass on the chowders, too. I've never been able to bring any type of it to my lips without an immediate protest from the stomach; right up there with a glass of milk. BLECH! But I can appreciate the excitement surrounding the shower and hope we'll get to see some pictures of it, Eden. Esp. the cupcakes! mmmm...

OK, that's all for now.

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Brrrrr....the weatherman missed it again! It is 11F here, and about 1 inch of white stuff on the ground. Actually, I expected much more snow, so am pleased with what we got.
We will be staying at home today.There is ice under that snow.
By the end of the week around 70F is predicted!

Chelone, I didn't have that log in problem. I hate it when they do that.
Hmmmm, maybe with chairs placed strategically for Nolon to set in, and plenty of pain meds for me, we could do that. :-) Just getting us there may be a problem.

I think this afternoon will be a video day. The DVD, "Journey to the Center of the Earth", is waiting to be viewed. Nolon is not fond of such movies, but I am.

Hopefully there will be a lot of news of the Thumbing party, too.


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and party news?...


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

and I hear rumors of good photos?

Pony up, you guys!


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Not all of us use FB, so photos over here would be great fun, OK?


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I checked, no pictures over on FB only rumors of them.

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Good morning all, I'm getting a bit of a late start on my day here... Hmmm.... could it be post party blues? Could be... But the house is all put back to normal the food and drink all put away and all that's left are the great memories of a fantastic time with friends and my fellow Thumbers...

The dinner was fabu-fabu as per usual... we never seem to lack in the food area.. Les made his famous guacamole, Sue brought shrimp cocktail, Wendy brought some fantastic parmesan shortbreads. Then there was a lovely round of Brie, Doug's smoked salmon... and that is just the appetizers.

Dinner was marinated chicken breasts and pork tenderloin grilled to perfection, Saucy brought a lovely potato salad, Chelone fixed her delicious taboule, then we had a nice crisp tossed salad to go with the entrees.

Dessert was a Monique specialty, a coffee torte. Yum!, Sue made here world famous Whoopie Pies, Wendy brought chocolate covered strawberries and for the health conscious there was a salad of fresh fruit and berries.

So a good time was had by all! I'm putting a link to gallery of a few more pics below.

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Jerri_OKC(z7 Ok)

Oh boy, spring is getting closer. The Idyll photos are ramping up! What a lovely taste of spring from the left coast. Love the birds. That is a variety we do not see.
And last but not least, the party photos! Great shots Deanne. It's much as I imagined, everything looks beautiful and yummy. And you all look so happy! LOL

Have a wonderful sunday my virtual friends.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

What a sensational group of people! Makes me proud to know you all! The food, well it's a good thing I didn't go near that dessert table. I see Deanne's blind was featured in the background :), and Sue, you are amazing. Every time I see your photo you are more beautiful. Love the new hairdo and your sparkly eyes and smile! Saucy, you look more and more like Sue's sister with each photo too! I love the shot of Chelone debating which dessert to serve herself...and how much! Anyway, it all sure makes me eager for IUVI where we'll get to enjoy more than one day together. Deanne, thanks for the photo journal, and Doug, I hope there'll be salmon when we all meet again!

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You could knock me over with a feather at the news of Kyle's new focus on forestry! Very exciting news, Martie. And having the house to yourself for an afternoon is luxury indeed.

Mary, did you follow Gertrude Jekyll's prescribed color arrangement in arranging your bookshelves? ;) Fingers crossed the new meds do the trick for David and that you both get much needed rest.

Nice to see the thumbers take their photo responsibilities seriously. Let's hope all your whooping and laughing scared the pants off winter and he's running away in retreat.

Friday's job took about five years off my life -- @#!@ freakin' insanely unreportable deposition. There, much calmer now. And yesterday was probably spent much like Deanne, getting ready for a dinner. Duncan had cleaned the house while I was in misery at work Fri, so that was a godsend. Still under the spell of things southern, and since we just passed Fat Tuesday, I made crabcakes and corn maque choux, garlic red potates, steak for the menfolk, grilled salmon, salads. My mom and dad, my Uncle Normand & Aunt Betty from Massachusetts, cousins. Really wonderful people I don't see nearly as much as I'd like. We set up a Bloody Mary bar with marinated green beans, "tomolives," peppericinis, celery, etc., several hot sauces, horseradish, showed Duncan how to make one and set him loose as bartender. Lots of fun. Fruit and the usual chocolate suspects for desert but nothing as fabulous as whoopie pies and Monique's coffee tort!

My dad has changed his mind about open heart surgery after too many increasingly breathless nights, so that's coming up this spring. My mom seems on board with the decision because his quality of life has deteriorated so drastically lately.

Woody, what a brain-intensive course! Enjoyed your discourse on isometric v. perspective drawing. Sounds like you're keeping the teacher on his/her toes!

Congrats to Jen & Randy at the shower of their new baby. Hope you get a chance to relax and put your feet up, Eden.

Very belated happy birthday, PM.

So exciting that the peepers are stirring....

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

I see the party pictures made it over here. Chelone made me do all that As usual, it was a fun time-lots of laughs and delicious food. Marie, I finally found a hair stylist who knows how to work with straight, fine hair. And you're right, Saucy and I do look somewhat alike. I was thiking the same thing this morning while looking at these pictures the first time.

So we thumbed our nose at winter but it probably wasn't our best idea to moon it. The latest weather forecast for my area is calling for a large storm tonight of 8-15" of snow. Sheesh!


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Yes indeed Sue, It must have been the moon shot that caused this 15 inch snow storm to descend upon us.... All our fault. LOL So where is Chelone this morning????


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Way to party Idylls! Looks like winter is thumbing it's nose back though. March is coming in like a lion for you guys.


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

LOL Denise! "Nice to see the thumbers take their photo responsibilities seriously." Yep, I too was really impressed with their seriousness. ;-)
I can understand your mom and dad's concern about his breathless nights. Fortuately Nolon did not require open heart surgery. His doc did what he called 'roto-rooting' on Nolon's clogged up blood vessels.It was a great success. After 12 years he is still not having a problem in that department.

As for the vituals. I am salivating! Espacially over the meat and the tort, but I would have sampled it all. I am not familiar with 'taboule' so did a Google on it. I may try it some day, when I am ambitious enough to do all that chopping of tomatoes, etc. It does sound good. I am thinking it may be something that is brought to the Golden Year's occasionally. I just didn't know it's name. I hope I remember that word the next time I see that type of salad.

Speaking of clams...I remembered that I have a can of clam that I bought some time ago, planning on making chowder with it. I think I will add it to the left over tuna chowder tomorrow. It is past dated, but the can looks fine, and I heard that those datings are not 'carved in stone'.


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Well good morning ! much more fun to spend coffee time with reveling Idyllers than the dire newspaper stories ! Bum shots (very artistic by the way) and all. Did I spot Cindys floral offering on the table, that lovely bouquet of Stock ? Wonderful looking array of food, and at least Doug got to have his pic snapped in a dignified pose Just wets the whistle for IU6 I must say. So did Saucy, Sue and Chelone all dress the same on purpose???

Raining this morning, and no doubt for the duration today, and I will be spending a couple of hours at the awfice this afternoon to try to cushion my landing on Monday morning.

bug thanks by the way for posting the photos of the crossbills. What pretty birds they are ! I looked them up in my field guide and saw that they are not known to hang about here .

Time to go to the garage and check out the seedlingslater all !

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I have dutifully cracked off another two courses on the Salon floor, delivered my alterations to a pleased customer, picked up a necessary quart of paint, and am prepared to once more assault the Salon floor. I really want to finish it up today, though that may be a stretch.

It's snowing now and "I done heard tell" there could be rather a lot more of it for tomorrow. Is it possible I detect a SNOW DAY (wouldn't that be loverly)? What I don't finish today I could finish then...

Wow, Denise, open heart surgery? Sounds scarey, but is it really more frightening than breathless nights and rapidly deteriorating quality of life... dunno. I wish your family well.

Now I have to get back to the Salon. I have knees and wrist to punish, you know.

Hope Eden has a blast at the shower today.

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

The photos tell the story of a wonderful party! I can tell that Chelone obviously is the evil influencer of the gang, forcing poor Sue to crawl for that gallon of tequila... Sue, you do look great, and a lot like Saucy! Now you need to adopt that lovely drawl of hers, LOL.

Chelone, we will be sisters in paint today. I picked up the accent color yesterday, DH and DS moved that massive piece of furniture and I am set to wrap things up today.

We had DS, his fiance, MIL and her DH for dinner last night. Yesterday, DH told DS that MIL and my late uncle had each given a sum of money to be used for his education, but we were able to swing college out of our own funds, so he will be receiving the accumulated funds (less than it was last year, but still a nice amount). He and his fiance were quite excited and likely will use the money to purchase a condo. I think they will find some good buys out there right now.

It's rather cold and very windy out there today; must be the March lion roarin' his freaking head off! At least it's not a foot of snow. Our wetlands are quite full and we don't need a lot more water at this point.

Time to put on the painting clothes.


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How fun to see evidence that yesterday was as fun as I remembered :) That bum shot is just too much! The food was excellent, and our hostess is the best! Deanne and Doug really know how to throw a party :)

Denise, what an excellent menu! Duncan sounds like a peach.

V. and Chelone have me longing for fresh paint in my main hall that connects the upstairs and downstairs. I have a gold color in mind, but haven't decided on a hue.

Woody, I really like your class, and think it'd be really useful to work off a plan in the garden, since I often lose sight of my original plan.

I hope that Mary and family are sleeping well this weekend, and just generally doing what they need to do to be happy.

GB, I hope you can make it to IUVI - I'm bringing blue toenail polish for you :)

Martie, what would Ky be interested in within the Forestry degree - I don't have a clue on what sort of job one could sounds like a good place to be right now :)

I'm really really hungry right now, and since Nick just helped me haul in the groceries, I'm thinking of a lunch of brie and blackberries, with a spot of Doug and Deanne's wonderful smoked salmon!

Have a great day, friends. We've got all the kids from the neighborhood in our living room playing video games, and it sounds like they're having a good time....the only thing good about 15" of snow is how giddy it makes kids, "NO School tomorrow, YAY!"

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Although it is often necessary to work for every tiny bit of what we need in life, receiving a financial gift at wedding time can be an enormous boost these days. I'm certain V, that your DS understands the generosity and did not simply expect such a gift to land in his lap. The values you teach your kids by example are just fantastic.

I think the fact that we too were able to assist DD & DSIL with the purchase of their home makes these horribly difficult economic times easier for them. Anything to make their lives smoother is what I hope for them!

It is very cold out still in our neck of the woods, but with sunshine still and the crossbills too. Dodgerdudette, I have never seen these birds in 38 years in Ontario!

DH is sleeping AGAIN on the couch by the fire, dressed in a sweater & jacket, along with a blanket on top. He only wants plain tea and had no lunch. This is the first time in 45 years that has happened. I fear a terrible plague will strike our household.

My friend is attending a wedding shower today. The bride will be 6+ months pregnant for her wedding. I wonder how one buys a wedding dress for these occasions, but she's certainly not the first! I guess I'll get an update on this soon. The shower has a recipe theme, and so my friend baked biscotti and bought mugs for coffee and a frother to go along with.

Marian, I just LOVE tabouli and add lots more lemon and mint than typical recipes suggest because I love it that way. :) It is a fantastic summer dish too. YUM YUM!

Off to do more stuff around here...

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jak1(4 Ontario Can)

O.K. you guys! No fair posting wonderful pary pics without indentifying information for those of us who are still freezing in the wilderness and who never get out and who don;t know anybody!!!

I could gifure out which two were Saucy and Sue from 'Bug's comment about look-alikes, I have seen Deanne identified sho else is who? You all look better than me *LOL* Even from the back end! ROTFLOL!

Cold here, everything hard as rock, I sent the men to the city, Adrian and Interphil (he didn't want to go) to the dinosaur museum, DH to the fish store with a handful of crinkly Slimy pets that die as soon as you get them home. Chelone: I hate fish.

'Bug: sick Ric? There's so much stuff going around now...I have had a cold for four months. No kidding FOUR MONYHS! Shoulda bought stock in the Kleenex company...Phoned the doctor - he can see me near the end of March. I mean, what's one more month, right? Sheesh!

On my own at home for once, I finished potting up the pelargonium cuttings - all 18 of them, into 6" pots. Then planted some more pepper seeds, some lobelia, and I forget what else. Went to the shed and broght in some pots to start the Zinnias - pots are having a swim in dilute Javex as we speak - well, figuratively speak.

Really really really tired of winter. I need my gardens! Why do we continue to live in such a crummy climate? One of life's mysteries, I guess. Although climate change may take care of that anyway (hehehe).

Man, this post is lame. I am going to go cook some chicken for dinner and sit down in peace with a glass of wine.

You winter thumbers - I hope you did a super job and it's almost done!



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jak1(4 Ontario Can)

Oh yes, Kathy, our old furniture probably came from the U.S. as my mother's family spent some time in Chicago many generations ago. They had big bucks, lost it all in the Great Depression. They had moved to Montreal in 1902 to set up a ritzy men's wear store ("Men's Furnishings", then, la-de-dah)and then relocated to Ottawa to cater to the big name politicians in the Nation's Capital. My grandfather was killed in a fire in 1919 and my grandmother turned the family finances over to her brother. All was lost in the 30's. My mother never came to terms with it. She had gone to private school, had a nanny etc. She did absolutely no housework when we were young - it really didn't dawn on her that the "lady of the house" did such menial stuff, as that wasn't the norm in her life. When she was in the nursing home in her late eighties, she used to drive us nuts:" I cannot understand how I am ending my days in an institution. We kept Gramma at home. No family would abandon their elders in my day." Of course, her family had a nanny, a cook, a maid two days a week, and round the clock nursing staff for Gramma.

I have a lot of old stuff from that family, old silver, some linens, the furniture that you have seen, some old dishes (some of them Limoges). I believe in using whatcha got so a lot of this stuff is visible in my home. My sibs call it that"old family junk" and want no part of it, for which I am grateful.

Enough of the Julie history -



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I'm the one with the stupid belt "buckle". I recently unearthed it in a box of stuff in the back of the closet. It was my 16th. birthday present from my brother. ;)

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

It looks like a great party!

Julie - that's an interesting family history. It sounds like you and your sibs must have got an introduction to housework early if your mother was not doing it....? Or was your father a good house-husband? :-)

Saucy - I think you'd have fun with this course if you signed up for it next winter....

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Julie, nose thumbing under table portrait :
Monique, Saucy, Wendy, Sue, Chelone. A rougues gallery to be sure !

Kathy in Napa

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Aaaw, you spoiled it by calling it "stupid" Chelone! While on the treadmill I was thinking about where my old belt with buckle might be and if I could ever fit in it once more. Maybe for IUVI? Mine is/was silver. I also have a Guatamalan one somewhere. That would give me almost five months.
I also admired Sue's necklace, belt and bracelets, Chelone's earrings, Deanne's kitty too of course (can't quite make out your necklace Deanne)!

Lots of similarities Julie in your Mom's background and my Mom's. When Mom married she had no clue about cooking, housework, etc... I could adjust to that easily!


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You all look amazing, the food looks amazing, the flowers look amazing, and Sue ---- VAVAVAVOOM!!!! Singlehood is treating you well :-)

Really looking forward to a home day tomorrow. Second best boss in the world sent out a note earlier today saying: "Don't be stupid, stay home." Who's to argue??

Saucy, the possibilities with Forestry are suddenly amazing: Working within the legal field for development rights, being a forest caretaker or guide, going the biological route to find new ways to use sustainable plants and coming up with new products, green energy/living/food production, horticultural evaluation of archeological digs (was told it's an almost sure-fire way to find where the village well was located). Pretty cool.

If David needs something sedentary to do for a few hours, Mary, he could catalog your bookshelf. I really, really like that!!

Off to munch peach turnovers and find rose pictures to paste on the windows during the storm. Like a lion, without a doubt!!


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wendy2(zone 6 MA)

Hi All!

Good to see the photos - brings back all the laughs from yesterday! What a great time we had; special thank you to wonderful hosts Deanne & Doug.

Julie, I am the one who did not get the memo about wearing black instead of tropical, I felt so last year! Seriously, that's me in the green shirt.

Cindy, the flowers are lovely - they were are delphiniums BTW. Very pretty!

So much for thumbing our noses at winter though, we are expecting a major storm tonite into tomorrow - they are calling it a Nor'Easter now. DH says we have to stop this thumbing stuff, it is getting dangerous...

Later all!

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A full week of rain is warming up in the bullpen here- Its a good thing I spent yesterday with the handy dandelion digger , because the soil promises to be a soggy-swamp for several days to come. Of course , more weeds will sprout in the meantime. Ive been hoarding cardboard to use under mulch as a weed barrier but have been unable to put it down-my bales of compost are soaked this point .

So, Ive been researching a camera upgrade for a few weeks and today found a factory refurbished Nikon D60 for a very attractive price, basically 30to 50 percent lower than what Ive seen for a new unit. My current point and shoot Nikon is also factory refurbished too, and Ive been very happy with it I will keep it for its portability. I am funding the purchase through my tax return and some of late DHs power tools that I am selling as well.

Denise, my fondness for Bloody Marys has provided me with a cheap thrill upon the description of your buffet of same. My fave B Mary of all time was in Indianapolis (of all places) and involved a very zesty ( and first-rate) spice mix , with a jumbo grilled prawn as the garnish. It wasnt cheap but was it good ! Who needs shrimp cocktail sauce when you have a B Mary to dip them in ?? It always interests me to see how quickly folks seem to bounce back from open heart surgery these days..I hope your Dad handles it well, and that it does in fact improve his quality of life.

Marian, I forgot to mention my awe at seeing an indoor blooming Cleome ! You surely dont run across that every day- the siteing of your house must just be perfect for coaxing blooms indoors.

V, what a nice gift for your DS its scary out there for the young . Its always a good thing when families can help in lieu of Uncle Sam.

Wishing I had some blueberries and brie for desert , thanking Julie for sharing the interesting family history , glad that Wendy checked in, and wondering where Brenda has been lately ?

All for me today , still need to read read Sunday paper !

Kathy in Napa

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Apologies for "stupid", 'bug. We use "silly" and "stupid" interchangeably here on the Compound. I actually managed to unearth several relics from my high school experience including the earrings you commented on (a graduation gift). There is even a pair of boots, not Frye's but pretty cool anyway. Maybe I'll treat you to a trip down the Memory Lane runway at the next shindig. Maybe I'll wear my lucky shorts...

I have never had a Bloody Mary. I wonder if I'd like them? Maybe we'll have to haul out the stable of blenders for the IUVIFORME. The helpmeet mixes a killer Pina Colada, can definitely set you back on your hindquarters.

Springtime pictures seem VERY distant this morning, with snow swirling around the Compound. I will be "going nowhere fast" today, thank you very much. I did finish the second coat on the triangles yesterday in a marathon painting session. I plan to wash the blue chalk off the floor today, jam some filler into the remaining nailholes on the staircase, and finish painting the trim around the pulldown staircase in the Salon. Maybe I'll even tackle the grimey fingerprints around some of the light fixtures. Wherever the helpmeet goes there is a trail of forensic evidence in the form of fingerprints...

We had dinner with a very dear friend last night and the news from her sector was grim indeed. Her spouse, it seems, is a victim of the mortgage lending debacle. She is collateral damage, the saving grace being that they kept their pre-marrital assets largely seperate. Still though, he has just filed for bankruptcy (was very lucky to qualify for chapter 7) and it has understandably put a tremendous strain on their marriage. A looming second deployment for him is not making it any easier She is practical, resourceful, and will land on her feet but is really feeling the squeeze and not having much fun. We've decided that a weekly get together either here or at her condo. will be the order of the day to keep morale elevated.

Which brings me to the generous gift of money for V.'s son and his betrothed. What a great thing to receive. The helpmeet's father was all about systematically gifting assets to his kids during his life. He gifted real estate early on and periodically gifted money. His logic was irrefutable and characteristically generous, "why should you have to wait until I'm dead to receive the benefit of those things? You should have them while you're young and use them wisely to build comfortable lives for yourself". And the wisdom of his decision was quickly revealed when his stepson's wife sued his estate before he was barely cold. The joke was on her... "his" assets had long since been passed along. :) My own parents showed no such ability to plan and straightening out their estate required the services of a very good elder lawyer ($), a lot of time, and too much unnecessary stress. "Money is a wonderful slave but a terrible master".

I am hoping for a fun, detailed filled update on the shower today. I'm hoping against hope for a picture of the claw footed baby bath... maybe? ;)

Loved the Julie history, BTW. Many similarities to my own, at least with respect to "stuff". Julie, how about you take the plunge and start a thread about cool furniture? (even I can start a thread, it's so easy!). I love cool furniture, even if it isn't "old".

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Good morning, the shower was fun. Today will be a day of rest and recouperation. I've linked some pictures below.

Chelone, I don't have a picture of the tub. I think it's still in the box. Maybe when we get the nursery set up I'll snap a few pics over at Jen's and get one of it for you then.


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Good morning all,

Yes indeed, winter is currently thumbing its nose at us. Good grief, there is already eight inches on the ground and still snowing at a good clip. Then to top it all off it's going to get down to the single digits in the next couple days.... I can't wait until spring.

Kathy, yes indeed that boquet on the table was Cindy's floral contribution to the party. ~~~ Don't float away with all the rain.

Bug love those Crossbill photos!!!! Sure wish you were closer. Apparently this is an irruption year for them as well.

Julie, love your furniture!

Eden, wow you really do it up right. Loved the shower photos. I especially love all the little baby things as wall decorations. How clever and cute!!!!

Mary, love the rainbow of books!!!! So glad to hear that David is doing better and everyone is now sleeping through the night.

OK I've got to get off this computer and water the coleus...

Have a great day all

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Me? I love Daddy's T-shirt! But the decorations were fun, Bella adorable, and obviously everyone was super happy!

Well DH is sick as a dog but drove himself off to his conference at the spa anyway. He brought an empty wastebasket along in the car in case his stomach acts up! But he phoned and is taking a 10 minute parking lot siesta before the action begins. He hasn't eaten since Saturday night and seems to be getting the hiccups all the time. How weird...

I have done my treadmill morning routine, 320 calories burned. I'm not seeing any results at all...but I must assume that muscle is taking over from flab. You think?

Lots of excitement on the Alberta front, with calls from DD. I wish I could say it was good stuff, but no. I hope with all my heart that things settle down soon. As Marian says, 'this too shall pass'. I get fire engine red about this garbage, but fortunately they only vent for 10 minutes and then move forward.

I've begun knitting a tiny sweater but it is way trickier than i had anticipated because there are several colours which I must carry along for every row. Hard when you are impatient. I hope I can make progress.

Vita caught another mouse this morning...I guess she found it in the basement. It is very cold here and we have run out of chopped wood for the stove. I guess it will be a while before DH is up to chopping more, so it will be electric heat in that room for the rest of the week I think.

That's all she wrote for now!

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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

Brenda arrives, slamming on the brakes on the Chevy big block. Chelone has never had a bloody mary?!?! That's it, get your fanny over here :) I LOVE em.
Just popped in for a howdy. It's 10:00, and I'm still in my robe drinking coffee. My skydiver pal called yesterday, and wanted me to upload the stills from our skydives to facebook, so I now have a facebook page to neglect as well, lol! I've located a couple of the idylls, and will track down more, but I really need to shower, do the yoga thing, etc. Today feels like a "computer day", so I'll be back and catch up later. I was just really disturbed about that bloody mary thing........

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Ok Brenda, start saving your dough right now for IU6 and you and I will be in chaHge of the Bloody Mary Bar at the Compound ...

Kathy in Napa

PS,Glad to see ya

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With all thanks to modern technology that allows one to NOT use precious time off ... greetings from the snowy CT River Valley!! Places that never close are closed and though we aren't getting the hammering Deanne and Chelone and PM are getting, it's lousy enough to join Brenda in my robe and stay put.

Ahhhhhh, FB. So many kind invitations and my concern is that I'll never keep up if I accept and get a page of my own started. Pressure mounts, though, from all sides so will probably break down eventually. LOL

Love, love, love old furniture and am thrilled that Ky, niece and nephew like it as well. Probably a tad early to start giving Everything away, but when a 23yo woman's eyes light up at a rocker her great grandmother bought to rock her grandmother, who am I to say "no!"

The exquisite, wonderful, trumpet worthy news from Cornfield Park is that the absolute very last piece of our Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is complete and we have been released. Some of you may remember that four years ago, Rich worked a job that quickly became personal from the client's standpoint and when Rich wouldn't reciprocate, things got really, really nasty. Lawsuits ensued and we had to make a choice: lose everything since contractors are never "right in the eyes of the law" (good lawyer quote) or file for Chapter 13, hold our breath, and wait it out three years. Despite the downturns and lefts and rights and backwards, we made it through!! Only 25% of folks do, and our personal and business finances are now in better shape that most. Go, figure. The woman who started it all and the folks that jumped on her bandwagon will get nothing, nada, zero, zilch!! Sometimes the laws Do work in the good people's favor.

This Idyll is passing like greased lightening (couldn't resist) and I'm hopeful that NOT all about me contributions will come more frequently now that life is starting to settle on all fronts. KNOCK ON WOOD!!!! lol

Best to All - Martie

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Marie, I can certainly empathize with your feelings toward the venting. Almost everytime Tim calls it includes a lot of venting....about the ex, about his job, about his finances, and now, about 15 year old Savannah's boyfriend! He has long hair and piercings, etc. But, he has a nice personality. I need to dig out the teenage pic I have of Tim and e-mail it to him. ;-)

Brrrr again. It was 13 this morning, and the interior of the room where the stove is was 56. I am not tolerating interior temps of the 50s as well as I used to! How wonderful my warm bed with the comforter on it feels.(g)

How nice that some young couple's have kinfolk who can help them get a good start. I never had that, and was never able to add to our son's finances, except a little towards his going to college. We always got everything the hard way...we earned it, little by little.

Marie, I am worried about your DH. His ailment does not sound good. Has he seen a doctor? The hiccups do not sound right. I frequently have hiccups when I wake up during the night, and have to get up and take a drink of water to stop them. I blame mine on my acid reflux.
Re: the pregnant bride....we used to have a saying,"A pregnancy is normally 9 months, except the first one. The first one can come any time."

Julie, your 'cold' sounds more like an allergy.
Your family history on you mother's side is very interesting. I have thought, every now and then, about how so many people used to have nannies, cooks, maids,and even gardeners. I do not recall hearing any of my relatives ever having such luxuries. Of course, a lot of the wealthier families still have such help. The present economy may put a stop to a lot of that.
My mother never taught us girls to do housework, or even to cook. She did let me make cakes from scratch. I was good at that. And she let me iron napkins and such items. We did not even make our own beds, because we, "wouldn't do it right" ! We never even washed the dishes. I had a lot of learning to do when I got married. My first effort with gravy turned out ot be a chunk of 'rubber' ! LOL
Never-the-less, I turned out to be a good housekeeper, and cook.

Martie, Forestry is fine, until it comes to the 'treehuggers' telling home owners how to manage their own woods. That was attempted here. A group was formed by the home owners, called: "Take Back Arkansas". The trouble makers have apparently backed off. I haven't heard any more about it in several years. A lot of them, or most of them, did not even live in Arkansas. Home owners here are very defensive of what belongs to them.

Kathy, I did not expect the Cleome's to bloom indoors. I was only hoping to carry them over, to plant out in the spring. They are in a Northeast window (actually, the former sliding glass door).

Chelone, I over use the word "stupid" ! All most everything I see and hear on TV is 'stupid'! A lot of the things I do are 'stupid'. Our oldest DG likes the word also, but Tim dislikes her use of it. I sort of think, if it fits, why not use it?
"Silly" is a good word also. :-)
So sorry about you friend. What age is she? She is fortunate to have your and you DH's support.

Eden the shower pics are great. I, too, like the decorations. What a nice idea. The refreshments look yummy, and Bella looks very happy. :-)
It looks like there was quite a crowd there.

Sorry about the winter weather in the east. March can be such a cruel month. Usually our deepest snows come in March.

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

When I reviewed my post this last time, the Message box went blank! I could not add any more to my post, or make corrections. What in the world caused that?
I could not even add my name at the bottom, as I wanted to...

I wanted to tell Martie, how happy I am that the bankrupcy has been settled, and all is well with you and your DH.


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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Im voluntarily stuck at home today w/ our 8 inches of snow -- guess that will be my workout of the day - southern weenie that I am, LOL - i would be snowbound all winter in NE or Midwest! Seriously, in days of yore I'd have lept out of bed at 5 to shovel and charge off to work - but I find o.t., and age have seriously impinged upon my devotion to work - go figure.... that's what sick and vacation days are for -- just call me a slacker.

I LOVE the thumber pics and note that there is a Thumber uniform -- I was unaware of the fashion etiquette and might have been embarrassed. Duly note for future attendance...

It's very berry chilly here and Im working up to the snow heaval w/ some slacking off first.

Interesting family history, Julie -- I think there are some stories somewhat similar in my family.... I hope the present day economic woes do not produce any similar ones for our future generations.

Denise -- that sounds like a wonderful menu you offered up over the weekend as well -- all these yummy pics and descriptions have me feeling hungry!

Im wondering if I could just stay home for another 2 days til the temps hit 50 and start the snow melt? that would save on shoveling.... but I suspect that would definitely wear out any indulgence from HR...

I'd like to do my taxes (this is definitely the latest I've ever done in years) but am still awaiting info from my stock club (even tho we lost $$, gotta report it, LOL)....

Well, I said Noon would be the witching hour for snow exercise and here it is.... Chloe's no-count, no help w/ shoveling...


    Bookmark   March 2, 2009 at 11:59AM
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It seems when the office is in your home, there are no snow days....especially since Nick cancelled all his morning appointments due to weather/traffic. We worked on things that needed both of us to get done.

I want to participate on the furniture thread, but need a day to get my camera ready, and the furniture presentable, lol!

Eden, I loved the color theme! And especially the clothesline with all the sweet little onsies and blankets. The cupie cakes were cute :)

I've gotta go make hot chocolate for the kiddies coming in from round 1 of snow fun.....


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

I just got a call from DSIL and we had a great chat. I also got a note from DD with possible baby names....and I love them! I hope they stick. I so expected impossible choices. YEAH!

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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

Wow, so much going on!! Once, again, I love the cozy feeling I get when I read the Idylls.
Bug, I sure hope Ric gets feeling better soon. I can empathize with your feelings about his retirement. In the "off season" having both of us hanging around can get to be a bit much. DH is not very good at entertaining/directing himself.
It sounds like you and Wayne have a great relationship. Lol, I'm new to the whole Mother-in-law adventure and it really tickles me when SIL calls me to talk about something, or just sends me a text when he thinks of something that will make me laugh.

Oooooh! Bloody Mary and shrimp! Now, why have I never thought of THAT?

Mary, I'm so glad to hear that you and David are able to get some solid rest. I know that run-down, tapped out, just can't deal anymore feeling. Don't forget to take care of you, too!

Martie, glad to hear that the bankruptcy is dealt with. Great that Ky knows what he wants to do and is going for it. DS is a very bright young man, but nothing seems to spark his interest as far as a career.

Denise, scary stuff with your Dad's surgery...the breathless nights are scarier still.

Marian, my paternal grandmother used to say pretty much the same thing about the first baby :) She always said it takes 9 months for a baby to get here, except the first. That one can be any time. If I understand my family history correctly, she was speaking from experience ;)

The party looks like SUCH a good time. Between Eden's cupcakes, and the spread at the party...well, let's just say the almonds and water aren't exactly hitting the spot at the moment.

I haven't spent the ENTIRE day on the computer, but for as long as I HAVE been in here, you would think the desk would at least be cleared off, lol! In an effort to appear productive, I shall now go attempt to turn the leftover roast chicken from yesterdays dinner into some sort of delicious chicken and rice experiment.
Have a good one, all, and a BIG ol' HOWDY to everyone!! Good to see Honey back again!

    Bookmark   March 2, 2009 at 3:51PM
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Hello idylls

What a fun time everyone had at the the Thumb Your Nose party!! And at Eden's pretty and festive baby shower. It's great to have such concrete evidence that the Idylls know how to eat, drink and be merry!!

I had a lousy day today feeling flushed and feverish and just returned from my Dr having found out I have Strep throat Arg! The good news is it's easily treated and I can return to work after 24 hours on antibiotics. Apparently Scarlet Fever is a form of Strep so my blazing red face, neck and abdomen fit right in. It seems hard to get ahead right now but David had a good day at school, and I don't have to take off work for this week's therapy appointments as they are after school. One day we will have some semblance of normal again.

Tonight's dinner is a rotisserie chicken, frozen sweet potato fries crisped in the oven and a pre-washed salad with a bottled organic dressing. That part is easy but as everyone is giving me a very wide berth till I'm no longer infectious it could be a quiet evening. DH is home and still able to make me laugh so things are not too bad.


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Mary, I'm so sorry to hear you're sick now. Take things as easy as you can. I know that's not as easy to do as it is to say though. Thank you to for your sweet offer on the felting supplies. You have enough on your plate now so I'll look around here and see what I can come up with. So thoughtful of you to offer.

Marie, of course Sarah came up with great names. I would never have had a doubt. Hope dh recovers quickly and you don't catch whatever he has.

Martie, glad to hear that things are going well for you.

Denise, sorry to hear your dad will have to have surgery. Your weekend party sounds like just the ticket for some fun and relaxation.

Hi Brenda. Glad to see you surface.

Hope all of you that are snowed in are safe and snug. Hopefully that's the last hurrah of winter.

I've done absolutely nothing productive today but that's what I needed I think. Megan postponed Bella's birthday party to next Sunday due to the shower so now it's on to helping her get ready for that. Kids and grandkids sure do keep a person busy.


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

A busy and productive Monday is almost in the books. I flipped through my calendar today and decided that March will be over before I know what happened. Some exciting things on the schedule, and much that needs to get accomplished - finding a dress for the wedding, addressing the envelopes, finishing the basement, attending a soap making workshop, presenting three seminars, and a long weekend in Santa Fe. Oh yeah - and work. Guess I'll scratch sleep from the schedule.

Yesterday I turned around and discovered that one of my agaves was preparing to devour me.

Gotta watch out for those sneak attacks.

Saucy, did I tell you I took your suggestion and framed the Queen Anne's lace photo? Thanks for nudging me!

Mary, I had a sneaky feeling you were sick. Get some rest and get better! Glad to hear your DH is home right now. Mine is here for the next three weeks - whatever will I do? LOL!

Eden, the shower looks like it was wonderful. You deserve a day to do nothing.

I like the idea of a Bloody Mary bar for IUVI. And I like the idea of Brenda organizing it...

I need to keep up the productivity here. Later,


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chloehoover(z6b VA)

I got my snow exercise for the day; and then just to make sure I didnt have any "real" fun today, I got to work on the taxes and 5 hours later they're efiled.... Im slow, what can I say? they were a bit more complicated this year than other years, but still it was painfully slow.

I really popped in because I realized I had not sent good vibes to Denise re her dad and his surgery -- I will be thinking of all -- when is it to be now that he's decided things warranted the venture? It is scary, but so often patients feel just the world of difference when it's over -- just so you guys can take another world trip!

Mary -- major hugs -- you poor thing - but Im glad you got proper diagnosis and some drugs -- you've been thru the wringer for sure.

Eden you totally deserve some days off after all that hecticity of the shower and birthdays -- the decs and cupcakes were just charming -- I was making mental notes in case the occasion ever arises that I would do one -- I loved those little clothes on the line around the room too! Just sooo creative -- your whole family is very imaginative and talented!!

I have visions of your DH, 'bug, attending the conference w/the trash can accompanying him -- I cant imagine there will be many folks interested in talking to him close up, LOL.

okay, time for kicking back and trying to turn off numbers and worries about whether I was intelligent enuf for the IRS with no recuperations.

It's too be frigid single digits and wind here tonite and the commute should prove interesting... but since I skipped today, I cant whine - back to reality. Luckily I'd accomplished 95% of the stuff for the trial to start on weds., so I didnt feel too bad an employee altho one never knows what could have surfaced in 24 hours, LOL


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Monday greetings, with a special nod to the always entertaining Brenda and her return from lurkdom.. Rain continues here-seems pretty tame compared to the never ending snow events back east.

Am I correct in inferring that Deanne is venturing forth to the Philly Flower Show ? Hope we get some pics .

Strep throat Mary ! No wonder you feel so crummy. You better slow down and give yourself some time to mend a quiet evening(or several) is just what you need .

Martie, nice to hear that an issue is resolved ..and a big one too I think. It must feel great to put something like that to bed once and for all, and not have it hovering over you like a black cloud. You should celebrate by sowing Zinnias !

Ok, so now Cindy has finished her taxes and Im feeling behind schedule. Going to call my tax lady tomorrow and get my appt set up, which will force me to finish the paperwork gathering that I have procrastinated, particularly since I have already purchased my annual tax-return gift to myself.

V, I am very fond of Santa Fe and jealous that you are visiting there- I havent been in several years. The last time I went we stayed at La Fonda very cool , historical and a Patrick Dennis point of interest (and I dont expect anyone to have the least idea of what the Patrick Dennis thing is about-but if anyone does, I;m always looking for kindred spirits ) and very nicely located too. I highly recommend Café Pasquals for breakfast !

Time to cook some dinner and deal with finishing the laundry that I let slide yesterday.

Wave to all !

Kathy in Napa

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Saucy - your dancing germs made me smile!!

My shivers have stopped and I'm hopeful for a good night's sleep. DH is taking over the morning shift so I'm planning on a nice sleep in tomorrow.

Nite All


    Bookmark   March 2, 2009 at 11:49PM
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Mary, the antibiotics should be kicking in soon. Rest well!


    Bookmark   March 2, 2009 at 11:56PM
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jak1(4 Ontario Can)

4a.m. Can I sleep? Well, no, of course not. I will be tired at 8 a.m., just when things start hopping around here *sigh*

Denise, all the best wishes from here with respect to your father's surgery. It seems that heart surgery is almost a common thing now and so many people have such an enhanced life after recuperating!

Eden, I loved the little clothes hanging on the wall, and the baby photos of Mom and Dad too! What fun!

Saucy, I laughed about "getting the furniture presentable" before taking any photos. Isn't that the truth: I never show any pictures of my house in its normal state - I wait until everything is just right before I get out the camera. That way everybody thinks I'm perfect *LOL*

Marian, nope I do not have allergies, at least I have not tested positive for anything. But I sure do avoid wasps etc. like the plague - swell up can't breathe, whatever. Rush to the hospital, they tell me to see an allergist and get an epipen, the allergist's tests come back normal Done this three times. Now I just keep Benadryl and ice at the ready all summer long. I usually manage to get stung about twice every year...I really chuckled about the "chunk of rubber"! Sounds like something I would do! My mother never taught us anything about keeping house either, but I was a born neat freak, so my room was always presentable, even when the rest of the house was not.

Great news, Martie! What a relief to put something like that behind you and come out the other side in good shape. Congrats!

Brenda and Kathy, save one BM for me - I have never had one either! (That's Bloody Mary, OF COURSE!)

Marie, I can hardly wait to hear the chosen name! I hope things settle down for W and S soon - they (and you) sure deserve a break! It is very unusual for your DH to be sick - I hope all is well on that front also.

Thanks for posting the furniture pics, guys. Interesting how special things become when they are linked to loved ones. Kathy, your DH must have been a talented man!

I think I'll toddle off to bed again. That is where my family will expect to find me come morning!

Cheers, all!


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How do you know you're well possessed of a sophomoric sense of humor? you come perilously close to blowing coffee out your nostrils when you read Julie's confession that she's never had a BM. I'm sorry, I couldn't help it... I am such a fool sometimes. :) (lol).

Mary, I sure hope the drugs and some solid rest banish that nasty strep. bug that's invaded your person. Cuddle up, stay cozy, and let your body rest for at least a day longer than you think it needs it.

I would love to have Brenda show up on the Compound to be the mixologist for the Bloody Mary bar... maybe you could parachute onto Sanitary Ridge with your jigger securely tucked under your arm.

Painted Advantec sub flooring eats sponge mops. I tried to mop off the blue chalk yesterday morning but was unsuccessful. Unwilling to spend any more time on my hands and knees I've decided to stimulate the economy by browsing mop offerings at the same time I grab some clear topcoating. It was a discouraging day yesterday, I don't like being unsuccessful in my stated mission for the day. Moreover, the helpmeet welched on his promise to sit down and go over the bathroom project and attendant budget issues. It's pointless to push the issue with him so I simply "stewed in silence", thinking of the precious time being lost, secure in the knowlegde that soon it will really be busy for him at work. And he will become increasingly less tractable with respect to "projects". Oh well.

I do not wish to work today. I am crabby. If provoked I could be very, very "sharp" today; what little patience I have for "stupid" is just about gone. And it's too early to administer a beating to the dog.

What's a girl to do?

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Chelone, this girl takes a long walk or does massive amounts of laundry under those conditions. I'm sure there are other solutions we have all come up with over time. But "stupid" is everywhere I find, and this time I don't mean just "silly".

This morning DD & DSIL meet with their lawyer and plan for an ugly court session next week. It will be short and very very VERY stupid! We are hoping good things will result from all this in the long haul...for the little boy's sake.

Yesterday there was a checkup at the midwife's and Skyler was very excited to tell me about the movie she showed him of a baby being born and how brave the mommy was. His questions about water births were all answered by her. She is an older woman who has been practicing midwifery for over 30 years and who makes DSIL very confident and comfortable. She has lost a daughter at an early age to leukemia and Sarah feels that bond with her.

Baby names are no sure thing. DSIL is the one who comes up with goofy (to me) name ideas and I worry about changes to Sarah's choices before s/he actually arrives. There are family birthdays on Feb 13th, March 13th, April 22, June 19th, June 30th, July 10th....So there's the possibility of a shared birthday. There's also EX's birthday mixed in there, and DD really hopes baby misses that date!!! This child is likely to come early it is believed.

DH is feeling better! He even ate some broth with noodles and spinach, mushrooms and tofu last night. Bland, but food at last! He teaches this morning. No, he was not popular at the conference yesterday, but that had nothing to do with being sick. He calls a spade a spade when defending the environment, and that does not help win the popularity contest! One of our favourite slogans, "Mother nature needs a lawyer!"

By the way, the pregnant bride shower report came in. The bride to be is tiny and beautiful, is in her early 30s, happy, but quite uninvolved in the planning of things. She has a twin sister. There were games at the shower, one of which was that four groups were created and each had to design a bridal gown and model it, made from toilet paper! So my friend's team won with their pregnant bride gown. OYYY...Anyway, after 3 hours of that, dinner arrived! No one expected it. Then the 3 men arrived for that (father, FIL, groom) and that's when my friend determined it was time to make her escape.
And so I'm off to have a date with my treadmill, the grocery store, etc...

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Chelone, you can slam things around. That is what I do when I am having a crabby day. It must be something going around. I got up this morning just plain angry! And I don't recall having a bad dream that brought on the anger either.

Saucy, I sure know what you mean about "getting the furniture presentable" before taking pics of anything. I have an additional problem....most of it is so surrounded by other items that I cannot get a clear view to take pics. I have several pices of furnishing I would like to add to that thread, if it were not for the above drawbacks.

It will be fun hearing the name of the new member of Marie's family. One of the couples in our congregation have a very large family, and new great grandbabys arriving frequently. The latest is a boy, and I cannot remember the unusual name that the poor child will be living with. I am seeing a nickname in his future.

Oh my! Mary, what a bummer. My sister is prone to having Strep throat almost with every cold. I do not recall ever being diagnosed with it, although it used to be thought a forerunner of Rheumatic Fever, and I 'was' diagnosed with that. Sister was not, so who knows? Thank goodness there are great antibiotics now that nip it in the bud. I hope you are already feeling better.
I hope Scarlet Fever is not going around. Our Tim was telling me about a bout that he had with a "blazing red face", etc., just a week or so ago.

LOL, V ! An Agave preparing to devour you! It does look rather menacing. :-)

Ah, taxes...that is one perk of being in the financial condition that we are in. Filing a tax report has been a thing of the past for many years now. I certainly do not miss attempting to make out Nolon's self employment taxes. I would literally get sick every year that I did it. He was very bad at not keeping good records of any of his work and income. I always feared we would be audited and I would be hard put to come up with proof. I was very careful to err on underestimating our deductions and depreciations. After putting out extra bucks (only once) to pay for the filing, a good friend (my former employer) taught me how to do it myself.

Julie, my mom was the neatness freak. If she saw us so much as to pick a piece of link off our clothing and drop it on the floor she would admonish us to " Pick that up and put it in the coal bucket"! Her house was never dust and debris covered like mine has become. :-(
Part of mine is the hair clusters (like Chelone frequently speaks about). :-) And then there is all the residue from the wood stove, not to mention plant debris, and tracked in stuff from both of our shoes.

I must sign off and tote in the firewood for the day, before getting ready for my Tuesday's trip to town.


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Good morning and the sun is shining brightly! I had a nice relaxing day yesterday and did just about nothing. So I'm ready to tackle a long list today.

Marie, glad dh is feeling better. That probably makes life easier for you too. We have lots of family birthdays in Mar and April too. David's birthday is April 9th. My due date for him was April 13th, the same date that Jen has for Kate. Jen and Randy have an OB appointment this afternoon and then later this evening an ongoing childbirth prep class at the hospital where the baby will be born. I think tonight is class #3 of 4. Both Sarah and Jen's dates are getting closer and they both seem to be in high preparation mode now. Bella and I are going over to help Jen set up the nursery later this week if all goes as planned and the work the guys are doing in the room is finished. I can't wait to play with all of those tiny baby clothes and decorate the room!

One of the things they did for the baby shower was have guests bring a signed childrens book for the baby instead of a card. Bella really wanted to check out all of the new books so Jen's promised her she can read them all to Kate (in her belly). Bella can't wait to get over to Jen's and do that. I think having the new baby will give Bud and the cats a break from all of the reading they get now, lol.

Looks like it's going to be a nice day here, though cold. Hope Mary's still sleeping in this morning.


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Forgot to comment on the agave picture. V, I have one that looks like that from Yucca Do that's called Jaws. Is that what yours is too?

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